Join List Perfectly co-founders, Clara Albornoz, and Amanda Morse, as they explore the intricacies of Poshmark and how Poshmark depends on the sharing feature. This episode also features special guests Maggie Weber and Kim Rose, both known in the reselling community for their extensive experience and unique insights into the Poshmark platform.

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Doug: We are here today to talk about Poshmark and Poshmark sharing, the good, the bad, the ugly. Why sharing is so important to Poshmark? And then, you never know, especially when Clara’s here, you never know what she’s gonna tease, what’s gonna be mentioned.

And then, of course, our special guests are the fabulous, ladies and gentlemen, she took time from her social media influencer schedule, the amazing Maggie Weber refashioned hippie. A good friend of mine. We’ve been friends for a long time, but she took time out of her schedule. She’s coming to us from her studio.

And then of course the fabulous Kim Rose Koala trading company is here as well. Both are very active Poshmark users and they’re excited to, to be here.

And I’ll be back at the end to circle things back around. But first of all, let’s bring in, let’s bring in our hosts and we will we’ll get the show started. So welcome Clara, welcome Amanda to your show.

Clara: So much. Thank you, Dougie. Thank you for that beautiful introduction.

Doug: Of course. Of course. All right. Have a good show.

Clara: Thank you, Dougie. Thank you. I’ll see you soon. All right. So here we are. My name is Clara. I’m the chief strategy officer, just in case you don’t know me, but I’m joined again we’re back live by the chief executive officer, the super, the boss of List Perfectly the brilliant mind that taught herself how to code after reselling for how many years, Mandy, 17?

Amanda: Oh my gosh. You’re going to make me do the math.

Clara: Oh, you can code, girl. You can do JavaScript, Python, and all that stuff. Come on.

Amanda: All right, I’m going to guess when I first did it, I was probably 13 years into my selling journey.

Clara: Wow. Incredible. So just a friendly reminder, we both are resellers. I started doing shipping for her. Then I was promoted to answer messages. And then I was promoted to reply to customer’s disputes and so forth.

So my journey of growth, Amanda has been my mentor, but also is my business partner in that just a reminder that you’re supporting two women in business. We have no investors, and no sales team. And that’s why referral members get the premier news of today. What’s going to happen? What do we have with Poshmark?

Look, guys. I’m dressed up, a Poshmark hat, Poshfest. Okay. I even have my, 10-year t-shirt from Poshmark. A reminder that we were the only listing and cross-posting service that sponsored Poshfest. 2023. We were so honored, an incredible relationship with Poshmark. We’re so pleased with them.

And that was an incredible honor. Diamond sponsor of Poshfest, so that was incredible. Mandy, why don’t you take it over and is it going to be just with us, or who’s joining us today?

Amanda: We’ve got fabulous guests. And first of all, thank you for that lovely introduction.

Of course, I can’t let it go by without introducing you. Of course, everybody knows Clara, but Clara, the co-founder and so important to List Perfectly and where we came from. Oh my gosh, like she came on board with me doing reselling in 2009. So a lot of reselling experience is under her belt. And then, of course, we made List Perfectly for ourselves. We brought it to you, but she was really instrumental, and I thank you for that.

So yeah, without further ado, we’ve got great guests with us. We’ve got Kim Rose.

Clara: Welcome Kim. Welcome. Incredible team List Perfectly Kim, but who else? Mandy, is this it?

Amanda: Oh, we’ve got a special guest. I just want to say, in advance, that you guys are going to love her. She’s super funny, super fun. We’ve got Maggie Weber!

Clara: Refashioned, hippie. Welcome Maggie.

Maggie: I’m so happy to be here.

Clara: Oh my goodness, the honor is ours. Maggie, would you be so kind to introduce yourself to the audience, okay? And especially mention your, I’m gonna toot your own horn, mention, okay, please, your success across social, because that’s a beautiful thing I wanna Converge today is how sometimes reselling can be the passport to finding something that makes you joyful, but you don’t stop reselling. Maggie. So how is that journey for you? Please.

Maggie: So I’ve been very fortunate. I started as a reseller and when I started, I didn’t even realize that there was. a reselling community. So I felt very blessed to find this community.

I started using List Perfectly and my business doubled. So it allowed me to expand into other things. And I started on social media, and I’ve been very lucky that’s been a success. So I’m refashioned hippie on YouTube, Instagram, all the things. And can I show, okay we, we got our plaque for a hundred thousand subscribers? I’m at over 160, 000 now.

I don’t know what I’m doing. So I just want to say It’s absolutely incredible that I get to be a stay-at-home mom. I get to earn a full-time income. Oh, yeah, and this is the new banner because I had a bad logo design contest. This is the one that won, so this is going to be me for the month of April.

Yeah, Emily Sheehan made this. It was amazing. But I’ve been very lucky, but it’s because I had some time freed up because I’m not cross-posting the way that I used to, which is like a caveman making fire. Now I have a Zippo. So yeah.

Clara: Yeah, that’s amazing. And this is what I want to show with your resellers. Maggie, when I met her, I don’t know, you didn’t even have a YouTube channel two years ago, I think. All right. So guys here, Amanda and I, we had no idea what we were doing when we launched List perfectly. Okay. We had no idea. Look at the logo. So don’t let a logo. Don’t let perfection hold you from reaching people in the community and sharing your message. You can take Maggie, okay? In different social media channels, she exploded across all channels. So just what is she doing? Just being herself. She’s not copying everybody and that’s a secret of your success. All right. So my, my we heard about Maggie. Thank you. Maggie, how long have you been selling in Poshmark, please?

Maggie: About six years now.

Clara: Wow. Congratulations. But let’s now introduce our amazing Kim Koala trading company, Kimberly Rose. Not only I have the blessing, but we also have the blessing with Amanda to meet her at the BOSS Reseller Remix. I have good luck that she decided she wanted to quit her former job and take reselling as a full-time, journey. And I just happened to be there and very lucky with Amanda that we’re like, Hey, want to join us in team List Perfectly? And, from biologist to community manager. So she started managing the group. I think it was like 6, 000 people Kim.

Kim: I believe so. Yeah, it was a yeah, it was around 6, 000.

Clara: So now the group is almost 11,000. That’s one group. Then we have the other group eBay selling tips. Okay. That is how many now? 17, 000?

Kim: I haven’t looked today. It changes every day. We have, seriously, it’s just, that the growth has been insane.

Clara: Insane. Oh yeah. 17, 300. And then we have the power of the eBay community in that those are the groups that Kimberly is incredibly helping us to manage. Congratulations Kim on your journey. If you want to know more about Kimberly’s journey and the transitions that she did from biologist to reseller to team List Perfectly don’t forget to go to our blog section at and then in the blog, you can search for Kim Rose or just put Kim, and then it will just, it’ll show up. I Promise you it’s very encouraging what you did. It took a lot of courage. So Kimberly, after all these years, how is this journey going for you?

Kim: Oh, it’s incredible. And it’s one of those things that you never stop learning, you never stop growing. You may feel like, and you do you, you hit speed bumps and that kind of thing, but that’s life, but then you look back and you go, you know what, I’m not going to beat myself up because When you look back and you go, wow, I’ve come a long way. So yeah, it’s been incredible.

Clara: That’s right. Maggie, okay. Look at what they’re saying. Maggie, the mood boosters always make it. Yes, absolutely. You need to watch; promise you’re going to be laughing so hard. It’s the way I really appreciate it. So what an honor. We’ve done our introductions, so we’re going to be talking about Poshmark sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So don’t let Amanda’s poker face fool you. Amanda, break the ice. Let’s talk about a little, what do we have? Where are we going to talk about Poshmark today, please?

Amanda: Yeah, we’re going to talk about Poshmark sharing and, stay tuned because we do have a special announcement, but we want to talk about, what is Poshmark sharing, number one. And I don’t know if you want me to get kicked off or if you want to just start by asking a few questions.

Clara: As you prefer. Yes. I, for example, I love the part OK let’s start from scratch. Okay. What is the main function of Poshmark sharing, especially if you’re an eBay seller, maybe your Facebook or Mercari or Etsy, because we don’t have to do that.

Not even in Shopify do we have to do that. So what is this Poshmark sharing? It’s just the primary function of Poshmark is to share your listings to increase the visibility of your listings to your followers in the Poshmark different parties, maybe on Poshmark, different feeds et cetera. So what do you think about that definition, Mandy?

Amanda: Yeah, there’s one very simple reason why sharing is important on Poshmark. And it’s what they show you when you do a search, when you look at your feed. By default, it’s ordered by just shared. And where you have on eBay, they have a different algorithm. They have like best match or, something like that. On Poshmark it’s very simple, the feed, and this is true when you search, this is true for your general feed. When you go to some, I think even when you go to somebody’s closet, it’ll, it mostly, if not, Always defaults to just shared you can change that, but if you’re just, if you’re shopping, you’re probably like, you’re just probably shopping from the normal just shared list. And so how do you arrive at the top? You share.

Clara: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Amanda: Maggie, were you going to say something?

Maggie: I just wanted to say when I first started on Poshmark, I did not love the sharing aspect of it, but I’m a recent convert to it. I used to think it was just a waste of my time.

Clara: Okay.

Maggie: But the more I settled into Poshmark, I think we all know that effect of when you post new listings, they get a lot of attention. And then that attention goes away. And I think we’ve all seen on Poshmark, there are people who sign on, they post like 50 listings, they get this big jump the first couple of weeks and then nothing really happens. So they stop ignore their closet and leave. And sharing is a way to counteract that. It’s a way to say, Hey, look at my listings again, take another peek at this, but it’s also a way that us smaller sellers can fight the bigger businesses. Because that like free people has their own closet. on Poshmark now, they’re going to be able to ship faster. They’re going to be able to give better prices. They’re going to be able to have more consistent listings because I can’t get access to free people all the time, but I can still post my listings above theirs. If I am consistently sharing. So I actually think it’s a tool that Poshmark is giving to smaller sellers. So even though, initially it was not my favorite, I do just want to mention sharing is very important, but it’s a tool that Poshmark has given you to help your business as well.

Clara: Now, Amanda, what would you say that Manish, okay, told you about the sharing tool there? Remember that he told us last year, would you share with the audience what Manish said? the reasoning behind sharing, please.

Amanda: Yeah. He even said this in one of his keynotes, I think, that the way they look at sharing is it democratizes the feed. It democratizes, instead of using these complex algorithms that a lot of marketplaces use, they democratized it by saying, okay, look, if you share, Then that’s your way of getting visibility.

And so they, the way that they’ve structured it, it’s not just I’m going to share my stuff, very strongly encourage you to share other people’s stuff. And in turn, those other people will share your stuff. So it’s like a community. So it’s equal opportunity. You share your stuff, you share the community follows you, they’ll share your stuff and that’s what it is. It’s a cycle of connection.

Clara: Exactly. Absolutely. Absolutely. So now Kim, how long have you been selling on Poshmark, please?

Kim: I just celebrated my fifth year.

Clara: Oh my goodness. Congratulations.

Kim: I can’t believe it. I was looking here a couple of days ago and I thought, oh my gosh, it’s been five years. So yeah.

Clara: Congratulations. So what would you say has been your journey with the sharing situation on Poshmark? How was it for you especially because you were such an eBay seller and, dedicated to eBay?

Kim: Yeah, I was lost actually really lost in the beginning. I was like, like Maggie said. And then when I figured out, oh, this is what I need to be doing. I was the same way. I was like, I don’t really this a whole lot, but that’s just being honest, but when I started seeing, that’s what Postmark’s focus is community.

It’s, that is the fabric they’re made of no pun intended. But when they started, Poshmark came in and they made their bulk sharing tool within Poshmark. That really was a game changer for me because it was just so quick, it’s so much quicker and easier to share that way.

 When they did that, I actually started sharing a whole lot more and you see a difference. There’s no denying that there is a huge difference when you start sharing and being involved in the posh community that way. And Amanda said it is a domino effect. This does this to this, but then you’ve got this coming right back and forth.

And it’s not only going to make you more successful as a seller, but also make you more part of the community if you’re sharing because it’s all connected so much.

Clara: So one thing we can extract off this and let’s see if we agree. All of us. Okay. Is that like Manish said, okay, they found that the sharing aspect is would keep the right okay to a small seller to have the same amount of Possibility of visibility on the platform. Okay. Without paying money and without promoting. Okay, which you can do too, but you can do it organically. Now, what would you say when you’re sharing? Maggie, what would you say when you’re sharing from Poshmark? Okay. What would you say one of the challenges doing it on Poshmark is have you found any, or do you do it directly from them?

Maggie: It is against the rules to use a bot or a service on Poshmark. So I would never tell you to do that or admit to doing it because it’s against the rules and it’s wrong. But we all know our time is valuable. So the bulk sharing made a big difference. The bulk sharing did make a really big difference.

Clara: Yeah.

Maggie: We’re a bunch of rebels, so…

Clara: in other words, it has been a little challenging to use the Poshmark bulk-sharing tool, right?

Maggie: It’s not that it’s a challenge to use it. It’s that it’s so much easier to use other things.

Clara: Okay, perfect. All right. Again, and it comes all to time management, right? Yeah. Kimberly, how did you manage? Okay. To be like, okay, I’m going to go and start sharing. How did that happen to you?

Kim: Mainly, like I said, when I heard about Poshmark coming out with their own internal bulk sharing tool, that’s when I was like, Oh, really? Okay.

I love Poshmark. I’m not knocking them at all, but it takes a lot of time to go through and do it individually without that bulk-sharing tool. And especially when they came out with it, I thought oh heck yeah, I’m using this. And it’s been, it’s, it, I love it.

It’s been working great. Again, I’m not knocking Poshmark by saying this, but it is still a little slow compared to other methods. It was nice when it came out and I have utilized it and it has worked, but it is not as fast as some other methods.

Clara: Okay. So yeah, you find also that it’s a challenge, especially. Okay. Did you find that when you don’t share? So in other words, not sharing, it decreases your visibility in Poshmark, right?

Kim: It decreases everything.

Clara: Wow. All right. So do you guys have a strategy behind sharing?

Maggie: I try to share. At times I feel users are on the platform the most. Through doing Posh shows, I’ve figured out who my buyer is. And when she’s on the platform because I’ve always said it. If you give me a Louis Vuitton bag, I will put it on a shelf and stare at it and be scared. My average sale is like $10. So that’s who I sell to a lot of women primarily like me who want cute, affordable clothing and are scared of big labels or hate Balenciaga. So that’s who I try to target. So I’ve tried to do my sharing at times when I think that my users will be on the platform.

Clara: Now, what about when there are parties? How does that play? Okay. When you have, okay, these parties going on, okay. You could, should you share to the party? How does that work for you? How do you handle that?

Maggie: So I try to only share, and this is just me personally. And I’m saying I have a strategy. We all know, I don’t know what I’m doing. But I try to share parties that I feel are really applicable to me and what I have in my closet. So yeah, I have business clothing. But not a lot, so for me it’s more casual everyday stuff. So like the cute summer outfit parties. Absolutely. I’ll share my favorite stuff with that. But if it’s a girl boss thing, it’s this is my girl boss clothes, like that. So I really, try to do what’s fun for me because I think you have to have fun with your business or you’re just going to hate it.

Clara: Yeah, no, that’s true. That’s true. Amanda, I’m seeing you there, your poker face. Okay, what are we doing? What are we, come on, are we, when are you going to talk about postmark sharing? Amanda, come on. Okay, alright, okay. Wait for it, there she comes. You ask and we deliver.

Amanda: We know Poshmark sharing is really important. Everybody has been asking us for, I think, years since we first started.

Are you going to do a Poshmark sharing tool? The answer is yes. We made a Poshmark sharing tool. If you’re familiar with List Perfectly, we have a very special plan that we are using to test out a lot of new features before we bring them to the other plans. So this new plan is called pro plus, and you can test it out. It’s free. If you are a pro plan user already you can opt in. You can jump on pro plus you get access to a whole bunch of other features, but you will also get access to our new Poshmark sharing tool and you know what’s interesting we talked about, for a long time Poshmark was like, no third-party software. They’ve changed their terms of service relatively recently. I think we’re good to go. I think Poshmark realizes that, hey, if you’re a big seller, you have a lot of listings.

We’ve got some sellers on List Perfectly that have 30, 40, 000 listings on Poshmark. Imagine trying to share your whole closet, even with their bulk-sharing tool. It’s just, it’s not possible. I think even they recognize the challenges. of becoming a bigger seller and trying to manage this sharing.

So yeah, we’ve been very excited. We’ve tested this. There are a lot of features that are going to be coming soon. What we found from the testers, our users who are testing it, and what they told us were the most important features, we’ve got it baked in now, so you can test it out but there is going to be more coming, so it is going to be a continually improving product, but we’re super, super excited.

Clara: I have a quick video of our Poshmark sharing tool. Would you like us to show it now, Amanda?

Amanda: Go for it.

Marshall: The Poshmark sharing tool from List Perfectly is available through the extension with List Perfectly. We’re going to run through getting things set up and then see it in action. First, you’ll click the List Perfectly extension icon, visit your settings, and go over to Poshmark. And then as we scroll down, you may need to select the Poshmark sharing. And once you do, you’ll have access to all the settings.

First, we’ll go through these settings and explain them. You have the source of pages, so you can choose to do stealth shares from my closet, community shares from the feed page, or a hybrid approach from all pages. You have the max value per session, this is how many shares will take place per each session.

A max time delay between sessions. Based on your settings, you’ll receive a maximum value per day that could be accomplished. Time of active sharing, you can choose to set it to be active all day, or you can choose to schedule where with the schedule enabled, we’ll essentially set up a repeat. You can select the order from the top of your closet to the bottom, to, from the bottom to the top, or in a random order.

Once you have your settings set up correctly, you will just hit the start sharing. We are inside of a sharing period right now. So I am going to go ahead and hit start sharing. And we now see the extension is gathering the available items from your Poshmark Closet. And once all of those items have been gathered, the sharing will start.

One thing to note is that you will just need to be logged into your Poshmark account for this to take place.

Amanda: Some of the key takeaways from that video were that not only do we allow you to share from your own closet, but you share from the feed page, which is like a community. That’s what the community shares. So you can turn it on. So it’ll do both.

Like we give you the option. You can share from your closet. You can share just from the community, or you can do a combination of both. And that will just take care of it.

Maggie: I would also like to say that if you’re using one of those dirty bot services, which I certainly never have, this is very comparable to what you get out of that. Like the ability to schedule, the ability to see your analytics at the end of every day. So excited. Honestly. Okay. So Doug asked me to be on this with you guys and I was like, it’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. But he told me, it’s driving me nuts. Finally, I’ll shut up in a minute. I’m so excited about this.

If you guys are not referral people yet, do it right now. Do it right now. Because I guarantee once you start to tell other resellers, Oh, you can share on Poshmark from your LP account. Like they will be racing to the computer. So if you are not a referral code member, do it right now. This is money in your pocket. And List Perfectly has the best referral membership that I’ve ever seen. So yeah, do it now.

Clara: Mandy, what’s the price of that feature? What is the additional pricing? The extra fee that we’re going to be charging. How much is that going to cost people more? What is that? Oh, what is it? A hundred dollars more? No, what?

Amanda: Zero, it would be no additional cost, but like I said, if you want access right now, it is in beta. I do want to make that very clear. We have had a lot of people test it, but we need you to test it to make it better, to improve it, give us, give us, Let us know what’s going on. But when we roll these things out, we do them at zero additional cost and eventually it will trickle down to the pro plan, but right now it’s going to be in that pro plus, which is free. It’s no, no additional cost. If you’re a pro plan member, just opt into the pro plus and you get other features like listing assistant but it’s no additional cost let us know what you think about it. Let us know the features that are important to you too, because like I said, we’re going to continue to improve this tool.

Maggie: I would like to mention List Perfectly is very much like a duck on the water company. Feel like I’m an insider with people and there’s so often where you’ll talk to Clara and Amanda. Yeah, it was good. We have three things coming and I can’t talk to you about it, but it’s going to be so good.

Clara: That is so me, people.

Maggie: So exciting to get to be a part of it, but seriously, go join the referral program right now.

Clara: If you don’t have List Perfectly get 30 percent off with the code refashion, or you can go to any of their social media and you click on a link, and it takes you directly. No need to enter the code. And then you get the 30 percent off of any plan of least perfectly. Perfectly. In that again, with refashioned hippie, Maggie Weber, any of our socials. Thank you again.

Amanda: We have a news section so you can go, and you’ll see the news will give you the instructions on how you get access.

Clara: Our commitment is never to send you to Poshmark jail. All right. So we’re still testing it. We want to make sure we have put like parameters and everything. Okay. To stay compliant. So that’s important that you’re Security in your relationship with Poshmark is always intangible and that you’re always using the right tools to help you grow your business. Kim, so how long have you been testing the sharing tool? Please. She’s been a poker face. She’s tested it for a long time.

Kim: Quite some time. I can’t remember. Maybe a couple of months. My time frame is really bad, but it’s been so cool to watch it evolve and it’s evolved so fast. And even when it, when I first started testing it, it was like, oh my gosh it’s just incredible. But yeah, and I’m actually, thanks to the sharing tool, I’ve increased my sales and I’m one sale away from becoming a Poshmark ambassador too.

Clara: Congratulations!

Kim: It has been so much fun to watch it work! And it works, you’re going, oh my goodness, I’m getting interest. I’m getting more followers. I’m getting my sales. And I know at one point they took it away from us to work on it. And we were like, Oh my gosh, what am I going to do? I remember when Theresa and I were just like, ah, ’cause we missed it so much. And it was like, Oh my gosh. And you, I could just tell, from not sharing and I was still spoiled at that point. Shame on me. I didn’t use the Poshmark bulk tool.

Clara: So Maggie, what did you think? We gave you a couple of days of access to the sharing tool. What was your experience with it?

Maggie: It’s so easy. And let me tell you guys and anyone who works in like LP customer service can confirm this. I’m not a big tech person. I don’t understand it. If the internet stops working, I lay on the ground and wait for my husband to come home. If I’m telling you, it’s easy, that’s also not necessarily a joke. So I, that’s something that’s really important to me is that it was very easy to use. It’s very understandable. There are no weird tech terms thrown in that I have to Google to figure out how to use it. It just works. And that’s the most important thing for me and my business that it just. works. So that’s what I like. Just because it’s I’m real dumb people.

Clara: I love it. I love it. So one of the things Amanda did in order to prevent people from going to Posh jail was to put some safety values. Even when I have never used this feature. Can you elaborate on that? How did you accomplish that? Amanda, please.

Amanda: Yeah. For sure. If that’s the one thing like Poshmark is very cognizant of not like having a bunch of the same things like getting in their feed. It’s very possible that you could just sit there and share the same listing over and over again. They don’t want you to do that. So we put in a little, some timeouts and some things that, that will prevent. Posh share jail. But it’s one of those things like it’s been going really well in testing, but we, the more people that use it and give us feedback and let us know it really comes down to the settings too and how you set this up and we’re going to have full instructions.

But by default, yeah, we’ve got some, some wait periods, some timeouts, some, little We’ll share a session we call session, and you pick what your session is and so we’ll go through that session and give a little time out and then go through another one. So we’re really trying to pace it and the other part is that we put a scheduler in so you can pick the times of day that you want to do your sharing because it’s not how likely is it that you’re going to be sharing 24 hours a day? Although you can, we have a setting. If that’s what you want to do, you can set it to share 24 hours a day. We would recommend just go with your normal pattern and whatever’s going to work for you.

Clara: Perfect. Perfect. One of the things that I like is this tool with List Perfectly which enhances Poshmark sharing, one of the things that I like is the sharing order. So we can share from top to bottom, bottom to top, in random order. We just go randomly. So I think that having that strategy to do the shares, it’s crucial that you test what you’re sharing. What works best for you?

Kim, since you’ve been using it, have you noticed an increase in your sales?

Kim: Yes. Yes. Okay. And to be honest, my sales were pretty much nonexistent because I was the opposite of Maggie. When I would share, I was like a, somebody trying to herd cats. I didn’t have any kind of schedule. I only did it when I, Oh I would think about it or it’d be like, Oh gosh, I forgot to do that today.

I didn’t have any kind of structure, none. That was my own fault. But now that I have a structure now that I’ve been using, List Perfectly’s Poshmark sharing tool you have the ability to get that structure without any effort Which is so nice.

Like I said, you can schedule it you can set it for A time period if you want you can go in and have it do it all day. And with me before like I said, it was ridiculous I will admit it was ridiculous because I would forget to do it because, again, I love Poshmark and I love that tool that they have, but the way I am. It was like, ADD. That’s what I had.

Maggie: Yeah. When you have this job, you are HR, you are the shipping department, you are customer service, you are management, you, you are everything. So it’s not that your brain isn’t working, Kim. It’s that all of your brain is working on different things.

No, but just any other feature that has, it’s if there’s something that can help you do a job, Do the thing, get the thing.

If you are trying a new plan level for the first time, remember you can use a referral code. So if you started in, in the basic plan, just to see how this works and you want to step up, you can use a referral code, and save 30 percent on your first month. And that’s true. Anytime you are trying a new plan level.

Clara: That’s right.

Maggie: Let yourself level up. That’s what I did. I’ve been on every plan of List Perfectly and every time I did a step up, I was like I’m never going back down.

Amanda: Yeah, absolutely. Use refashioned. That’s the shortened code. Use it for 30 percent off if you’re not on the pro plan yet.

Maggie: And don’t be afraid to contact customer service because I have sent them some of the dumbest messages that a human can send to the IT department and they have always been so super nice to me every time.

Clara: So just letting you know, everybody gets VIP treatment. The pro plan doesn’t get a better customer service than the simple plan. We treat everybody the same.

Amanda: Right now in the extension we recommend you click that load shop ID when you’re logged into Poshmark. If you don’t have anything in there. And the reason is that we have so many features now like we are auto delist and auto sales detection. We don’t, we want to make sure that we’re getting the right sales though, because a lot of people, might have a second Poshmark shop or they might be a VA or they may have a VA that’s working on it.

So it’s really important that we are looking at the right shop when we’re getting all of this information. That’s why you use load that shop I.D. So that when you turn on auto D list, when you do all these things, We are looking at the right shop at all times. And if you’re logged into some other shop or someone else’s account, then we ignore that.

Clara: Maggie, what would you say to someone who is intimidated by Poshmark or wants to grow their Poshmark business, but they’re on the fence? What would you tell them?

Maggie: So I started in Poshmark. That was the first selling platform I was ever on. And then I joined the others. So Poshmark has a special place in my heart, but I think that Poshmark is trying to be, and is accomplishing being truly the social platform. Poshmark is one of the ones that I go back to because I always say that eBay is like my crockpot. I said it and I forget it. I leave it be.

 I think that Poshmark can be a very welcoming platform in a lot of surprising ways.

So if you’re not on there, it’s absolutely worth it, especially if you already have List Perfectly, it’s going to take you an extra two seconds to share something through it. But you can really develop a community in, in very surprising ways.

Clara: So it’s just incredible to see how Poshmark really took the concept of a community like no other marketplace. That’s just my opinion.

Kim: Something else about Poshmark is. know, it’s very user-friendly. And a lot of people, and it’s normal, to be nervous or afraid to start a new platform, but goodness, if eBay you got the rest of them, completely, you’re fine, but Poshmark is so easy. I think, at least for me anyway it’s just so user-friendly and like you said, cross-posting to, Poshmark from List Perfectly. It’s like that anyway, but you also have the shipping aspect, which is so easy. That’s another thing I just wanted to mention that anybody that’s hesitant, please don’t be because it’s to me, in my opinion, it’s the most user-friendly platform.

Clara: Kimberly, what would you say to someone who maybe has been using other services or they’re using VAs? What would you tell them about what is the advantage of this tool?

Kim: Oh my goodness. It doesn’t cost you any extra. It’s so huge. I know so many people that they, you got to watch your pennies. You got to watch it. You just need to be careful, and I know that a lot of things are their investments, but if you can save that, whatever, a month, and if you’re already on List Perfectly, why have another tool?

Or we built it in. It’s there. It’s not going to cost extra. And there’s a lot, I know a lot of people who already use List Perfectly, who have all said, I wish list perfectly would build a sharing tool so I could drop this other one and save some money.

Amanda: That’s right. That’s right. Absolutely. And we feed off of our community. We. We love you guys, and we love it when you send us your tips, your tricks your feedback, and anything that we could do better that we take that very seriously. We take all of your feedback requests extremely seriously.

And so yeah, we, Definitely welcome your feedback. We can’t wait for you to try it.

Doug: Thanks everybody for coming and watching and listening. So this is exciting news.

So we talked about how important sharing is on Poshmark and we introduced, the list perfectly Poshmark sharing tool is here so yeah, why not do it all in one spot? And of course, list perfectly because it’s going to ultimately save you money, save you time, and make you more efficient.

And think about this too. If you’re on Poshmark, we’re going to help you share. But if you want to get over to Poshmark and you’re using this perfectly, this is going to help you expand too. It’s going to help you grow your business on Poshmark. I know tons of eBay sellers who still want to get over to Poshmark.

Amanda: And I just wanted to take a second to give kudos to our customer service team. In the brand-new catalog, we’ve got a help widget. You just click on that. And you click on messages. You send us a message right from our new portal. It’s so easy. Our team is standing by. If you have any questions at all, they’ll help you get set up. Auto delist is I think when you sell on multiple platforms, it’s one of those things that’s essential. And yeah, turn it on. We’ll help you out with that. We’ll give you all the instructions you need. And I think everybody should be using it. It’s a great feature.

I love that Maggie talked about the referral program and I couldn’t close this out with all of this conversation without saying a word about it. Seriously, our referral members, we look to you as our marketing team, really. It’s a great program. We pay you out for the life of your referral and anyone can join if the only requirement is you be a List Perfectly customer. 20 percent for your referrals, for life, for the life of their subscription. And, You don’t have to have a following. If you just have one friend that you want to refer to List Perfectly, you can join the program and refer that one friend.

And that’s, there’s nothing wrong with that. We don’t prioritize anyone. It’s very egalitarian in that way. So just please use the benefits that are here. Tell your friends, to share List Perfectly because of you we can continue to grow and add these new features.

Clara: Thank you so much. All right. I think we’re going to wrap this up today, huh?

Doug: I do have one more thing to say… Ladies, and gentlemen. So based on what Amanda said, and based on what we always say no sales team, no paid advertising, organic content, organic, reach out. So relatable. It’s because List perfectly is from sellers for sellers.

Clara: That’s right.

Doug: The only platform that is like that. Clara and Amanda sold for years. They didn’t take advantage of something to make money. You want to make money, but they are sellers. They speak the seller’s language. They know the seller language, and we’re all sellers of different levels. Obviously, I’m a one to two-figure seller. As compared to some others, I do sell, but from sellers for sellers and just helping to grow your business. And today, the focus is Poshmark.

Clara: That’s right.

Doug: All right. And sharing is caring, sharing is caring. And in this case, sharing is growing your business. So do it with us. All right. Thanks, ladies. Thanks, everybody. Thanks for listening. And we will see you next time.


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