Season 3 Episode 23 Ken The Hustle Bee Always Inspiring, Never Settling

Sneaker seller Ken The Hustle Bee joins us this week. He shares about his partnership with his wife Jacy, his story, growth and expansion, upcoming events, positivity, inspiration, and how he never settles and always pushes for more in business and life.

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Sneaker seller Ken The Hustle Bee joins us this week. He shares about his partnership with his wife Jacy, his story, growth and expansion, upcoming events, positivity, inspiration, and how he never settles and always pushes for more in business and life.

Doug: We’re joined today by Ken, the Hustle Bee, often known simply as the Bee. I’ve known Ken and his buddy Glenn Hustler Hacks for a long, long time. I’ve been on their show, they’ve been on my show. We’ve done multiple events together, including Outhustled events, which is something that they do.

We’ve done eBay Opens and other seller events as well. And an interesting fact is we first met at a reseller event in Kansas City, and they were pretty much responsible for giving me the name Snoop Dougie, and, and we’re planning more stuff, but for now, welcome to the show, Hustle Bee.

Ken: Thank you. Appreciate you, Clara, and Doug. Thank you so much, looking forward to, all the things that, could possibly happen moving forward.

Clara: Oh, it’s so exciting to have you here. I’ve been looking forward to interviewing you and introducing you if you please, because I’m pretty sure many people in our audience, don’t know you. Could you please, for those that might not know you, could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you sell?

Ken: Sure. my name is Ken and, I do this business, together with my wife. So it’s Ken and Jacy. the Hustle Bee is Ken and Jacy.

 Obviously, she’s the, behind the scenes, stuff, which really, it’s like, yin and yang, partnership. we just, focus on our strengths and build upon them. I started reselling seven years ago. Moved here from the Philippines 10 years ago now. So very young in this country still, but I’ve always seen, the United States as the land of opportunity. When me and my wife decided to get married, I said, hey, let’s get married in a different country. so the choice was either Australia or the US. It just so happened that we really didn’t know a lot of people in Australia. and then my dad’s friend works for Proctor and Gamble here in Cincinnati.

 So we’re located in Cincinnati now. He said, hey, why don’t you, move in with me? He’s already getting ready to retire. Kids are out. He’s got a giant house. And he said I’ll give you the third story. You can have it right. So I saw that as, okay, Australia’s definitely not gonna happen, but this is a good opportunity.

 We don’t have to pay rent for, a certain amount of time. So did that, work at a call center and it just didn’t fit? I didn’t even tell them that I had a bachelor’s degree. It was cuz I just wanna experience how is work here if you start from the bottom and I’ve always heard of the thing that if you work hard enough there’s gonna be an opportunity. So work my way up to a supervisor and a sales trainer and at that point and, I wanted to become a site manager and stuff like that going up top. But that’s when they pretty much told me like, oh, you’re moving too fast. There are a lot more people senior ahead of you.

 And that’s when I heard the business or corporate politics, I was like, wait, is this a, this is a thing, huh? And I tried and tried and, one day I was like, okay, I can’t take this anymore. This is taking happiness out of me.

Although the reason why I got a job was because I didn’t want stress. So back in the Philippines, I had a coffee shop and a car shop. Had 15 people under my payroll. And I felt like it robbed me of my teenage years. Because I had to grow up fast. I had big dreams, but I didn’t know that was the sacrifice for it.

So when we decided to get married, I was like, let’s sell everything. I don’t want the 24 7. stress of having to manage a business. You had overheads. My overhead was, so much. So I got nine to five and then, realized that it wasn’t really for me. And I just went to my boss and, Hey, I’m out. My last day is this Friday. And he said, no, you can’t do that. You gotta put a two-week notice. And I said, what’s a two-week notice?

And then they got mad. They literally suspended me until they kicked me out and I was like, whatever, I’m out. And then that’s when I started hustling and stumbled into the sneaker game. I’ve always been a sneakerhead my life. And then, YouTube, how to make money selling, shoes on eBay. And then stumbled on Hustler Hacks’, article that he paid his student debt with sneakers. After that, I just hit him up and now we’re like brothers.

Clara: So there was quite a bit of time when you were eBay focused. What made you decide to expand?

Ken: I think the goal was not to expand really. I took on eBay and I looked at it as I need to be an expert on this before I start doing something else. One of the things, I would say a flaw of mine is I get sidetracked too easily. I do one project and I do another, and growing up my parents just pretty much told me like, hey, you can’t do that because you’ll end up, not fulfilling one of those projects.

 So that was a very important lesson that I learned early on. Sometimes I take on too many projects that I end up not having enough time. Learning from those experiences, when I saw this opportunity, I was like, I can’t mess this up. This is such a great opportunity. I was like, I’m not doing anything else.

And this was during that time when I started, Amazon was easy. This was 2017. There were so many e-commerce opportunities here and there. And I was just like, nope. I’m gonna stick with eBay so it took me two years before I expanded to other platforms like Poshmark and Goat and StockX, while everybody was telling me, hey, you need to do this, you need to do that. But I’m like if I have a hundred percent of my effort here and I go to the next one. I’m not putting a hundred here. and it’s only a matter of time before I’m gonna know this platform in the back of my hand.

 Cause then I’m not gonna need as much time to dedicate to this platform. I was really eBay-focused and I think it paid off eventually because my eBay store, our first year went from zero to $125,000 in sales, all in eBay.

And my first year, eBay emailed me, Hey, you’re the top 10% seller in the sporting goods category. And I was like, what? And for me, I was like, wow, this is easy. but it wasn’t because it had to take so much focus on not trying to do anything else.

Clara: I’m curious, why tennis shoes?

Ken: Yeah, I played basketball in grade school. I love playing basketball, come a time I wanted to join the team, and then I told my mom, and that’s when I was introduced to sneakers. We weren’t well off in the Philippines, so I was like, man, I would love to have nice shoes. And then the reality hit. It’s wow like this sneaker is like a hundred, $150. And it’s like I’ve never seen my parents buy anything like this.

 So my mom was very big in academics and my mom said if you get straight A’s, I’ll buy you a new pair of shoes. So every quarter I got straight A’s, so I was the kid in school that had straight A’s and had nice sneakers. So that was it. That was the trigger. So my mom would ask me to do things for sneakers.

So my mom gave me a sign, will work for sneakers. Anything I would do was for sneakers. I was probably like 10 or 11 when it started and, so that’s like over 20 years now, so ever since then I had just been fascinated because it was like the positive reinforcement my parents put on sneakers.

So now it’s, I feel like my brain is wired that every time I get new sneakers, I feel happy. I feel accomplished. Cause of how my parents pretty much disciplined me along the way up until high school.

Clara: Ken, what is your favorite pair? Must ask.

Ken: Oh, it’s right here. It’s Jordan 12 flu games. I still have the original 1996 pair. This one is a reproduction. But he wore this pair, he had stomach flu, he had food poisoning basically, and he went on and scored over 30 points and helped his team win while having it.

So he had to have IV rehydrated after the game. But it was a reminder for me, although I didn’t see the game, I was like, is that true? Is what I want to become, like overcoming obstacles. So that’s why it speaks a lot to me.

Doug: obviously sneakers are a big part of your story, your journey to the United States, a big part of your story, and we’ve mentioned him a couple of times, but he always comes up because he’s a big part of your story. Glen, hustler Hacks. You guys are a tight crew. So tell us how you discovered him and then how you eventually met.

Ken: I found his YouTube, and I was like, man, this guy’s put in the time. So that’s how I pretty much measured YouTubers. If you’ve put up videos for a long time consistently, that means, you are into this.

I watched all his YouTube videos. I watched all of them and I started joining his live show every Wednesday night and I would just start commenting and stuff like that. And I would just start tagging him on IG. And that’s when I was like, really finding, when I go out and shop, I’ll be like, hey, look, what I found. I’d start tagging people. And then there was one time, I got sick, and I think it was like two live shows that I missed. I wasn’t there watching and like chatting and then next thing you know, like he reached out in the DMs like, hey man, are you okay? You’re the guy that’s always there, but now you’re not.

That’s when I was like, oh, this guy is actually a real person. He’s not just a YouTuber. Like he cares and stuff like that. So that’s actually a story that I don’t tell a lot. It was that, and I was like, oh. Whoa. I wanna meet this guy, I wanna be friends with this guy.

That’s when I start getting introduced to the community. There’s a community of sellers that are helping each other. It’s like, yeah, this is different. Right? Instead of competing, instead of trying to like gatekeep. Like this guy, like sharing tips and knowledge for free.

I came from a lot of different industries that were very cutthroat, right? You don’t tell your secrets. You don’t tell where you source. So I was like, this is different. So that was like, it resonated with me because inside I’m a person that wants a lot of people to win. I want them to succeed. I would root for people, I would cheer for people and that’s when I was like, okay, this guy’s real. So there was a meet-up in Chicago, like a reseller event and Glen was flying in. And in Chicago was like four and a half hours.

He didn’t travel a lot before. So I’m a lot more well-traveled than him. I was like, oh, this guy probably needs a ride or something like that. So that’s when I offered, do you want me to pick you up at the airport because I’m driving to Chicago. I have a car. I’ll pick you up and then we’ll just go straight to the event.

And I actually wasn’t planning on attending the event. I just because I didn’t have enough money to pay for tickets. And I really didn’t know anybody besides him that was going. So I was like, let me just go to the meet and greet. There was like a party, so I was like, ok, let’s go there.

So I picked him up and he said, what time’s the meet and greet? I said it’s not till eight. And it was about four in the afternoon. And he was like, where’s the closest Nike outlet? And I was like, I already like this guy. So we went to Chicago, Nike Outlet. We filmed some YouTube videos there and stuff like that. And after that just in two months’ time, we went on a road. we went and traveled together to visit major cities in the country to source. So now we’re like brothers. We talk every day.

Clara: That’s amazing. Now you and Glen have a live weekly YouTube show. can, what can viewers expect to see on that?

Ken: So we’ve been doing this ever since I met him, so about six years now. Every Wednesday night on the Hustler Hacks YouTube channel. We pretty much just talk about business. That’s the biggest thing that we talk about there. We talk about community. My thing was how can I serve the community back which has helped me gain so much knowledge. I’m pretty much kinda like a trailblazer in kind of way. So I pretty much would test something new, and I would report it back to the community through the live shows.

Hey, I tried this. Yeah. This worked, but this didn’t work. So that’s kinda like how we talk about and Glen’s very good at finding different topics. How this goes is, it’s a blind topic for me. I don’t know the title until the day off. And I don’t know the talking points until the day off. He likes to get my raw reaction and my raw answers. So it’s kind of like, okay, so this is his take, and what’s your take now that you heard it now?

A lot of people can learn from different tips and tricks on how to source better, and how to list better. And we also address different issues, any updates within different platforms, if there’s like any errors or glitches, like Vero violation for eBay and stuff like that.

Yeah, those are the ways that we address it. And then, with proper forms of the channel, within the community that I serve, I pretty much just bring it up to eBay. Along the way, it’s like, hey, this is what we’re hearing within the community. What can I answer back to them? What’s the policy on this? Because at the end of the day, my goal is to have a good working relationship with the platforms that we’re selling. If there are any issues, I want to be able to get ahold of somebody and not just try the phone customer service line.

 I’m sure that’s the same way with platforms, right? Cause like they want to feel what it is like on the ground. I pretty much do that, thing I pretty much come up with, different issues that we need to address and bring it up with eBay, and eBay, would relay answers to me and will resolve issues.

Clara: Nice. That’s incredible. There you have it. solution-oriented, and then, that’s so important to have that, mindset of how can I help to resolve the issue? Instead of just ranting or maybe venting out, it’s just take those 10 seconds, and figure it out.

Ken: That’s what me and Glen say. We are solution-oriented people. we find solutions. We don’t have time to, to dwell on the issue. But our goal is to find the issue and resolve it. There are two categories. It’s either in our control or out of our control. If it’s in our control, we’ll find ways to figure it out. If it’s not out of control, do not worry about it.

Doug: So you’ve obviously got a special relationship with eBay. You started there; you grew your business from there. So tell us about your relationship with eBay, and what you’ve done. You’ve done eBay opens multiples. So tell us about your relationship with eBay.

Ken: Yeah, that definitely has blossomed a lot in the last few years. My first contact with them was pretty much just through emails, congratulating me on my early success and my first year selling. And then, in 2018 came, I heard about eBay Open. so we went there, and had a chance to go visit the mothership or the headquarters. We didn’t know how expensive San Jose was until we got there, and then we were like hotels here are a thousand dollars a night. And those are like shady hotels. And then that’s when we hit up like Doug, and we never really asked him, but he offered like, hey man, I got a big, room. Do you guys wanna stay in my loft? I’m like, a loft in a hotel. This would be pretty big. And then so we were like, oh yeah, let’s do that instead. So we stayed with Doug and pretty much that’s how we pretty much cultivated our relationship after that and then, so we’ve done seller spotlight with eBay. They came to our house and filmed it. I’ve done the podcast with Griff, with Brian.

And now we have the Seller Spotlight podcast. That was the thing that we helped launch. I was like, I think first or second interview there, so I’ve worked a lot with the eBay seller community side. So that’s what we’ve been working on. And then recently we’re working together with just different marketing projects that we have. we’ve done holiday promotions, and holiday ads, through Instagram mostly. That’s where I do my social media. I’m active there. So we’ve documented our journey since 2017 since we started.

Just throughout there, helping, and vice versa, giving issues, and feedback. So the last, eBay Open since 2018. I’ve been a part of 2018 and in 2019 we did a panel with Doug. 2020 we did virtually. 2022 was the hybrid. It was still virtual in 21. In 22, we went to the eBay headquarters and spent a week there to film and shoot and meet with different department heads. That was, very big. So, it’s a very healthy, relationship for sure. And what I like about that relationship is, they haven’t really limited me to being like, hey, only promote eBay.

eBay’s pretty much openly said, hey, we want you to succeed. And whatever platform works for you goes there. I’ve worked with a lot of companies, so they’re very exclusive, right?

When eBay told me that, I was like, I’m on board. put me on any programs that we can do together because its business helping other businesses succeed.

Clara: I love it. So live selling has become big this year. I know you’re very active, doing live sales events. Tell us how, what you’re doing, how is it going, and what you’ve done in the past.

Ken: Live selling was definitely, something that I didn’t see coming. And then next thing you know, Glen Hustler Hack said, hey, have you heard of this live selling? I’m like, no. Like, what is live selling? but I’ve seen people go live on Instagram and sell something, right?

I was like, okay. And he said, that’s pretty much it, but people can buy through the app. I’m like, okay. And then he said, we need to apply. I was like, okay. I heard there’s a really long line. So this was whatnot during that time. And then he applied and then I applied. So we waited about three weeks to four weeks, almost a month to get approved. So we weren’t brought in as sellers or influencers or anything like that? We went through the same process. And then as soon as we got in, and then it was like a time where I was really looking for something different.

Yeah. That I didn’t know I was looking for something different. obviously j about this time we’ve been doing eBay for five years. Same thing over and over again. I felt like I needed a refresher or a different challenge. That’s what I felt like, I would say it was very pivotal just for my own, like mental sanity because like I’ve said before, I’m a guy that likes different projects when there’s not a lot of projects going on. I feel bored. Energy’s not high and everything like that. So when I saw this, I was like, we looked at each other, me and Glen, let’s give it our all for at least a year, that’s what we said to each other. And after that, we pretty much dropped everything. And it just went hard on whatnot. So from then on for our first month, pretty much we did like about 50 to $70,000 in sales every month and whatnot and that’s when whatnot invited us like, hey, do you wanna come to like SneakerCon Denver?

So whatnot pretty much reached out, hey, like we noticed that you’re selling a lot. and I’m, who are you? And that’s what pretty much they said. I’m like, I’m, Ken The Hustle Bee, I’m a seller on eBay. so how many, how much inventory do you have?

I’m like, during this time I had like 200,000 inventory. They were blown. Like what? Like how? So obviously they’re a platform that pretty much sells everything, right? So we met up, in Sneaker Con Denver, so we live streamed there and whatnot pretty much said, hey, like we had really good feedback with your live.

Very engaging. And obviously, even Glen said it like, I think this platform was built for you. Cause I love engaging people. Lights, camera, and action is my thing. And then it just blossomed from there. And after that, we pretty much went to every sneaker convention for the rest of the year.

We took 68 flights after May, so we were living on hotels and airplanes. And being in different cities we’ve never been before. And also it became an avenue where people could meet us in person. Post-pandemic, we made more friends online than in real life.

Then that’s when I said, hey, I’m going to Denver, I’m going to DC, I’m going to Dallas. Then within the community, they’re like, oh, let’s check that out. So they’re not even like hardcore sneakerheads like me, but they’ve known of me.

But now they saw this as an opportunity to like a network in person. So we did that full 2022 last year and, hardcore with whatnot. And then, now we’re, experimenting with eBay live. Full circle now. So eBay got us and invited us. So there’s, one handful of less than 10 sellers that could go live in a sneakers category, and we’re one of ’em.

Clara: Jacy goes with you on all these trips with you on this tour, or were you alone?

Ken: So last year, early on it was just me, primarily because couldn’t afford it, but, as soon as last year happened and we’ve partnered with different companies, I pretty much said, man, this is like either pretty boring or pretty hard to do it all by myself.

Once the sneaker con opens at 12, it goes hard to seven. And I’m always in front of people and there are just things that need to be taken care of. I figured that it’s so much better when I have somebody that has my back and that’s looking out for me.

So I pretty much put my foot down and said whenever I’m going Jacy’s going. And what we’ve discovered throughout that is now we’re able to document the journey better. So actually the start was I went to South by Southwest in 2022 with eBay. So that was the start and Jacy was like filming and then now we’re putting all these IG reels and people are like, yo, like we love this.

And I’m like, the only way this is possible is if my wife goes with me or I hired somebody else. Now it became a really a relationship-building, season for us, because now after we work hard, we explore different, sightseeing. We stay a day or two extra, or we go try out different restaurants and stuff like that.

Clara: So Ken, what advice do you have for someone looking to get into selling sneakers?

Ken: I would say you have to be willing to learn. I think, just looking at, other sellers, I know a lot of people, I personally, have few friends that we know of that are not sneakerheads that are selling sneakers now. But it is a big learning curve, it is not that easy. And I think the biggest thing is the cost of investment. That’s why my biggest advice is to go to a Nike outlet. Submerge yourself in a Nike outlet, because this is one thing that even though I was a sneakerhead, there were so many other sneakers that I didn’t know. So early on, I would spend about two hours at the Nike outlet Per day.

I would just start taking photos and I’d just start taking product codes and I would just research them. Why is this shoe special? how many listings are available? How much this thing sold for? My advice is the same to like every other category seller is, you have to be really good at buying.

You make money when you buy, not when you sell.

Clara: Okay, I go to Nike outlets, which we have a lot here in Arizona. When it comes to searching the shoes and doing your recon on these outlets, what would you say is the biggest error that you see in people, reselling shoes?

Ken: I think a lot of it is they think it’s gonna sell quickly. I think that’s the biggest factor because there are a hundred solds doesn’t mean it’ll sell quickly. But, because there are a thousand listings available, right? And a lot of errors, people don’t filter, don’t use the filter. I filter down to the size. Because of the size, I’m not competing against a size 12 item. I’m only competing for a size nine. So that’s the biggest factor. A lot of people say they just type in the product code or the timeline, and then they see 500 listings, 500 sold, right?

And then they end up buying a size eight men’s, which is not very popular. But you would rather buy a size 10 because there are a lot more size 10 that has sold. So your chances of selling that item are so much higher than that size eight because sometimes you’ll see a lot of bad sizes available.

 That’s the thing in an outlet, that’s why it’s called an outlet, cuz all the bad sizes and the unwanted products. That’s why they’re there. Because Nike couldn’t move them to retail. That’s why it’s discounted there. It’s either that or Overstock or the demand is not that high.

 So just because they’re there for cheap doesn’t mean they’re gonna sell for good money. so I would say I’m very extreme at researching. Everybody can say, oh, you can make money anyway. Yes, you can make money, you can make a dollar, or you can make $50. So I am the extreme and I would only go for like the top 10% of possible products.

Clara: So Ken, tell us about Outhustled and is that coming back?

Ken: A lot of people have asked me that. It should come back. I would say that. Just a teaser. We’ve had an off-recorded conversation with Clara, the c e o. We might have something upcoming for you guys. It is definitely something that has impacted a lot of people. we did it in 2018 and 2019 and it was a milestone. It was a mile marker for their business, to get to the next level. That’s our goal for Outhustled, is to get your business to the next level. We did in-person events, workshops, All day Hardcore workshops. Strategy down to like a goal setting, it’s a very, tangible, learning experience for the people that have attended. I would say it’s coming back. Keep on the lookout. Keep on the lookout.

Clara: Oh my goodness. I’m so excited about that. This is something that the community really needs. I’m so happy to hear that you’re bringing it back.

Doug: Yeah, it’s awesome. The Outhustled events, what you do is awesome, and as you said, you’ve helped so many sellers. And then we’ve got Camp Listing Party coming up. You’ll be a speaker there.

Ken: Yeah, so I’m very excited about this. it is definitely, I feel like, going back to my roots, to tell you honestly, I was the most excited about this event this year. being invited, I was like, wow. Like I literally had to stop in my tracks.

I’m like, this really brings me back to my core because, network sessions and conferences like this are really, what sustains your business. Because in business there’s ups and downs. and then a lot of what happens during these events, are meeting of the same minds. Meeting the same people that have goals in life and that are pursuing something.

And there’s so much power in that, and I’m gonna be that energizer bunny wherever you guys need me, I’ll bring that energy, I’ll bring that aspiration and obviously the experience. Only 30% of businesses last over three years. And then now we’re here, right? So now I feel I’m in that phase where I have a lot of experience and a lot of things where I’m very willing to share it.

I’m excited. I’m gonna be all in, on this event.

Doug: The Energizer Bee is coming.

Ken: Exactly. I’ll be buzzing.

Clara: And then what is next for The Hustle Bee, please?

Ken: That is really something that we’ve been thinking a lot of this year. This year has been a lot of content creation. I’ve been, learning a lot about, using a professional camera, trying to have a higher quality video, higher quality or just elevating it to the next level. As far as the business at the end, I would like to just maintain. I’m not trying to like exponentially grow. In the last six years, the lowest we’ve grown was 50% growth. And this year I’m like, it’s kind of like a year where I’m trying to set us up for the next five years.

 I’m not trying to take on a project too big that, I won’t have enough direction, but definitely, being invited to Camp, Listing Party. I think this is one of the things that, it’s a step outside of my comfort zone. Because it’s not just sneakers. That’s the biggest thing. What I tell everybody is, having an e-commerce business is not really about, yes, there’s a lot of it has to do with the product, but it’s, a lot of it has to do with the operation.

And I think that has, something that we have learned so much between me and my wife. we’re a two-person operation and now we have one,, person that we’ve employed. So there are three of us now. So it’s just mastering the scaling of the business-building processes. That way you could get to the next level because I don’t want my ceiling to be my business ceiling.

So it’s really trying to find a way where I can improve on different categories, but also, it’s like I, I’ve, me and my wife say this, we’re very fortunate and very blessed, to be making the income that we’re making and ultimately, we really don’t need anything else financially. We are living really well compared to where we’re at. So now it’s like a lot of the downfall of a lot of people that have made money is they lack meaning. They lack fulfillment. This brings me so much fulfillment, to share my story, and to network with other sellers to teach what I have learned.

A lot of them are what not to do. Don’t do this cause I failed to do this. and that’s okay. Life is about learning what not to do and experiencing what could possibly work. So, that’s what I wanna share and I think that’s where Hustle Bee’s gonna be next, hopefully, kind of like a big brother kind of figure. And try to guide the next sellers or ultimately, challenge and energize the ones that have done it longer than I am, that in a way are stuck and are looking for what’s their next purpose.

Clara: A great answer. What an answer. What I love the most about what you just mentioned is that you’re keeping yourself very humble, even though you’re exceeded your financial, abundance goals.

 thank you for doing this for the community. we really need you, Ken.

Ken: Thank you. Thank you for this opportunity.

Doug: So Bee, it’s always great and inspiring to talk to you, and I always learn something when we talk, whether it’s casual, whether it’s business. So before we let you go, anything to add?

Ken: I always say never settle. that’s our biggest thing. And if we are faced with challenges in life, I always say, can we overcome this?

And the moment you overcome is the moment you decide that you’re not settling on this current situation. so I tell everybody and challenge everybody to audit every area in your life. And are you settling or are you gonna make the decision to never settle? So that’s the two words we live by. Never settle. And if you’re happy, then yes, you keep it. But if you’re not happy yet, if you haven’t attained it yet, don’t settle. Go for it.

Doug: Always got a smile on your face. Thanks for joining us, Ken, The Hustle Bee. Always great to talk to you.

Clara: Thank you, Ken. Thank you so much.

Ken: Thank you for his opportunity. We’ll see you soon in person.