Season 3: Episode 22: Manal Saad Shares a Big Announcement and More

Manal Saad, Styles Just for U, is a Poshmark ambassador, has spoken at Poshfests, is a social influencer, a mathematician, and she has an interest in cuisine, particularly coffee and desserts. She also has big news to share with the seller community.

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Doug: Manal Saad Styles Just for U returns to the podcast today. She’s been on the show before. She’s a Poshmark ambassador. She’s spoken at Poshfests. She’s a social influencer. She’s a mathematician, and she has an interest in cuisine, particularly coffee, and desserts I saw, and I love both. On top of it all, she’s got big news. Welcome back to the show, Manal, and thanks for coming back on.

Manal: Thank you. Thank you, Doug. Thank you, Clara, for having me. I always love speaking with you and being connected to the reselling community, so I’m glad to be back.

Clara: We know you and the Poshmark community, we all know who Manal is. But please take just a moment to introduce yourself for those that don’t know Styles Just for U.

Manal: My name is Manal. I’m Styles Just for U on Instagram with a little letter U. I’ve been a reseller for about seven years now and I resell on quite a few platforms. I started on Poshmark, which is a great place to start if you’re just getting into reselling. It’s really easy to get started and then slowly I’ve opened up to resell on eBay and Mercari and Depop and then Tradesy, which now turned into Vestiaire. And then throughout my reselling journey, I also try to stay connected on social media, which is where my handle comes in Styles Just for U.

Doug: So how did you come up with the name Styles Just for U?

Manal: So as I was getting into reselling, I just started thinking about, because I started on Poshmark, what the platform means. And Poshmark was very into styling and being a personal stylist where you can send comments and let people, hey, tell me what you’re into and I’ll help create that outfit for you. So it kinda started from me shopping and then, starting out on Poshmark, so I’m like, hey, I’m into styling, and then let’s make it a little personal. So that’s where my username started, Styles Just for U.

Clara: So, how did you get to know Poshmark? How did you get started?

Manal: I feel like it was an accident, which is the case for a lot of people. I was trying to just spring clean. In my case, it was winter cleaning. And then, just like somehow on the internet I saw the different platforms and then I’m like, ooh, Poshmark seems like a fun one where it would be like kind of a social platform and not really a business. So I’m like, lemme start doing that. And that’s kind of how I discovered Poshmark. And then you kind of fast forward all these years and you’re like, whoa, time just flies by.

Doug: So live sales are huge right now, Posh Lives especially. Are you selling live? Are you doing Posh Lives and are you selling live on any other sites?

Manal: So I’m only selling live on Poshmark, but I love it. I actually started out the first week that they had it in October 2022 during the beta testing. And I just got hooked. It’s a lot of fun. Probably my advice for new sellers that are going live on Poshmark is to definitely stay connected with the reselling community because they have a lot of tips.

Just like regular sales, posh lives still also take a lot of work. So you have to commit and put in the hours. So what I like to do before a show is, for example, I reach out to buyers from the previous week and let them know when my next shows are. Another tip for Posh shows that I would have for everybody is to try to create a consistent schedule for their shows. So maybe you wanna do it every Monday at 8:00 PM. That way people remember. So it’s kinda like when you go to a specific class or you have a meeting at the same time every week, you never forget it. So when you’re just sitting around, you’re like, ooh, this person has their show Monday at eight, or in my case, it was Sundays at 9:00 AM. So just that consistency, reaching out and creating the following, and then having fun with those live shows.

Clara: That’s a thing with, with consistency and marketplaces and reselling, it’s almost like listing, right? If you list, once in a blue moon, a hundred listings versus listing consistently, right? That gives you another different result.

Manal: It all ties together. So you list consistently, you have your shows, and you reach out to the buyer. It’s all a part of the circle of reselling.

Clara: There is a feature in Postmark, that I can promote your closet. What do you think about that?

Manal: So there’s a few people that are doing live shows where it’s a collective show with a few resellers. So what that means is instead of selling your own items in a show, you can sell your items plus some of your friends’ items. So what’s fun about that is if you’re just getting started and then maybe you need a little bit of help or you don’t have enough items to sell, then some of your friends can share their items to your show, and then their items will be sold during your show as well. And they’ll get a notification so they can set their auction bid and their time. It’ll be like a collective show with you and your friends or you and some resellers that you know.

Clara: Also, if you try the Posh Lives and something doesn’t sell, correct me if I’m wrong, Manal, but I believe you have the capacity within Poshmark, you have a feature in which you can convert that into a regular listing, right?

Manal: Yeah, of course. So if something wasn’t already listed in your closet, you can list it on the spot. Something else that’s really cool about live shows is if you run something and it doesn’t sell in the moment, you can still try to rerun it in 20 minutes or at the end of your show because maybe that buyer wasn’t there in the beginning, but you have a new audience 30 minutes later and now that buyer’s oh, I do want that dress and it sells. So you can always try to re-auction the same item.

Clara: Any advice for those getting started in Poshmark?

Manal: Yeah, so just getting started on Poshmark, maybe it’s your first few weeks, usually my first advice is to find that small community. So maybe go on social media or even on Poshmark and connect with those ambassadors. Create a little group for yourself because there’s so much advice and tips out there, and let me tell you, they’re all free and everybody wants to help. So surround yourself with people that maybe have been there for a while and that can guide you and then set small goals for yourself. I think probably the first step is not to look at a seller that’s been selling for seven, eight years, because it’s gonna take you more than a month to get there, right?

I wish we all just skipped a few steps on the ladder, but it takes a little bit of time. But with the right guidance, we can go a little faster, but try to set smaller goals for yourself of, okay, where am I starting and what do I wanna do with my reselling? Am I just doing this as a hobby? Am I spring cleaning? Do I wanna eventually take this and open up a boutique, and do this full-time?

So set those smaller, maybe like weekly, or monthly goals, and then maybe where you wanna see yourself at the end of the year. And then also use that community, tap into it and reach out and say, “Hey, this is my plan. What do you think I need to get there?” And we’re all here to help.

Doug: You’ve shared some great tips so far, but you also do that on your social media. I love your Tuesday tips. So for those that don’t know, on your Instagram, you share these little tips on Tuesdays. Can you tell us about those, please?

Manal: I try to stay consistent and do a Tuesday tip every Tuesday. These are things that I’ve come across reselling that usually at one point I’m like, this is really helpful, and I wish I knew that year one, year two, and I’m still always learning years down the line.

It doesn’t hurt to share it and tell other people because when I grow, other people grow and really all the platforms are growing together. So usually if I find something that I feel like it would be helpful or maybe something that works for me and someone can recom and make it even better, then I share it.

Sometimes these tips are for either one platform specifically, or sometimes they’re tips in general. For example, a tip that I recently shared on Tuesday is I have a three-times communication rule on my platforms. So when someone purchases something from me, I try to reach out three times, usually congratulating them on their sale and then maybe a day or two later when I’ve shipped them out to just let them know it’s in transit. And then when they leave your rating or it’s when it’s arrived, just thank them for their rating and I hope they like their purchase. So just kinda having that three times communication rule builds that relationship, maybe with a buyer, they’re more likely to come back. Or even if they don’t come back, they’re more likely to refer your page to someone they know.

Clara: You have a big move coming up. Can you please tell us about it?

Manal: It’s a little bittersweet, but I’ll be getting married this summer and my fiancé and I decided that we’re gonna relocate and live in Qatar. He currently works there now, and I’ve been applying to some jobs aside from maybe being in the reselling community. So we’re looking and we’re planning to be relocating this July. I’m excited because it’s a very fun time in my life.

Clara: That’s gonna be a big change. With this big change, you’ve been here in the USA for so many years, do you think this will be permanent? Will you come and visit maybe as a tourist? Will you miss us?

Manal: Yeah, I’m definitely gonna come back and visit, my family lives here, my immediate family. So don’t worry… And eventually, we wanna relocate back here, but I think for the time being, for the first few years, we’re gonna be relocating. I know it’s halfway across the globe, but it’s a really popping region. The economy’s doing really well. It’s a very safe area, so it’s gonna be a good move for our small little family in the next few years. And then we’ll see. You never know down the line.

Doug: Congratulations on the marriage, and the move. That’s awesome. Big life changes, but that’s a good thing too. We are curious though; will you continue to sell and post on social media after the move or are you gonna see how it goes?

Manal: Maybe in the first few months in transitioning, I won’t be reselling just because the region is a little bit different. So currently most of the platforms that work in the US or maybe that work in the US, Canada, and even Poshmark’s open in Australia. They’re not currently open in Qatar, so for the first few months it’s gonna be a little hard to continue, so probably I’ll be stopping reselling this summer.

Does that mean that reselling is outta the question forever? No, because I’ve been doing it for so long. It’s just going on pause for the time being, but I’m still gonna be on social media. I’m gonna be on my Instagram Styles Just for U always posting whether it’s reselling or maybe a little more shifting to lifestyle travel, food, as you mentioned Doug earlier. I have a lot of different hobbies, so we’ll try to see how we can connect, reselling fashion and a little bit of the other things that I love. But I’ll definitely be on Instagram for everybody to reach out and even if I’m not reselling, I’m always available if anyone needs help or just to look at their page or to watch their show. So I’ll be there to support everybody.

Clara: So you’re saying that you’re gonna be combining your food, and fashion on your social media. Can you, you gave us a little teaser now. That’s so exciting. Does that mean that we’re gonna have a chance to see you cooking or maybe sharing food? Is it gonna be cooking? Maybe you’re tasting food, you’re showing us food from different places you’re traveling. Can you elaborate on that, please?

Manal: Yeah, over the years I’ve been really active on social media and on Instagram and trying to connect my reselling and fashion life with a little bit of other hobbies that I like, like food and cooking and traveling. So my plan, at least for the next few months, this summer, maybe till the end of the year, is to just stay active on social media and to try to combine a little bit of everything. So you’ll be able to find my travel adventures and obviously mixing a little bit with my obsession with desserts and food and coffee and mixing a little bit of fashion, which is what I’ve learned in reselling over the few years. So you can definitely still follow my journey and I’ll be on social media.

Clara: What’s your favorite dessert?

Manal: Favorite desserts. I feel like I like them all. I like anything sweet, like a good Tiramisu. Macaroons. Yesterday I actually just had a really great passion, fruit tart, and it was just so tangy. It was delicious.

Doug: So another one of your loves Manal is math. Math metrics analytics, you teach math. You presented at Poshfest a couple of years back on metrics and analytics and why sellers should be using those. So I think that when you move, you might be teaching math and Qatar. Can you tell us about that?

Manal: Yeah, after a few months of interviewing in the middle of the night because of the 11-hour time difference, I officially got a job teaching at a university as a full-time math lecturer. It’s gonna be a little similar to what I was doing here. But in a new region. So that’s gonna be my full-time job. And then, I’m always on the lookout for a little side business or some fun activities. So I’m hoping to also incorporate in the future my love for fashion and food and traveling and social media.

Clara: Manal, you have something special to share with us about Camp Listing Party. Could you please elaborate on that?

Manal: Yeah, I’m super excited. It’s coming up at the end of June and I may or may not be seeing some of you in one form or another, but I’m super excited and everyone’s gonna have a lot of fun.

Clara: I can’t wait. What we have ready for our incredible community in Camp Listing Party, and that’s a teaser. Gotta find out in Phoenix. June 27th, June 28th, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Doug: We’ll definitely keep in touch, and again, excited to see what you’ll be sharing and what you’ll be bringing back when you come to visit. So as we close up, anything to add?

Manal: I just wanted to say thank you, Doug and Clara, for having me here, and I cannot wait to see Camp Listing Party in Arizona at the end of June and to always stay connected with everybody. I’ll still be on Instagram at Sales Just for U. So even though I’m moving through different chapters of my life, I’m still gonna be connected with the community and I’m still gonna be available and hopefully, everyone can still follow my journey and I get to see and connect with everybody as well.

Clara: Thank you so much, Manal. Thank you so much.

Manal: Thank you, Doug. Thank you, Clara, for having me.

Doug: Of course, and thanks for coming on. Third timer. Congrats on the wedding. Congrats on the move and on the new teaching position and we will definitely keep in touch.

Manal: Thank you.