Season 3: Episode 32: BOSS Reseller Remix 2023 with Katy and Vikki Zilverberg and Theresa Cox

This week on The Seller Community Podcast, we officially welcome Trish Glenn, Super Sale Trish, as the new co-host! We also welcome back the ladies of BOSS Reseller Remix, Katy and Vikki Zilverberg, and Theresa Cox who tell us everything we need to know about the upcoming third year of BOSS Reseller Remix, in fabulous Las Vegas!

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Doug:  Hello and welcome to season three, episode 32 of The Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly. This is a very special episode. I’m very excited to welcome my good friend, Trish Glenn, Super Sale Trish as the new co-host of the Seller Community Podcast starting this week. 

You’ll definitely hear from Clara. You’ll definitely hear from Danna Crawford and maybe some other co-hosts, but Trish is now the main co-host, and Danna will be coming back very soon with her Power Selling Podcast. More about that soon. 

But this week, Trish and I are excited to welcome back, they’ve been on the show many times over the years, over three seasons. Katy and Vikki Zilverberg and Theresa Cox, the ladies of BOSS Reseller Remix. BOSS Reseller Remix 2023 is coming up in October in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Katy, Vikki, and Theresa are gonna tell us all the details, the speakers, the sponsors, the events tied into the event, the parties, the, where to get tickets and a whole lot more.

So let’s listen in with Trish and I chatting with our friends, Katy, Vikki, and Theresa.

BOSS Reseller Remix 2023

Doug: Alright, welcome to the Seller Community Podcast. We are thrilled to have our friends, Katy and Vikki Zilverberg, and Theresa Cox back on. The troika, the BOSS Reseller Remix ladies. We’re super excited BOSS Reseller Remix 2023 is coming up, in its third year. We’re gonna talk about all that. I’m super excited to have my new co-host, Trish here, Super Sale Trish. This is her first interview, so we’ll get into it.

Trish: My first interview as co-host, very important girls, don’t mess it up. Thank you. I would just like to say, you know, congratulations on making it to year three. I mean, it’s a big deal. How excited are you guys? 

Katy: Super excited.

Trish: Forget that question. What is new this year then for 2023? What’s new for year three? 

Katy: Well, so Katy here, what is new? We have a few things that are, that are new. I feel like, you know, for those of you who have been to the BOSS Reseller Remix, you know what it’s all about. Those of you that haven’t. It is a three-day conference, reseller conference in Vegas where Vikki and I are located.

And this is our third year. And so, you know, we feel like it’s been a really successful event both years. We feel like each year we’ve been able to build on it and do more and bring more content, and more value to the people who attend. And so this year, you know, we’ve got a few tweaks, a few things that we’re doing a little bit differently.

One thing we’re doing is we are starting a little bit earlier on Tuesday. You know, Monday night The 16th is what the date it’ll be this year. Monday night is when we have our meet and greet, and Tuesday is when the conference itself actually starts. And so in the past, you know, we’ve always had, our registration starts at noon, and then we have a few sessions after that kind of ease into it.

This year, we’re just gonna start a couple of hours earlier. So registration starts at 10. It doesn’t seem like a big change, but it does allow us to put a couple more sessions in, and bring a little bit more content for everybody. Another thing we’re doing is, we are bringing a live game show of I’d Flip That.

They’re going to be entertaining us, for all three days of the conference. After lunch each day we’re gonna kind of, you know, bring a little fun, a little levity while people are digesting their delicious lunches. And have a little bit of fun if anyone’s checked them out on Instagram and YouTube, they do a really fun reseller Showdown game show that they do, that is just really entertaining, and we’re excited about that. Bring little fun games to the conference. I would see the other big change is, I feel like this is gonna be the year of the podcasts because we actually have three reseller podcasts that are gonna be at the event recording. I believe. We’ve got, Get Thrifty, which is the ARC Thrift Store from Colorado. It’s their podcast. It’s really cool. They are gonna be there. We also have eBay for Business Podcast is gonna be there, and then there’s this little podcast I’m not sure if anyone’s actually heard of. It’s something, I think it’s Seller Community Pod… Is that what it something? 

Vikki: Something about that? Yeah, something. 

Katy: Have you guys heard of that before? 

Trish: No, never. Doug, have you heard of it?

Theresa: You mean The Seller Community podcast? 

Doug: Thank you, Theresa. That’s my favorite! 

Katy: But that’s three podcasts that are gonna be there. So I think it’s gonna be a great opportunity for people to kind of get in and network and maybe like, I don’t know if you, if you wanna kind of get out there, I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of you guys that are gonna wanna be interviewing resellers and get some people in some episodes.

Vikki: Yeah. Get some good content for each of the different podcasts. And also, one more important thing that Katy did not talk about this year, and I know we’ll talk about it a little bit more later, is that we have a full virtual ticket experience this year. Last year we brought it in as a prerecorded virtual experience for people and got to see how that was received. And this year we actually are gonna be fully interactive, where you’re gonna be able to view it from home, communicate in the chat, ask questions of the panelists and presenters, and then you’ll be able to go back and view it, basically forever. It’s gonna be there forever.

You can go back and view it at any time. And if you’re not able to attend in person, you’ll be able to see it after the fact. Or if you miss a session because you got Vegased the night before or you know, you overslept a little. Or maybe you got stuck in a networking conversation with someone and you missed a session that you wanted to see. You’ll be able to go back and see it when you go home. 

Doug: There you go. Theresa, would you say as a team you’re settled in or you’re still learning? 

Theresa: Oh, we learn new stuff every year. I mean, we’ve got some of the basics down. You know, there’s a lot of things that we did the first year that, you know, it was just new, and we had to figure it out that was just seamless for the second year and will be seamless for the third year. But every year there’s something, we get a curve guard ball thrown. We’re adding something different, something new. So, it goes pretty smoothly, I would say. We definitely try to add more value each year. One of the things is we have all new speakers this year, so that’s a pretty big deal.

It’s not, it’s not an easy task, but we accomplished it with a great deal of help from the community, so I’m excited about that. 

Trish: Each of you tells us what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned over the last three years, either about yourself, each other, the community, what kind of has been something that, you know, you guys really didn’t know before this?

Theresa: Well, all one of the things that I mean, we started off all three of us saying that we wanted to be able to talk and have meaningful conversations with every single attendee. We strive to do that every year, and I think that we will continue to strive, but it’s hard. I won’t say it’s impossible, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds, and we continue to strive to do that and have meaningful conversations with every single attendee.

What about you two? 

Vikki: I think the most important thing that I’ve learned through the years of doing this and attending reseller events is how necessary they are in the community. I think that in-person reseller events are, it’s kind of the benefit is immeasurable. It really doesn’t have a lot to do with the cost associated with it or anything like that. It’s just, you know, meeting fellow resellers and finding that, that that community and the people that you connect with is something that you just cannot do online in the same way in person is just so much better. And, you know, as someone who, I’ve said this before, but as someone who never wanted to be a joiner, I never wanted to go to one of these conferences.

I already had friends. I didn’t need people that just did what I did for friends. There was no point in that for me. And I went to my first event, which was eBay Open in 2016. And that changed my life in many, many ways. And, and I’m not saying that lightly. I know it’s something that people use that phrase very, very, glibly, but it’s absolutely true. It changed my life in so many ways. And I think every single one of us can say that about how the reselling community and in-person events have specifically changed our lives. 

Trish: Agree completely. 

Katy: Well, I’d say for me, what I’ve learned is really about the generosity of our community. I feel like the whole idea behind in-person events, like what Vikki was saying, there’s just something so special about them and that experience of being with other resellers, it, it’s not necessarily all that different you know, when it comes to where you go, whether it’s eBay Open or our event, or any of the other reseller events out there, no matter what it comes down to resellers coming together is like this incredible indescribable experience. But what I do think, is, has really changed things for me. What’s different about our event is that we have it at the Blind Center. At the time when we started, you know, we love the Blind Center. We love what they do. We love that they have an eBay component to them. But it also was, they had a venue, it was available, it worked for us at our budget, and so we ended up doing our event there. But because of that, it has kind of enmeshed itself into our event to where our event has become about giving back because we work with this amazing nonprofit and so it, it’s kind of just weaves itself throughout our event.

And I think that that experience has allowed us to see how much that matters to the rest of the resellers in the community and how much it changes their experience when they come to the BOSS Reseller Remix. You know, a lot of ’em talk about how it, you know, impacted them to see what the Blind Center does, how it impacted them to get to be a part of, you know, the fundraising that we do as part of our event.

And it’s just really shown that that is very important to a lot of people and not just to us. And it really does help shape the experience to be something even deeper than some other reseller events might be. 

Vikki: And I just wanna add to that to say that I’ve heard it expressed many times from the people that, benefit from the Blind Center that work there and they’re on the board and, and the visually impaired people that benefit from the facility itself, how much they enjoy our event, they love our event.

They host events year-long. This is their favorite event that they do, and I’ve heard this many times. I’m not making it up, is there, no, we, we were just, just told that again recently. We were just told again recently; this is their favorite event. They look forward to it. They love to be part of the experience.

They love that they get to listen in on the sessions. They come in and join us on the fun things out on Fremont Street. They love the whole experience and how friendly and outgoing everyone is, and that matters too. So like, hearing that feedback from them, I can’t imagine that we would ever want to or could ever have it in another facility.

Doug: All right. So let’s go round. We’ll start back with Theresa. What’s the single thing each of you are most excited about? 

Theresa: The first thing that pops in my head is that you know, an opportunity to get together with resellers and to network and to visit and catch up and learn and all those same things. And coming off of the heels of Camp Listing Party, I’m getting ready to go to FlipCon. It doesn’t matter. Like I got filled, I don’t know, last month. We’re gonna go to another reseller event this month. And then eBay Open is in September. And then BOSS, like, I love that we get to do this every month. And so just getting together and, and its different people. Different people come to each event.

Flipcon’s on the East Coast and so there’ll be a lot of East Coast people that don’t make it to Vegas, can’t make it to Vegas, whatever it might be. eBay doesn’t have a central thing anymore, so that’s kind of a very different experience. So I like that I’ll be able to see resellers that I know from all over.

Cause you know, Vegas is a great place because it’s a destination city. So it’s pretty easy for everybody to get to and, you know, always excited to meet and learn from new people. 

Katy: Yeah. I think for me, what I’m most excited about, and Theresa kind of mentioned this quickly earlier, about us having all new speakers. You know, our first two years we relied very heavily on our friends and our contacts and people that we felt had truly had something to teach, but we also had already established relationships with. And so this year, you know, we made a very concerted effort. We promised that we were going to bring all new speakers, and all new content, that hadn’t spoken at the Remix before, and we have been able to accomplish that.

And so because of that, we have broadened and widened our circle. We’re bringing in people that we don’t necessarily have, deep connections with from before. So a lot of new people that we’re gonna get to meet and interact with and learn from. 

Vikki: Mostly new people, like for, I mean, all new speakers. Yes, but only a handful of them did I already know. Exactly like that. That’s what I’m excited about, I’m excited to actually meet these people that are coming to speak at our event that I’ve never even actually met in person before. I’ve probably never had a conversation with 50% of them. Katy has spoken to every single one now at this point ’cause she’s doing this, that setup.

But a lot of ’em, I’ve never even met myself. And I’ve been doing some deep dives on their socials and, and information that they do so that I am, I’m well versed in what they know so that they can teach me. Like I’m excited to learn from new people, new things every time. 

Trish: You’ve opened this up since you’ve opened this discussion up, tell us a few of these I mean, you know, like we’re all waiting here with bated breath. You could tell us a few of them guys. 

Katy: Well, you know, we’ve got, I mean, obviously, you know, any, any event you are gonna wanna have some of those speakers that have a large audience because you want to bring, you want to entice their followers to come.

But also, you know, the reason they’ve got that large audience is usually because they have something that people wanna hear about. So, of course, we’ve got some kind of big names. Like we’ve got Storage Auction, Pirate Mike, he came last year just as an attendee. 

Vikki: And loved it. Loved it. It was the first reseller event he’d ever been to, and he just couldn’t stop talking about it and how much he loved meeting everyone.

Katy: Yeah. And so we invited him to speak this year and we’re really looking forward to what he has to say because he is not just gonna be, you know, he’s not gonna be there to teach about storage lockers and things like that. He’s actually gonna be talking about his journey from being homeless when he first started reselling to now. I think he’s in the process of trying to buy a house and hopefully, by the time we actually have our event, it’s gonna be from homeless to homeowner. But, you know, everything he’s really accomplished and going through, you know… 

Vikki: In a very short period of time, like five or six years, all of this has been in the past five or six years. We’re not talking like he was homeless decades ago, and life-changing. He started his YouTube channel from his car. This is pretty exciting stuff. 

Katy: And talking about things like mental health and just stuff that doesn’t necessarily always get talked about. And so we’re really excited about that.

Kevin Brown, Commonwealth Picker, I’m super excited to have him talk because he’s gonna be talking about earning a full-time income with part-time effort. And we got to see him speak at Camp Listing Party. And lemme tell you his background is as a teacher, and he is very good at speaking.

Vikki: He was one of my favorite speakers by far. It was so effortless. Off the cuff. He’s a very good speaker. He didn’t have a presentation, so to speak. No. Like I did, I had to rely on a presentation. He didn’t have, you know, a slideshow. He just spoke effortlessly. And this is a whole different topic he’s gonna be talking about, but I’m really excited to hear him because I thought he was so good at it.

Katy: Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so next we have John Dugan, Resale Rabbit. And I’m excited because I know he’s spoken at least one event on a panel. I think he did his first one sometime in the last few months, but this is gonna be the first time he’s actually presented and spoken, as a solo act, if you will. And I’m super excited about seeing him because he’s been around for years, and he’s gone through a lot of changes in like his reselling style and kind of what he does. And he has really great content on YouTube. He does some really cool stuff. So I’m looking forward to seeing him a lot. We’ve got Tiffany Thrifting Vegas.

Vikki: With her lovely British accent that everyone loves so much. 

Katy: So technically we can say that, well last year we had a Canadian speaker. This year we’ll have a British one. So it’s like, you know, we’re international.

Vikki: It’s an international event. 

Theresa: Internationally, we can just throw in there that Adam Ireland from eBay is gonna be speaking. Like how I did that?

Katy: That’s a good one. Theresa. Yeah, Adam Ireland, the VP of eBay, North America, I think is his title. 

Theresa: General Manager of the U.S. 

Katy: Something like that. Those titles always confuse me, but he’s a big wig and he’s actually gonna be coming and speaking on the first day. And as Vikki likes to say, ’cause she wants to make sure everybody knows. They asked us if he could speak and so we were, I see Trish if you’re listening to this through, through a podcast screen… 

Vikki: It’s kind of a big deal that they asked us if he could come to speak at our event. I feel like it is. I’m sorry… 

Katy: For the five of you out there listening who agree that that is the biggest deal of it all.

Theresa: eBay has been a huge supporter of Reseller Remix from day one, as you know, as much as List Perfectly has been. I’m not surprised. 

Katy: I think for us, you know, I think more so than like any audience that we’re speaking to when we talk about this, I think it’s more about how it makes us feel as the three people who started this event. It’s a real vote of confidence because not only has eBay supported us all three years and they’ve sent people like, they’ve shown us that, but this is kind of the next level for us. So it’s more about, it makes us feel really good. It makes us feel legitimate. 

Theresa: Validated. 

Vikki: It’s validating. Validating, that’s the right word. 

Katy: Exactly. So, yeah, so we’ve got like Misty Pate, Thrifter Junker, Vintage Hunter, we’ve got Sarah Styles, who’s gonna be doing some serious analytics and talking about the numbers, which Theresa is really looking forward to. We’ve got the Consignment Chat ladies.

We’ve got Kristin, A Rural Squirrel’s gonna be, doing a presentation with Angie resells. Oh, look at that. They have another podcast. So right there. That’s a fourth podcast that’s gonna be there recording. 

Doug: Let’s Do Lunch. 

Katy: I know, that’s so many podcasts. 

Vikki: It’s a bit much, right?

Doug: We should all interview each other at once. 

Trish: Yeah, that would be fun. 

Katy: My grandma’s favorite saying to me was, that’s a bit much. And she would tell me, and she was telling me I was a bit much.

But yeah, we’ve got just some amazing speakers we’re super excited about. We have a session that’s gonna be all about posh. We’ve got some amazing Posh sellers that are gonna be doing, a deep dive on selling on Posh, which I think is really cool because guess what guys? I’m officially on Posh, okay? I’ve poo-pooed the platform for many a year and now out of desperation I’ve added it, and I’m gonna proudly be a Posh seller, okay? I have 700 listings and I… 

Theresa: Will you be my PFF? 

Katy: Theresa. That is too far. It’s over. I quit Posh. I’m announcing it here. I’ve quit Posh. 

Vikki: So we were supposed to go to a live Posh event last night that we ended up bailing on at the last minute, but I’m excited, about actually hearing more about Posh, and we did have a small session our first year about Posh, but it was Posh in relation to List Perfectly and cross-posting.

So this one is gonna be a little bit more of a deep dive into Posh as a platform and some best practices. So I’m kind of excited about that because I’m quite sure that I do not use Posh to the best of my ability, even though I’m selling it.

Katy: Well, and I had mentioned earlier about the whole year of the podcast and, Maggie, who actually hosts the Get Thrifty Podcast from ARC Thrift Stores, she’s actually gonna be speaking, which, this is gonna be like, I think one of my favorite sessions because she actually does all of the marketing for the ARC Thrift Stores, and there’s like 34 of them in Colorado. So she has a pretty big job. I know, just trying to market my own business is one thing but that’s what she does for a living. That’s what she’s paid for. The podcast is kind of like a side gig, but her real job is marketing and so she’s gonna be doing a presentation all about marketing your business. And so I’m excited about that. Talking about branding, that’s gonna be good. All of the different avenues like social media, television, even to market a business. 

Vikki: And it’s really nice to hear from a professional marketing person how to market your business where it doesn’t necessarily have to be about what you’re selling or who you know, or that it is even reselling in general.

Just somebody that’s a professional in marketing and I’m excited to hear from her. We’ve gotten to be on her podcast a couple of different times and, I dunno, she’s super cool. I’m excited to meet her in person. 

Katy: And they’re always looking for guests. So if you wanna be on the Get Thrifty pod, I’m telling you, like I was saying earlier, like for those of you who wanna get your name out there and your businesses out there, you’ve got like, at least three podcasts, actually four that you could be pitching yourself to.

Doug: Get on there. 

Trish: Come up and pitch baby.

Doug: Tell us about some of the sponsors. Who are we gonna see sponsoring? 

Katy: That would be Vikki’s department. She’s the one, well, Vikki’s the one that signs ’em. 

Vikki: I gotta look at my list here so I don’t forget. I don’t wanna miss anyone. So of course we have, List Perfectly who’s been a number one supporter all along and, they’ve come back to be our title sponsor, our lead sponsor again this year. So that’s always appreciated. We’re very excited about that. The presenting sponsor is the technical title, lead sponsor present… 

Katy: For anyone who’s taking notes.

Vikki: The big wig. And then we have eBay coming back in, its third year as well. And we have Whatnot coming back. This is their second year. They were with us last year. So The Seller Community Podcast is part of the List Perfectly sponsorship. And then the Get Thrifty podcast is a sponsor. eBay for Business Podcast is a sponsor. ARC Thrift Stores, My Reseller Genie. Worthpoint, both of them coming back. Worthpoint, the third year in a row. 

We have a company called Consign Cloud, which is a company that helps consignment, both sellers and buyers. So because we’re gonna have a big session about consignment selling in general, we think that having their company there will help people wanting to get into the consignment world. I also think right now, with the economy being so crazy weird, a consignment and opening yourself up to the possibility of consignment is a very good place to be right now. 

Trish: And fun fact, I used to use their software when I owned a business. I had a consignment business, brick and mortar. And I actually used them, so it was good. It was good software. 

Vikki: So there’s a ringing endorsement right there, a ringing endorsement from Trish. 

Trish: Not that anyone would care, but I’m just saying it was a good product… 

Vikki: That’s awesome. Yeah, we have Seller Ledger, which is another accounting software similar to My Reseller Genie, two separate companies. They both do similar things, but a little bit differently. Kevin, who is the owner of Seller Ledger, was the original creator of the program outright, which eBay then purchased and sold to GoDaddy. So he’s been doing this as a seller for a long time. ‘Cause I actually had it when it was out, right, when it was still free 20 years ago.

Sizely is a sponsor also at the third year, with them. And then we just signed a couple of others. They’re not quite on our website yet. There is a new one called the Get Thrifty app, which is an app for buyers and sellers. It’s a, it’s somewhat of a consignment app.

Katy: It’s like a local, we don’t know entirely yet, guys. 

Vikki: It’s brand new. It’s in beta. It’s a brand-new company with a brand-new software and app. So it’s not strictly related to clothing, which a lot of the consignment apps are related to clothing and things like that. It’s not accounting-related. It has to do with finding a consignor in your area and, and things like that. So I’m excited to hear a little bit more about it because clearly, I don’t know exactly what it does yet. 

Katy: And they’re, and they’re not associated with the Get Thrifty podcast. It just is a very similar, similar name. Similar name. But we also have one other now. 

Okay, guys, we’re gonna drop some knowledge right here. We’re not gonna say the name of the company yet ’cause we haven’t entirely closed the deal. Vikki’s looking at me like, what are you gonna say? There’s a possibility. There’s a possibility that we are going to have onsite authentication happening for luxury goods as one of the things you’re gonna be able to potentially take part in.

We can’t, you know, we’re still closing the deal here, but there’s a possibility, and maybe we might have to edit this out. We will wait and see. But you could bring like a pair of sneakers or a luxury bag that you might have that you’ve been wanting to get authenticated and get that authenticated on-site by one of our potential new sponsors. Most likely sponsors for free. 

Vikki: They’re gonna do onsite authentication for free. I do believe that they’re going to sign on the dotted line, but I won’t mention the name yet. And we have a few others that are still up in the air that may, may, we’re a little early, so some people tend to make their decisions, getting a little closer to the event. So we’re in talks with a handful of others. 

Trish: Okay, so I don’t care about sponsors. What I need to know, you all know me, you all know me well enough to know there are only a few things in life I care about. I wanna know about the food and the bar. 

Katy: And the bah. 

Vikki: And the bah. 

Trish: And the bah. 

Doug: There you go. 

Trish: What kind of food are we gonna have this year? What kind of snacks? Last year, the snacks were fabulous. And the food at the party. There’s a big party the last night and there’s a bar… 

Theresa: Also known as a bar. 

Trish: Food, and I just wanna know about that. 

Katy: Let me start, I’ll let Vikki get into the food here in a minute, but let me start by saying, you know, one of the great things about our event is like Trish or Theresa said, it’s in Las Vegas. So, I mean, come on. There’s a lot, there’s a lot of amazing things happening in Las Vegas. You know,, the event itself takes place at the Blind Center, which is about two miles away from downtown Las Vegas, the Fremont area. And so everyone, the vast majority of people stay downtown there. It’s great because it’s all this kind of self-contained mini-Vegas, I like to call it.

It’s all on this one street. All the hotels are super close together, everything’s walkable. And so the very first night, the Monday night, we do a meet and greet, and that’s all in that same area. It’s at the Cat’s Meow. Everybody comes together. You get to hang out. It’s kind of a way to like to get to know each other over a couple of drinks, and kinda loosen things up a little bit.

Some people come and maybe it’s their first event, or they’re there by themselves and they’re a little nervous. So it’s an opportunity to just, you know, have some drinks, hang out. Enjoy some conversation, and have a good time. Also, again, because everybody is kind of staying in the area, after, you know, every day when the event is over, you get to go back, and you can hang out.

There’s like, you know, three stages of live music out on Fremont every night. So you can go out, hang out, and have a good time. You don’t have to be drinking, but you can listen to music, you can have a soda, or you can have a beer if you’re Trish. It’s just a really, really fun time. There are a million things that you can be doing in Vegas and, either you can be going out on your own or we do organize a lot of stuff.

Tuesday’s kind of our free night. Wednesday night we do our Fremont crawl, as we call it. We all meet up at Container Park, also walkable right in the Fremont area. We’d meet up there and then we all walk as a collective group down Fremont. And it’s just a really fun time. And then again, Thursday night, it’s the final night.

As Trish was saying there is a big party and, there’s a cash bar, there’s dancing and all kinds of fun stuff. But I’ll let Vikki talk a little bit more about that. As far as the food stuff goes… 

Vikki: Well, the food stuff, as Trish says, the snacks, the snacks are good. So really good snacks. We provide all the beverages and water and coffee service in the morning, and you have soda or pop depending on where you’re from, throughout the day.

And, the bar is only the last night, sorry guys. It’s not a bar all day long. Because we are doing three days of the event, we have snacks all three days in the afternoon. They are freshly made at the Blind Center in their kitchen by their wonderful chef. 

We’re not talking just mediocre, like, here’s your apple or granola bar kind of snacks. It’s like a dessert bar. These are fantastic snacks and pastries. So we have that. So those are your snacks in the afternoon. In the morning, we’re gonna have some bagged snacks sitting around, you know, a bag of chips or some cookies or whatever. There’s always something to munch on.

You won’t leave hungry. But for lunch, the last two years we’ve brought in these gourmet food trucks for lunches and everyone’s on their own for lunch, but it’s on-site. There’s plenty of space to eat inside and out. It’s a great time. We give you 90 minutes you have plenty of time to walk around and talk and sit with new people.

But this year we’ve actually asked the Blind Center, can they handle doing the food themselves? All of it. 

Katy: Well, the first year we had food trucks. And the second year, the blind center was like, well, we want a food truck. And so they were like, can we have a food truck? We were like, yeah. They basically created a food truck for our event. Which they use outside of our event, but it’s because of our event that they did in the first place. And so last year they actually were part of the food truck thing. And so then this year… 

Vikki: This year, they’re doing all of the food. They’re gonna do four or five different food stations. And it’s basically your drinks are already free because we have the drinks all day long and it’s gonna be $12 per person for lunch.

And you can get something from any one of the food trucks. Yeah. And that’s all to the Blind Center. And that all goes, all the money goes right to the Blind Center. So it’s just changing. 

Trish: That’s a really good change this year, guys. 

Katy: Yeah, well, ’cause they came up with, they were like, well, we wanna do a food truck. And, you know, Trish, you’ve been there. They don’t do anything small.

Trish: So last year I was working for List Perfectly and I went and bought everybody’s lunch from List Perfectly at their food truck because they had an app so I could order it all from upstairs and I didn’t have to go downstairs and wait in the damn taco line because let me tell you, resellers like tacos. They stand in line, and they stand in line for tacos. And I was like, I got work to do. So I ordered it on the app. So we ate from their truck, and it was awesome. 

Katy: Well, and that’s the thing. And you planned an event there too when List Perfectly came when you were doing your tour. And it’s like everything they do in that facility from, you know, planning and decorating and just everything they do. They do 150%. And so they were so good with their food truck and so good with being efficient like Trish was saying with their app, that it’s kind of like bummed out some of the other food trucks because they weren’t like getting anybody coming to their trucks ’cause everybody was getting the food from the Blind Center truck and from their taco station and everything. And so we just realized it would be a lot easier and everybody would be a lot happier if they just handled everything. So it’ll be different. It’s not gonna be, it’ll be tacos, it’ll be burgers. I think they’re gonna have some sandwiches and salads. They’ll be sandwich and salad options, and vegetarian options. And then the party we have is all catered. 

Vikki: The party is fully catered for as far as food. They have all little finger foods but trust me, there’s a lot of them. It’s very plentiful. You will not starve. It is not just a handful of cheese and crackers. No, it is a full meal. It’s just not a sit-down meal. There’s plenty of food everywhere. And there is a cash bar, and we did make some changes to the cash bar this year. 

Trish: Wait, wait, wait. Let’s have a conversation here. You talk like me. Okay. You can pretend you’re from Las Vegas. You can pretend…You talk like me, dude. 

Vikki: You do realize I’m saying this on purpose? 

Trish: They all don’t know that that’s how you really talk when you are around me. 

Doug: That’s how you two met was over the mention of that word. 

Trish: Word bar. 


Vikki: Absolutely true. 

Okay, I have a question for all of you guys. 

Katy: ’cause everybody that’s here in this conversation, has been to, the Remix all times. What was your favorite thing that was catered at the party? 

Doug: The end party? 

Katy: Yeah. 

Doug: Those little sandwich thing a ma jigs. 

Katy: The sliders?

Doug: Yeah, the sliders and I think the first year… I like food. At the first, I really liked the chicken and waffle gigs. 

Theresa: I was gonna say chicken and waffles. 

Doug: I was hanging out there. I’m like, mm-hmm. 

Theresa: Chicken and waffles were good. 

Vikki: Chicken and waffles are good. This year we did get some Blue Moon at the bar for Trish. 

Trish: Like specific…

Theresa: Special request. 

Katy: Here’s the thing. The guy who comes with the bar and he brings, you know, he has got all the liquor and everything to do mixed drinks, and then his only beer option was like Heineken. It is like Heineken and maybe Coors Light or something like that. 

Vikki: It wasn’t even Coors Light.

Katy: But Heineken, I’m like, this is disgusting. Who likes Heineken? Because it goes flat within two seconds of opening it. And as the words are coming out of my mouth, up walks Wade. And he’s like, oh, Heineken, my favorite beer! And I’m like, oh, now I know why Heineken’s here gross. What’s wrong with you?

My favorite thing was the Buffalo Mac and cheese. Was really, really delicious. 

Vikki: There will be more of that this year. 

Katy: Yeah, for sure. 

Trish: Was there a slider with a jam on it? 

Vikki: Yes. The bacon jam on top of the Angus sliders. I don’t know if we have those this year or not, but they’re really good. 

Trish: Those were really good. 

Katy: But let me tell you one of the things, so we have all the snacks and stuff during the day, and then in the afternoon it’s more of like a dessert bar. It’s all kinds of desserty stuff. And let me tell you when Trish was there and did the Listing Party in the USA Tour so it was like a whole Mexican food theme. Tacos because they make amazing tacos. So it was like tacos and chips and salsa and everything like that. 

Vikki: Homemade salsa. 

Katy: But the dessert, but the, yeah, the, the salsa was homemade ridiculous. The dessert though, guys, guys, okay. The Remix, they always had horchata to drink and I’m not a horchata person, so I didn’t have any. At this thing though they had horchata ice cream that they made horchata ice cream. And it was, lemme tell the story, it’s my food story, Victoria, okay. Horchata ice cream. But they also had freshly, oh, deep-fried churros that were so warm and fluffy while crunchy on the outside at the same time. And lemme tell you, I did dip my churro in some ice cream, and it was the most amazing thing that ever happened, and we’re gonna try and make that happen for our event.

Trish: Okay. And do you wanna know what the saddest part of that entire story was? 

Katy: What? 

Trish: I did not have any. 

Katy: Good thing we’re gonna make it happen for you, Trish. 

Doug: Unbelievable. One of my favorite things overall is always opening night. Icebreaker night. And I know it’s particularly important to you three, especially the first year you said it was really, you were nervous. Like I think Vikki, you said, is anybody gonna show up? Tons of people showed up. Last year was great too. So tell us about opening night. What are you planning? Are you doing anything different? Do I get a chance to sing this year? 

Vikki: So this year we are doing it at the same place as we did last year, The Cat’s Meow. However, we did take note last year was the first time we were able to have the event there. And it was a little loud, not gonna lie, a little loud, a little crowded. We were only allowed to have half of the facility last year. They didn’t quite know how many people we were gonna bring.

And you know, it is what it is, what we’ve established ourselves now. So now we have the full facility. We don’t have just half of the room, so it won’t be quite as crowded. And we’re also going to control the volume for the first couple of hours so that we’ll have it a little bit lower so people can actually hear each other and talk and not yell across the room to each other.

And there was a little bit of that happening last year. I know that some people found that frustrating. So we rectified that situation and it’ll be different this year. And yes, Doug, I hope you do put your name on the list to sing because I sang twice last year, so it’s your turn. 

Doug: I had actually planned and before I knew it was over, so, but I, I will sing this year. I promise. 

Vikki: It’s a karaoke bar, just so you know. But we’ll start the karaoke after the first couple of hours so that people can, you know like I said, have some conversation. They can talk and they can get the heck out if they’re not into karaoke. They can come and talk and do a little mingling and then cut out.

Trish: You don’t have to stay the entire time, but you should ’cause we’re fun. You guys have a private Facebook group, so tell us a little bit about that. 

Theresa: Once you buy a ticket, you’ll get an email with a link to the Facebook group for the event. And we start a new group every year. And that allows you to chat and mingle with the people that are coming to the event. So you can talk about, you know, maybe a shared ride from the airport, somebody needs a room, where are you staying, all that sort of stuff. And also when we’re at the event if you wanna share an Uber over to the blind center, you can, you know, you can message in their hair, I’m leaving at eight 30, does anybody wanna, you know, whatever.

And it’s just a great way to even kind of break the ice before you get there. And so, if you buy your ticket, you’ll just get an email message. Be sure to read all the information in there and sign up for the Facebook group. 

Trish: Well, and I think it’s great because people can share rooms, you know? Last year I know that like Cheryl Hinton found somebody to split a room with through that and they, now they’re friendly, you know, so like, it’s a great way to be able to meet another reseller and maybe share some of the costs.

Vikki: Yeah, I think that that’s ideally why we started it. The first year was more for people to meet and maybe share costs and share rides. This year, at the last couple of years, we’ve, we’ve fine-tuned it a little bit more. So now we’re sharing information about hotel discounts or flight discounts. The other thing too is that you’re gonna have not only the attendees, but also the speakers, the panelists, and a lot of the sponsors in that group as well.

So that’s where you’re going to be viewing all of your information from the event, virtually both in person, well live streaming, but also after the fact, so you can actually follow up and ask questions with people after the fact. If you’ve happened to see somebody’s presentation and you wanna ask them more que in-depth questions about it, you’ll be able to contact and connect with them through that group.

And the group stays up all year. And so, and actually, it stays up forever we’re, we haven’t closed it out from the previous years either. And people continue those connections, so that’s something really nice. But also, Theresa runs our virtual monthly meetup that is, Incorporated around the BOSS Reseller Remix and our BOSS Facebook group.

You don’t even have to have attended anything, related to the Remix, to be part of the virtual meetup. It’s just something, another service that, you know, we are trying to provide to the community. 

Trish: Just to be clear, do you also have a regular Facebook group? 

Vikki: We do. We have all the things. We have all the things. 

Theresa: But wait, before we get to the regular one. If you buy a ticket to BOSS in person or virtual, you will want to make sure that you sign up for the BOSS Reseller Remix 2023 Facebook group, because we will be live-streaming stuff in that Facebook group. 

Katy: Yeah, that’s where all the content is. Theresa, you just mentioned, it’s for the virtual ticket holders too, which is really cool because if for whatever reason you can’t come in person, you get to kind of still feel like you’re a part of it. You get to be there; you get to be part of those conversations. You get to see everybody’s pictures.

‘Cause a lot of people are uploading pictures and videos during the event. You get to feel like you’re experiencing as much as you can without actually being there. And I, and I will be, doing some live streaming from some of the extracurricular fun stuff like the meet and greet and the Fremont crawl, and the party.

So you’re gonna get to see some of that stuff live, that other people who don’t get a virtual ticket and don’t come, aren’t gonna be, have any access to much like Marvel. We do have a BOSS Universe. It all started with the original Facebook group that Theresa started. The Business of Online Selling Success, is that how I say it, Theresa?

Theresa: That’s how you say it. 

Katy: But that’s kind of like where it all started. So everything kind of branches off of that. And so we have the Remix, which is the conference. We have the virtual meetup that Vikki was just talking about. And so all these things are kind of pieces that come together to bring content and support and community for people, and the Remix is just one piece of that. 

Trish: And as somebody who is not. Really involved in the Remix, I would say that BOSS is the best place for new, brand-new sellers. It’s really great for newbies. You have, if you’re just getting into this and you find this video, go, and join the BOSS Facebook group because it’s a place where no one’s gonna say like, go look it up yourself. Or, you know, why are you asking such a dumb question? They’re just very lovely people and they wanna help and they want everyone to succeed. It’s a really great Facebook group, and I also think that it’s just a nice supportive group if you have questions. You know, you don’t have to worry about somebody saying, I’m not… 

Vikki: There’s no snarky. Snarky is not allowed. We have a zero-tolerance policy for snarky.

Katy: It happens occasionally, and those people get booted. 

Vikki: They get booted really fast. 

Theresa: I’ll tell you, one of my favs, one of the things that I’m, that we’re most proud about with the Facebook group is that the community sort of polices themselves. It’s not like we have to be in their ruling with an iron fist, which is what none of us want. It’s just kind of like we have this very supportive, positive, encouraging, we have a very high engagement rate in the Facebook group. And so, I really like it, and I’m proud of that. And, so yeah, so if you’re new or you’re looking for someplace safe to be where you’re not afraid to ask what you would consider would be a dumb question. No question is dumb. And you can, you can join that Facebook group and find a nice, comfortable home there. 

Vikki: There’s no judgment, much like the Remix event. We do try to be welcoming and all-inclusive. And it doesn’t matter if you are a brand-new seller or if you’ve been selling for 25 years. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a thousand dollars a year or a million dollars a year.

There is something to be shared and learned from everybody there. Everybody, everybody has something to share and has input and value to contribute to the conversation. You don’t have to be, you know, a YouTube expert or a multimillion-dollar seller or any one of those things to be valid and heard.

As somebody that’s learning or teaching, you’ll see that our panelists and our speakers are not all people that you’ve heard of before, because they may not be people that are visible in the community as far as being, you know, YouTube personalities or anything like that. And that’s okay. You know, there are people that are great at what they do that have nothing to do with social media. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have something to teach us. 

Doug: All right. Let me just say, hop in here, I’m gonna bring it back around to the parties, so I’m gonna keep it serious. But, speaking from experience, you have not experienced late-night Vegas, especially Fremont Street if you haven’t walked around, dressed as the Pope with Trish beside you as a pink lady. And originally, I thought it was a bishop’s outfit until Pope Benedict died and he wore my outfit for his viewing… 

Vikki: Who wore it better? That’s what I wanna know. 

Doug: I did because I had a Corona. I don’t think he did, but…

Theresa: Doug did because he was alive. 

Doug: That’s right. I was alive. 

Trish: The amazing part of this whole thing is that people actually thought he was a priest. People would come up to us in the casino and be like, Father, I don’t think you should be in here. I mean, I, it was the craziest thing ever. It was crazy. 

Doug: Oh, and an Uber rider was like, oh, I thought Cardinals usually have their own cars.

Vikki: You didn’t have the Popemobile on Fremont Street? 

Doug: So tell us about the closing party. You know, there are cool little details, whatever you wanna reveal and tell us about closing parties past, and I know there’s some, there’s some similarity that, you know, kind of crosses over. But tell us about the closing party. Closing parties, past maybe the band, and some of those details. 

Katy: Yeah, so our first year, you know, it was just about having a big party, having a DJ, there is a live band that plays and of course, it is the Blind Center’s house band. And of course, their name is the Broken Spectacles because why wouldn’t they be? 

Theresa: Best band name ever. 

Katy: So all of those elements are still there. ‘Cause we think it works. We think it’s really fun. The first year we didn’t really have any guidelines. We were just kinda like, you know, we have, there’s a red carpet there, which will be there again this year. And we’re just kinda like, you know if you wanna dress fancy, dress fancy.

If you don’t, you don’t have to. It’s up to you. But a lot of people dressed up the first year and it was really fun. And then last year we were like, well, it takes place in October. We, why don’t we just make it a costume party, kinda like a Halloween party? And so that was really fun and, and there were a lot of people who dressed up in crazy costumes.

The only problem is with the red carpet, we have like the step and repeat sign where you go get your picture taken by a professional photographer. And if you’re in costume like Theresa was, was a minion, and we realized. You can’t even tell it’s Theresa in the picture. All you see is this big round yellow thing.

So it was falling over, but it was super, super fun. Everybody had a great time. But this year we thought, how about, you know, especially because, you know, a lot of us are clothing resellers, obviously we’re all resellers, but a lot of people do clothing and vintage. And so we decided to do a vintage prom.

And so again, everything is, it’s always, you know, optional. You don’t have to dress up, but if you wanna dress up, we’re doing it as a vintage prom and you get to pick which decade you can come in an eighties prom dress. Doug, you can come dressed as Duckie from you know, Pretty in Pink. 

Trish: Aw Doug.

Katy: So there, there’s just like a million things. 

Vikki: You can get your powder blue tuxedo with the big ruffle shirt in the front. 

Katy: You can do nineties prom. You can do like Dumb and Dumber, like in the orange tuxedo, or there’s a, there’s so many different possibilities. And as far as dresses go, I mean, there’s like a million possibilities.

Vikki: I mean, what Thrift store have you not walked into that doesn’t have a million gaudy prom dresses? 

Katy: Maybe somebody wants to do the sixties or seventies or nineties prom. 

Theresa: When I move and unpack boxes that have been packed away for seven years, I’m gonna pull out my prom dress from the 1980s. I am positive it won’t fit me, but maybe I could do something with it. 

Vikki: You totally should. 

Trish: Even if you made a shirt out of it or something with it. 

Theresa: It’s a lavender purple. I came to the back to make it a little bit bigger and then wear a jacket over my handhold or in the side lavender, purple. And Doug, you could get a gray tux and we’ll go together with my lavender purple Prom dress. 

Doug: Are you asking me out?

Theresa: There you go. You have to ask your wife first. 

Katy: So last year we also did, for the Fremont Crawl, we did thrifted outfits. And again, optional, but we just told people like, you know, it was crazy thrifted outfits and, I don’t know, I think, I don’t know if we’re doing that again this year. Probably we, we have said, I don’t really see any reason to change it up. It was just kind of fun. You know, people wanted to dress silly or dress crazy. Some people took it as an opportunity to also wear costumes. So it’s really just like, I guess a, a free pass to be silly and just let it let it all out. 

Vikki: Last year we had several attendees that dressed up as other attendees. Which I thought was hilarious. Our friends, Dawn and Lori dressed up as Katy and me, we had Katy dressed up as Ryan Roots. We had someone that dressed up as Mikey Bags of Money. We had some, and none of these things were discussed in advance. It was just very, and the reactions were hilarious. 

Katy: I thought I was a genius, deciding to dress up as somebody else within our community. 

Trish: And then a bunch of people showed up.

Vikki: And then a bunch of people stole her thunder. 

Trish: So tell me where we can send people to find all this information. Where can they buy tickets? Where do they find out everything that’s happening? 

Katy: Our website is and so that’s gonna, you know, take you directly, you can find the link there to get a ticket. You can also see more information about speakers, sponsors, everything, the schedule, all that stuff. But I always say that the best place to kind of really see what’s going on, in any current updates is to follow us on Instagram. And on Instagram, we are BOSS Reseller Remix. I think that’s the best place as far as social media goes.

Doug: The website’s great, but you do a particularly great job on Instagram, just the build-up to and then during and all of that. It’s great. 

Katy: Thank you. 

Vikki: That would be all Katy. Both the website and Instagram, all Katy.

Trish: I wanna ask you, why do you think people should attend? 

Vikki: Much like I said earlier, I think people should attend because I think it’s important, especially now, to invest in yourself and invest in your business. You don’t know what you don’t know. So attending something like this, other than the most important part of networking and building relationships and things like that, you’re going to learn something from every speaker. It may not be something that you’re gonna find applicable to your entire business from every single person, but you will pick up something from every person that speaks and every person that brings and shares their knowledge that you can work with and apply to your business.

Are you gonna model after every single person there? No, that’s not possible, but hearing different viewpoints and different ways to do things is what’s going to help you to grow your business and whatever that growth may mean to you. Maybe that means it’s time to hire somebody. Maybe that means that you’re trying to expand to other platforms.

Maybe that means that you want to try your hand at live selling or buying storage lockers or anything of the above. You’re gonna find something from watching people and learning from people there. And it may not even be the people that are speaking. It might be someone you strike up a conversation with over lunch.

You just don’t know what you don’t know, and I think that that is great for every seller at every level. New seller, seasoned seller, ready to retire, seller trying to grow, seller, part-time seller, or full-time seller. I think there’s something for everyone at this event. 

Trish: And I’d like to add that I think being in a room with a platform, whether it be eBay, Whatnot, something that you sell on, being able to know somebody at a platform that you can get their business card, that you can contact them if you have a problem. I think that can be superiorly helpful. It can be really empowering to be able to know somebody that you can call when you’re having a problem. And I think that one of the things that these events do very well is opening up that kind of relationship. 

Katy: I also think that you know, this job for most of us, I mean, Vikki and I are lucky that we both are in the same business and we’re a couple, but for most resellers, it’s a very, very lonely job. And it, you know, and you’re self-employed, so it’s a real grind. And it can be, it can be overwhelming. You can definitely get burned out big time, especially when maybe your sales aren’t where you want them to be. It can be really hard to stay motivated and feel good about what you’re doing and feel confident.

And I think, you know, there’s something about coming together with other resellers that’s like out of your element away from home, away from your workspace, and like just getting somewhere where you can cut loose and unwind around people who understand where you’re coming from. And you can learn, and you can laugh, and you can have fun and you can party, and all those things wrapped up into one.

It’s so re-energizing and it’s so what? A lot of people, I think, really need to be able to get back home and be motivated again to build their businesses, and I cannot overstate that aspect of this event. 

Trish: I agree. Theresa, what would you add to any of that? 

Theresa: I’ll add that, you know, we’ve talked about networking. That’s big. But if you come to these events, here’s the thing, you’re gonna be in a room with people that understand you and get you, you have to be if you are an introvert, you have to, I mean, it, it’s not that hard. Hi, I’m so-and-so. I sell, so I sell, you know, dead people’s stuff but I mean, just, just talking to different people. I have gone to the last couple of events. I am getting ready to pivot my reselling model. I’m gonna be moving to a space, a place where I have space, and I’m going to be working on doing wholesale.

So I have spent, I talked to some people last year at BOSS Reseller Remix, knowing this was coming up. I talked to people at the Camp Listing Party. I’ll be talking to people at FlipCon and by the time I’m moving into my new space, I will have these connections made so that I can easily and quickly pivot to a whole different way of doing my reselling business than I’ve done in the last 25 plus years.

And so, but to do that, you can’t be the wallflower standing on the wall being upset because nobody’s talking to you. Yeah. You gotta walk up to somebody and say, Hey, I’m so and so. I’m from this place. This is what I sell. What, whatever your opening line is, think about that. If you’re that shy person, think about that, what your opening line is gonna be, and just use it a hundred times during the week.

Vikki: We try really hard, as Theresa said earlier, to make sure that we talk to every single person there. But obviously, we’re also running an event, so we can’t be your babysitter. But we’ve, we’ve made those introductions many times in the last couple of years where we see a shy person and we go and get an outgoing person and put them together so that they can go and, and, you know, be their best selves and meet new people.

But you’ve gotta put yourself out there a little bit first. You’ve gotta come there with the mindset that you’re gonna step outta your comfort zone if you are not a social person. I get that. It can be very difficult, but give yourself the opportunity and, and make the best of the opportunity that’s in front of you, with the people that you’re there with.

Katy: Well, and you, you never know what kind of opportunities are gonna open up because you attend an event like this. I know I was standing next to Theresa. I won’t give out any info, but I was staying next to Theresa when she was making some deals with another seller about going in together and buying inventory.

And it’s like, you know, something like that. Like learning how to meet people and make those connections and pull your resources so you can do bigger buys and open up more doors for yourself. Or, you know, the three of us met because of reseller conferences and now we have one of our own. And now we’re, you know, Vikki and I are married because we met through a reseller conference.

You just never know what kind of opportunities are going to reveal themselves to you when you open yourself up to that. And in fact, I know I’m gonna give this away because it always makes Casey mad that we gave away his secrets. Casey has bought pallets of inventory from the Blind Center, the freaking venue we’re gonna be at.

Theresa: Because he attended an event at the Blind Center. 

Katy: So it’s like you never know when that stuff’s gonna come up. And he’s gonna be mad because now I’m telling other people they might be able to buy stuff from the Blind Center. 

Vikki: It’s okay, he’s not doing it anymore. 

Trish: But what I was gonna say is if you come and you are shy, you know, come, and find Doug and I, we are not running the event. We’ll be more than happy to introduce you to a few people. 

Theresa: Lemme tell you, if you’re at an event, Trish is the best wingman ever because all you have to do is walk up to Trish and say, hey, do you think you could introduce me to so and so? And she’s like, I dunno that, but come on, let’s go. And she’ll do it. Trisha knows how to work a room like nobody I’ve ever met. 

Katy: Or if you see a cute girl or a cute guy, she’d probably help you with that too. 

Vikki: She’s a good wing person.

Theresa: Absolutely the best wingman. 

Trish: Either way, either way, you wanna meet somebody lemme know. 

Katy: So professional, personal, she’s on it.

Theresa: So the other thing too, for those of you that might be a little nervous about attending an event, you might not know anybody, you might have a little social anxiety. We have specifically kept this event at a smaller size. We will keep it at the Blind Center as long as we can. We won’t go to a different venue to make it a bigger event because we want to have that small boutique feel and it will never be more than 400 people.

So it’s not gonna be an eBay Open with 2000 people and it’s not gonna be some other, you know, something with 1500 people, whatever. It’ll be small enough that you don’t get lost in the crowd. And like I said, if you, there’s gonna be a lot of people that you might, I mean, I love when we go to these events and you find somebody, you know, some of these big YouTubers and you find somebody that has watched them for years and years and changed their lives.

We get that. I mean, you, some people come, and they see Katy and Vikki they’ve watched their channel. Katy and Vikki have changed these people’s lives. And so they come, and they get a little starstruck and they don’t know what to do. And it’s, I mean, it is the sweetest, funnest thing to watch and just to be able to have that connection.

But, you know, you can walk, you can walk up to somebody that’s a YouTuber and you don’t have to wait for an introduction. But if you’re that person that needs an introduction, Trisha is your girl. But you can go and say, oh my. Like, hey, my name is so and so. I watch your show every Sunday and, you know, walk up to Katy and Vikki and, and have a conversation with them. You don’t have to wait for an introduction at these events. 

Vikki: Please come up and interrupt us. Please come up and introduce yourself. I think I speak for all five of us when I say that. If you want to know any of us and or meet any of us, please come up and introduce yourself. You are never going to be annoying or interrupting. Come interrupt, because there’s never gonna be a moment where somebody’s alone and they’re not talking to somebody. Just come interrupt, it’s okay. 

Theresa: Yep. Just stand there. Wait your turn and it will, or interrupt. And, you know, you can chat with them and talk to them or whatever. But do not waste this opportunity and sit there. Look, we all need downtime. Sometimes I just, it’s like I need five minutes of not talking. But do not spend the whole week not talking because you’re not. If you’re, that’s you. Come see me. Come see Katy, Vikki. Absolutely go see Trish. And maybe Doug. 

Doug: Maybe, maybe. 

Trish: Poor Doug. 

Doug: Oh, I always have a good time.

Thanks, ladies. Katy and Vikki, congratulations on breaking 1 million views on your YouTube channel the Katy and Vikki show, a fantastic seller resource. I talk to a lot of sellers and you guys come up all the time. 

Katy: We appreciate it. 

Doug: Of course. And Theresa Cox is building her James Bond evil villain-selling lair. Congratulations on that, Theresa Cox. 

But thanks for joining us. BOSS Reseller Remix,’ always an amazing event. Third year. Go to for all the info, October 16th to 19th in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. But thanks for joining us, but before we go, anything to add? 

Vikki: Thanks for having us on the show. Thanks for always supporting the Remix. We appreciate you and all of our friends at List Perfectly. It matters. We appreciate the support. 

Trish: And I would just like to say thanks for being my first guest on my new gig here. So I really appreciate it because you know… 

Vikki: What are friends for? 

Katy: I mean, personally, I was tricked into it. No one told me this was gonna be your first show, otherwise, I probably would’ve said no. 

Theresa: I don’t think this can count as your first one because it’s like we’re just sitting here on an afternoon chatting. 

Doug: Trish did a fabulous job. Good job, great job, Trish. Very proud of you.


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