Season 3: Episode 46: Retirement, Selling, and Traveling with Cheryl Hinton (yayarambles)

This week on The Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly and Listing Party, Trish and Doug welcome back Cheryl Hinton, Yaya Rambles, online reseller, meetup organizer, List Perfectly user and fan, traveler to many events, and more.

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Doug: Whenever you’re ready, Trish.

Trish: Thanks. I think I knew it from the big red thing that was beeping. You did not have to tell me.

Doug: Roll the tape.

Trish: Shut up. This week on the Seller Community Podcast, brought to you by List Perfectly and Listing Party, we have our own Cheryl Hinton, otherwise known as Yaya Rambles.

We discuss retirement, eBay, reselling, List Perfectly, eBay meetups, what to do with the rest of your life, and much, much more. We hope you’ll stay tuned and join us.

Doug: Good job, Trish. You know what I love about Yaya? I mean, sweet lady, we love her. But I love now that she is like She’s just there, and we’re used to it now. We’re like, I know Yaya’s gonna be there. You’re at the booth, Yaya comes by.

Trish: You know, she’s been to seriously almost every single thing I’ve been to in the past year. Almost, and I went to everything, and she was at almost everything.

Doug: Yeah, and that’s great. She loves it, she’s traveling, so.

Trish: Yeah, she’s great. It is a good little podcast.

Doug: All right. Thanks Trish.

Trish: You’re welcome. Doug.

Cheryl Hinton (yayarambles)

Doug: We are super excited to welcome back our friend Cheryl Hinton, Yaya Rambles, online reseller, meetup organizer, List Perfectly user and fan, traveler to many events, and more. But Yaya, I’ve said enough. For those that don’t know you, for the few handful that don’t know you, tell us who you are, where you can be found, and what else you think we need to know about Yaya?

Cheryl: Oh my goodness I don’t know what else I can say. Yes, I’ve been a reseller since, I say 95, eBay says 98. We’ll go with that, off and on. I haven’t sold full-time until recently and I still don’t consider it full-time, but we’ll talk about that. So yeah, I’ve had many careers over the course of my long life.

The book will be out in a few years when I have time. And I’m just excited to now be retired and selling and traveling and doing whatever the heck I want to. 

Trish: So you were on an episode we did a while ago about retirement. So you obviously retired. So congratulations. But how’s it going for you after retirement? Has it changed? How’s it going? 

Cheryl: It’s been a year. I just celebrated my one-year anniversary. Actually, Flipcon is my benchmark. I retired the week before Flipcon last year and then re-did the retirement FlipCon tour this year. And it’s funny, the year has flown by. I know they say that about things, but it’s gone really fast. And I’ve done a lot of traveling. I’ve just gone everywhere I possibly could go. I have not done as much of the reselling as I thought I was going to do, but I’m working on that. Thanks to List Perfectly and Camp. (Camp Listing Party Highlights) I’ve been a little bit better about that for the last couple of months.

So it’s been fun. It’s been nice to be able to go and do whatever I want to and then “The little voice in my head,” says, you really should list something, you really should work a little bit. 

Trish: Does that voice sound like anybody specific we know? 

Cheryl: Yeah, probably you, but that’s okay. 

Doug: So the old be your own boss thing. The more I hear it, the more I think, maybe I should be my own boss. 

I think I remember you at the last FlipCon, not crying, but you’re saying like, I’m retiring you guys! What was the spark that made you decide to go full-time reselling? Were you just retiring, done with work or what was it? 

Cheryl: Yes. It was getting to the point where I had a constant eye twitch and to be honest with you, not to get maudlin or anything, if that’s the right word. My mom passed in December of 2020 and her famous thing, whenever I would call her and say, Mom, what are you doing?

Oh, Not a Dang thing! Every time I’d call her. So when we lost her very suddenly, I thought, I don’t want to be the, not a dang thing person. I want to have experiences and go and not wait until I’m however old I think I’m supposed to be. 

And then work was getting… The company I’d been working for was bought out by a large corporation. Which is why I stopped doing my YouTube videos. Cause I was talking about retiring and suddenly one day Yaya went, probably shouldn’t be talking about this when I’m still working for these people. So I stopped and just over the course of that next year, I just worked very hard to save as much money as I could and paid off all my bills. Made sure I was in a good place.

And the eye twitch just was a constant thing. And I thought, I’m going to die of a stroke before I can retire, I’ve got to get out of here. So I did. So I gave him my notice and I left and I just took off the next day, went to FlipCon, was on vacation for a week, and had the best time. And then, it was great that I could go and visit with people or go to Vegas for somebody’s reception. And, I didn’t have to ask for time off, so it was great. We still have money. We’re okay. Maybe I should work a little. 

Trish: Cheryl and I are like in the same friend group. I see her at a lot of seller events, but then I also see her at things that maybe she would only come to because her friends were there.

So we like travel in the same circle. So you have traveled since I’ve met you. And I think I met you in 2018. And I sometimes think I see her multiple times a year. Like I literally do. I see her at seller events. Vikki and Katy got married. She was there. I’ve gone to Florida with Diane multiple times. We have met up with Cheryl. LP has had things in Florida. Cheryl comes. Cheryl has a meetup in Florida (Tampa Bay Area eBay Seller Meet-up). I go. So like Cheryl and I… 

Cheryl: I went to Boston last year. 

Trish: Last year. Oh yeah. So last year we had a kickoff, and Diane Lassonde and I run a meetup. We had a kickoff, Cheryl came, and then me and Cheryl and Dave and Bill went to… 

Cheryl: And Starr (Flippin Hippos Youtube).

Trish: Yeah, and Starr. Sorry. We were all there because of Starr. We all went to, we went to, where the heck is that place called? Where all the spooky things happen. 

Cheryl: Salem? 

Trish: Sure, Salem. I would have thought of it. Salem. We had a great time. So tell me, how do seller events and community factor into what you do now? Is it a big part of you? Or is it just to see your friends, or…

Cheryl: Exactly. I do learn stuff. I’m not just going because, but it’s mostly, that’s my vacation. I never, unfortunately, my husband’s not able to travel, so we’re not gonna go on vacation every year, like most people do. We’re not gonna go to whatever.

If I’m gonna go anywhere I have to go. So if I go to these events, it’s supposed to be a write-off. We just talked about that. It’s a business expense. Exactly. So I’m learning something, but yes, I’m getting to travel. I’m getting to see all these people that I know virtually. And then a lot of you I now know personally. So that’s mostly why I go. But it’s about 50-50, the travel and the learning. But it’s just yeah, Katy and Vikki make fun of me because they say I have FOMO fear of missing out that if there’s a trip or if there’s a cruise or something, I’m like the first one to sign up. So Guilty as charged. Whatever. 

Doug: And I agree with Trish. I look around and I see you at every seller event I go to, including maybe, at two or three in the morning when there are three other people besides me shutting down a hotel. 

Trish: I have never seen that. Doug, how dare you? How dare you? 

Cheryl: One of us has to be a sober person. I’m just saying. 

Doug: Keep an eye out for somebody and I do have to tell you though, Trish knows this story. You don’t want to ignore that eye tick.

Cheryl: I’m serious. I have not had it since. 

Trish: Oh good. 

Doug: But there you go. 

Cheryl: No, the only time I have it is when I talk to the people who still work at the place I used to work at. And like within five minutes… the eye and I’m like, okay… we… I’m done. I made the right decision. 

Doug: My wife and I went on a vacation to Paso Robles a couple of months ago, and at one of the wineries there was this lady talking to us, at some point we thought that she was winking at the both of us, and we started winking back, and then she’s in the middle of a conversation with us.  And she started going, and then we realized it was a facial tic, so we felt terrible.


Trish: Hello, sweet lady. 

Doug: I see you like to wink. I like to wink as well. Alright, so in all the events that we’ve attended together over the past couple of years, Are there any standouts or any big standout learnings you’d like to share? 

Cheryl: I’m going to sound like a commercial and I didn’t wear my shirt today. So I feel bad, but As hot and ungodly hot as Phoenix was, I have to say that LP Camp was probably a turning point in the past year. Because as I said, I’ve been just doing my thing and I kept saying, yeah, it really should work. And I went to camp because of course I had to, I had to go.

And Because of Ms. Trish, she put me with this mastermind group that she has. She knows I wasn’t participating. I was not, because Yaya can be a little not bright sometimes. I used to be blonde until a few years ago. I thought they met at 6 a.m. and I thought I’m retired!  I’m not getting up at 6 a.m. I discovered that it was the other coast and it was nine o’clock my time. So after hanging out with all these wonderful people the whole week of camp, I really felt guilty. Like I should at least show up for these. Mastermind things now. So I have, and I’ve only missed if I’ve had a doctor’s appointment or my husband’s had a doctor’s appointment or whatever.

Even though I went on another vacation when we went to FlipCon, I still, phoned it in and got on my computer and I still took part because I felt obligated, but then I discovered, crud, I understand what they’ve been talking about all this time. It really can make a difference in your business.

 It was going to camp this, burning the tar out of parts of my body, but the brain apparently got fried enough to understand what I needed to do and I’ve been going and it really has made a difference. I’ve been listing every day. 

I’ve been going to Listing Parties. I know I’ve got people that I can go to, the 24-hour room. I can go in there and I’ve done that before. If I have a question, I just, rather than going on Facebook or your community pages, like all the crazy people do, I actually go to people who know what they’re talking about and get the information I need. And it’s made a huge difference. So yeah, I, that’s been the big, big change. And I’m in here. Some days I’ll get done and I’ll come out. My husband thought that thing was only an hour and I’d come out six, seven hours later. And I said I have been working. I’ve actually been listing and I’ve been selling. I know it’s crazy. 

Trish: That makes me really happy personally. Cheryl and I are friends and she is a wealth of information, but she, like a lot of people who we hang out with, love all the stuff. They love the shopping, they love the stuff. And the selling part is secondary, and I can remember I said to her, Do you want to not have to get a job again? What is the goal, Cheryl? And she just looked at me, she’s so… It just makes me happy that it’s working for you and you’re getting something out of it, but tell me this past year, you’ve really leaned into having your own eBay meetup. And as somebody. Who halfheartedly helps Diane. Diane runs the meetup (eBay New England Sellers). I just do what she tells me to do. 

Cheryl: We all do. 

Trish: Exactly. It’s Diane’s world. We all just get to live in it. I understand this, so I just do what she tells me. But as somebody who now has a meetup. And you’ve really leaned into that. Tell me about that. Like what, what does that do for you now? Are you enjoying it? Like, how’s it going for your first year? 

Cheryl: I did it because there wasn’t anything in my area. And so I really wanted to have one cause I do enjoy people and if I can not have to travel 3000 miles to be amongst like-minded people, that’s pretty good. So I decided I was going to start one cause there wasn’t one.

And so it’s been a learning curve. There’s been some things that I’ve had to learn and it’s been interesting to try to get people to come to it and, and it’s interesting. I love List Perfectly, I do. But when you make Tampa the first stop in your world tour, and we’d only been meeting for two months, I thought, Oh, good God, what have I done?

But thankfully it turned out okay. The people came to the meetup because of you guys. And then, a lot of them have stayed. And we had talked about Danna. She drives two hours, God bless her, to come to the meeting. And it’s been the first couple of times I thought it was just going to be her and I at the meetings, to be honest with you.

And so she’s talked about it and helped promote it for me. And we’ve slowly grown to, we average about 20 people now at our meetings and we’ve had friendships come out of it. There’s a group of us that our mutual friend, Carrie has formed. I think she calls us the thrifty some things I’m afraid to know what that other word is, but, and it’s, there’s five of us that live close together and we wouldn’t have known that we did, had it not been for this meeting. So we got together for dinner and we went, they took me to, two of them took me to St. Augustine for my birthday. I wouldn’t have had that if it hadn’t been for getting this group together and we’ve had people that have friendships now outside the group or they’ll call each other and it’s been really good. We know that we’ve got people that are at different levels of reselling so they can ask questions and there’s going to be somebody that knows something and it’s just, it’s been good to and then we had Brian Burke come, which, it’s okay, first we got List Perfectly.

Now we have Brian Burke (Brian Burkey works for EBAY with the Community Team) coming in whatever month four or five, whatever it was. And again, thank goodness for Danna because she found us a place to have the meeting because I’m like, I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a place. They can’t come here. So thankfully she had a connection at the Salvation Army and it turned out to be the best.

People are still talking about it that, they got to go behind the scenes of the Salvation Army. So yeah it’s been a lot of fun, a lot of good has come out of it. So it can be stressful, but luckily I’ve got some core people now who help me. And if I like, for this meeting we’re having, for the kickoff of eBay Open.  I’ve got a group of ladies that I know are going to help me set up and do the registration table and things like that. So it’s really been a good thing. So I appreciate the opportunity. 

Trish: And I think that having somebody like Danna, who I know two hours is far, but somebody who’s close enough that they can come who’s had a meetup, who knows people at eBay, it’s great to be able to tap into that resource. And, soon you’ll be that resource for other people, other people will know, just like Danna is for you now, you’ll be a resource for other people later.

And it is, I can’t tell you. How helpful it’s been in my own business and in my own life. I have Diane because of a meetup, so I have a very, tender heart towards meetups and towards eBay meetups, and specifically and we had, you were right about List Perfectly. Our kickoff this past year was in Tampa. It’s great. We had a great time and we all went to your meetup too, which was fabulous. And so thank you for that. But yeah it’s been great. 

Cheryl: Appreciate it. 

Trish: So what future plans do you have for your meetup?

Cheryl: The group has talked about doing something maybe over the holidays for the community, maybe toys for tots kind of thing or homeless, something. So we’re talking about making it more of a community effort than just us getting together and maybe having a holiday party. So I like the fact that they’re interested in doing things outside of just selling and making money for themselves, that they realize we’re fortunate, we can teach others how to do this, but we also are blessed to do this and be able to give back. So that’s what we’re looking forward to doing. So those are the next few months we’ll see after that. Maybe List Perfectly will come back next year for their world tour. 

Trish: More than happy to. 

Doug: I do have a deluxe Santa suit. Oh. I’ve been Santa many times for children and adults.

Cheryl: If you could see my Santa collection, I have a very soft spot for the old man. So we had a six-foot Santa I bought at a thrift store the day before Christmas and he stood in our living room until the next Christmas. I just left him there. I’d come home from work and my husband would have him holding a Swiffer or he’d have the vacuum cleaner in his hand or something, he had sunglasses on one day. So yeah, he lived in the. He lived in the living room for a year. It was a lot of fun. 

Doug: I was Santa for a hospital holiday party once and I found that nurses really like Santa Claus. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. You can sit on my knee or… I’ll take your lap.

Trish: Ok then! 

Doug: Some new scrubs perhaps?

Cheryl: Hey, that’s one of my best-selling items. Don’t make fun of scrubs. 

Trish: He is not. He is not. He just wanted something to talk to the women about. 

Doug: I know you’re not a doctor, but. What’s next for Yaya? 

Cheryl: I don’t really have personal plans. I’m always open. The next thing I know I’m doing is the cruise in April. May? I don’t remember. I don’t know. I gotta figure out where I’m supposed to fly into and… 

Trish: It’s California! 

Cheryl: I know that. I mean I get confused between San Francisco and San Diego. They’re totally different.

Trish: It’s Long Beach. Wouldn’t that be LAX? 

Cheryl: I don’t… Probably. I don’t know. 

Trish: LAX. I think. But do not ask me because at the moment I’m not going.

Cheryl:  I do have room, in my room. I don’t have a roommate. But yeah, my friend Juanita is going, but her husband is going. Darn him. So I might, who knows? I might, I haven’t asked her yet. I might fly into San Diego and just drive with them. So I don’t have to figure out The Port situation, but I do have my passport. So I’m now ready for any excitement that may come my way. 

Doug: International intrigue. 

Cheryl: My goal is Australia. So I met someone, at I want to say the last actual eBay Open that I went to, who lives there. And we’ve been talking now for five years about me going across the big water. And so that’s on my bucket list. We’ll see what happens. 

Trish: Good for you. That’s a trip, man. 

Doug: Yeah, there you go. That’s some crazy wildlife there as well.

Trish: They do! 

Doug: Wombats, kangaroos that will box with you. 

Trish: Really big spiders. 

Doug: Yeah, and those big frilled lizards that will chase your jeep. 

Cheryl: I live in Florida. Nothing really scares me. 

Doug: Okay, that’s good to know. Good to know. All right. Anything to add, Yaya, before we let you go? 

Cheryl: We have a Facebook group Greater Tampa Bay Area eBay resellers. So you don’t have to live in the area. We have people that have joined our group from all over. Yeah, you can join the Facebook page. It has all the details. And again, it’s just something to share information. And so we would love to have anybody that’s interested come and join us. We’re mostly just gonna, I mean let’s be honest, we’re mostly gonna eat and talk and watch that one-minute video they told us about yesterday. 

Trish: Join the group and if you ever go to Florida for vacation or whatever if she’s gonna have one, go to it. It is great. I’ve been to many on vacation. They are fun. You get to meet people that you only saw on Facebook and stuff. It’s great. I’m really glad it’s going well for you, Cheryl. 

Cheryl: Appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from List Perfectly for sure. They sponsor our meetups now. So we appreciate that very much. And like I said I feel uncomfortable that I don’t have my LP shirt on today, but it’s, I do, I usually, I have it on anyway, it just turned out, I actually. It looks orange, but it’s pink. So I was trying to be, I don’t know what I was trying to be, but anyway, I don’t know.

Trish: Thank you for coming. It was great. 

Cheryl: Thank you. I see you every morning. 

Doug: Thanks Yaya. It’s always a joy to speak with you. 

Cheryl: Thank you guys. I love you both so much. You know that, and great to see everybody come see us in Tampa. 

Trish: Yeah, go to Tampa. 

Doug: Alright, we’ll see you soon.


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