About Us


Doug Smith


Community and content have always been Doug’s passions, for more than 20 years. For nearly 5 years he sat on the “business side” as the Community Content Manager at eBay – aka “doug@ebay” on the Seller Engagement team and on the eBay for Business Podcast team. He travelled the country attending and presenting at seller and industry events including Content Marketing World 2018, Podcast Movement 2019, eBay Upfronts, Retail Revivals, eBay Opens, seller meetups and more. Inspired by his travels and the seller community, Doug started selling in 2020, expanding to new platforms under the mentorship of Liz O’Kane and with the help of List Perfectly. In addition to selling, you can now find Doug co-hosting the Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly with Liz! Connect with Doug on all platforms as “snoop.dougie.”


Clara Albornoz


Clara has always had a passion for selling for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in Argentina, Clara’s first “flip” was selling candy for a small profit in elementary and middle school. Clara’s passion was put on hold as she earned her law degree and became a practicing lawyer, but the constant economical instability in Argentina encouraged Clara to explore the world. During her time in the USA, Clara was forced to sell her most prized possessions – vintage clothing and jewelry inherited from her recently deceased mom. It broke her heart but awakened her passion for selling once again. When Amanda and Clara met and bonded over their shared love for selling, they quickly became a dynamic duo – sourcing the best inventory far and wide for their website and marketplace profiles. When Clara’s arthritis threatened her ability to bear the tedious listing process, Amanda and Clara knew they had to make a faster and easier way to crosspost… and just like that List Perfectly was born. Today, List Perfectly is growing faster than ever with 30M products listed, saving thousands of members time and money.