S3 E 50 2023 review 2024 preview

This week on The Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly and Listing Party, Doug and Trish recap 2023, talking about top episodes, stats, and memories. They also preview 2024 and some of the new features coming to The Seller Community Podcast. 

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Trish: Thank you for joining us on today’s episode of The Seller Community Podcast. Doug and I are so grateful that you’re here. Today’s going to be an overview of how 2023 went. I’m really excited. Doug, how are you today?

Doug: I’m doing well, Trish. Thank you for having me on the show.

Trish: You’re welcome. I just love the fact that we both wore festive headgear.

Doug: Yes, it is the holidays. It’s our 2023 recap on The Seller Community Podcast brought to you by List Perfectly and Listing Party.

Trish: I wanted to call it the holiday extravaganza, but he overrode me.

Doug: The holiday extravaganza. Paul Lynde and Vincent Price still could not be here. Hollywood Squares – Vincent Price, Glenn Ford, Bill Bixby, Rose Marie, Jane Wyman…

Trish: That’s such a shame!

Doug: So you’ve stuck with Trish and Doug and our 2023 recap, as they say. And then, a preview of what’s to come. In 2024, Trish.

Trish: I’m very excited about that. But, before we get going about that Doug, I pulled some of the stats. And I know the listeners are going to be shocked to hear this, but I do not think you give yourself enough credit sometimes for how well you have done with this.

So I pulled some stats and I just would like for everybody to know, you probably know them cause they’re your stats, but I’m going to go over them anyway. Right now you’re at about 80,000 downloads of all time. We’re about to get ready to launch season four, which is going to be the 2024 season – four. That’s very exciting. I’m very excited because I’ll be there for a whole year. I’m excited about that actually!

You have 148 total episodes. This is amazing to me…you’re in the top 10% of ALL global podcasts based on weekly downloads.

Doug: That is a big stat, Trish. I’m very proud of that.

Trish: Yeah, that’s a huge stat. You should be, it’s really good. And I just want to go over some of the top 10 episodes of 2023. Top 10 that were downloaded over this past year. And for me, it makes perfect sense. The first couple, even the first three, really, first four really,  make sense to me because they are really about reselling! And I think that that is something that I really look forward to this coming year talking about with you is really reselling and the nitty and gritty about reselling itself. (Side note from me (Trish) how many times can I say the word really? LOL)

Doug: Yeah. It is very interesting. We tell a lot of seller stories, but we have had some episodes this year in particular that are very reselling resource-oriented. And I think that’s something we definitely have to take a look into.

Trish: The first one is Start Selling on eBay and Make More Money in 2023. It was episode six. So if anyone hasn’t heard that, you could go listen, and see what you think. Did all the predictions for 2023 come true? Whatever was said about what you should be doing.

Was it true?

Exactly. That will definitely be something we’ll discuss in early 2024. And I look forward to that. Episode four, eBay Beyond the Basics in 2023. Again. It’s interesting to listen to it and see if it’s held up all true. And then this is neat. This was American Arbitrage, but Start Selling Cards in 2023 with American Arbitrage.

So he’s great. Cary. He’s great. If you guys don’t follow him, he’s awesome. He’s a fun guy. He puts out fun content. He does a lot inside thrift stores about buy this, don’t buy that. I really, up until this last year, never thought about cards at all.

Doug: Yeah. Cards I think really exploded this year. They’re still big, they’re getting bigger. There are different marketplaces, all kinds of crazy stuff. Big on eBay.

Trish: Yeah, the vault, where you can send your cards there. And they hold them. And you can sell them, you can almost like day trading a little, you can do certain things with them, but it’s really an interesting thing that eBay found the value in it that they invested in a building.

Doug: Not many people know this, it’s just like the vault in Harry Potter guarded by goblins.

Trish: I now need to go there.

Doug: Vicious little creatures, actually.

Trish: And so the fifth most downloaded episode of the year? Danna Crawford, the Powerselling Mom’s Reselling Journey.

Doug: Danna came on and Danna was a host for part of the year, a big part of the year. We had some fun. And then she has launched her own podcast. Which is great too. And we support her, she supports us and there’s more coming around that topic actually.

Trish: We have secrets coming about that topic, so we look forward to talking about that. And then Lifetime Passive Income with List Perfectly’s Referral Program. That’s number six. That is great. I would encourage anyone who uses List Perfectly, they should absolutely sign up for the referral program. There’s no downside. It’s an absolutely great thing. It’s a wonderful product and all you’re doing is saying to other resellers, this is a great product, try it out. So it’s a great program. You should look into it.

Next is why I should price my items higher in 2023. I definitely agree with that. I think I might have been on that episode actually, but I think that was a great thing. Perceived value is real and what you should be doing.

Doug: When I first started selling, and again, I’m not a huge seller.

I’m like a three-figure mastermind. But I fell into that fear. It’s Oh, it doesn’t sell. I freak, you freak out and you lower the price. You talk about in the episode is yeah, it’s a business thing if you want to wait for the right person to find your stuff. And who will pay for it.

Trish: Okay, so the next best downloaded thing of 2023, is Abel’s Treasures, a Resilient and Tenacious Risk Taker.

Doug: He’s a cool guy. He’s got a great approach. Very business-minded approach, but what stood out for me besides great conversation? Cool guy. We know him. He was very concise in his answers. So he’s down. So tell us your seller story and then he’s very but it’s, and I think that applies to his business as well. It’s very planned out, very concise, very very organized.

Trish: Good for him and then the number 10 Don’t Do This with List Perfectly. I love a don’t do this story.

Doug: Let me tell you something. Yeah. Don’t do this. You know how I hate to toot my own horn, but that was a YouTube live that I did with the fabulous Patrick Allman, List Perfectly Director of Innovation and it’s the number one live on List Perfectly of all time and obviously a very very highly ranked podcast episode as well. I think it’s the topic. I think it’s the spin and I think it’s that the ladies want to hear Patrick’s silky-toned voice.

Trish: Do you think that’s it? Especially since his name is not in the title.

Doug: You skipped over a standout episode for me. Season three, episode two, Trish Glenn Super Sale Trish. Up to that point, three seasons in, you’d been on the show many times, technically, but we’d never done an episode where you really told the Trish story.

Trish: Born, have a kid, buy a consignment business, be a complete and utter failure, start an eBay business to fix it. Met Doug, then List Perfectly.

Doug: So let me chime in for a bit, Trish. So first of all, it’s going to be 50 episodes by the end of the year. A lot of success and a lot of growth this year. We had technically the most growth this year, our biggest episodes in the overall metrics.

We did have some host changes this year, in which everybody brought a special something like Clara for a while, then Danna for a while, and then, Clara focused more on lives and things like that. And then Danna launched her podcast and you came in, and obviously, way back we started with Liz I think a big part of it is, and again, everybody was great, but a big part of it is rapport. You and I have such a great rapport. We know each other so well, and I think that’s a big part of it. We play off each other. We know each other’s jokes. We know each other’s personalities. We complete each other’s sandwiches.

We have a really good rapport and, I love working with you. I love doing events with you and I love doing this with you. So thank you so much, Trish.

Trish: You’re welcome, Doug. I feel the same. You and I amuse each other, so that’s always good.

Doug: If you can’t amuse somebody else, amuse yourself.

Trish: It’s true. But, if you’re with somebody and they don’t get your jokes, it’s not fun, man.

Doug: Exactly. Exactly.

Trish: I Am happy to be here, and I’m really looking forward to 2024. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you and I can do in a year.

Doug: A couple more things, and then we’ll get into that. We had a lot of big names on the show for the first time. We did a lot of events. We had a lot of event coverage. We did a lot of events. We had Camp LP, thanks to Trish, PoshFest, eBay Open, and obviously Boss Reseller Remix, the big rock show in Vegas every year.

And again, so I’m going to just mention some names and some standout episodes for me. Obviously, a standout was when you came on to tell your story, Season 3, Episode 5. I loved having Tucker’s Treasures on with his dad. That was great. I think at the time he was 12, now I think he’s 35. He’s still young, but he’s growing, really grown his business and just has a super interesting story.

 March Cadena, the Spanish episode that Clara did. That was a big one. And then again some fun episodes, big names. You mentioned American Arbitrage. We had Kevin Commonwealth Picker on for the first time. Scott Chachinking was on technically a couple of times. We’ve had a couple where we’ve interviewed people at events. Ginger Marvin, they were on. They were great. We met them face-to-face in Colorado and then had them on the show. Yeah, they’re very cool and very very liked and influential in the seller community.

We had Ken, the hustlebee on, obviously, he was on a couple of episodes, but he came on and then he’s done some stuff with us. And then some eBay legends, Stephanie Inge season three, episode 37, and then the fantastic eBetsy season three, episode 38. That was a fun one. We talked a little bit about eBay.

Interesting standouts for me were Snap Crackle Posh. Keith Crowson, has a very interesting story, very motivating, great approach to customer service. And then of course, how can I not mention, our posh girlfriends itsBoink and TiffyPie?

Trish: You, you just like to say itsBoink and TiffyPie. You, I swear to God, half the fun for you is their names.

Doug: I can’t help it. That’s what I call them to their faces too. I have no idea what their real names are. I don’t know.

Trish: Okay I’m pretty sure TiffyPie’s is Tiffany.

Doug: Oh. I Don’t have room for multiple Tiffany’s.

When we were at BOSS Reseller Remix, I sat down with my old buddy Griff of eBay.

Trish: It was a great podcast.

Doug: It was fun. It was cute.

Griff: It really was. He is a really interesting guy. He is funny. He comes across. a little I don’t care. Get out of my way. And I love that about him. And he is a hoot and he’s so smart. He knows things, like he is just great. And he pulls out information. And I’m like, where’d you get that from? He’s awesome. And he’s fun.

Doug: Is it WickedSmart?

Trish: He is wicked smart.

Doug: We had a great chat, and I’ve had a lot of fun with Griff. But one of my favorite Griff memories is, I think it was eBay Open 2018. And he at some point had knee surgery. I don’t remember if it’s both knees or what. But at some point, he was in one of those little scooters. Scooter things. Okay. And he’s scootering through and Alan and I used to work with Alan at eBay were walking along and he’s Hey, come here. And we’re like, what’s up, Griff? He goes, help me get on the elevator. Cause I gotta go downstairs. So we’re helping him get on the elevator, but he’s stuck and the doors keep closing. So it’s like this is a clunk, and we’re laughing, but we finally got him on the elevator.

Trish: If I’m ever incapacitated and I need help getting on the elevator, you are not the guy I’m asking. I am sure there was a lot more clunk than there needed to be because you…

Doug: I don’t know. Griff must be something wrong with the elevator.

Trish: Exactly.

 My favorite story about Griff is I was at eBay headquarters and he heard my voice and came out and he’s like, where are you from? And then proceeded to bring me to his office and pull up photos from Google photos from the sixties in Boston.

He lived there. It was showing me all this stuff. It was awesome. And stuff I hadn’t seen since I was a kid, we had a double-decker highway, one way in Boston and the other way you’d be on the bottom on the way out. But that’s been gone for years and years. And so he had all these photos of it. It was awesome.

Doug: But he knew you before that. It’s just, he…

Trish: He knew me, but not really. He, like I had met him, he’s met a million sellers. He didn’t know who I was really, I wasn’t insulted. I just meant he was like, wait, where are you from?

Doug: Yeah. Yeah. But that, no, that was cool. I was there to witness that. So, Trish, I want you to talk about it from Trish’s perspective. How’s it been for you being on the podcast? Do you have any favorite moments that stand out? And then obviously an obvious glaring question that everybody wants to know what it’s like working so closely with me.

Trish: Since I live in Massachusetts and you live in California, closely is a relative thing.

Doug: Virtually closely.

Trish: Virtually close. You know what? It’s been great. You and I were friendly before I started working at LP. I have known you, through the seller community, eBay seller community.

Diane and I, my best friend, Diane Lassonde, and I ran or still run an eBay meetup in Boston. So Doug had been there. I really enjoyed you before that. And then when I got a job here and we started working together, we just really hit it off and we have a good time.

And so when the opportunity came to be your co-host, I was really thrilled, and I didn’t know, to be quite honest with you, if I could do this. I’ve never done this before. I don’t know. I do have a personality where I think I can do anything until it’s proven that I can’t.

Doug: It’s not for everyone.

Trish: Not that I think I can. I will try anything. That’s what I mean, really. I’ll try anything. So for me, it was great. And I’ve enjoyed a lot of things. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed is that you and I play off of each other well, and we’ll write questions and we will go into an interview and in the middle of it, it just changes. And we just have this ability to be able to just roll with it and keep going. Like I never feel like other people would know that isn’t what was supposed to just happen. You know what I mean? And I have really enjoyed that. So it’s been fun. I’ve had a really good time. And so thank you.

And I have personally, I have a lot of ideas that I would like to bring to the table. I really would like to have a little bit more reselling, let’s talk about how-to’s and why and things like that.

Doug: I know I tell every host, that they’re the only one I’d want to do this with, but I mean it with you, Trish.

Trish: Okay, thanks. Until you get a new one.

Doug: I haven’t told everybody that, but no, you’re the only co-host I want, and you are my favorite, and like I said everybody brought a unique something to the table, but I think that obviously you’re well known in the seller community, great personality great resource, and this isn’t for everybody, it’s not as easy as it looks, and it’s not for everybody, not everybody likes it, not everybody likes to go live, but, it’s we love a mic and a camera, apparently.

Trish: Give me a mic, I’m good to go.

Doug: There’s a lot we’ve talked about doing, and so obviously let’s preview 2024 and talk about some of the stuff that we’ve talked about doing and talk about some of your ideas.

Trish: I personally would like to bring a little bit more reselling to the Seller Community Podcast. One of the things that I think is missing in the community in general, is more reseller business-related stuff. Let’s drill down on what we should be doing and why it’s helpful and not everybody does it the same way. So let’s figure out why and you know those things.

There is almost a zero entry barrier to reselling. Reselling is about as a democratic thing as there can be because anyone can start with just a phone. yoU can go to the library and print out a label. You can go to USPS and print out a label. You can start this with basically zero. into it. I think most people have things in their house that they could get rid of. So I’d like to talk about some of that stuff because I think that reselling is an opportunity for everybody.

Doug: I totally agree. And then the resources are out there. There are resources all over, plenty of sellers willing to help on social media. And then obviously all the resources that we have at List Perfectly.

Trish: I would love the podcast to point out some of those, did you know this was there? Go look at this and this is what will help you do things. Yeah.

Doug: And then too, just look at like you said, a very low barrier to entry. Anybody can do it, but you have to commit to learning, pivoting, and then spending that time. We always say it, thinking of yourself as a business at any level. But what I really want to emphasize is all the different sellers we know and all the different backgrounds and it’s so interesting because off the top of my head, I know a dude who was a huge pro skateboarder and now he sells, we know a dude who used to be a professional wrestler and now he sells.

And that’s just a couple.

Trish: Yeah. A lawyer, with no education. Look, I don’t have an education, not really. I certainly don’t have a business education. I was in construction.

Doug: You’re street smart.

Trish: I’m street smart. No, I have some education as in I worked, and did OSHA regulations, but what I mean is you don’t need a business, or anything to get into this, and everyone you meet comes from somewhere. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s going to be a reseller. That’s how they start out. You end up here somehow.

Doug: But I think it’s becoming more and more of a legitimate career goal especially now the past few years, especially with social commerce, social media coming up, and that blend of the two. And then just the generation coming up that is the digital generation, as you’d say, that grew up with this stuff. Cause we were like, we could do a whole episode of when we were kids, we used to have to get up and change the channel.

Trish: Oh yeah, you definitely had to do that. But just so I can remember, first texting, A, B, C, like you’d have to hit the same, it took you forever to get a two word …

Doug: Like a child sent the text.

But anyway. Yeah, you’re talking about topics. I think, yeah, we do need to expand the topics. We will do that. Trish and I have talked about doing some episodes. We did one a bit back on the sell-through rate.

Trish: Yeah. I thought that was really interesting, of course, it’s not in the top 10, so I could be completely wrong about this.

Doug: So what’s some of the other stuff we are looking to add as soon as January

Trish: Some new segments we’d like to do some shorter segments. So maybe have not just one thing per episode So maybe have a few little segments and then a longer segment for the regular like resellers stories The stuff we’re already doing And then we’d also like to have like seller shout-outs. So that week, if somebody does something interesting in the community, or if somebody has a really great sale, or if somebody in Listing Party has done something fun, just a little shout out, like good for you. Let’s go see it here.

Doug: And then we’ll tag you in the episode and we’ll tag you in the social posts that we use to promote the episode. And then obviously we would hope that you would share it as well. In a subtle, thank you for the shout-out itself. And then seller news, high-level, not like every piece of news, but high-level stuff. It would be good to become a pseudo-news resource again.

Trish: Yeah, I agree. I do think that there used to be some podcasts that really focused on that, but they seem to have gone to the wayside, and I think it’s a little lacking in our community.

Doug: And we’ve talked about doing some Listing Party tie-ins. So that’s interesting. So keep an eye out there for podcast stuff.

Trish: If you are not a List Perfectly customer, you don’t, you might not know what Listing Party is. And so Listing Party is a community-based website that List Perfectly has, and so they have these things called listing parties. I do one every morning. It’s a mastermind call and it’s very businesslike. So they’re called listing parties, but they’re not parties every day. A lot of them are very structured and very, let’s talk about business. Let’s figure out whatever. And there’s mastermind, there’s 101s, there’s topic based, but then there’s fun ones too.

So if anyone doesn’t know what it is.

Doug: And we talked about something too, about those resources that are out there. And this is something that Griff talked about in the podcast interview we did with him last week. He’s like the eBay for business podcast, probably the biggest, it’s hard to say probably the biggest seller podcast out there, but he said, Hey, there’s a lot of other podcasts out there. And we’ve also made some podcast friends this year. Obviously, there’s an eBay for Business Podcast with Griff. There’s Danna’s Powerselling Mom Podcast. There’s the brand new Seller Club podcast with Anna Packer, Ken the Hustlebee, and Glen Hustlerhacks. So that’s a great resource. ARC Thrift with Maggie Scvique. That’s a great resource. There’s Let’s do Lunch. And there are others out there.

That’s the thing we always say. Again, resources are out there. We are just one. Obviously, your favorite and the best Trish and Doug, the Trish and Doug show. And then you can also catch us regularly on the List Perfectly YouTube. Youtube.com/listperfectlyyt so we do our video episodes on there so you can see our little talking heads and then we do a monthly recap where we go through the most recent episodes and we’re going to be doing some more stuff. Some of it’s still in the planning, but Trish in particular has talked about doing more video. Doing more social stuff. So I think you’ll see a lot more of that next year as well.

Trish: I’m gonna work him to the bone, boys and girls.

Doug: And then, we have also talked about doing more event tie-in stuff where maybe we drop in live, where we drop in and you know cover some stuff virtually whether that be in Listing Party or whether that actually be live, out on YouTube or something like that.

Trish: Or maybe both. I think that would be fun. I do think some of these events, some people are never going to go. Whether it’s because they have small children or they have a full-time job and they’re not at the point yet where they’re going to go, but they’re fun and you learn a lot so I would love to bring that a little bit more to the audience.

Doug: And it’s great to get together with people ’cause I have sellers and friends look at Trish, I’ve known many years from the seller community. Trish is one of my best friends right now, just like for today.

Trish: It could change tomorrow.

Doug: I’m very fickle. Just look at all the hosts I’ve gone through. I’m like the Spinal Tap of podcasts.

Trish: You are picky.

Doug: Maybe it’s me.

Trish: Am I the drama?

Doug: don’t make me cry. Trish, dare we hint at the SCN? The Seller Community Network?

Trish: I think you should hint away, my friend. You’ve had this idea for a long time. I probably have pushed it a little bit lately because I think it’s a great idea, but this is all you. And I think it’s a great idea. So, please.

Doug: Thanks, Trish. No, but you’ve been great in expanding the concept of it. And we’ve talked about this. So the seller community network is going to be something that comes from List Perfectly. And it’s going to be shockingly a network. It’s going to be a network of sellers, resources, stuff from List Perfectly that seller resource oriented other sellers other sellers, podcasts other sellers YouTube channels, and we’re all, we’re developing this type of thing and we’re all gonna grow together. And there’ll be some educational components to it as well.

 That’s just a tease, Trish. I don’t like to open the kimono too much. Just show a little shoulder. Like this and leave you wanting more Trish.

Trish: Leave your shoulders in Doug. It’s good. No one needs to see the Doug shoulder. I just love that you go to the kimono. Like

Doug: Have you worn a kimono? They’re very comfortable, Trish.

Trish: I have to be honest. I have never worn a kimono.

Doug: Let’s be honest here, you’re really not shocked I went to kimono.

Trish: I know. I got a big kick out of it actually.

Doug: Light silk kimono.

Trish: I am thoroughly amused by you, Douglas. It continues on a daily basis. And the kimono now will be, that will be something I will treasure.

Doug: And I know, and this was many moons ago, but I have dressed as a geisha girl.

Trish: Yep.

I have lots of things to say that I will not say in this forum.

Doug: Oh, but anyway, hey now, but anyway, all right as always, this was a lot of fun. It’s been a great 2023 with Trish. We’ve had a lot of adventures, some of you’ve heard about in our various episodes, and a lot more adventures to come on the podcast, at events. On our lives and, across the country, as we’re literally as far apart as you can be. But it’s been great. Thank you so much, Trish. Thanks for being you. Thanks for stepping into the co-host spot of The Seller Community Podcast.

Thanks for pushing me. Thanks for helping it grow. And I’m very much looking forward to 2024 with you. And again, my favorite co-host. I wouldn’t want to do it with anybody else, ladies and gentlemen.

Trish: Doug, I appreciate you saying that. And I feel the same way. And also I really look forward to seeing what we can do in 2024. I think it’ll be fun. I hope everyone will come along with a ride for us. It’s going to be great. And another thing is we’re open. We’re open to ideas, and suggestions, please…

Doug: Go to thesellercommunitypodcast.com. There’s a link there that says contact you click that there’s a form there. You can give us feedback. You can make suggestions. If you think you should be on the show, let us know. You can also leave us reviews on Apple podcasts or Spotify. And frankly, we have had multiple episode guests. I would never tell her this and we’ll see if she listens. I think Theresa Cox is the top guest.

Not necessarily by herself in panels and things like that. Maybe at some point, you get a Seller Community Podcast kimono for being on a certain number of times. Kimono my podcast!

Trish: Kimono my podcast!

Doug: Write that down, Trish!

Trish: Oh, I don’t have to write it down. It is forever recorded in history now. Kimono my podcast.

Thank you so much, Doug. It’s been a great year. Thank you for everything, especially your friendship. I appreciate it. And I look forward to 2024.

Doug: Alright, it’s gonna rock. Thanks everybody for listening. Thanks everybody for watching. Please keep doing it. Tell your friends, and they’ll tell two friends. And so on. But we’ll be here. I’ll be here. Trish will be here. Shockingly, my dogs Moose and Kevin are at my feet sleeping.

Trish: They’ll be there.

Doug: They’ll be there. And yeah, we’re looking forward to 2024. It’s gonna be a hoot.

Trish: It will be a hoot. Thanks, Dougie.

Doug: Alright, thanks, Trish. See you next time.


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