Season 3: Episode 38: eBay Radio, eBay Open, eBay History, and More with eBetsy

This week we’re joined by the e-legendary eBetsy who talks us on a literal walk through eBay history. We talk about events from eBay Live to eBay Opens, and seller events, eBetsy’s time on the eBay Radio team, her obsession with collecting eBayana, and catching up on her business and online selling.

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Doug: Welcome to The Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly. It’s that time of year again, it’s eBay Open time and since it is eBay Open time, we thought it would be a great time to share a chat that Danna Crawford and I had with the elegendary eBetsy. eBetsy is an eBay legend. If you’ve attended eBay opens, and eBay events, or if you listened to eBay Radio, you know who eBetsy is. She was a huge part of that team. She takes us on a walk through eBay’s history. We talk about eBay Lives, eBay Opens, other events, other eBay programs she’s been a part of, her time on the eBay Radio team, how that started, and how it ended. Her obsession with collecting eBayana. And we catch up with her business and her online selling. We also hear about how I kind of got her banned on Twitter and I think she still is banned, but we talk about all that and so much more.

Let’s listen in on the amazing chat Danna Crawford and I had with the amazing eBetsy, Betsy Bolger.


Doug: Today we’re joined by my old eBay friend, Betsy Bolger, known in the e-commerce world as eBetsy. She’s an online entrepreneur, content creator, and eBay legend. eBay Radio legend, but we’re super stoked to have her on the show. Welcome eBetsy. And thanks for joining us today.

eBetsy: Watch who you’re calling old there, Doug. I’m very glad to be here on your List Perfectly podcast. It’s wonderful to see both you and Danna. My old friend, Danna. My longtime friend, Dana.

Danna: I’m just so happy that you agreed to be here today. I know you and I, we first finally got to meet in person in Boston in 2007. And when we finally met after being online friends, I was so proud to be by your side while I was a guest on the eBay Radio show with Griff and Lee. Please share with our listeners some insight into exactly what eBay Radio was like back then and how you were involved with that.

eBetsy: Oh my gosh, I was so glad, by the way, to have you by my side when you were a guest. You were one of our most awesome guests ever and I’m always glad to have you by my side through all the eBay things we’ve done together.

But eBay Radio was the longest-running professionally produced internet radio show in the world. It basically took the terrestrial talk radio format and put it on the internet. And it was the brainchild of Lee Mirabel who went on to become the, not the original plan, but she and Griff had such great chemistry. He just wanted her to stay on. And as far as the ambiance of the show, think eBay education meets morning zoo madness. We taught people to be better sellers, but we did so in a highly entertaining manner and the show was just a terrific amount of fun. We had a wonderful community. We had what we used to call the super secret chat board because it was an orphan thread on the discussion boards.

We had to send out the link in a newsletter. Before every show, people would show up in the chat room. We all got to know each other. It was like, like the early days of eBay and a microcosm. I discovered eBay Radio in 2004, which was, it was a year old at the time, and it was my first year at eBay Live, and I was like, what is this thing called eBay Radio?

And so I went home and I couldn’t see how it exactly appeared on the radio, but such is the magic of radio, that’s what it feels like. I quickly became a frequent caller. And one fateful day I called in and they said, what are you calling about today? This is my Bon Voyage call.

Oh, where are you going? I said I’m going around the world on eBay. I’m going around the world on eBay. And they said, what? I said, yes, I’ve noticed that eBay is opening international sites now. And I’m going to go around the world on eBay and visit each one of them. They said, stay on the line after we hang up a minute. We have an idea.

So that is how I became a contributing editor and my gig was called Around the World on eBay in 80 Seconds with eBetsy, wherein I reported live for 80 seconds from a different international eBay site each week. And believe me, it was 80 seconds. Lee Mirabel was quick to cut me off if I went over and yet they wanted me to talk slowly.

This is not easy. And again, the magic of radio. People were like, Wow. What are you doing at eBay University on Saturday? Weren’t you just in eBay Belgium on Tuesday? I’m like, it’s a website. I was in the corner of my office. Okay. And they’re like, who’s paying your plane fare? But it was super fun at every site that I went to in every country. I bought an item. I sold an item. Hung out on social chat, which was very social back then. In addition to the topic matter, and subject matter things, that you would go to with questions or whatever, there was the eBay Cafe on, eBay Australia had the Chin Wag and I chatted for a while at the Chin Wag. I joined the 50 feedback or the Blue Star feedback club for people that had feedback. I just got to know what was going on. I did every lockout, which is what you call the end of your show. Brought to you by, and it was the year of the Power of All of Us campaigns.

So, WS Radio was the platform for the show at that point. I said, brought to you by WS Radio and the power of all of us. And I did the show every week for the whole year. But it came time for eBay Live that year. I got to report from San Jose and I contacted all the different international sites and told them what time I was going to be doing it and what the link was going to be. And I got them all to say at the same time, say it along with me, the power of all of us. And I got all these people at the event to say it. So it was a little tiny going viral thing. It was really fun. That was really high. I loved doing that.

But then from there, I gave out pins and such at events, and I just hung around and met a lot of my friends at the booth. It was an easy place. Hey, I’ll be at the eBay Radio booth. Come on by. I want to meet you in person. So then came 2008 and it’s the last eBay Live. They’re not going to do it again. And word’s gotten out and we’re on the air and I call in and I’m like, oh, Griff and Lee, I’m not going to see you this year. I’m so bummed. And Lee and I both have husbands named John. So Lee said let’s just take our Johns and go to Vegas and get a room and party. And I personally really didn’t want to go to Vegas. I’m not a Vegas-type person, but I’m on the air.

So I said, Oh, that sounds fantastic. Let’s do it. So all these people started calling in and saying, we want to come to the party. So we’re like, okay, let’s make it a conference. Okay kids, like we’ve got a barn, let’s put on a show. So I asked my dream team of speakers to present. John Cole, Janelle Elms Marcia Collier, Debbie Levitt It was basically Lynn Drawley, basically, the creme de la creme of eBay speakers at the time.

And we had a Griff and Lee soundalike contest. We introduced the Griffettes, which is Griff’s entourage. We surprised him with that. eBay sent a film crew and they filmed a promo thing called I am eBay which is very fun. And we had this three-day event at the Rio. And because we started at the Rio the Griffettes threw beads when they came in.

They came in front of Griff. The camera crew’s in front of them, running backward, filming it all. And Griff was like, who are these people surrounding me in these Griffettes shirts, and these fedoras, and these light-up sunglasses? They’re throwing beads. Of course, Griff just goes with it and meanwhile, Lee is in the radio booth, up on the dais, and where is Griff? Oh, here he finally comes. Look at him with an entourage and broadcasting live throughout the world. And it was just a ton of fun. And after the first year Lee asked me to start writing the show sheets, and I really, to this day, think that the Griff and Lee soundalike contest was my audition for that.

I was Griff and John was Lee, and at one point, Lee started pounding her head on the desk because she was laughing so hard. We did all the stuff that actually happened on the show. It was priceless. It was so much fun. And anyway, I didn’t really have a title. Basically, I wrote the show sheets and I did basically whatever Lee needed me to do.

And finally, I ended up being called the Creative Director and it was the most fun job I’ve ever had. I love writing for the spoken word. I loved writing for Griff and Lee. I could get as off the chain as I wanted. Like I started doing themed intros and outros for the holidays. Like every time the phone rings at eBay, and an angel gets its wings. Call us now or I’d say, put down that pencil and pick up the phone.

We were like embedded journalists. Technically we were an independent production company. We also ended up being Voice Marketing Inc., but eBay was our client, but we were also quasi-employees.

It was just a great thing. I loved being part of eBay Radio and then Lee retired. And the show ended in June of 2018 at eBay Open. But she wanted to quit at the end of 2017. And I knew this at the beginning of 2017 and spent the entire year nurturing the little seed that would eventually sprout in her brain as her own idea that she needed a farewell tour because we couldn’t just leave our community, midstream. We needed a farewell tour to give everyone a chance to say goodbye. Because to this day, we have reunions, we’re close. A lot of friendships were forged in those days.

Doug: That was the start of eBay Open.

eBetsy: We started the eBay Radio Party and Conference to fill the vacuum left by eBay Live because there was so much synergy when eBay sellers get together live, I remember it would be four days and like 15, 000 people. And the first year I was so totally overwhelmed by eBay that my husband said, you are never going to this event again by yourself. Next year, he went with me and I didn’t see him for two days. He was totally overwhelmed by eBay. But we needed to carry the torch until eBay was ready to do live events again.

And eventually, in 2016, they said, could we coordinate our two events and do a mashup? And we did. And then we stepped back. But I had the privilege of producing the road shows. So I got to do the last three shows. It was a fantastic gig.

Doug: eBay Radio is very special to me. I was on a couple of times. I haven’t known eBetsy as long as Danna has. But eBetsy and I have a couple of moments, a couple of favorite moments. I gave her her first sip of Guinness at an eBay Open, which was amazing. She liked it.

eBetsy: I loved it.

Doug: I don’t want to get too controversial, but I do want to dig a little deep. And probably, address the question everybody’s asking. What is the controversial Twitter story that involves me? Elon Musk is here waiting to comment, by the way.

eBetsy: No human has actually reviewed this tweet. You and I go back to when you got us back our Listen Live button. eBay Radio was on the community pages. We had our own page. We finally got the domain name, to get people there. And then the community platform migrated from I forget the first one onto Lithium and we lost our Listen Live button and no one seemed able to give it back to us and people couldn’t find the show because we were on a radio platform, a broadcast platform. So you got us that back and I sent you the email about you being a God among men and you passed that around the community and evidently pretty proudly because Brian Burke’s said to me, why have you ever written to me like that?

So you and I bantered back and forth on Twitter pretty freely through the years. We kept in touch via email occasionally and you were on the show and this and that and we had occasion to chat, but mostly on Twitter we’d banter and you had moved on. At this point, you’d helped launch the eBay for Business Podcast and done a fabulous job with that.

So such a good job in fact that someone stole you away from eBay and you were doing your own thing. And I was like, I knew it. I  knew what he wanted. He wanted that microphone. Right before Christmas, you said you had just finished doing a ho podcast. and I, being the quick wit that I am quipped oh, I’ve never really thought of you as a ho I’ve always thought of you more as a radio slut, LOL. I can’t tweet anything because I’m in Twitter jail. And I was like, no, I want a human to review this because what is this hate? This is not hate, this is not any of the things violated. This is humorous. This is called sarcasm and banter. A year later, I had an eBay Reunion that I really had to tweet about and still, I was in Twitter jail. So I just, it was very funny. I was like I can’t even tweet you to tell you about this. And I didn’t have your new email address. I’m like wait till I get ahold of him again.

Doug: Did you ever get out?

eBetsy: Yeah, I deleted the tweet. They let me out a year later. Oh, I could have deleted the tweet right from the start, but I was, I stood on my, I was, I stood by my ground. No, I want a human to review this. Don’t bother. They’re not going to show it to a human. The bots are just going to throw you out and leave you there. Who knows where you’re going to end up? So yeah. I got out when the getting was good.

Doug: I’ll tweet you again when we’re done with the show and see. You have been selling on eBay for quite a long time.

eBetsy: I’ve been selling on eBay since 2004. I sold my first item as part of Camp eBay. You could earn merit badges for different things like opening a PayPal account, buying an item, selling an item, leaving feedback, getting feedback, blah, blah, blah. Turned out I was the first person to earn all of the badges for which they gave me a t-shirt. I learned this, when I got to eBay Live 2004, I took a 6:30 flight to get there. I left for the airport at about four. I think I listed the first item. I think I listed it as about 3:45. And then I packed and ran for the airport. A.M.

I’d been to eBay University with Griff and he said to list something that’s inexpensive, you’re not emotionally attached and it’s easy to ship. Gimme cap I found by the side of the road had a very artistic tire track across it and it said I’m smiling like this because I don’t know what I’m doing. Perfect I listed it opening bid of 99 cents and it ended up selling to a guy in Australia I called out the truck tire print because it has a very artistic tire print across it from an authentic American 18-wheeler Mac truck Macro Peterbilt truck I’m not sure which the rest of the hat has been cleaned per eBay standards and this guy from Australia was like Oh my god, I’ve got to have it. He bid 99 cents and won the thing paid I think 50 ten or ten or so dollars at that time to send it to Australia.

Was very careful to ask me not to do anything to the tire track. He really liked the tire track part of it. Okay, leave me positive feedback. It was like, Hey, it was a win. So yeah, pretty cool. And after that, we were off and running and my husband is HIV positive. It has been since 1987 and this was 2004. And I got, he was still around, but I didn’t want to be gone at horse shows every weekend and constantly at the bar. And I wanted to pick something we could do together from home because I didn’t know how long we’d have. Now we’ve had plenty of time and I will have a lot more, but this is something we’ve been doing together and we love it.

Doug: That’s awesome. So what’s your most memorable sale, if you had to pick one?

eBetsy: Of course, the one that I met Dana through, which is, I sold a rubber wig that I got signed by all these eBay bigwigs. And I forgot to put the noun in the title, and she thought it had been signed by the B 52s who was a musical guest at that year’s eBay Live. Luckily, she was equally thrilled with the signatures of Griff, Meg Whitman, Bill Cobb, whoever else was in power at that time, and various team leaders I’d met. And I wore this during the concert. I have a picture of me wearing it in the listing and I think it sold for 9. 99 or something like that and eventually, it fell apart.

Danna: I treasured it and it was on display in my office for years and it eventually disintegrated.

eBetsy: It’s just crumbled, I think, as some of us do at age but we got to meet through this. And I was like, Oh my God, this is so cool. How did I get so lucky? And you ended up in the hall of fame and I was just so gobsmacked like, Oh my God, she bought my item. I was so lucky to have gotten to you, before you became Power Selling Mom and a hall of famer, you were willing to speak to a green seller.

We became eBay education specialists together, you went on to become a business consultant. I remained a regular run-of-the-mill education specialist, but it was a lot of fun. And we’ve taught a lot of new sellers.

Danna: So I too am addicted to ebayana. In fact, I’ve received a few special items from you over the years. So what fun items have you added to your collection lately?

eBetsy: Oh my gosh. Let me take them in order of importance. I have one item that I got from Meg Whitman. She had a thing. It was an eBay Giving Works promotion. It was sitewide. She had user ID Meg for Give Fest, which is what it was called. Every employee was selling on eBay and so was Meg.

I actually got three items. I got a really bad self, a portrait of Meg that was done with Loving Hands at Home. And it was not flattering at all. But she treasured it, and I bought it. And I also bought Meg Whitman Auctions a Fish. It was basically photoshopped together by a very enterprising seller. It was Meg Whitman’s head on this 50s housewife’s body, and she’s presenting this fish. So that was called Meg Whitman Auctions a Fish.

The item of ebayana that I would grab first in case of a fire is the NASDAQ dinosaur. It was given to her by Nasdaq on the occasion of eBay’s IPO. I paid $1,600 for it. I outbid Griff, and I’m not ashamed to say that I paid $1,600 for it. It’s a squishy stress relief dinosaur in a netting bag, and it has the NASDAQ tag on it. It says welcome, eBay, which I just thought was pretty cool to own that Pierre Omidyar has the other one.

But my personal favorite item because of my international eBay experience, being on those, all those eBay sites, internationally best sites. I love the international ebayana and they have the coolest swag. Like for eBay India, I have a cricket bat and ball. I have a dim sum bamboo steamer set from eBay Hong Kong and a big straw tote bag from eBay Philippines.

And then I have this wonderful metal globe. And you remember all the eBay icons from the early days, they had that really cute style of art and they had all the little international icons, all the international icons as magnets and they’re all over the globe and you can play with them and reposition them. That is my most treasured thing. It sits on my desk. And then behind me, I have an antique corner cabinet. I keep all my glass, tombstones, and such in there and some of my other ebayana. But I have to say, I am currently awaiting several boxes from Griff, who is getting ready to move and is cleaning out his garage. The excitement and the anticipation are palpable.

Danna: I just bought the casino chip set.

eBetsy: It’s fantastic. I have the martini set and I’ve got the casino set for Lee. She plays poker till her eyes fall out whenever she goes to Vegas and San Diego too. And oh, there’s some other really cool stuff that I will be sharing. So you’ll probably get something.

Can I tell a funny story about eBay Radio real quick? We used to do a thing called dish my listing. You would call in with an item number and we would read it off on the air and everyone would go to the listing at their home and we’d put it on the community chat board. The super secret chat board, we’d post it there. Everyone would open up the listing and Griff and Lee would critique it live on the air and we would give you a score. It would have one to five tureen because tureen is an inherently funny word for a dish. And if you got five tureens, a perfect score. You actually got an eBay Radio dish towel and tried to find something that would print well on it. The dish towel that you could print off was a whole nother story. Very funny story in itself. But Griff and Lee would sign the dish towel and it said, I had my listing dished on and then the eBay Radio logo, perfect score equals and I had five clip art tureens across the bottom of it. Griff and Lee would sign this with a Sharpie, and send it to the lucky eBay Radio community member who had earned the five tureens and people loved these dishcloths. They wanted ’em bad.

They would call back in during the show. Hey, I did all the things you suggested. Can you rescore my listing? We had this one woman. She was selling surplus military gear. She’s selling specifically a flight suit and it had a very large, very hairy cat sprawled across it. We looked at her other listings and they all had cats in them. There were cats peeking outta backpacks. Cats curled up on this, you could barely see the item. And people on the chat board were going, oh my God. The dander or the allergies and I literally, I was so tactically trying to explain to her why maybe the photographs shouldn’t have the cats in them. And maybe this is not a great idea.

Yes, it’s a signature look for sure, but maybe not a great one. And Lee, who is not always known for her tact, said very sweetly, What was your thought with the cats? And the woman said, Oh, I just love my cats, and they mean so much to me, and I want everyone to be able to see them. And Griff finally just laid it on the line. It’s just not professional. This woman said, It’s not? In a ton of utter shock! My husband John downloads this episode, and this segment to his laptop so we can listen back. And yes, we laughed at it all over again. And a year later, I happened to run across this segment in the archives. Oh, yes. I remember her user ID. Now let me go back and look. Yup. Those cats are still in the photos. And she was actually selling some items. We don’t recommend putting your cats on top of your items. Not a recommended best eBay practice, no.

Doug: So we’ve been talking about stuff you’ve sold and your experience on eBay. So let’s talk about something you bought, something that was very special. I’ve heard this story about a special photo that you purchased on eBay in 2015. So can you share that story with us?

eBetsy: My father was a very notorious regifter and I’m looking for something for him on eBay and I’m just being silly. I’m on the phone or something. I typed David F. Bolger into the search box. Boom, up comes some results. One of them is a photograph of my father. The seller had bought a bunch of newspapers, and archives, and was selling all the photos. And there he was. I’ll never forget the title. It said “David F. Bolger takes his seat photo.” And I think there was one other word in there, that gave me some idea of what it was. But, and I looked at it, That is my father. He was doing a very controversial deal. It was one of the most ongoing stressful and controversial deals of his life involving this company called Cleveland Cliffs. And he was taking a seat at the big stockholder’s showdown where they finally duked it out. And, I don’t remember exactly what was at stake, but it was the big showdown and just him taking his cheats on. He’s wearing this really bad eighties hair and this bad eighties glasses. And I’m like, Oh my God.

So I bought him this photo and I framed it nicely, padded it. And I sent it to him for Christmas that year. Through Twitter, in the eBay newsroom. I think I mentioned it to them on Twitter. Somebody tweeted about finding something that belonged to their dad. I found my father himself. They had a column called Treasures Hunted and it was about things that people have found on eBay that were meaningful. And so they wrote this up, this story up and I got my brother to run over to my dad’s house. He took a really cute picture of my dad holding the photo on his lap. And so for his birthday that August, I printed out the article. Oh, and I had printed out the listing when I had the photo framed. So I had the listing framed with the photo. And then for his birthday, I had the article printed out and framed. We have my father and he could not re-gift this one item because the article being framed is a really cute effect because there he is in the article holding the picture on his lap.

So it’s like a gift within a gift. And just now I’ve inherited it, of course, it hangs down in my dad’s condo, a former condo in Sarasota. And the hallway where the guest room is so that the guests can see, but I don’t have to. And we made it our own with some funky art and yeah we have used it for my lifetime and we’re very fortunate to have it. But that was a very special thing to find on eBay. I did not expect David F. Bolger to actually bring up a viable search result.

eBay is not the only platform out there though. Doug, do you want to ask me whether I’m expanding to other platforms perhaps?

Danna: Have you sold elsewhere? Because I felt like I was cheating when I. When I started selling on Poshmark.

eBetsy: I feel like I’m cheating a little bit too but it’s okay because I’m doing it via an official third-party tool. I signed up last night for the Business Plan of List Perfectly. I went to my most recent eBay, Dallas eBaybes, and Emales, the original seller group founded by Stephanie Inge in Dallas. And we hosted List Perfectly for our most recent meeting. And I met Clara and Trish, the community leader, and they were awesome. And List Perfectly is a way cool tool. And so I’ll be soon putting my Teddy the Dog listings on Poshmark as well as eBay. I now have a part-time employee who is helping me with this. So we’re expanding on, all the way around and really there’s no reason to have all your eggs in one on one ebasket, so to speak anymore.

Danna: There you go. That’s what else I loved about Poshmark. You could rebrand yourself because on my Poshmark too, my first reaction was to put my eBay ID so they could see my feedback.

Doug: We are happy that you expanded to Poshmark. We won’t tell eBay.

eBetsy: It’s okay. I’m going to break the news to them gently. eBay is my first love. I’m totally married to eBay, but I have to admit, I’m playing around with some Poshmark on the side. It’s a lot more casual, it’s a lot more consumer-to-consumer. I think what I’ve done so far, it’s not the home of small businesses, the way that eBay is. So I feel like there are two very different platforms, two very different selling audiences. Poshmark has its own thing and its own vibe and that’s great too. And you really, if you’re going to be a business, you need to diversify.

Doug: I’ll always love eBay. I see Brian all the time. I see eBay people all the time. I do, now and again, remind them that they broke up with me, but I’ll always love you.

eBetsy: I like to think it was a mutual parting of the ways to free you up for your radio stardom.

Doug: I think it worked out all right.

eBetsy: Sometimes you don’t take that leap until you’re kicked out of the nest. I seriously had trepidations about taking the job writing the show. Betsy, this is a dream job. Take it for God’s sake. And like you on the radio, you’re a natural on the air. You’ve got a great way about you. And you’ve got a face for radio, too.

Doug: That’s what I was told. My mom told me that. Thank you for that. Thank you for that.

eBetsy: I can’t let your head get too much bigger. It would look funny in the video.

I really like List Perfectly. I love the story behind it. I love how it was created by sellers for sellers. I like Clara. She was totally of my tribe. We just hit it off. It’s real people dealing with other real people. There’s a great positivity to it. I love the whole Listing Party in the USA thing where you keep each other company while we’re listing and you’ve got Theresa Cox on there to help people learn to list better. It’s very supportive. I love it. I think it’s a terrific school and a terrific community.

The whole concept of it is just wonderful. So I’m looking forward to learning how to use it, and so is my part-time employee who has totally gotten me organized. I hired her originally. She was between jobs, and I was like I have all this inventory in cardboard boxes. I need to get it into these plastic bins. I have spreadsheets and an inventory management system. And she’s just like taking ownership and getting me organized enough and running like a real business.

Danna: So you and I both know how unforgettable it is to attend seller events like eBay Open. So can you share a few encouraging words about why you think it’s helpful for resellers to attend events?

eBetsy: Okay. You have to remember now I’m old school. For me, everything is going to be compared to eBay Live. eBay Live, like they say about Grateful Dead concerts, there is nothing like an eBay Live. But every event since then has had that same synergy and energy. It all comes from the original roots of eBay Live when 10,000 eBay-crazed, impassioned sellers would get together and ask each other, So what do you sell? Because when eBay sellers get together, this is why I wanted to sell on eBay in the first place. I listed that one item to get the Camp eBay badge. eBay sellers are the cool kids. They were so generous and so impassioned and passionate about what they were doing. And they would, they were so generous in sharing their knowledge and their systems and everything except for where they source their items.

But they were so helpful to each other and so it, it was so electrifying to be around them, these people that were like working for themselves and they were building businesses like, basically out of selling stuff they had laying around the house and the next thing you know, you got a warehouse and five employees and, boom, there you are.

The virtual events have been well attended and they’ve been fun, make no mistake, but when people get face to face in real life and meet up in real life, there is just a whole new dimension added. And then you get back online and it becomes all that much more online.

Danna: So it’s just been such a pleasure having you here today. I hope I get to spend more time with you in person. So let me know next time you’re coming to Florida.

eBetsy: I will do that.

Thank you very much for having me on and letting me ramble on about various things dear to my heart and hopefully yours and our audiences and my fellow sellers out there in the dark. It’s been a pleasure to see and to talk with you both.

Doug: Thank you, eBetsy. Thanks for taking the time. Always great to talk to you and get those pearls of wisdom and that amazing perspective that you have that I don’t think anybody else really has. There’s only one eBetsy.

eBetsy: That’s the third principle of eBay. We each bring something unique to the table.

Danna: See you soon.

Doug: All right.

eBetsy: See you on the radio and at a Listing Party.

Doug: Yes. Hopefully.

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