Season 3: Episode 16: Camp Listing Party 2023 Speakers

Join us as we announce our first speakers for the new 2023 reseller conference, Camp Listing Party! We will be announcing speakers week by week the next month, so stay in the loop! We’re joined by Camp Listing Party Speakers, Kat, The Nurse Flipper, and Danna Crawford, Power Selling Mom, to share what to expect at Camp Listing Party, what you’ll learn and hear from them, and how you can come hang out with them and more resellers this summer! Have you snagged your Camp Listing Party tickets?

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Camp Listing Party


Doug: I’m here with my buddy Trish, Supersaletrish. 

Trish: How are you? 

Doug: I’m doing well. Where are you, Trish?

Trish: I am somewhere outside of Cleveland, Ohio. We did an event last night, a Listing Party event last night for the Cleveland Ohio area. It was fabulous. We had a great time. I’m sure you guys will see the photos soon. 

Doug: You did Pittsburgh, you did Ohio. You did. Another event. So you did three this week, right?

Trish: Yep, three this week we did Pittsburgh and then we went to Michael Swoape’s meetup. He is the head of One4Silver, which is a very large company here in the Ohio area. And we went to his facility and we, it was amazing. It was crazy. This is a seven-figure eBay seller, plus Amazon, all the other big players, Walmart, Target, and all those things.

So today we’re gonna talk to two of the first speakers, in a little bit of just an overview of the event, and, I just want everyone to know that it’s a reseller event, so anyone is allowed to come. If you are not using our product and you are just a reseller, please, we want you to come too, this is for all of the reseller community, and it is June 27th and June 28th, in Phoenix.

Now, I know it’s really hot, but I promise you, even though it’s a camp theme, you never have to leave. It’s a conference hotel, so you can come to stay there, sleep there, eat there, and drink there. There’s a really good bar. I already went and checked it out, so come. Doug and I will have a drink with you. We’d love to meet everybody.

 Everyone’s invited. And, today we’re gonna announce the first two speakers. 

Doug: Overall info on the event is at, so you’ll be able to get tickets there. 

Trish: This is going to be not just high level, so it’s not gonna be all in the same room all the time to stop talking about the same things. We’re gonna have a lot of breakout sessions where people can go in small rooms and really drill down on things that they wanna get better at. I find myself, I’ve been a full-time reseller for seven years, that every time I go to one of the events, my business becomes better. I became a better reseller.

And that is really, what we at List perfectly wanna bring to the table. We know there are a lot of places that you can go. There are a lot of events this year, but we really feel that we can, because of what we do and who we know, and who we can get to come to speak, we really are gonna help you bring your business to the next level.

Doug: It’s gonna be great. And I think it’s gonna be the first big reseller event of the year. 

Trish: It is, and I specifically asked for this part in the year, because typically it’s our slow season. I know a lot of us do sourcing at this time of year, but the sales aren’t quite as robust as they are in other quarters. So I really thought that this might be a good compromise. And I have a lot of friends who are school teachers who were never able to go to the ones that are during the year. And this is another reason that I thought, the end of June, the beginning of July might be great. Flights have been dropping, so please look.

Everyone who works for LP is gonna be there. You’ll be able to meet everybody. Tiffany will be there, Josh… 

Doug: Me. Clara, Amanda. Know what, though? Yes. Without further ado, should we bring our guests? 

Trish: Without further ado. Bring her in. 

Doug: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the show. I’m gonna bring in, I’m gonna bring both in at the same time. Our friend Kat thenurseflipper and the fabulous Danna Crawford. 

Trish: And they just both happen to be in Florida. Just happened that way. Danna works for us as you probably know but she’s going to be speaking in a different role, she’s run her own business and Power Selling Mom for a long time. So she’s coming to Camp List Perfectly through that lens, not through an LP employee.

Kat, who doesn’t work for us but uses our product, is going to be coming, speaking and Kat, thenurseflipper, I’m sure you all know, has a huge YouTube channel. And is huge in our community, and is very well known for giving back and teaching and wanting everyone to learn, and not somebody who gateways their information. Kat has a great reputation for laying it out on the line and I really appreciate that about her.

Sometimes people wanna hold back and she doesn’t. She wants you to be successful and, if you’re new or if you’re seasoned, I think you can learn a lot from Kat. So that’s my little spiel about you cuz I love your videos and I love the way you do it and I love the way that you’re no-nonsense. Being from Boston, I got a little bit of that in me myself, so I really appreciate that. 

Doug: So Kat, tell us about seller events you’ve done, I know you do some of your own seller events. What excites you about seller events? 

Kat: I like the networking, so I’m antisocial normally. Anybody that’s watched me knows that I don’t get out a ton. But I love going and meeting other resellers. I went to the Reseller Rally in Cincinnati. Prison to Profit convention was super fun. And both of those were just hanging out . When I did my own camp. It was a lot of learning like this one’s going to be.

We rented a mansion and rented out the rooms and it was two eight-hour days of nothing but selling education. I love sharing it. I love helping people, especially new people, and it seems overwhelming to make it less scary. Cause it’s not that scary.

Trish: No, it’s not that scary. And I think now’s gonna be a really good time to learn. People are changing careers, the economy’s a little wonky and this is something that you can do that has a very low threshold to get in, if not free. You can start reselling at any moment with things that you have in your house. I do think that this is something that is very easy to get into. Of course, the longer you’re in it, there’s more to learn. There is a lot to learn, but I think the entry is very easy. 

Kat: There’s always more to learn no matter how long you’re in. Stuff changes continuously.

Trish: Yeah, and the platforms change. It’s not just what people want changed. The platforms change everything. I agree with you completely. But if you’re somebody who’s brand new, don’t be afraid. Come on in. The water’s fine, as we say. 

Doug: Yeah. And that’s what people say. They were nervous. They didn’t know if anybody would talk to ’em and they didn’t know if anybody was gonna like ’em. Then you’ll find that you can’t be off by yourself. People will come to sit with you, people will come to talk to you. And Danna Crawford, The Power Selling Mom. So tell us about your experience with seller vents. I know you’ve basically done every type of eBay event. Tell us what seller events mean to you. 

Danna: It’s definitely about networking. I agree with Kat on that. There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with like-minded folks and fellow sellers that [experience what we all experience. And for those that are new, it’s exciting to learn from the season sellers and for everybody just to be connected in one place. I’ve spoken at many eBay conferences over the years, and even though you have your speakers, the great thing is that all of the speakers that come together at Camp Listing Party, We’re all friends, so we all wanna see each other succeed. There’s enough room for all of us to be blessed and prosper, so everybody helps each other and everybody wants to see each other succeed, and that’s what it’s all about.

Doug: Trish. What is this Listing Party thing? Let’s start there.

Trish: Okay. So Listing Party is a platform that List Perfectly opened recently and it is free with your List Perfectly subscription, and it’s You can enter with your regular LP credentials. And it’s a way to the community, socialize, and learn. We have classes, we have open forums, and you can message each other back and forth. You can also look for somebody specific. Like you could look me up and message me specifically, but you could also join a Listing Party event. So we have different events. I do a mastermind class every morning though I am gonna be completely honest, I did not make it this morning.

But I’ve been doing it so long now that I have other people who will take up the slack for me when I’m not there. There are all different ones on different subjects. Danna does one on consignment and eBay. She goes back and forth. Theresa does one on listing 101, meaning listing within LP 101.

So it is a really great addition to your List Perfectly membership. You also can put on your own items and this helps with SEO search. And it also allows us to be able to buy from each other. So that is Listing Party. And from that idea came Camp Listing Party. Clara and Amanda had thought that they would have an event pre covid and then Covid got in the way. And so this is the second iteration of that idea. And we wanted to be a place where not only that we can network and that we can learn and we can, figure out from other resellers how they’ve done it, what they’ve done well, what maybe I would like to do, maybe what I wouldn’t like to do.

Cuz sometimes you learn as much from somebody whose business model you’re like, I never wanna do that. As the people who you learn from where you’re like, oh crap, I would love that. I’m not a big thrifter. I don’t love going in and going through the racks. That is not my jam. Whereas I know a lot of people love to go in every day and thrift.

That would not keep me in this business. Being able to go to the bins and in two days buy 800 pounds of clothing, makes me a little bit happier being able to do things like that. So I think we all have different things that we like and we don’t like. And this is a good way to get that. But you’ll hear from some social media stars. Kat is one of them. Of course, she has a huge following. And Kat’s gonna speak on the main stage and then she’s also gonna do, she doesn’t even know this yet, but, and she’s also gonna do… 

Kat: I’m doing whatever Trish tells me.

Trish: Kat’s gonna speak on the main stage, and then she’s also gonna do some breakout rooms. Doug always says in meetings about high-level concepts. So the main stage will be high-level concepts. So come in, things we all need to learn, best practices, blah, blah, blah. But then the smaller rooms will be about niching it down, how it affects you. You’ll be able to talk to Kat or Danna or me or Doug one-on-one and ask questions. 

Doug: And where is this event, Trish? 

Trish: This event is at the Hilton Phoenix Airport. It’s a very nice hotel. I’ve stayed there four times. I just want you all to know that I’ve gone, I’ve checked it out, and I’ve stayed there. The wifi is good, and the food is good. They’ll pick you up at the airport and bring you right there. So there’s no cost for that. They’ll pick you right up. I got us a room block so we have a good price. 

All your food is included. All your alcohol and all your non-alcoholic drinks are included. Yeah. So we’ll all be in the same hotel, which is great because I would think some of you guys can contest to this that when you meet somebody in the elevator and you might not have spoken to them before, but you meet them in the elevator and you go down and you say hello and you get to stay in the same place.

Kat and I did this. She came to the listing party in Florida. Kat and I had fun the night before and then had a very fun breakfast the next morning. Everything is basically included except for your room. And we got a room block for $109, which is a really good price. And if you share it with somebody, it’d be very affordable. 

So Kat, what were the things at your own events that you found people really enjoyed or got the most out of? 

Kat: I think the networking, Caroline is one of my main moderators. I met her at my first nurseflippercamp and it was like the break-off. She said that everybody could go talk to each other. They created a Facebook. So there is a Kat’s Resellers Facebook group. They have kept in touch for over a year now. They’re really good friends. I see them in my chat talking back and forth. And it’s nice to finally, especially with YouTube, to finally put a face to a name, cuz you see all these people and a lot of ’em aren’t on YouTube and you get to meet them, people that I’ve been interacting with for years and never met. And I think knowing you’re not alone, about half of the people at mine had not even started reselling. They had not even listed one item, which I was surprised at, to be honest. But it was cool, and it gave them the confidence that it wasn’t that scary like we were talking about. And you’ll make mistakes. I still make mistakes. You’ll make mistakes. You just learn from ’em and move on and hopefully don’t repeat them. 

Trish: That’s interesting. So do you think a large portion of your audience is really people who don’t even resell yet? 

Kat: I think a large portion of it is probably new resellers. And it’s fun to watch people grow cuz I have a membership where I review their stores. And the ones that have been with me a while, I go in and I’m like, yeah, you’re good. Like I have nothing to say and it’s funny to see a lot of them, not all, but a lot of them have the same type of items I have cuz they’ve learned from me.

So it’s like looking at little mirror images of my store. Smaller versions and it’s like the big things I do like handkerchiefs and scarves and hats and they have them all, but I’ve seen them grow and get better through learning and to just watch the progress continually of everybody is a really cool thing.

Trish: You watch somebody on YouTube. Especially somebody who has a show like Kat’s that’s consistently on at the same time and they blah, blah, blah. And they do all the things and they do the extra things. You feel like, oh, I know them. Is it funny when somebody sees you in person? 

Kat: It can be, but I watched YouTube before I started my channel. I watched reseller channels. That’s what motivated me to start mine because I learned so much and I had that feeling about the people I was watching all the time. So I totally understand it. Part-time Pickers was one of the biggest inspirations for me to start my channel. And my husband used to get annoyed. I’d be like, Matt this, Matt that. And it’s like Matt’s my best friend, and I got to meet Matt. I did meet Matt at the Reseller Rally in Cincinnati.

But people tell me that all the time that their spouse will come in and be like, oh, are you watching Kat? Like their spouse knows who I am. I’ve been recognized a couple of times only by voice. They did not even see me. Once I was yelling at Dalton, which was a giveaway, and he was hiding in the closet rack in a thrift store, and then the other time was at a yard sale and they were behind me and I was talking to the person there, and they recognized me just from my voice, from watching me so much. I’m coming up on three and a half years. December will be four years. So I’ve gotten used to it. It just happens a little more often. We were in Birmingham, Alabama. I live in Florida, Birmingham, Alabama, and got recognized in the thrift store. So it’s crazy. And I’ll tell you, guys, if you find me out thrifting. My hair’s up. I have no makeup on. I’m dressed like a bum. 

Doug: Literally one of the people on the shortlist when I went to my first eBay Open that I was supposed to meet was Danna Crawford, The Power Selling Mom. eBay legend. eBay Hall of Famer. 

Trish: Who the hell even knew eBay had a hall of Fame? 

Doug: What’s your top reseller event of all time? Your favorite event? 

Danna: Oh, the year I got the Hall of Fame award. 2008 in Chicago was the eBay Live that I got. And then eBay Giving Works gave me an award, it was called the Golden Ribbon Community Seller Award, cuz I was selling a lot of items on eBay Giving Works. It’s eBay for Charity now.

So a lot has changed and we go with the changes. A lot of people hate change. I embrace change. I like change. I like changing things up because every time something changes on eBay, for example, I feel that it makes me a bigger and better seller. And I embrace change. 

So here we are now. I work at List Perfectly, which is a new change. I’m the Director of Business Development and I absolutely love mixing the two because List Perfectly compliments my eBay world and my eBay business. And I’ve taken my eggs out of the eBay basket. So now I’m also selling on Mercari and Poshmark, which I was not doing before, and I’m loving it. So I’m so happy to be a part of the List Perfectly family and get to know Trish better and hang out with Doug and everybody that works there. 

Doug: And Dana you said something about always being able to learn, always being able to evolve. And that’s a big thing about this. There’s gonna be a lot of learning. There’s always a lot of learning and Kat referenced this earlier. There’s always stuff to learn. You always learn something new because all of us, if we just look at eBay alone, how much change have we seen since 1995? 

Danna: Unbelievable. And I always say, if you stop learning, you die. So never stop learning. 

Trish: There’ll be more people there. I have lots of people on deck. I’m gonna announce a few more. I will say that we are going to have some people who are not huge influencers like Michael Swoape is going to speak. He is going to speak on customer service and retention. He’s the COO of One4Silver, they are a seven-figure seller on eBay. They have a multimillion-dollar business, but eBay is over seven figures part of that.

And he’s gonna come and talk about e-commerce, customer retention, and customer service. From a very high-end experience. I think that the better we are as sellers, it helps the platforms. And so more people will use these platforms because sellers don’t look at it like, I am buying from Kat, or I’m buying from Trish, or I’m buying from Danna. They look at it like I’m buying from eBay. But we want to, across the board, be the best sellers that we can be for numerous reasons. Not only Cuz it helps the three of us and Doug with his five little tubs of stuff, but. But it helps everyone else who sells online to be a better seller. So he’s going to speak about that.

I do believe that there’ll be a rockstar in the house. I do believe that Katie and Vikki will be speaking and not together. I’m making them speak separately. 

Doug: It’s interesting you brought up like Michael Swoape and so talk about how obviously you’ll know some of the speakers, but there’s gonna be some surprises mixed in a kind of a different track. Maybe not the usual lineup you’d see.

Trish: I really wanted it to be a business conference. Fun reseller conference, but that is business minded. I love all the YouTube people, but they are not all the same. Kat has a thriving business. Some people have YouTube shows to have a YouTube show. And not a YouTube show that supplements their business. 

I want you to come cuz I know it’s expensive and we have no investors, we have no sales team. You guys don’t have any investors, you guys don’t have any sales team. You guys are the only people who are making your business successful. And so if you are gonna invest your money to come here, you’re gonna spend your time shut down your store or hire somebody else to ship. I wanna make it worth your investment. And fangirling out over somebody is only worth so much. We need it to be backed by real data and real things. 

Doug: What about Fanboying? 

Trish: Alright. You can fanboy too. 

Doug: Thank you. You never know. 

Trish: I think Kat and I come from the same philosophy on that. Kat and I spoke at length about her camp, which I didn’t even know she called camp, and hers was chock full of information, and some of her information I wanna emulate because I think some of the information she has done is exactly what we want. We want you to come and get to the next level. And, I think Kat would agree with me on that. 

Kat: Yeah, for sure. I love the fun events too. There are two different kinds. And I don’t think I told Trish that I wanted to do a half hangout and a half learning one, and my people were not having that. They said, if we are coming, we want learning all day. So eight hours a day learning. And then we hung out at night. But I was thinking like half and half. But they wanted learning. So there are different kinds of events, whether you go to hang out and network and they’re valuable as well.

 I love the Reseller Rally. I love Prison to Profit. I didn’t think I could hit a golf ball and sometimes I miss, but we went to Top Golf. We went to Top Golf. So it was fun. It was just a fun time. And I enjoyed myself, which I don’t do enough. I’m a workaholic, so you gotta drag it out of me sometime. Not if you have an open bar. As Trish and Danna learned. That is the exception to the rule. I will not partake if I’m speaking otherwise, it’ll turn into a comedy show, I think. 

Trish: You can then go to the bar. 

Doug: So I have a question I’d love each of you to answer. So no surprise. Everybody knows I worked at eBay on the seller engagement team. So I did a ton of events. I’ve done a ton of different events, and a ton of e-commerce events early on. What surprised me is the willingness of sellers to help other sellers. So let’s start with you. Trash. And you all help sellers in different ways. You all teach. It takes time, it takes a lot of effort. Starting with Trish, why do you help other sellers? 

Trish: Oh, because I was an abject failure. I owned a consignment store and I was failing miserably, taking my family’s money to pay the bills and reselling saved me. It’s true. I wish that noise wasn’t as true as it is. It is so true. I was thousands and thousands of dollars in debt and I left that store. And because of having met Diane and her group, and then the BOSS group. From those two groups, I became a much better seller and I became a six-figure seller and I was successful.

And so because of that, I realized if it wasn’t for those people, I never would’ve done what he did. So I’m very thankful for this community, and I think this community is great. And I am a lot of fun. I’m very loud and I’m obnoxious, and I’m from Boston and we drink beer and we carry on and we have fun, but I only do that because I have a successful business.

And until I did, I kept my nose to the grindstone. I think a little bit like Kat, I kept my nose down and clean and I was going forward and I was gonna get myself out of this situation. And this community helped me get myself out of a really bad situation. I could not be more thankful. 

Doug: Dana, why have you helped sellers for so many years? 

Danna: I think it’s so rewarding to watch other people be successful. So I enjoy sitting back. Actually, I’m meeting with a girl that, or a lady that I taught how to start on eBay and she was a hairdresser and she quit. She still does it here and there, but she was able to leave the salon and do eBay when we had that crash in 2009 or something. And when everything started going sour with businesses. I’ve had people fly in from other countries. In fact, in Thailand, a guy and his wife flew in that had some type of golf ball thing that they were pushing. And they came and they flew into where I lived and took a workshop with me all day to learn about eBay. It blew my mind that they were doing that, but it was so rewarding over the years, watching them grow their business to keep in touch. And so I just love the feeling of seeing people be successful. 

Doug: Kat, thenurseflipper. Tell us why you are so open to helping so many and why you involve your family. You take so much time, you do these events. 

Kat: So I think I was watching YouTube. I was learning so much. My business grew and I felt like I had something to give back. I got something from it and I wanted to give back. And one of my big things and my research videos have actually become my most popular is knowing what sells that people have no clue about. So it’s stuff that most people are gonna walk by and I can go to estate sales or yard sales on the last day and still find the money.

So I really like the shock value. And it’s funny cuz people the whole you could sell ice to an Eskimo thing, that’s how they look at me. They’re like how are you selling this stuff? So I like the shock value. I love, as I said earlier, love watching people grow.

I had somebody almost about to file for disability. Started watching me, but didn’t file for disability. Went from not being able to pay bills to go on vacation. And so I, I agree with Dana, definitely it does, it feels good to help people and it drives me nuts. And I think all of us that are doing YouTube about reselling, there are always those people that think that we’re giving away the secrets and we’re ruining reselling and we are causing the thrift stores to increase their prices.

 It’s really selfish and there is plenty of stuff. I promise you there is plenty of stuff for everybody to find. There are millions of buyers and if we can help people, why would we not? That’s me. Some people don’t share that opinion, and I typically will tell them exactly what I think because like why? I don’t see it any other way. If I have the ability to help somebody else, why would I not? Why would I wanna hold them back even if they live next door to me and we went to the same places? 

I have a little thrift store here. It’s right by low-income housing. And I know they give them stuff, but I have more than once gone in there and seen people looking at stuff and I’m like, I’m buying that for them.

So I’ll just throw them money. I bought somebody’s Christmas tree and a Christmas present. Aw. And they will do layaway. It’s cool. They’ll do layaway for people and I like paid off somebody’s layaway at the thrift store. It’s so cool that they do it though. You gotta cater to your clientele.

That’s their clientele and they are amazing to them. 

Doug: Reseller events are part of helping the community, part of giving back to the community, and getting everybody together. Everybody loves networking. We’re starting announcements now and we’re gonna have ’em pretty regularly from here on. 

Trish: Yeah, we’ll have announcements every week for probably the next eight weeks. So we will be dropping it all the time. Everyone will be knowing and anytime anything really crazy happens, I will announce it

Doug: Let’s start with Kat, then Danna, then Trish. So any closing statements? 

Kat: I’m excited. I haven’t flown since I was eight years old, so I’m a little apprehensive. I’m not scared, I’m not scared to fly. I just haven’t had a need to. I drive, and I like driving, but Phoenix is too far to drive in one day. It would make it like this long, long trip. So I’m excited to fly. Actually, I booked to BOSS too. So we’re gonna be going to Vegas as well. 

Doug: Alright, Danna, any closing statement? 

Danna: No. That’s a tough act to follow. I’ll tell you. No, it’s just amazing. I just applaud you. I’m excited to be a part of the List Perfectly family and join Doug with the Seller Community Podcast.

And back in the day, I used to do a shipping show on YouTube. I don’t do that shipping show anymore, so I’m about to relaunch my YouTube channel that has been sitting in limbo with a new YouTube podcast and all that. And it’s all in the works right now. And it’s gonna be following Power Selling Mom, It’s gonna be the Power Selling Podcast. 

Trish: I just would like to thank Kat, thank Danna for both coming, both for being speakers. And I really think that this will be a really good event. And I’m not just saying that cuz I’m putting it together, but because we’re going to bring the best of all the worlds. I think I’m trying to take things that I learned or that I liked from all of my reselling experience and bring them to one thing. And I, when I say me, LP in general. So I would like to thank everybody.

Doug: Thanks, everybody. Thanks, everybody for tuning in. This was great.