Season 3: Episode 11: Don't Do This on List Perfectly

Doug is joined by Patrick, List Perfectly Director of Innovation, to share all about how you could be using List Perfectly wrong. Find out if you are and learn the best tips and tricks to use with List Perfectly!

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Hi everybody. Thanks a lot for tuning into this live and everything. My name is Patrick. I am the Director of Innovation with List Perfectly. I’ve been with List Perfectly for. Over three and a half years now. And it has been an amazing journey and has been quite an experience to be involved with the product for such a long time, to be able to see where it started, where it goes, and things like that.

So while my title is Director of Innovation, essentially what I do with List Perfectly is just to help innovate and work very closely with customers, work very closely with various teams, and the company, and help to innovate. And not only to come up with new features, which we all love.

That’s the most exciting stuff to come up with. The next beautiful feature, shiny feature, and everything, but also on some sides of things that are really important to us that List Perfectly customer success, customer support things like that. Some. I spend a lot of time with different teams working on that and just trying to listen to customers’ needs and then get it to where we’re, fulfilling those needs and everything.

Super excited to do this. I’ve been on the podcast a few times. I don’t know if anybody’s listened or heard me or anything, but it’s fun to do this. I’m excited about the topic. Don’t do this with List Perfectly. We spend a lot of time telling everybody what they should do. And, in a roundabout way, sure, we’ll probably touch base on a lot of those still today. But I’m excited to get into it and explore and then see what kind of questions people have and everything. 


And we will get started soon. But ladies and gentlemen, Patrick is very modest. So I’m gonna drop a couple of things. So Patrick is literally like List Perfectly employee number one, right? 


Yes. Very early. Fairly early. There were yeah, some other people we were about the same time, but yeah. I’ll take it. I’ll take it, number one. Alright.


And how did you get connected with List Perfectly?


Honestly, I’m gonna chalk this one up to fate. It was a really unique story. It was basically that I had recently moved across the country, moved to a new place where I didn’t really know anyone and I was also exploring some new opportunities for my career and everything. And just by chance I went to a little meetup at a local library and by chance, I was able to bump into Amanda, one of the CEOs with List Perfectly. And the rest is kind of history. And we were able to connect, and got to know the product.

And what’s really cool is that it’s reselling and things like that run super deep in my childhood and my family and things like that. Just a little bit of a backstory there. I can remember being a kid when eBay was really getting started and everything and we had an internet TV. I don’t even know if there was a true name for it, but our cable company gave us this ridiculously big keyboard and we could get on the internet from our TV and it was terribly slow. But I remember my dad talking about eBay and this platform, you can buy anything on it and stuff.

And we would sit there and we would just search and browse and things like that and look at products. At that time, I remember repeatedly typing in soccer plus ball. And looking up soccer balls that are for sale and everything. And then from there, my family’s always been involved in reselling.

My family has had multiple large Etsy shops. I’ve always been involved. Like me, I joke that I’m the closest thing to a full-time reseller that doesn’t do it full-time. It’s always been around and part of my family, part of me, and everything. So when I was able to connect with Amanda and really hear about the product and things like that, it immediately really hit home with me.

And I remember right away going home, looking up the product. I remember talking to my dad, I’m like, “this product is really cool.” They were still in the reselling business and everything. So from there, as I said, the rest is history, I was able to keep on meeting and working.

Yeah. And here we are and it’s been a lot of fun and quite an experience to get to see a product that you get to be a part of the vision and everything and see how it really morphs and everything. Sometimes, yeah, just fun. I’ll go back and look at old screenshots or things like that because you forget even, I think even as users when you use the product so much or you’re so involved with it, you forget, wow, this has changed a lot.

And we’ll talk with some users that have been longtime users and everything, and they’ll even say it too. They recognize, they’re like, I forget. I really do forget that this is how it was because you know what, we’re just all interacting with the software, doing our thing, working it into our business flow. It’s quick to adapt and things like that. So you do forget. So it’s fun to reminisce and see where, and how far List Perfectly has evolved basically. 


If you had to pick one single favorite List Perfectly feature that you’ve worked on as the Director of Innovations, what would it be?


This isn’t one that I personally worked on all from conception. But I’ve been a part of multiple tweaks and changes and everything. And that is the pro description builder. It is truly the greatest feature that maybe you’re not using. It is totally customizable. It is able to really build these SEO-rich like amazingly formatted descriptions. I and the team truly believe it helps you to sell your product better and everything. This is the beautiful brainchild of the CEOs from a long time ago. But yeah, things that I’ve got to be a part of were like the customization settings for the prod description builder and things like that.

That’s always one, of course, I love bulk cross-posting. Of course. I love that. It’s completely unlimited. There was totally a time when we were copying one listing to multiple marketplaces at a time. Those are incredible features and everything like that.

And there’s a lot of new ones that continue to come out and that we’re excited about. But I always, when people talk about that, I like to think about some of those features that maybe aren’t always so front and centered. Okay. So if you’re not using the pro description builder, I would highly encourage you to check it out.

Take a look at it. Personally, I’ve been using it. So much and everything. Like I have a hard time not just writing everything in this format. Title, bolded list, end it and everything. So it just gets you going and everything. It is, it’s one of those that was, that’s probably my favorite feature, I would say.

I guess we gotta keep the title so don’t not use the pro description builder.


Top of the list, Patrick. Yeah. Don’t have two versions installed. Tell us about that. 


So what we’ve got added there is that we don’t have two versions installed. And basically what that means is truly don’t have two versions installed in act of at the same time.

First off, you’re gonna get a bunch of warning messages about it from List Perfectly, and then it can cause some real conflicts. Essentially what’s happening on screen and everything is conflicting with each other in the extension. List Perfectly software, Google Chrome extension gets installed on your browser and your setup.

If by chance you have two versions installed and you’re active at the same time, you can get some unexpected behavior. So it’s, to be completely honest, it’s more on the unique side of things. Not that common, and the support, we monitor for things like this, it’s not that common. But if for some reason you do it like I said, you’re gonna get these warning messages, you’re gonna know you did it.

It’s not, so what you can just simply do is, click at the top right of your screen and just simply disable one of those. It’s pretty easy to get over everything. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s just one of those little tips and everything. Now to go with a tip on that, this is a pro tip with List Perfectly.

We have essentially two versions. We have a standard version and then we have our beta version. With List Perfectly the beta version typically gets the updates first and changes first. Once the beta version has been tested for a while, it goes to the standard current version. So where the pro tip kind of comes in is while we say do not have two versions active at the same time, having two versions installed at the same time.

Kind of a pro tip. And I say that because you know what the reality is that List Perfectly is installed on your device and works with all the different supportive platforms and everything. Sometimes things change, sometimes browsers push updates, and sometimes, whatever may happen. Sometimes the List Perfectly releases a new feature.

So if you’re using the current version and it’s working great for you, but you wanna try out this new feature, you can just simply turn off the current version, turn on the beta, and you’re good to go. There’s no installing, it’s just simply a toggle and everything. So it’s really not a big deal.


Okay. And then that’s a great tip. And those two different versions. And what I like on the news page is we’ve always got the updates that we’re making and updates to the new version. And then the link is always there with the instructions on how to update to your latest version, right?


Yep, yep. Totally utilize that news post area. So that’s not on the list but it’s there. 


That’s a good tip. Don’t not check the news and updates. Don’t not look at your banners. Talk about the banners for a little bit and tell us why we use those and why they’re important, please.


Yeah. I touched on it a little bit earlier about List Perfectly really prioritizing some customer success and support and things like that. And one of the big things is for Lis perfectly to be able to communicate with users in the event that we need to. So banner messages, news posts, and things like that really just give us a set of tools to be able to get the message out to users.

You probably notice a lot of things about listing parties, about the lives, and things like that, which is perfect, and you can get the information that way. We also utilize this as a tool to get you information if there is a technical issue as we talked about. If there is a widespread issue, if there is something that is important for the community to learn like maybe a marketplace is having an issue on their own or maybe something’s going on that isn’t List Perfectly related, but from sellers to sellers and from, management to, to our users and everything, we may find it valuable to get that information there. And then just a quick note, if you see these banner messages of course we want you to review ’em and everything.

If you ever need to get rid of them or dismiss ’em, just simply click that little x icon, and then they’re dismissed and gone and everything. That is, it is important to don’t not read ’em. For sure. 


Yeah, and one of the big things too is not to do with List Perfectly. If you have any kind of issue across the board, don’t wait. We’ve got 24 7, 365 live support, and they’re List Perfectly users. They’re sellers of all different levels, and you’ve got different options. But as Patrick says, if you’re new, you can set up an onboarding call and we’re live with you. It’s somebody directly from the team. And we’ve got not only, a ton of resources for List Perfectly users, a ton of resources, free resources for sellers across the board.

Some of that’s content and some of that’s support. So can you give us a high-level view of support options, please? 


Yeah. Like Doug said, and this is something that was on the list, a talking point and everything is that, don’t wait. Don’t get overwhelmed, and don’t get frustrated because I can assure you that every person that is on the List Perfectly team wants you to use it.

Your subscription and use it to the fullest that you possibly can, cuz that’s the whole idea. Sure. If you’re getting into those kinds of scenarios where you’re finding yourself having technical issues, you’re, maybe you’re confused on how a feature works, maybe you’re just not really sure how you can optimize List Perfectly into your workflow because everybody’s workflow is very different and List Perfectly is very unique in the sense that it’s so flexible to work in so many different workflows.

Sometimes just a simple, quick message or conversation or calls and things like that can really allow us to help users to maybe see outside of the box a little bit on how it might work for your specific setup. So it’s not a, it’s not a cookie cutter service, but it’s also not a boxed-in service. You’re not stuck in doing one thing one way and only doing it that way. Don’t get overwhelmed. Definitely reach out and utilize a lot of the resources like Doug said. So if you’re wanting to learn more, we have multiple options.

We’ve got quick start guides. We’ve got a full guide and resource center that will really go in and explain everything. 


Just really quick to hop in with two quick things. So if you’re like me, if I need help with something or tech help, I’m one of those that kind of tries to figure it out myself beforehand.

And there’s so much content, like this Quick Start Guide is great and the guide to List Perfectly is great. And so you can go in there, search for stuff yourself, and as Patrick said, we’ve got tons of videos when we are always updating our videos, always adding new content, and if you’re into those self-help options, we’ve got all these available right within the app experience. Talk to us a little bit about how List Perfectly is a desktop application that is mobile-friendly and how important that is. Because I think there are a lot of people that don’t realize that. And they just use it on the desktop. And those two, just those two experiences work so well together. 


Don’t not explore the mobile options. All right. Ever. Nobody is very far away from their phone ever. And I think that once you start putting those two together, it really starts opening the door for getting outside of the box on some things and how this can really help people in their workflow.

So yeah, as Doug said, List Perfectly as the extension, the software that does the cross-posting, that is a desktop application List Perfectly as the catalog and things like that is totally 100% mobile friendly. Yes. So the simplest way that I try and think about this is if what you are doing involves the marketplace, right, that second, you probably need to be doing it on the desktop with the extension. If it does not involve the marketplace right that second, then there’s a very high chance you can do it on the go mobile from the couch sitting at the desk. So there are some really key things to keep in mind.

Creating listings in the List Perfectly catalog, image management. These kinds of things are a huge part of everyone’s business if you’re using List Perfectly. It spills into other features like, like the photo room, background remover, and things like that.

Sometimes we work with people in support of that and it allows us to get some insight as to what people are doing on a day-to-day basis and everything. But, if you’re taking photos with your mobile device, there may be an opportunity to speed up the listing from mobile. There are features that are in place, like the next photo option where you can sit there and snap photos.

But the photos in the meantime are going directly into a List Perfectly listing. You don’t need to store them on your phone, then go to your computer, take the pictures, get ’em to your computer, upload them, and things like that. 

Just take it one step further, or save some time and this can be done from any mobile browser. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Safari and things like that. When we talk about using the extension we have here, cross posting and doing some features like that required that you have to be on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on a desktop.

Hey, I’m an Apple user. Everything defaults to Safari. That’s just who I am. And I use List Perfectly all the time from Safari.


So since we just talked about mobile, let’s talk about desktop a little bit. How important is it, or should I update it? How often should I update my browsers? 


Browsers? Okay. A little bit of a backstory here. Google Chrome has changed a lot, and this includes Edge as well, both chromium and everything, but it’s changed a lot through the years. It used to be very much on the user side, to basically stay up to date, know when the updates come out, and things like that. First off, you can have Google settings in the background, and I’m not a Google expert, but there are settings that basically you stay up to date, and your browser stays up to date.

Sometimes Chrome releases updates that require the user’s interaction to update and everything, but you can stay up to date. If your browser starts to get a little outdated, you’re gonna start to notice up in the top right-hand corner, maybe a yellow dot, maybe you’re gonna see it sometimes. And honestly, this will happen to me sometimes. The other day I just got the flat-out red big letters update and it was pretty clear it was time to update and everything. And you know what, sometimes with browsers and everything, it could be like something very important to get out to users and everything.

Is it something where I feel like you should go in every single day and check for an update? No. But if you’re experiencing something weird, if you’ve been using List Perfectly for a long time, you’re like, that’s weird. I’ve never seen that before. Why is it doing that? It could totally be a troubleshooting step.

There are lots of browsers out there and everything with List Perfectly, obviously it’s all about Chrome and Microsoft Edge. And to be honest, the engine is the same really.

And I say that just cuz sometimes it’s easier to explain it the engine is a chromium and then the car on the outside is Google Chrome. But we can take the same engine and then we can put a Microsoft Edge on the outside. but it is one of those things where we encourage users to use both. Mainly because browsers are constantly always changing. You might be somebody that uses a ton of Google Chrome extensions, there can be conflicts. So maybe one of those browsers is your dedicated List Perfectly work environment.

And maybe the other one is your shopping one where you have things like Honey or whatever other, capital One, coupon code finder, whatever it might be. Like those kinds of things are where we can get into some conflicts and everything. It’s honestly good to have multiple browsers with List Perfectly.

Again, it’s all about Chrome and Microsoft Edge. But to answer your question about updating the browser, Again, it’s one of those things like, do you need to log in every day and click to find out what to update? No. But if you’re noticing something weird, you start to get Chrome’s messages up here in the top right-hand corner.

I would advise you to possibly do it if you’re noticing something weird. And to troubleshoot. And then if you ever wanna just check your version or something like that, you can just three dots help and then about Google Chrome. Okay. And we can see checking for updates and then it tells us, hey, we’re updated there.

No problem. So yeah. It’s one of those things that is obviously important, not necessarily, yeah. I don’t want to, I wouldn’t want anybody to stress about it. Don’t set a, don’t set a reminder to update your browser, but yeah. 


Can we talk about images for a bit? Don’t have tiny, compressed images from marketplaces. We talk about that a lot. So give us a little insight into that. 


This is one of those ones that hey, if it works for you, you can keep on doing it. This is a best practice for marketplaces, they all have their own minimum requirements, maximum sizes, and things like that for their images.

If you are starting your listings on some of the marketplaces, which is totally something that tons of our users do, it’s not a problem. It’s something, this is something to keep in mind. Okay? And I’m going to use this example. If you start your listing directly on Poshmark, they have honestly, some of the smallest image sizes of the marketplaces. It’s just a fact. It’s, I believe it’s right around 580 pixels by 580 pixels. And other marketplaces allow for bigger images. And image tools and things like that. So it’s something to keep in mind if you notice something where you know, hey, I’m cross-posting from Poshmark to eBay, but why doesn’t my image allow for eBay’s zoom-in feature? Things like this are things that are important to keep in mind. Can you do it a hundred percent? There is nothing that says that you cannot cross-post or start your listings in one place and go to another. This isn’t more of a best practice and is something to keep in mind for yourself.

In a perfect world, what I would love to see is people start their listings in List Perfectly.


Yeah. So the images are optimized for all platforms. 


Exactly. It’s your best starting point. It gives you the biggest size to go to all of the platforms and everything. Some marketplaces allow for larger image sizes. Etsy recommends 2000 x 2000. So that’s a much bigger image. I’m gonna make a big assumption here and say that most people are taking images with their phones. Our phones pack a punch though. And other image editing features do a really good job.

So our phones are not the culprit sometimes, you’re doing the work no matter what. And your images are, we know they’re important. Everybody knows that they are a very important part of selling online. So you’re already doing the work. I can, I’d be willing to bet most of the time your phone’s doing a fine enough job of large images and everything, so then it comes in.

What’s happening after you take those photos? Are they getting compressed along the way? Are they getting manipulated? Things like that. It’s one of those things that is really important to keep in mind. Again, not something that is, a hundred percent mandatory. 


Should I, or should I not? Remove backgrounds from my images. 


Everybody has their own belief there. On if they should or they shouldn’t. Is it truly helping me sell items? Is it truly going to allow for more SEO in listings and things like that? I can’t really say for sure, but I can tell you what you should do is utilize your background removals on each plan level. So at List Perfectly when we first offered the background remover feature, it was available just on the pro plan.

So much love. It was working so well. We wanted to spread it across all the plans. Obviously, you get the most removals on the pro plan. No matter what plan you’re on, I would highly encourage you to use them. They’re there, they’re free. Yeah. And if that, a lot of that kind of belief or should you do it?

Should you not do it? Things like that. Does it truly affect your listings? Even if you set that aside, I’d be willing to bet. Because I do it myself. I’d be willing to bet. Sometimes you just get an image that would be better if you remove the background. 

To answer your question, should everyone be doing it, you gotta decide that for your business should be utilizing the feature that’s there, even if it’s just something as simple as, Hey I was taking that image and I didn’t realize that I left my 7-11 Slurpee in the background.

Yeah. And that doesn’t look professional, and maybe somebody would be maybe I don’t wanna turn away one potential buyer because of something silly like that. If you don’t feel like you’re using it to remove every background, okay, that’s cool, but they’re there for you to use. So I would encourage it.

I would encourage you to do it. You could do that right from your phone as well. Utilize that feature right from your phone and knock out those backgrounds. And then, if you love it, then we can get into utilizing it, in bulk.


I do know that Google shopping likes white backgrounds, so that helps you show up and be more prominent in Google shopping. And that’s where a lot of people shop now. They’ll go to Google, they’ll search for something because they want to compare prices across platforms.

eBay highly recommends white backgrounds. eBay likes white backgrounds. And I think too, what Patrick said is it goes back to your experience because when people are scrolling through all these different options, depending upon what you’re selling, they, for one of the first things they see is your image.

And they’re gonna extrapolate the whole experience to your image. And then I’m gonna quickly tell my headlights on the trashcan story. So when I did work at eBay, people would complain about their listings, stuff not selling this and that, and we would go look at their listings. And there was this one guy who said he’d been selling on eBay forever, and I used to get tons of sales and now I don’t, and it’s eBay’s fault and this and that.

I was like, okay, let’s take a look. So I went over and he sold auto parts and the first image I saw was a pair of old headlights from a car that, first of all, hadn’t been cleaned up and they were sitting on top of a trash can, which was obviously in the side or backyard of his house. So obviously if somebody really needs ’em, they’ll buy ’em.

But, and we also all know that back in the day you could basically take a picture of anything, anywhere and it would probably sell. But the thing is now there’s somebody that is gonna take those. , they’re gonna take those headlamps, they’re gonna have a home studio. They’re gonna have some lighting or not, but put an extra effort in and remove the background to make it look better.

And statistically, a buyer, unless it’s something crazy like my one-of-a-kind seller community water cup, I would still remove the background. People are likely gonna go with the better-looking image.


I totally agree with that. It’s a feature that is there to help you. My only thing is I would really encourage everybody to at least check it out if you’re not already it is extremely valuable. And like I said, all plans. Get some access to the background remover. It really is available for everybody to utilize, test out, and everything. 


I want to ask you about the referral program. Don’t not use the referral program. Talk about that a little bit for us, please.


Yeah, so the referral program is one of List Perfectly’s, is probably one of the best things that maybe you’re not using. And I say that because List Perfectly’s referral program is extremely unique in the sense of its benefits and how the program works and how easy it is. And this is at, for a really long time, if you said referral program affiliates, things like that I start thinking who am I?

I don’t have a following. I’m not a YouTuber, I don’t have 10,000, whatever on Instagram. I don’t even have an Instagram account, let alone a following. But if you dive into the referral program a little bit, you’re gonna see that you can really gain some benefits from being in the referral program that is so valuable and you do not have to have a big following. You do not have to have that kind of thing. Some of those really unique benefits are complete and total uncapped lifetime referrals. They do not end. There is no six-month cap. As long as your referral continues to be a subscriber, you will continue to receive the benefits with an active subscription and everything.

There are lots of resources available to you. There are graphics to share, there’s early access to beta features, there is early information about upcoming features, and things like that, that are exclusive to referral members at List Perfectly. We value the referral members, and the program a ton. Lots and lots of effort is put into the referral program.

I know some of you that are here right now are in the referral program and some of the team members that are here are your contacts and everything. So we’re here to help you along the way and to really gain some of those benefits of being in the referral program. 

It really is one of the best programs that you’ll ever find out there. If you wanna talk about some of the monetary benefits of it and everything, this program is actually going to pay you the more referral members you gain.

There is no cap. They’re not gonna only get more for the first few. We actually want, you get, get 50 referrals and we’re gonna start, you’re gonna start making more. Yeah. Get your customers, to upgrade or your referrals to upgrade from simple to business. And you’re gonna start making more and everything.

Utilize it for your business. If you’re using List Perfectly in your business right now, you just have to share the news and you’re gonna benefit from it. A ton. 


The referral program is amazing. It’s the best out there, the best out there I’ve seen. And then, wrapping it up, Patrick, should I participate in the seller community?


This one is huge. And it is huge because, the reality is that a lot of people that resell and things like that, do it alone. Not everybody has 10 employees that work for ’em they’re doing this kind of thing alone and there’s no better way to learn more than getting involved in the community. It can be whatever that means for you. Okay? So if you’re somebody that wants to get super involved and do everything that there is, you want to attend every event, you want to be a speaker and everything, that’s great we love that.

Maybe you just want to be more of an observer and you want to learn more, you wanna read more, get involved in all the different options. There’s a ton of information out there. Maybe some of this, maybe some of this is just not totally for you. And you need all of that information and everything.

But a listing party is a huge opportunity to get involved in the community, and the Facebook group, listen to the podcast, and look at blog posts. There’s just so much there. And this is all just an added benefit to your List Perfectly subscription. I think a lot of times people think about List Perfectly and they think about crossposting and everything, and, that makes sense.

That’s what a big part of it is. But this component, this added component to what you get access to it is just, it’s just nothing more than an opportunity. So if you’re on the fence I’m gonna be completely honest, I’m not the social media guy. I’m not, I don’t sit there, and I don’t love scrolling.

I don’t love doing Instagram and things like that. I have very select Facebook groups I like to be a part of because of the information it gives me. But things like Listing Party, the podcast, things like that. What’s really unique is that it gives you a very specific insight into something that pertains to you, and it blocks out all of the other stuff that maybe you don’t want to be a part of and everything.

Just if we use Listing Party as an example, I’d be willing to bet if you went and looked at upcoming listing party events that are going on there’s something there for you that maybe can just be some information and information gathering and really be a good opportunity.

And then, hey, you join some, you watch ’em, maybe you wanna host your own. I’ve worked with a lot of, a whole lot of different customers and everything through the years, and everybody has something that they’re good at. And the community, it’s just a good opportunity for us to share it with each other, get involved in it, learn some, be part of the community and everything.

So that’s why we put a lot of effort into that and to help people get some of those options, really. 


I love Listing Party. I think that it’s an amazing new feature. It’s a way to connect. There are listing parties going on all the time now, nearly seven days a week, and even into the night now.

At some point, it’s gonna be 24 hours a day. And so now we’ve just opened it up to where you can suggest/ request your own listing party. You can have a regular thing, you can have one of us in it or not. And we’re open to all days and all times. And then just the concept of community, everybody knows that’s important to me.

And that’s one of the big reasons I love List Perfectly. We’re so ensconced in the community. It’s, all the things we’ve talked about, all the events we do, we’re all sellers, we’re all List Perfectly users of different levels. And it’s just, again, we always say this, it’s when you’re at home at night or whenever listing, it’s lonely.

So the community is there for you and listing party is helping you connect with the community. And it’s just one of those options. And again, near and dear to my heart, I’ve been doing it for years in different industries, but the concept is the same. You’re connecting with people; you’re engaging with people.

You’re helping people, you’re helping others, and just, online stuff helps you do it from your home. Any community has an online portion and an offline portion. And then what we do well is we combine the two into one, one concept.


Thank you for coming on we’re gonna have Patrick back on the podcast and I think you’re gonna see some more faces in the live. Here are some more voices on the podcast. And Patrick’s very much behind the scenes and we’ve talked about this, just the changes he’s seen with List Perfectly.

I’m two years, two years I think with List Perfectly all together. And the changes I’ve seen since I’ve come on are crazy. So what you’ve seen is unbelievable. 


Yeah. It’s a lot, it’s a lot different for sure. It gets better and better, but you know what it, it does that because of the great team, but more importantly, because of the community and how vocal our community is and directing, and we’re listening, honestly, we’re listening to everything to help and make sure that we’re building things that, that can serve you better.

We really prioritize that and everything no, I would love to come back and do it again. It was a lot of fun.