Join us for an exclusive interview with the incredible reselling power couple, Marie (@flippin_phoenix) and Clark (@hibiscuspizza). This episode is an in-depth look at how Marie and Clark have successfully expanded their reselling business from Poshmark to platforms like eBay, Etsy, Mercari, and their personal website, all through the innovative tools provided by List Perfectly.

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Mastering Multi-Platform Reselling with Marie & Clark Bartron

Doug: Welcome to the show. Today, we’re very excited. We’ve got Marie and Clark Bartron on, and we’re going to talk about mastering multi-platform reselling. They’re going to talk about their journey. They’re going to talk about List Perfectly and more.
We’re very excited, but let me bring in my good amigas, my good friends, my bosses, and the fantastic Clara, and Amanda.

Clara: Hi Dougie, Welcome everybody.

Amanda: Hey, everybody. Good to be here.

Clara: So we are here to give you, to bring you together, be here together, and have an amazing session. And Mandy, what an incredible opportunity today. What do you think, Mandy?

Amanda: Oh, I’m super, super excited. We’ve got some guests that are amazing. We can’t wait to bring them out and have them share with you how they’ve been reselling and how they’ve been growing their business, yeah, I super love these two.

Clara: With much further ado, if you thought this show is about Clara and Amanda, just us, no, because we’ve got to make it more fun. We’re gonna make it more entertaining and we love hearing different perspectives. And today we’re joined by two incredible, loyal List Perfectly users with a different journey. So they are a couple, a power couple. And the most important thing, they’re local here in Phoenix! So we’re here in Phoenix! So let’s welcome Marie and Clark Bartron! How are you, Marie?

Marie: I’m amazing. How are you guys?

Clara: Oh, excited to have you. And Clark, how are you doing Clark?

Clark: I am better than a dog’s breath.

Amanda: That’s good.

Clara: You’re making our audience. Okay. People are talking about okay, pizza. Okay. So they’re talking about pizza. Look, they’re all talking about pizza. Okay. So they’re very excited about your handle. Okay. It’s not that they don’t like Flippin Phoenix Marie is You know, somehow the Hibiscus Pizza handle from Clark.

Clark: That’s a good story all on its own. And it’s, I’m going to, I’m just going to blame everything on my beautiful wife. I had been wanting to get back into reselling. I’ve been reselling for a long time in a lot of different platforms. eBay I’ve even created my own platforms for reselling.

And so I decided to get back into it about. 2018, I want to say. And I was trying to figure out a handle that would be versatile, that would be fairly short, that would be catchy, and I just kept bombarding her with all of these different things. And finally, she’s Hey, let’s just go out to the pool and hang out and, maybe something will come up.

And then we were down there for a minute. She’s Hey, why don’t you just combine two things like hibiscus and pizza? And I’m like, that’s it. And yeah, that’s, it was a moment of serendipity, but yeah, she’s 110 percent to blame for that and I wrote it like it was stolen ever since.

Marie: We were literally floating in the pool and he’s throwing out all these names, and I’m like, you could just put any two words together to make a name. I’m like, hibiscus and pizza, and he goes, that’s it. That’s it.

Amanda: And now I want to try that. Can you eat hibiscus?

Clark: So the weird thing is you can Google hibiscus pizza and there is somebody out there that sells hibiscus pizza. I sell toppings in quite a different way. I sell fashion and fashion accessories. So I sell toppings for people. So it just fits in a lot of different ways.

Marie: I think you just made a new slogan for yourself.

Clara: I think so too. And there you have it. Come to our session and you will find how to market your reselling way much faster organically.

Marie: My store name is actually Pixie Dust Treasure, but I want to promote my Flippin’ in Phoenix because that’s my like my reseller channel, so…

Clara: All right Clark how long you have been selling and did you guys start selling online at the same time how did your journey defer or how tell us spill the beans.

Clark: I think that We’ve been flirting with it for like a couple of decades. Like I said, I’ve been doing it since Maria has as well and I’ll let her tell her story, but I’ve been doing this for a very long time. And it’s been an off-and-on thing. I think, back in 2018 when I decided that Hibiscus Pizza would be the name at that point, I went out and I got the website, and I got all the social media handles. And of course, I’ve got that across all of my reseller channels. So it’s really been a thing for the past six years.

But I think we’ve played with it, Marie, and I ever since we’ve been together, it just depended on what we were doing at the time, but now she’s pretty much full time and I try to keep my business extremely part-time.

Marie: Yeah, and I’ve been doing it for, oh my gosh, on and off for Over 20 years, and then I learned a lot. But yeah, I was working in insurance with contents. So when people’s homes had fires and floods and I would have to go and pack out people’s contents and clean them and stuff. So I got a lot of experience with different levels and learned so much and saw so many things through the years that I like, I would have never recognized what something was had I not had that job. And I was always reselling part-time. And as you guys know, my daughter also resells. She’s in New York right now, so she can do this anyway.

Clara: You created a family of entrepreneurs. Hustling and reselling and being her own boss. Did I get that right?

Marie: Yeah, I feel so lucky though to have this family because of the support I have, I belong to a lot of different reselling groups, and it breaks my heart when I hear people say their partner doesn’t support them in this.

And this takes up a lot of space and a lot of time. And to have somebody that understands and that doesn’t mind, Our date sometimes is a thrifting date. Everywhere we go, I’m like, can we write it off? Let’s go to a thrift store. I need to write this mileage off. So we will stop and we any, anywhere we go, it doesn’t matter where we go.

We always look for thrift stores. We always look for opportunities. We have changed our, sourcing over time we used to primarily only go to thrift stores. And the opportunity by when we moved to Phoenix seven years ago from Washington really changed like with garage sales and stuff because here, they’re almost year-round, except for the three months in the summertime.

And so it is a little bit harder cause it really isn’t a garage sale season like you would have in a lot of other cities or states because like in Washington, it’s three months and there’s going to be a ton of garage sales every single weekend for those three months, and then you’re not going to see them again.

And in Arizona, because the weather’s so nice, there’s three months you don’t see them, but then the rest of the time, they’re all spread out because they’re not forced to do it in a very short period of time. But we started doing estate sales, and oh my gosh, we are in love.

Clara: I know that you guys, okay. Audience, if you’re not doing estate sales, Marie, and Clark, like literally are pros of it. And what would you say is the biggest advice you could give to someone doing has never tried estate sales, Marie?

Marie: Do it. The cool part is that You are limiting yourself to just the people who walk in the door at that very moment. A lot of if you go to estatesales.Net, you can pre-look at the pictures so you can see what kind of stuff they have. They’ll never show you ever a hundred. There’s no estate sale. I don’t care how many, I’ve seen a state sell 700 pictures. And you still go in there and you still find things that weren’t in the pictures.

So don’t be afraid to, and when you’re at an estate sale, don’t be afraid to dig through things. They’re there to sell the stuff. So especially if it’s an estate sale company, they want to get rid of it for their client. It’s the first day’s a little bit harder, but after the first day, you can usually negotiate pricing put things, get, get a lot of things, put them in a pile and they’ll usually give you a better price depending on the company.

The thrift stores get so picked over and you, and, you have a lot of people that are, that stay there all day waiting for a rack to come out or whatever. And when you’re at the state, at the estate sales, it’s just. I don’t know. It’s just different. It’s like having a different thrift, a whole thrift store, a whole house thrift store, brand new every time you walk in.

Amanda: I remember doing estate sales in California and you’d have to, I don’t know if this is your experience and I’m sure it depends on where you go, but I would have to go at three 30 or four in the morning, put my name on a list to be able to get through the door. So you put the name on the list and then that’s, that establishes your place in line when they open at eight or 9 am or seven or whatever that was. So yeah, I always had a routine. I have to go get my name on the list at four in the morning, come back, have breakfast, and then come go back out and get in line. Are they like that? Or is it just a variety in how they run?

Marie: It depends on the company. Yeah. Some of them do lists. Some of them let you just put a bag down and put a rock in it. And then you can go back. That’s what, like we had one yesterday, was it yesterday, right? That we went to, and they literally put right on their thing that they allow line markers so you can have a rock, you can have a bag, you can have whatever it saves your place in line, but you have to physically show up to, to put it there.

And then there’s other ones that are just like you, we went to one a couple of weeks ago where you just had to stand in line and if you weren’t there, you weren’t there, and we got there. Wow, 45 minutes early. And this one, the line was, it took us an hour to get in because they only were letting a certain amount of people in at each time, so it just, it all depends on the company that’s doing it, but if you want to join a nice page, go to Flippin in Phoenix and I’m actually going to start a one for local for those who are in Phoenix.

I’m going to start a thing where we review because everybody is all over the valley. And so we’re going to review different estate companies that we like so that we can help each other go, okay maybe we don’t want to go on the first day cause we know that this company is really high priced and it’s a good time to go on the second day.

And exactly what you were saying, what is that waiting process in the morning? If you’re there, do you need to be there 45 minutes early? Can you just show up or do you need to be there three hours early? And sometimes that just depends on the sale itself as to what they’re selling to.

Amanda: That’s amazing. That’s a tremendous resource. Do you want to talk about that for a minute?

Marie: I have a group called Flippin in Phoenix. It’s a private group, so you have to Request to join that one. It’ll say that you have to be in the Phoenix area but don’t worry about it. I’ll let you in anyway. But then I also I’m rebranding my Instagram. My and other things just to be Flippin Phoenix.

And I also have a business page that’s just flipping Phoenix so that it can be anybody that publicly can just find it as well. We have 226 members on there and we’re starting to get really good flow and I’m trying to, we’re, Clark and I like yesterday we did a haul video where we showed everybody what we got.

We like to tell people, we’re not the people that are gonna keep everything secret. We don’t care if you know where we got stuff because I think there’s plenty enough stuff for everyone.

Clara: Yes, and that’s what Amanda I remember getting into this business and I would be with Amanda. Look, Marie has the same item that I have, Amanda! I’m freaking out. And Amanda would tell me, Clara, calm down. E-commerce is big enough for all of us. And that was a game changer. Literally, that put me at ease, and never stopped growing e-commerce. You’re so right on that, Marie.

Marie: And then one of the other places that Clark and I like to let Clark talk about it. Talk about Last Chance, honey.

Clark: Yeah. So not everybody enjoys going to estate sales. Not everybody enjoys going to thrift stores because quite honestly, the cleanliness factor sometimes, so if you’re a person that gets the ick, I feel you, right? If you’re in Phoenix this is one of my favorite places to go.

And we go there you can go there on Friday and Saturday. They have a color tag like you’ll find at Goodwill and that color tag gives you 80 percent off, but what it’s 80 percent off of is the products that are maybe a little bit out of season, or maybe they’ve been tried on and returned to a Nordstrom store.

So they make them place from they have this place you can go to. It is crazy. I, it, and amazing and fun. The idea is to grab a cart take some time following people around, find that color tag, and it’s 80 percent off. So I’ve gotten some pretty amazing deals on some really high-end stuff.

So it’s not just like Jeffrey Campbell or, some of your other mainstream I’ve gotten Gucci and I’ve gotten Balenciaga. And I’ve gotten a lot of brand names that sell really well. The same rules apply. You gotta source, you gotta look everything up before you purchase it, and look it over pretty closely.

But it doesn’t quite come with the ick associated with maybe a thrift store or maybe an estate sale. And boy, we’ve bought hundreds of dollars, but we’ve eliminated it just as quickly as we purchased it.

Marie: Yeah, when you could buy a pair of shoes for four bucks on their 80 percent like it’s like he said they’re set up like Goodwill so that on Sunday they change their color tag And it’s 50 percent off from Sunday through Thursday. And then Saturday, and Sunday, that tag color is 80%. They do have a little bit of interesting way that they do based because of resellers, I was told.

This is how we found out. Cause we were like, Oh, we want to go on a Friday. And we had never gone on a Friday because Clark does have another full-time job. And so we went on a Friday, and we went like an hour and a half early and there was nobody. Nobody in line. And they opened, I think, at nine o’clock and 830, nobody’s in line.

845, nobody’s in line. And we’re like, are we in the right place? And then at five minutes to nine, or sorry, they open it. And if they open at nine, they do this at 830. About 830, they come out and that’s when everybody comes out of their cars. And they actually have literally 200 numbers in a bag, and you just pick out of the bag, and you get in number, you get in line in the number that you have.

So it doesn’t matter if you got there an hour and a half earlier if you got there five minutes before their deadline. Before their numbering system, you go in an order that you pull the number out because they want everybody to have an equal chance. No matter what time you get there to get in the store, you do have a separate line for waiting carts.

We love to get shoes there because they are usually Either new discontinued ones or they are ones that were returned and very lightly worn. But we get shoes there all the time for between 4 and $15 and sell them for 50 to $100.

Clark: And that’s the crazy thing that even though we go as a couple, we are looking for some very different things. So she has more of an athletic, lean to the clothing that she sells. I’m more around designers and colors and things like that. So even if you’re going with a whole bunch of people it’s, it’s very easy for you all to find different things. It’s just as fun as going to anything else that we do.

Marie: Even when we go to thrift stores together, Clark really specializes in menswear and suits, and he likes to do heavy coats, especially in Phoenix, because people move here all the time, and they don’t use the coats, so now they end up in the thrift stores, and they’re really nice.

And he’ll sell them, all over the world. He sells really nice, heavy coats. I sell swimsuits. He doesn’t do swimsuits. And I like to do skorts, athletic skorts. He doesn’t do any of that stuff. So we have, even though we’re in the same household, we do completely different things.

And I have all these hard goods behind me. He doesn’t do any hard goods. I got glasses and things that I got artwork and I got, we got all kinds of stuff, and he doesn’t do any of that.

Let me tell you about my journey with List Perfectly, and then Clark can tell you about his ’cause this is pretty spectacular. My referral number is. Five.

Clara: Yes, I remember. It’s five

Marie: Theresa really introduced me to List Perfectly. Basically when it was still coming off the ground and I remember doing Zoom calls with Amanda just doing testing when she was when things were just starting and then COVID hit and I, even though I was signed, I don’t think I’ve, I don’t think I’ve ever not been signed up with List Perfectly, but I wasn’t using it. And I certainly wasn’t using it to its potential. And then last March which was our first EVIEs meeting. There’s a group that talks, and runs in the Phoenix area called EVIEs.

And Trish was there, and I had a lot of questions, and they were getting ready. They were promoting Listing Party. And so I went to that meeting, and it was the first meeting back since COVID. And I had, that was March of 23, January 23 is when I left my full-time job. And so March of 23 I only had 300 items in my store and a little over 300. And I was like, okay, I really want to ramp up. I really need to get back into List Perfectly. And Trish was there, and she was like, they were both telling me, this is what you need to do. And you need to come to Listing Party every morning at 6 a. m. and I was like, I can’t get up at 6 a.m. And Don was there as well. And I’m like, Oh, okay. I’ll get up at 6 a.m. At this point, I was only on the business plan, and I was paying another site for something else. And Theresa said, Marie, she said, I want you to get the Pro Plan.

You can cut back on your other one, and replace the other one with the Pro Plan. She goes, try it for three months and if you don’t like it, then you can change this to then switch back. And I, and then she’s but I want you to use List Perfectly to list your items. And I had never done that.

And let me tell you, it’s a frightening thing to change from the way you’re used to doing something. And I was always listing through eBay and then I would do the cross post back. And she’s I want you to try to list through List Perfectly for three months. And guess what? I’ve never gone back. I couldn’t even, I don’t even know if I could list straight on eBay anymore, but I now have over a thousand items in my store.

I make way more now doing it than I ever have doing reselling. I’m making more, way more on reselling now than I ever have. And Yeah, I just don’t know what I would do without List Perfectly. I tell that people all the time. I’m like, I just cannot imagine my business without it. I don’t think I could function without it. And like when I finally got Clark on there, it just, it was hard again. It’s hard to make that, it’s hard to change.

Clara: So you mentioned eBay, but I know you guys also, maybe you started your reseller journey. Maybe I got the wrong information, but was it in Poshmark?

Yeah. Clark started in Poshmark.

Marie: Yeah. Let him tell his story because he’s got a great story.

Clara: Oh, do tell Clark.

Clark: I’ve been on eBay for a number of years. Like I hinted at the number before, but it wasn’t until I was working for another company that had an office in Nashville and I’d fly back and forth. And I’m known for these wild and crazy shirts. That’s my thing. And Somebody was like where did you get the shirt? And I’m like it’s Robert Graham is the brand. And I’m like, you can get them on eBay. And they’re like we don’t do eBay. We do Poshmark. So this kind of, it was just around the same time that I started my business and came up with Hibiscus Pizza.

So I’ve really got some very deep roots now with the Poshmark community, more so than the eBay community. Love them both. But I love them for different reasons. And eBay and I have not always been friends. I would post on both. I would cross-post on both using my beautiful wife’s List Perfectly account initially.

But the problem is that I wouldn’t remove them both. So I got in a little bit of trouble with eBay. And they’re like you can’t promote anymore. We’re going to charge you extra fees because we are just not comfortable with the fact that you don’t have these products for sale that you say you have for sale because I sold them on Poshmark.

I also have been a part-time reseller. That’s it. I have a full-time job. I’m an onboarding coach for a healthcare organization by day. I’m always like, how can I make the most money? I spoke on this at if PoshFest 2019 as a part-time reseller, how do you get more value out of your time?

It’s hugely important, especially if you are part-time in this business. And so I was doing probably a couple of grand a month on Poshmark until my beautiful wife said, you know what, you should try using List Perfectly on your own and as inventory management. Which is what the pro plan does.

So it’s not about cross-posting anymore. That’s an element of purpose. And now, by the way, Clark here, you what changed my business. I know what she just said. I love how much I, it changed in a moment, but we’ve really changed my business.

You gotta be able to save that time. So I started this, yes, I’m one of her signups. But I had gone from May of 2023 doing $2,000 a month on Poshmark. Started using List Perfectly for inventory management, which takes the big scaries out of it because you can end all of your listings across the board. And I’ve doubled and tripled my income.

So imagine Earning an extra two, or three grand a month just by leveraging List Perfectly. It makes whatever you’re charging worth it.

If anybody is not on List Perfectly, if you’re looking for a good story it is really simple for resellers that are resistant. If they look at it as inventory management, that’s the secret, right? Cross-posting is one element of that, but the other element is managing your inventory.

Oh my goodness. Again I’ve tripled my income.

And that’s the thing, when it comes to cross-posting, it’s not just recognizing like, Hey, I can put my stuff on five different platforms. You have to respect each of those platforms as well. So when it comes to Poshmark, yes, sharing is a big part of that. Following people is a big part of that.

I’m here to save time and make the most amount of money with the least amount of effort. That’s what everybody’s here for. So the idea is, that sharing’s important to customizing the things that you have on a per-platform basis to make sure that they’re going to be seen using that AI that Doug was talking about to do your listings.

That’s just that’s a dream. This is like the dream thing that I didn’t know that I needed until the pro plan came up and Marie so thoughtfully thought to give me a few selling points. So yeah, it’s been a, it’s been an amazing journey. And. making just as much with my business my reselling business nearly just as much as I do with my full-time job.

So yeah, super cool.

Amanda: That’s amazing. First of all, we are, we’re excited that you, we can probably like soon enough when we were Still working on the sharing tool works great, but I know that there are some other features that we are building. And when we have those, we can save you, we can save you even more money. And yeah, get that integrated with your business too. So one-stop shop with LP.

Marie: Yeah. It’s just amazing. I hear people are not happy about pricing, because of what they are paying other places and stuff. I just don’t think they understand the value of all that List Perfectly has.

Cause all they think about is it’s a sharing tool. And if they could get past just the sharing tool, there’s so much more. And the Listing Party community is huge. Oh my gosh. I absolutely love it. I love that when I have something in my hand that I’m listing and I don’t know, I can’t get this, I don’t remember what it’s called. I just hop into that 24-hour room, and I’d be like, Hey guys, what would you call this?

Clara: Those are my favorites.

Marie: It’s so great to get live feedback from people that are in, I just, I call it my, that they’re my coworkers, because this is my full-time job, and I don’t really have anybody here. Sometimes I have a photographer that comes in, but other than that, I don’t have anybody here to talk to. And so when you have Listing Party, it is. It’s coworkers all over, that are doing the same thing that you are and they’re just there for support and there to help you and you help them and you learn from each other and it’s not that I’ve seen so many other groups where people are cutthroat and that’s just not what this community is.

It just isn’t. So I would definitely, if you’re not using those features, guys, you really, Don’t be afraid to jump in there and use them. And if people are, I hear people go, Oh, I’ve jumped in there, but there are just people talking and I’m just “jump in!”

If, they’re talking about something personal, just jump in and say, Hey, hi, how do I sell these? So I think some people are intimidated by that, but they shouldn’t be.

Amanda: You guys are really special to me for many reasons, but one of them is because back in the early days when we were just getting List Perfectly off the ground and we were going to EVIEs and doing the presentations, you guys were there, you were there to see it from the very beginning. And back then we had four marketplaces that we cross-posted to, and we had templates and, a couple of other things, but you’ve seen the evolution from when we were first getting started to now. And yeah, it’s definitely been quite a journey and it was a pleasure to meet you then.

Marie: Yeah, it has come a long way. Thank both of you. It has been an amazing journey. I can’t wait to see what you guys have going in the future, but just the way it is now for people who don’t understand the pricing and what you get for it. As Clark said, you literally can sell one item and make that back that you wouldn’t have sold before. And he was, like I said, he was, trust me, you guys, this man right here. It took him a long time to use a Dymo Label Printer. He was like, No! It prints on the paper. It works for me. I’m not moving to a Dymo Label Printer. And when he finally did the Dymo Printer, he’s Oh my gosh, why have I not done this? And it was the same thing.

Clara: Yeah, you can go, once you go with one of those reseller printers…

Amanda: Oh my gosh. I do remember I, I used to cut the labels and then the glue and put the glue and the tape. Yeah, we’ve all been there. And then when you get that, when you get that printer, you’re Okay. Game changer.

Marie: It was huge. And he felt that exact same way with List Perfectly. He saw me using it and using it. And I’m like, you got to use this to cross-post. He goes, Nope. Good. Because you got that, you got in so much trouble with eBay when you didn’t have.

Clark: Yeah, I was running it. It’s two separate businesses. So eBay would be one group of stuff and Poshmark would be another because I recognize the value in, connecting these different marketplaces, but to do so safely is quite another thing. And I didn’t want to, lose my business again.

Marie: He was like, nope not cross-posting anything. I’m not having it listed in more than one place. And then I’m like, please just try it. And finally. It was just late last year, I think he, did it and he realized…

Clark: it was June of 2023.

Marie: And then he realized how many other features there were, and he’s oh my gosh, this is what I need. And then these people don’t understand this it’s not just cross-posting. It’s so much more.

Clara: Yes. That’s the idea. Cross-posting can be done by anybody. . But how do you manage the growth strategically and in the direction you and your customers needs not just going with the flow and chasing the money, which is we’re all chasing money, but we got to chase it strategically.

Marie: The first week that he cross-posted he started cross-posting, he was just like, I got a sale on eBay. And he’s got another sale on eBay.

Clark: But think about that 50/50, it’s literally doubled my income by spending $70 a month. But yeah, the returns are much easier because you can just re-pop something up once you get it back. It’s just, yeah, you got to spend money to make money. And I’m really hesitant to spend money to make money. I want to make sure that there’s value there, but it wasn’t until that pro plan was made in all of the cross-posting and all of the inventory management was made there that I saw that, Hey, there’s some value to this.

For those of you who are at the business plan, consider it, and give it a shot. Cause you have nothing to make but money and who couldn’t live, who couldn’t enjoy an extra three, five a thousand dollars a month simply because they’re better able to reach these other marketplaces.

Clara: Yeah. And even if you’re a small seller, we’re giving now a hundred thousand free listings with no spam, no watermarks. Okay. And then it’s a money-back guarantee of a hundred. You get to keep those listings. So we’re just excited to see what else can we do to help our community. And thank you so much for all these years of not only Oh my goodness, remember in the beginning Marie, when our server could crash every two hours.

Marie: And my favorite, I love the new AI thing. Let me tell you, I’m still, I’m going through all of my inventory because I love how it puts the bullet points in there. I think I love having the, I know that a lot of people we all know that we have customers that don’t read descriptions, especially when you have paragraphs of them.

But to have the option with those bullet points in there is so nice. And I have literally. I’m about halfway through my inventory right now where I’m literally going through and I am redoing everything with the AI description because of how it pulls the information right from the title and from those descriptive, from the fill-in word what am I saying?

The thing’s over on the right-hand side.

Clark: The listing details.

Marie: The details. Yes. And how it puts those in a beautiful little bullet-pointed form. It is just phenomenal. And then, with the Photoroom integration to pull out the background. I, yeah, I can’t say things about it.

Clara: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much for your support and incredible feedback. Mandy, look at Mandy. She’s a woman, a few words, but I can tell you right now those pink cheeks and that big smile. Okay. Mandy’s poker face. Okay. But for her to be smiling like that, she’s, I can tell you’re very happy with the session, right?

Amanda: Marie was just talking about descriptions and of course that takes me back to when we were going around Evie’s, that was one of my things is, that everyone says nobody reads descriptions in listings, but I always thought about descriptions like, okay, maybe they’re going to focus on the title and the pictures.

But the description is the last thing that a seller is going to look at and decide whether or not they want to buy from you. And that’s what I found. I don’t know about you guys. I don’t know if you find that, but I find that people do look at the description, but it’s the last thing they look at. And they’re actually looking at it to see You know, not just to get information, but to see what kind of seller you are.

So I’ve always been a champion of putting things in your description, making them good. So we have listing assistant that Marie just talked about. It’ll do it for you. So you don’t like to do description. No problem. You can use listing assistant. It’ll do the description for you, and it takes care of that little piece of the listing that I think is really important.

Clark: I think the other thing, too, is when you’re talking about who is looking at your listings, also think about what, for search engine optimization, most search engines like Google, Pinterest, etc. Not only look at your images, which is why the white background is so desirable, but they’re also looking at the listing information as well.

So for those of you who are using Promoted Listings through eBay or Promoted Listings through Poshmark, those are going through search engines and what goes to the top is based on number one, of course, the amount of money that you’re putting towards it. But from there, the second thing is, does it really fit to the thing that somebody searching for? The SEO portion of it is hugely important in making sure that your listings get the exposure that they deserve outside of the platform as well.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, that’s a great point. And the important thing is that search platforms have changed. Search engines have changed. Back in the day, it used to be the title, right? Title and item specifics. Now they look at the description too. So that’s another reason why it’s great to do the description. So Marie, I’m so glad that you brought that up and yeah, it’s all about making money. It’s just going to help you make more money.

Clara: Absolutely. Absolutely. Oh my goodness, this makes me so happy! And it’s time to bring Snoop Dougie! Woo!

Doug: I’m back. I didn’t move at all just in case I was needed. Here I am. I’m back. No, what a great session. It was great to hear your story, your LP story. Where you started, how you grew.

One interesting thing. One question that I do have is whether you guys have separateish, at least, businesses and your daughter too. Do you compete? Do you source together? Do you battle over things when you’re sourcing? How does that all work?

Marie: Clark and I very rarely we do a lot of different stuff.

Clark: Yes, but rarely.

Marie: Yeah, my daughter does. Some of the same stuff as I do. But I have so much stuff. So even if I find good things, I will just give them to her if she wants them.

Let me tell you, there have been multiple times when I have picked something up. I have looked at it. I did not look it up. And I put it back down and she picks it up and then she does look it up and she’s and then it ends up in our cart and I’m like, what is that? And then she tells me what it is.

There was one thing that was the very first time that happened. It ended up being a, what was it, honey? What’s that jester place? The Order of the Jesters thing.

Clark: Yeah, you have it. Yes, that’s it.

Marie: I can’t remember what it’s called, but anyway, it was this glass thing and I thought that it was a personalized trophy. And so I put it back and she picked it up and it ended up being a limited edition, like trophy thing, but the name on it was actually the name of the award. It wasn’t that person’s award and ended up being like worth 150 bucks and she paid like $7 for it. And I literally had it in my hand and did not look it up. And she came behind me and ended up selling it. And then she’s the one who found, she’s getting really good. We were at an estate sale, and she found some Gucci scarves.

Clark: There was Versace. There was Hermes.

Marie: She got these little pocket squares for three bucks. I didn’t see him at all. And she ended up, she just sold two of them last week for $85 apiece.

It’s funny, because she really was not, growing up, we’ve always gone, Clark and I have always gone to thrift stores. And she was one of those people who was like, Oh, I’m not going to a thrift store. I have other things I’d rather do. And if we go out, she’d be, we’d be like, do you want to go?

And she’s are you going to a thrift store? And she’d be like, Nope, not going. And then she wanted to go to Europe. She got invited to go to Europe and we told her that she would have to, and we would pay the deposit. But she would have to pay the rest, which was like six grand. And that’s really what really got her going.

And we started going to garage sales and she asked people, what are you going to do with all this stuff afterwards? And we had this huge garage sale and she opened up her own eBay account and she was selling online. She ended up making all of the money that she needed on her own within a three-month period and didn’t have to pay any extra cause she did not have to finance it.

And that, that point in time is when she learned she’s never going to have to be completely broke. And let me tell you, it really frustrates her cause she was in choir, and they were going to go to Disneyland, and all they had to do was put a $50 deposit down. And there was so many kids that said they didn’t have the money, or they didn’t bring the money that they ended up having to cancel the trip. And she’s I can sell two things. I can sell one or two things and I can make that much money.

Doug: All right. But yeah, again, great session, but before we go your nutshell high level, as we like to say, each of you, your top piece of seller advice, if you had to give one piece each?

Clark: Be consistent. It does not matter where you source. It doesn’t matter what you buy. It doesn’t matter anything of what you do. If you can’t get X amount, and you can decide what that X amount is. For me, the magic number is six. That is all that I have time for, but I put in six a day. You got to list it and you got to cross-post it. If you can be consistent, you will make money in this business.

Doug: That’s great. That’s great.

Marie: That would be the number one, obviously. What else? Geez that really is the number one, but organization, which again, List Perfectly helps a lot with that. That’s my biggest thing. Use List Perfectly. Why not?

Doug: We like that one.

Marie: There’s no reason not to. I have told so many people, if you have any questions, just message me, and I’ll show you how it works.

It is so worth it, you guys. If you’re not using List Perfectly and you want to try it or you want to see how it works first, message me. I will show you.

Clara: Thank you. Thank you so much. Pearls of wisdom, right?

Marie: These two have worked so hard to make your life easier, our life easier, every reseller’s life easier.

Clara: It was born out of desperation. If you could have told me that the Mandy Lister would become a Lister for tens of thousands of customers, seven years ago, I would have been like, no,

Marie: I wish I would have never dropped off. Let me tell you. Oh my gosh. And if you are not, if you’re not on the referral program, you guys get on the referral program. It is the best referral program that’s out there. There’s no reason for you not to be referring people to List Perfectly, really.

Amanda: Yeah, I’m so glad you said that. There are so many reasons to join, even if you just You can have one referral. You can have no referrals. You actually get information in the referral program. You get access. Just join. It’s free to any List Perfectly customer. It’s available. It’s another resource available to every List Perfectly customer. So thank you for mentioning that.

Clara: Yeah. No caps, or lifetime earnings, and you get to test new features. Just saying. And yes, we do have, everybody’s doing six digits. It’s okay. We have so many people doing six digits. Come and don’t miss that. Okay? So let us help you work with us, and we’ll work with you, and we’ll help you. We have no sales team, no advertising, but Amanda and me, we believe in each other so much, and thank you, everybody. Thank you, Marie. Thank you, Clark, and our incredible audience. What a beautiful session. Thank you so much.


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