Season 3: Episode 27: Camp Listing Party: A Reseller Conference Recap

List Perfectly just held its first reseller conference in Phoenix Arizona, Camp Listing Party. Filled with amazing workshops, breakouts, speakers, networking, and more. In this episode, we chat with Clara Albornoz, the Co-CEO of List Perfectly, and hear her feedback and perspective on Camp Listing Party 2023, with an announcement on the future of Camp LP. We also chat with Trish Glenn, Super Sale Trish, the organizer of the event. Trish worked on this event for months and coordinated the space, speakers, food, hotel, flights, and everything else. We’ll get her post-event thoughts and plans for future events.

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Doug: Welcome to the seller community podcast from list perfectly.

This is Season 3: Episode 27: Camp Listing Party: A Reseller Conference Recap.

List Perfectly just held its first reseller conference in Phoenix Arizona, Camp Listing party. Filled with amazing workshops, breakouts, speakers, networking, and more.

In this episode, I’ll chat with Clara Albornoz, the Co-CEO of List Perfectly, and hear her feedback and perspective on Camp Listing Party 2023, with an announcement on the future of Camp LP.

I also chat with Trish Glenn, Super Sale Trish, the organizer of the event. Trish worked on this event for months and coordinated the space, speakers, food, hotel, flights, and everything else. We’ll get her post-event thoughts and plans for future events. 

Thanks for tuning in and great to see and meet many of you at Camp Listing Party!

Clara Albornoz

Doug: All right, so we’re back from Camp Listing Party. It was an amazing event and I’m gonna just say it was the best event. I’ve said that before, but now I’m saying it.

Clara: Wait, Dougie, but can I get it out of my chest? I have to say it, you know that I have to say it.
Listing Party!

I love it. Thank you, Dougie. That meant a lot. I appreciate it. I have to get it out of my system.

Doug: No introduction is needed. We have Clara here, our CO-CEO, co-founder, um, and I just wanna, we wanna talk about camp, listing party and I wanna get her perspective and, you know, I think she might have a couple of exciting updates and announcements.

So we’re gonna get, get into it. Clara Dreams and she executes her dreams.

Clara: Thank you for saying that because literally I have these dreams and I, if I don’t make them happen, it’s like, What am I doing with my life? You know, I gotta, I gotta execute on there. At least try to get as close as possible. But thank you so much. It was such a big dream Dougie to do this reseller event.

Doug: So a reseller event has been your dream and Amanda’s dream for years. And you had to put it on the back burner because of covid, like so many other things. So Clara, tell us about this dream. Did the Camp Listing Party meet your expectations?

Clara: Well, thank you for asking because this was a long vision that we had with Amanda. Um, one of the things that I always respected so much about you is that you had that vision of doing a podcast in which we could talk about different marketplaces coming from eBay. It was beautiful, but we can talk mostly about eBay, uh, obviously, and, you know, eBay sales, eBay sellers, eBay, uh, features, but you know, that’s what we wanted with, um, with Amanda, kind of like your vision that you have with the Seller Community Podcast. We wanted to do a reseller event where we could bring for the first time different marketplaces, and we did so. We tested it last year in the Boss Reseller remix when we brought Mercari for the first time. Okay. We bought it, you know, for our, uh, our community to communicate with them. And yes, finally they built the four by six labels. Okay? So they got the feedback from Boss Reseller remix 20 22. And uh, that was just exciting, you know, so this year what we did, uh, with List Perfectly, which was a sponsor of Camp Listing Party is, um, bring a special gift from Poshmark and a special team from eBay and bring them together because e-commerce is big enough for all of us in the community and the buyers and the sellers from different marketplaces are so radically different that there is room for everybody. So that was very exciting to see, uh, for me, that vision came true to see Poshmark happy to see, Mercari happy to see, uh, eBay happy to, to receive compliments, you know. Thank you Brian for coming. Brian Burke just received compliments from Brian Burke. Are you kidding me?

I am honored these people are, they’re event pros, you know, they’ve been doing events a long time. So for me, that was meaningful. It felt real. Not only we got it from our sponsors, but we also got it from attendees, virtual attendees, from team members.

And then, you know, at the same time, having the whole List Perfectly team working, uh, towards delivering the best experience for our community. Um, that literally brought tears to our eyes. With Amanda, we would go, we had to stop, take breaks, and we would go upstairs. We would hug each other and we would say, we made it.

You keep making your dreams come true and having the support of the community. And I have CEOs, you know, Dori Graff telling me, look at what you built Clara, you built this whole community. And I’m looking at 200 people, Doug, you know, and, and we were expecting what? 130, 150, you know, it kept growing and it was just our first event and it just came out so seamlessly. And how could I not be grateful for the vision and the hard work of Trish Glenn, SuperSaleTrish, uh, what a dedication, what a vision, what an execution? For our first event, all I can say is if you haven’t got the virtual tix, you still have time to get the virtual tickets. Worth it because you’re gonna access that content for a whole year. All the sessions were incredible, and to have CEOs to have, incredible big influencers being so humble on stage and you know, even having Commonwealth Picker, being like, Hey, table number five, nobody knows me, and to have that, and him having fun and you know how hard is to get someone that has like, you know, 500,000 followers, or something like that. Right? Yeah. And then we’re putting them on a table where they have a chance, to still reach new members of the audience, of our amazing community.

Doug: Everybody was humble and approachable and it was a great, just a great community event that set the bar super high for events, but what were a couple of the things that really, really overall stood out to you?

Clara: What stood out for me, I think was the gratitude that people had for the event, and what stood out for me was the concern they have, Clara, what’s gonna happen in 2024? Are we gonna fit in here? That was their biggest concern. Are we gonna fit here? Are we gonna do this next year? Because I really need this.

Obviously, all the attendee presenters and sponsors stood out because of the level of solidarity and collaboration they had, knowing that it was our first event. And the presentations that we had, and of course what stood out, you know, the help from the AV team, doing the recordings for the virtual event and the content that we were creating so we can share it with our audience and make sure they’re learning and implementing, um, all this knowledge, um, that we need to, and, and to hear that people were removing their stores from holiday settings, so they could start implementing what they learned as they were watching the session. So that was strong. That left such an impression on me that I’m like, oh, so excited.

Doug: We had pushed that it was a reseller conference, not a List Perfectly conference. There were a lot of people I talked to there that weren’t List Perfectly users and just came because they heard, who was gonna be there, and what we were gonna do.

Clara: I have feedback from Kimberly Rose, our community manager from the Facebook group on List Perfectly, and uh, she told us, Clara, they were Amazon sellers and they’re like, we’re Amazon sellers. We’re drop shippers. We just love the community you guys have built. We just feel so welcome. They came for the energy and to get energized. So, uh, for me that was very powerful, that not only people that don’t use List Perfectly, but they don’t sell on eBay, Poshmark, Facebook marketplace, Shopify, Instagram, they don’t sell any of the platforms we support.

Doug: So what were some of the things that you learned?

Clara: I learned that I didn’t know that I am so determined and so courageous. I always knew that I can go over hurdles and obstacles, but I was thrown such a curveball, man. It felt like a slap in the face that sat me down on the floor. Sure. And I felt like literally for 30 seconds going to self-pity and I said, Nope. No way. I’m not gonna waste one second on self-pity. Never gets me anywhere. But unfortunately, three days before the event, uh, one pimple. Um, That. What do we do when we see a little pimple right on your forehead? In between my eyebrows, we pop it. It caught my attention that, you know, the texture wasn’t the same. It wasn’t normal.

Went to bed and I woke up with a pee size, pimple now, and now looks. Irritated and has like a little ring around it and I’m getting concerned. Turned out that the next day I had an olive size. The biggest concern, um, I can see this is bacterial. I can see that something went wrong and somehow I got an infection. The problem, Doug, is we both have friends. You know, we have senior friends, but most importantly, I love my friend Diane Lassonde, who came to the event and has stage four cancer.

I cannot give my friend a bacterial disease, whatever that is. So I set up an appointment in the morning with the doctor and in the evening with another doctor because I wanted to make sure I got two different opinions right. And they both tell me, you got an infection. They load me with antibacterials. They tell me that as long as I keep the wound covered okay, the only way it could be contagious is if someone literally touched the fresh wound. By the time the event started, it healed. So I was so happy.

I was like, I’m not gonna let this bother me. Not even one second, because I have friends that have freaking stage four cancer and they’re flying, they’re getting blisters in their mouth because they’re eating hotel food that is not the diet that they need. Right. How can I be so selfish and self-centered worried about a little band-aid that I have on my forehead? So that’s how I got the courage, Doug.

Doug: It didn’t seem to affect you, so, you know. Good for you. I’ve known you for I think, three years now, and I can tell, and it you, you were a trooper.

Clara: Thank you. It’s just you guys and the community making it happen and uh, that’s where you get the energy. That’s the importance of coming to these events. I love virtual but live virtual events. When really you have exhausted all the other venues on how to invest in yourself.

Doug: And it definitely takes a certain type of person to be able to do that and manage it. So let me ask you this, uh, high level again is what would you do differently if we did this again?

Clara: What I would do differently, uh, first of all, is take care of myself a little more before the event. I took a road trip. I went to Montana. Um, I went to see the glaciers, uh, for the first time for my birthday, the first week of June. Next year I’m planning to just stay put, just focus, rest a lot. I didn’t realize that I was stretching myself a little too much. So that wasn’t a smart decision, even though it was a couple of days. And I will change that next year because I wanna be not a hundred percent, a thousand percent for my people.

Doug: So Clara, for Camp Listing Party 2023, the bar was set really high. So a lot of people were asking me, a day or so in, are you gonna do this again? What’s next?

Clara: Okay. Doug. I have to tell you that absolutely. Yes. We’re doing this again. Yay.

Doug: The crowd goes wild.

Clara: Crowd going wild. Thank you. Thank you, crowd. Amazing. This crowd is so, so amazing. But yes, after so much feedback and hearing that people, the biggest concern they had is, are we gonna fit here next year?

So definitely we’re gonna not only do Camp Listing Party 2024, but we’re gonna always look at ways of how to improve it and make it better every time. So if you liked Camp Listing Party 2023, wait to see what we will have ready for 2024. We have more time, more experience, and we can’t wait.

Please, any of you that attended the Camp Listing Party virtually or in person, could you please be so kind as to send us back the survey form? Because your feedback is what is gonna help us to, uh, direct and make this event exactly what you need to grow your business exponentially and make sure that your investment is the safest and smartest investment you do that year.

And we want your honest feedback cuz that’s what’s gonna help us the most.

Doug: So Clara, anything to add before we go?

Clara: I wanted to say special thanks to all the speakers, but I wanted to say special thanks to you, Doug and Ken The Hustlebee, you know, coming to America session, um, it was such an incredible, uh, a moment that I had to share our journey with the audience and to receive the, uh, excitement in not only in person, but virtual attendees were sending me messages saying, that was incredible. Thank you for sharing. So it was just impressive. And to do this just before the 4th of July, what gratitude from us, from myself and Ken, in how grateful we are to be here in America, a land of opportunity, and to make our American dream come true. thank you for helping us to deliver, uh, that, uh, session, you know, and, and make it so, uh, touching for both of us.

Doug: I was happy to help. You’re both very inspiring. You know, I’ve known Ken, the Hustle Bee for a long time. And so it was great just to be part of that. But, um, thank you. Thank you for everything.

Clara: One more thing, I wanna thank the VIPs. They heard me for like 40 minutes talking about negotiation skills, and organic marketing, and I was impressed with the questions that they have. So I wanted to say, Special thanks to the VIPs.

The next step is gonna be with the VIPs, they will have a one-on-one with me where I will assess their business and then listen to their goals. And then we’re gonna set a roadmap with milestones and then, follow up. So I’m so excited about that. Thank you again, VIPs for investing um, you know, your hard work money and, uh, everybody, regular attendees, VIP, VIP plus, um, sponsors and team members. Thank you everybody for helping me make our dreams and Amanda’s dreams come true.

Doug: Such an amazing event. Congratulations Clara and Amanda. Congratulations List Perfectly. Be sure to fill out that survey. And then if you are still interested in virtual tickets, we still have virtual tickets available till July 11th, so get in there.

Clara: And that’s important because sometimes you need to rewatch the sessions. That’s why you want the virtual tickets because you can rewatch unlimited watches for a year for these sessions because you would be surprised. Watch it now. And watch it next quarter and tell me the difference. Okay?

Please attendees who had the virtual tickets. Please do this. And if you don’t wanna do it by quarters, what about doing twice a year at least, can you look at the, uh, session from a different perspective?

Doug: All right, so before we go, can you say it as only you can say it, Camp Listing Party 2024?

Clara: Camp Visiting Party 2024!

We’re gonna have so much fun and we can’t wait to announce more. And thank you. Thank you, everybody.

Doug: All right. Thank you, Clara. Thanks for taking the time and again, congratulations and always bigger and better things.

Clara: Thank you for having me here. Bye Dougie. Bye, everybody.

Trish Glenn, Super Sale Trish

Doug: All right. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that the amazing organizer, the lady that made it all happen, the Lady Behind Camp Listing Party 2023 is joining us right now. The fabulous Trish Glenn, Super Sale Trish. Ladies, and gentlemen, who are coming on the show?

 Please, please. I don’t wanna make Trish nervous. She gets very uncomfortable.

Trish: I get so nervous.

Doug: Trish, congratulations. What an amazing Event. It was a great conference. Set the bar high. you did this all you deserve, you know, the credit.

Trish: Well, thanks. I mean, I don’t know if that’s completely true, but I appreciate the thought. It was a team effort and you know, we really pulled it out. It went. Awesome. It went better than I thought it was going to. Um, and a week before I was a little nervous, so I’m really happy.

Doug: So it did meet your expectations.

Trish: There were very few things that I was unhappy with. Okay. And, everyone who knows me always tells me I’m very hard on myself. So for me to say that it’s pretty good, it went really well. I was really happy. It went great.

Doug: And so high level, what really stood out for you?

Trish: I really thought that we were able to bring together, um, People from the community and really get them to be able to connect with YouTubers and, you know, social media people from our industry that they really wanted to meet and they really wanted to see.

And I really thought that we were able to do this in a really, I know we throw this word around a lot, but in an organic way. You know, people, they sat at tables together, they had conversations over dinner and drinks. And I just really thought that that went amazingly well, um, even though it was a little chaotic at first for everyone to figure out where they were supposed to be, but I really thought that that was awesome.

Doug: Yeah, and I didn’t think it was cliquey at all.

Trish: I mean, I didn’t either. You know what, and I have been to these events and so have you, Doug where you walk in and you’re a little nervous. Because you’re like, I really don’t know anyone in this room. And the people that you do know are people you watch on YouTube or people that you see on these kinds of things or people you interact with on, um, Facebook.

What, we in the community call like our Stranger Friends, you know? And this way I thought that. Because the speakers and the YouTubers and the LP people all sat in different places so that everybody was able to interact and it really wasn’t cliquey at all. I thought it was great.

Doug: For somebody that shy and isn’t outgoing maybe, I dunno, maybe you could see that. But I know this is a shocker, Trish, but even I sometimes get starstruck.

Trish: You Oh, really? By who? Mr. Doug. I would love to know. No, but here’s the thing. I would like to say this going forward, if you are somebody, when you show up and you don’t know anybody, come up to Doug or me.

We will help you find some people like Doug and I will talk to anybody, even though he pretends he is starstruck, he’s not. He’ll go up to anybody, he’ll talk to anybody, and so will I. And, you know, we’ll find you some people to hang around with. If you’re going forward thinking about going to these events, don’t let that be an obstacle.

Doug: Trish and I are the cruise directors of the event. So Trish, lots of learning, lots of networking. What are a couple of things that you learned at Camp Listing Party?

Trish: I was just so busy making sure everything was going right, making sure everything was where it was supposed to be. But I have had tons of people talk to me about what they enjoyed. So I’m just gonna pass that along. Amazingly, people keep talking to me about Kidizen.

The CEO of Kidizen was there. She did a keynote talk, and then she also did a breakout session. People loved it and said, I didn’t realize how great, I wanna know more. I wanna start selling there. So I mean, that really had great positive feedback. Did you hear anything about that?

Doug: Yeah. Dori Graff the CEO of Kidizen.. Great presentation. I saw the presentation. I introduced her.

Trish: Poor Doug just had to like to do things on the fly. I’m like, Doug, I can’t do this.

Doug: The best was I’m sitting there at dinner one night and I’m like, having my drink, kicking back, cracking jokes.

Snoop Dougie, come on up here. I was like, ok, lemme put my blazer on cuz it’s not hot enough.

Trish: I’m sorry. I know, but I, you know, when you, when your bosses say to you, oh, we think you should emcee it, you’re like, oh, okay, no problem. But then when it’s actually going on and you’re MCing and running it got a little crazy for a little while.

Doug was very helpful and I appreciate it because, without you, there would’ve been gaps of nothing.

Doug: Trish needs a break.

Trish: Not even a break. I had to go make sure something else was happening.

Doug: I was happy to do it and help out, you know, however I could. So for you, what were some of the biggest challenges in pulling this off?

Trish: A couple of things. I think it was difficult for me to get my vision out of my [00:05:00] brain and then onto paper so other people would realize what I was trying to do. I think that was a little difficult for me.

I’ve done a few things in my life. My dad was a politician and we used to have some campaign stuff I used to work for a company where I went to a lot of events, but I never like pulling together an entire one by myself. So being able to get out what’s in your head so other people will help you. That was hard for me. I will admit it and I think going forward, if this happens again, I’ll be much better at that.

Doug: Well now you’ve got this big check mark. Done. Done. Next, Next. Alright. So on the other side, what were some of the biggest rewards for you?

Trish: So when List Perfectly announced, Listing Party, I volunteered to start a mastermind class and it’s Monday through Friday. It’s at 9:00 AM on the East Coast, and 6:00 AM on the West Coast, and I just thought I would do it for a couple of months while Listing Party started. Um, it has been now eight months. I must admit I do not go all the time now. In the beginning, I went every day for months. And then when I started traveling and started doing this, it got harder for me to go every day.

But, um, a lot of them came. A lot of them showed up. A lot of them stayed extra. A lot of them went thrifting. We went to dinner afterward. I mean, you met them. It was really heartwarming and great. And they have built their own little special community and a lot of them showed up and it was heartwarming. And that was my biggest reward. I gotta be honest. That was the best.

They were a great group and very helpful.

Doug: And, uh, so Trisha’s Mastermind call is daily over at Listing Party.

Trish: Yes, sir. And, um, we’d love to have you please call in.

Doug: Trish, what would you do differently?

Trish: I’d place some things a little differently, so maybe the flow was a little bit better. Some things like that. I think that I would get the agenda out before you showed up. So we had like a bare-bones agenda, but the full agenda really wasn’t available till you showed up. And that was for a few reasons. One is it was the first time we ever did it. Yeah. So some things kinda changed at the last minute. Um, but I would love to be able to have it out a few weeks beforehand so that people can maybe make a plan.

A few sessions maybe went a little too long. I think we needed a little bit longer breaks.

Doug: Yeah, It was action-packed.

Trish: There was no downtime. And I think maybe we needed a little bit of downtime and I did that for a reason. I felt like if you were entrusting us with your money and your time, I wanted you to get your money’s worth and your time’s worth. I think maybe I could pull back a little.

Doug: Anything to add before we go?

Trish: I would like to thank everyone who came. I’d like to thank all the speakers and anyone who did a breakout session. I’d really like to thank the [00:08:00] team, especially Tiffany. Tiffany really helped with a lot of the tech stuff that is not my forte. Doug and Josh, you both helped with the tech also.

And Doug honestly, without you, I would’ve had a really hard time because I couldn’t have done both things at once. So I appreciate you stepping in a lot.

In general, I’m really pleased with it. So it went well and I’m hopeful that it will be an annual thing.

Doug: There you go. Do you have any insight?

Trish: I do. I have a little insight.

Doug: I might too, but who knows?

Trish: Who knows?

Doug: But, I can’t say it enough. Congratulations on this.

Trish: Thank you.

Doug: Amazing event. It was so cool. You know, action-packed, lots of learning, lots of networking, and, can’t wait to do it again.

Trish: Me too.

Doug: All right, thanks, Trish. Trish Glenn, Super Sale Trish.

Trish: Thanks, Doug.

Doug: All right.

Kayomi Kayoshi from eBay

Kayomi: My name is Kayomi Kayoshi and I work for eBay as their marketing operations coordinator on their community and seller events team.

Doug: What’s your opinion of seller events overall and their value to the community?

Kayomi: I think I’m a tad biased, of course, but, I think they’re great. I mean, I am a fresh set of eyes looking in, and I know, at least for me, I really enjoy taking advantage of these opportunities, even sitting in listening to people.

I’ve learned a ton just from this event List Perfectly. I’m not a seller myself. I expect to be, I do have a couple of things I need to list, but I’m a bit of a hoarder and I associate too much sentimental value to items. And so letting go is just hard for me, but I’m getting there.

I think they’re a great opportunity for everyone to learn. I mean, whether you’re an experienced buyer or seller or pretty new like myself, I learn a ton and I know others do too. And everyone has their own best practices and tips and tricks to [00:01:00] share. And I think those are invaluable.

Doug: So we’re at Camp Listing Party and you spoke this morning, so you are one of the first speakers. So tell us what you spoke about and maybe share a couple of key takeaways from your presentation.

Kayomi: Sure. Yes, I did speak this morning and I’m glad I got it out of the way and I can enjoy the rest of this conference without having to worry about presenting anymore. I spoke a little bit about who eBay is as a company, our buyers on the site. I spoke a little bit about the different segments of buyers. So we have what we call enthusiast buyers, and then we segment that even further into category-centric and value-seeker buyers.

And these segments are just really great to understand if you’re a seller because you can market as needed to them, and just gain a better understanding of who they are. I also touched on some of the programs that we’ve introduced within the past couple of years. So Authenticity Guaranteed eBay International Shipping and Guaranteed Fit.

And these are all tools and programs that build trust between buyers and sellers. And we really just want both of those groups to feel protected by eBay and protected using the site. So I mean, a lot of these programs we’re very hands-on and we take a lot of the process out of their hands and they’re just great opportunities to look at.

We also have a new social media listing tool, to easily share across your social media channels. And then of course, I had to touch on the seller community, which is where I work and really, my favorite part of eBay, of course. So touching on the eBay Open, the dates have been announced. It’s going to be September 26th, to the 29th.

Highlighting our seller meeting leads, which is the program I also focus a lot on. And yeah, just really highlighting the as a resource for buyers and sellers alike.

Doug: Have you learned anything so far here at Camp Listing Party?

Kayomi: Oh, absolutely. I’ve learned a ton, even from listening to a lot of the influencers that we have here. And there was a presentation given on marketing and branding, and that’s a lot of what I studied in college. And so just getting that refresher is always helpful and keeps my tools sharpened, I think. So that panel was really helpful.

Doug: Anything to add before we wrap up?

Kayomi: I’d like to thank, Camp Listing Party and the team for inviting eBay to this event and to really encourage anyone who is thinking about selling on eBay or is having problems with it, please reach out. is a great resource. You can even tag me on the site. I’m on there like I said, and I’d be happy to help you in any way that I can.

Brenda Wynne, Rosie the Riveter 1919

Brenda: my name is Brenda Wynne and I sell at Rosie the Riveter, 1919 on whatnot. And eBay and I also sell at the Good Stuff thrift store in Las Vegas.

Doug: What has stood out for you at, Camp Listing Party?

Brenda: The willingness to help. Everybody is just so open and willing to help. And I mean, as I said, when I worked for the post office, I went to some union conventions and everybody was always nice there, but the feeling is different because it’s like everybody wants you to succeed. You know, and, and they want to share their knowledge and, and help you. Figure out ways that you can succeed. And I just like sharing knowledge. I think when people, you know, wanna keep all their knowledge themselves, it’s not a benefit for anybody. Especially the person wanting to keep it all themselves.

Marie, Pixie Dust Treasure, and Mara Miss Sellaneous

Marie: I am Marie and my stores are Pixie Dust Treasure.

Mara: my name is Mara and my online stores are all under the name Miss Sellaneous.

Doug: How important do each of you think seller events are in the community?

Marie: I think seller events are important in the fact of the networking that you create, that you, people that you meet, know that there are other people that are doing the same thing as you and uniting with those people. We have local meetups, and seller meetups that we do in person. It did get difficult during covid and stuff when there were no meetings, and you kind of lost some of the momentum. It’s just the accountability and like I said, when you know somebody else is doing it as well. And then also for new people, I mean, everything that you learn.

Mara: Kind of going off that as like the learning aspect. Camp Listing Party is my first big kind of reselling event. There’s been a lot of learning happening and just listening [00:01:00] to the things that other people in this community have gone through and the things that they have done to help grow their own business and how I can maybe reflect that in my own business as well.

Doug: So what have you learned so far at Camp Listing Party?

Mara: One of the big things I learned was during the first breakout session, just being able to let yourself rely on other members of your community. Even if that is through, you know, relying on the things that they’re telling you or the kind of things that they do. Some people were telling stories about how they were just going through really tough times in their life and their community rallied behind them and like really, you know, scoured their stores and bought things to help support them financially and in a hard time in their life. And so, it’s just being able to open yourself to be involved in those communities, even if it’s for people that you’ve never met in person.

Doug: And Marie, what have you learned so far?

Marie: Learning about other opportunities of places to sell things beyond eBay and things cuz there are so many other platforms that I’ve never tried. And so meeting people that are selling things successfully on other platforms is gonna give me the chance to go back and research those and see if that’s a place that I can go as well. So like whatnot. There were a lot of people who were talking about whatnot this morning. And I know that’s a live thing. And I did just get recently approved also for Poshmark Live. And so trying new things in other avenues to sell is gonna be interesting.

Doug: And what else has stood out at Camp List and Party so far?

Marie: So far, it’s just the people. I love the people I meet. I mean, that’s my whole thing. Every event that I ever go to, for any job I’ve ever had, the networking is always the best. Is invaluable. The people that you meet, those connections that you can make. The best part about reselling is that it’s kinda like what they were saying this morning is there’s, there’s not just one way to do it. Your way is the right way. It’s for you. But you can always improve. That’s what’s really cool here is finding out other people’s ways of doing things and going, Hey, that’s great. I might try that.

Doug: Mara, anything else standing out for you at Camp Listing Party?

Mara: Something that has stood out to me while we’ve been here is just the sheer amount of people. I mean, I know that this is obviously a fairly big event. Like I was expecting a lot of people, but even though I knew there were gonna be a lot of people here, it’s just different to actually like see this many people who do the same thing that we do all in one space. Kind of like even when we had our, there are smaller, more local meetings. seeing all these people who are successful in this field, Even if it’s not their full-time job, but they still get a consistent income from it. That’s something that I was kind of struggling with dealing with in the past. Like even though I’ve had my store for two years now, I kind of had this plateau where I would just kind of stop listing. And even though I had the stuff to list, I would only do a couple of items a week. And it was just really slow. And then, I went to one of those meetings and now you know I’m here [00:04:00] and you just see so many people who it is like, this is their income, this is their life. This is, you know, how they support themselves. And it made me realize like, I can do that, but I just have to do it.


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