Join us as we dive into the entrepreneurial journey of Vetta’s Treasures, a successful online reseller who found her calling and independence through Poshmark. Discover how she transitioned from traditional employment to becoming her own boss, setting her own rules, and building a thriving business that reflects her passion and drive.

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An Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey with Vetta’s Treasures

Doug: I’m going to bring our fabulous leader and CEO and co-founder, Amanda Morse in, and then we’ll bring Vetta in and start up the discussion. 
I’m very excited about our great guest too. She’s a super cool lady. She loves List Perfectly, loves listing parties, and she’s very inspiring. 

Let’s welcome Vetta, ladies and gentlemen, of Vetta’s Treasures. 

Amanda: Hey Vetta! Welcome. Super excited that you’re here with us and you can share your reseller journey with us.

Vetta: I am so thankful to be here. So I love reselling. I had different hobbies over the years and then reselling started off as a hobby and then I fell in love with it. It was the one hobby that I actually didn’t mind turning into a business. And because I always tell people, I find people that can do things like make cakes or crochet.

And I’ll be like, Oh, you should make this a business. And they’re like, I don’t want to do this all day. And I had that same concept with different things I did. And then I started doing the reselling and I was like, I could do this all day. And so I started doing it and it became such an amazing thing for me.

And so for me, the reason reselling is so important in my life is because I have shared and I share all my, my. Live social media pages. I have health problems. So I’ve battled Blood disorders over the years since I was 19. I’ve had hemorrhaging. I’ve had blood clots. It was Severe and so it limited my ability to be able to function all the time in the office But then I turned around and adopted a child with special needs and my daughter who is my blessing My everything and she had specialists and therapies and so it’s like now you’re asking a boss to not only go to your appointments but to take off for your child’s appointments and neither one of us were going to fall to the wayside because of work and so I decided reselling will definitely not be a hobby.

Mama’s going to make this work so that I can be available to us so that we are the priority always in my life. So I’m able to be home in my office working while she is having therapy in the living room. I’m able to go to her school to see all of her performances and stuff. And she was awarded an award on Tuesday. In the middle of the day and mommy was there on the stage recording her little one. And so those are all amazing for me. And then, as I said, the fact that I dealt with my health and had such severe issues throughout those years, I know the preciousness of each moment of life. And I’m blessed to be able to have the opportunity to do this and be a part of it.

So for me recently, it’s just, it’s freedom. It’s definitely freedom, like flexibility and freedom. To just do what I want when I need to and so sometimes it’s nose to the grind Mommy’s focus. I need to research. I need the resources I need to whatever and then there are times hey, let’s go to the park like we are just going so we’re checking out.

We’re gonna go do this and I don’t have to Be I don’t have to ask for time off and I don’t have to apologize For needing time off and I never wanted to have to apologize For my daughter like it’s one thing to tell my boss like I’m sorry I had to be out because of my health, but I never wanted to apologize For having to take my wanted to be at my daughter’s therapy session or be at a doctor’s appointment with her like that just Wasn’t gonna work for me But yeah, so that’s why I do what I do and why I love what I do And and I like helping other people learn it.

Do you guys want to just keep talking?

I can talk. 

Amanda: No, please. 

Vetta: I was telling the mastermind group, I actually met a lady yesterday. She’s at one of the stores. There’s a lot of stores closing down and there’s one particular company that’s closing all their stores. And I came across one of the reps of the store and so I was like what’s next for you?

And she was like, I don’t want to do retail anymore. I just, I really don’t want to work. And she’s I want to work, but I don’t want to work. And I said I resell. And she’s what? And so she was like I’m interested in that. And she’s but I don’t really know anyone.

And I said, you do, you just met someone. And so I told Trish, I said, I’m bringing on a new person to List Perfectly. Like I have told her about the company. I have told her about reselling. And then it turns out that this lady used to work for a plus size store here in Texas And she was there when they closed and so she was saying how she has mannequins and things and clothes that she bought discount And she’s like I’m willing to share these plus size clothes with you for your knowledge of reselling and I’m like let’s talk and so You know and she was like are you sure you want to tell me things?

And I told her several things I live by and one of them is I don’t see competition, I see colleagues and the fact that I’m able to do Something I love doing I want to be able to share with other people. I would love to have another mom or dad or whoever. Say that they have the opportunity to be home and resell And go wherever they don’t have kids and you just want to be able to work from the comfort of home Or out of a warehouse or wherever Someone is willing to share that knowledge.

Now. Will I tell you every single thing? No I’m not going to tell you what store i’m at that particular day But I will tell you the type of stores you can go to get the good deals and stuff And so but i’m really excited and I told the lady I said look my daughter’s last week of school is this coming week But after that summer hits if you’re serious We’ll go like we can hit the ground running and she’s like i’m she’s excited and she’s because You And I, isn’t it just, it made me feel good to see her face light up of this opportunity.

And she was like, I can’t believe it. They had to come find her because she was supposed to be working to close the store We’ve been over here on aisle 12 for the last 30 minutes talking about her next journey when she hasn’t shut down the other Finish your job before 

Amanda: I mean you nailed it, I love that you said that like I always like to say reselling is big enough for all of us. I never, and I love what you say, you don’t have competition. You have colleagues. Very well said. 

Vetta: And that’s really one of the things too I love about List Perfectly. You guys didn’t just give us a place to put our inventory, which thank you, because it’s a vital part of the growth of my business.

Because like I said, for my health, there are times I can take 60 pictures, and then depending on how I’m feeling, I could be down for three days. But thanks to the bank, I can always post. And before I didn’t have that place where everything was stored. And we’ve all had those moments where pictures got lost.

Or, something crazy happened on one of the platforms. And it’s oh my gosh, now I have to go pull this item out that is perfectly sealed and all wrinkled now to steam it and take the photos. And so I’m like, never again, List Perfectly. But like I said, it gave me a great inventory system. And then you guys turned around and gave us a community.

And so there are times like we have that 24-hour room And my sister was like she came by one day and she was like everybody’s screens were off Everybody was muted and she’s what are you doing? And I was like I’m on I’m on Zoom She’s but nobody’s talking and I told her the only way I can describe it to you is to think about the office We’re all in our cubicles And you can’t see each other But then you’ll have that one person that’s in the cubicle.

They’ll be like Hey, Amanda, are you there? Yeah. What’s up? I’m having trouble with the…. Can you help me? And then they’ll pop up and so I’m like you’re literally just working in the office with your colleagues Like we’re all there. We’ll have people that come into the 24-hour room And it’s weird because you can tell them what they’re not used to that because they’ll see all the cameras off and the mics off and they’re like hello And so we have to say oh we’re here We’re just all working and it’s great because it gives you someone to work with but it’s also accountability because the other day someone came in there and they were just They were talking and talking and we’re like, hey, we talk but we work while we talk So you gotta get back to work.

But yeah, I and I. That’s something I don’t know of other places. Not just having where it’s just an inventory system, but it’s a community where we’re literally getting double for our money. We’re getting all this vital information, all these colleagues on top of having a great inventory space.

There are things that I will, if I have to start downsizing List Perfectly would be that, it’s like when people say they’ll let go of their car, but you’ll never let go of your house. So I have to sell a mannequin or two, but List Perfectly is going nowhere because I need List, List the house. I need List Perfectly. 

Amanda: Thank you so much for saying that. And yeah, I got to channel Clara here. Listing Party! I can’t do it justice. She does it so much better, but I had to do it. I have to try, yes, 

Vetta: But yeah it’s been great. And there was a gap in my List Perfectly zooms for a while and then people, I came back and there were all these new people and I was like, who are these people? But I love the fact that people like Liz or Trish were like, Vetta’s not new. She just disappeared for a while.

But it’s like I came and some of the newer people were just like, Oh, there’s this new person named Vetta. And I’m like, no, I remember when it was like six of us in the Zoom room and now there’s like a full mastermind room. And I’m like, maybe I should turn my camera off. I know these people, but even the people that were there, like just automatically start becoming friends, people like Jason and Brent and Gina, like all of them, like they just, they weren’t there when I first started.

And then I came back and I came back to a whole new office of colleagues, but it had grown, but still had that same quality and family feel. And so I love it. And the break was I became a PTA president and let’s just say I, it’s a one and done for me, but it’s a one and done. 

Amanda: Oh my gosh. I got to just get in here and just say, for anybody that doesn’t know Listing Party and what that is talking about, if you have a List Perfectly subscription. You have access to Listing Party. And Listing Party is, there’s so much to Listing Party. Vetta, you explained it really well.

You’re finding your colleagues, you’re getting that support while you list, but you can also establish goals, you can push your listings over to Listing Party, which was one thing that we were really excited about. You want to help the community. You can buy from each other. You let you push your listings over the Listing Party.

And then, those in the community can, if they’re looking for something, choose to buy from your community first and you can set up goals and all that. So thank you so much, but I got to ask you Vetta too. Of course, I need to know what it is that you specialize in. Do you specialize in anything that you resell?

Vetta: When I first started, I was everything and now I realize, okay, I need to dish this down because I feel like whenever I walk in the store, I was everywhere and I just didn’t know what to get. And that’s where I say learning from people is good, but you also have to figure out what’s going to work for you.

I typically have clothing, you will find different sizes, but my passion is plus size. And I’m a plus-size woman, so I know it and I love it. And when I come across that, I love dresses. I will say that I’m biased. I’m a dress woman. And so I come across these dresses and it’s maybe not my size.

It’s bigger, or maybe it’s a size smaller, but I imagine the plus size woman will get this dress and feel beautiful in it because when I was growing up as a kid, it was so hard to find. Sometimes find the clothes that you like. I didn’t like trying on clothes. It was just one of those things I was just very insecure and then I had to learn to love myself And so one of the things I always tell people is that even when I see social media There’s so much back and forth when it comes to the plus size community It’s not about what we’re promoting as obesity or anything like that.

It’s just about loving yourself I tell people all the time you need to love yourself in every stage of your life You can’t wait to be somewhere to love yourself And we all say that in different things like some people say oh when I get this size I’ll dress up and I’ll love myself or when I get to this age I’ll dress up and love myself Or when my business reaches this Place I’ll love it Love your business when you have a hundred bucks in your bank account, and then love your business even more when there’s a million.

But the thing is you gotta learn to love every piece of the, part of the journey. Because I always start thinking to myself, what if you don’t reach this high as well? You’re going to love yourself when you get to a size 12 or 10, but you may not see that. And then you went your whole life without loving the better that you are.

And so I decided I’m going to love Vetta Every inch every step of the way. And so when I get these plus size clothes, I want every plus size woman to know No matter where you are in your journey Your powerhouse deserves to look beautiful, get you a dress with a cape and rock that so Yeah, so that I always say plus size fashion is my passion. If that helps 

Amanda: I love it. I love it I mean and you’re actually solving a need too because I can imagine that a lot of shoppers out there May not have access to that size. And so you offer that. That’s, I know selling online. One of the most in-demand sizes when I was selling even years ago was the plus size and I was doing vintage.

The challenge there, everything vintage is when you found those bigger sizes, that was like. Wow. I love your specialty. And I love what you said, love yourself, love your business for where you are today and enjoy the journey and enjoy who you are. That’s very well said. 

Vetta: Because when we travel, we do, you stop at little stores and you take pictures everywhere. Like you, you don’t just get from A to B, like you enjoy that journey and that ride along the way. I’m here for the ride. But yeah, and then I’ve gotten into some kids’ stuff because like I said, I have a little girl, so I came up with Amari’s Treasures.

There is no, she has like a little logo, but there is no real place yet. Other than that, I’ve started putting kids’ stuff on my Mercari page for her. And the last page has her little A thing, but it’s funny. We would go to the store and I would find her touching clothing. And I was like, are you trying to learn the business, baby?

Figure out what I need you to learn what cashmere feels like. I need you to learn what I was just like, it’s so funny. And I’m like, you don’t need to be able to spell it out or whatever. Just bring it to mommy. And yeah, so it’s just, it’s awesome. And it’s hard to not still sell. Like I tell people, I predominantly sell clothes.

But I’m not going to turn down a deal. If I come across some good deals on toys, it doesn’t go into Amari’s Treasures, but we’re bringing it home. It’s coming with us and making those connections allowed us to get those things too, because we’ll come across. So being in the PTA. I’ve come across moms that are ready to clean out some closets in their lives.

So I always tell people what you do because they’re like, Oh we got all these sizes. Do you want these size three T’s? And I’m like, sure, bring it on by. And that’s how some of our inventory grew. I have an amazing support system as far as family and friends. And I even had an uncle who a friend of his wife’s friend found out what I did and why I did it.

And she’s going to keep you home with that baby. And she just literally started sending boxes of clothes to my house. And I was like, Oh, okay. Given they were not my size, we’ll still sell it. 

Doug: One thing I wonder, and if you have any tips, we do some of the stuff you did, but then adding PTA mom, PTA president on there, and then all the stuff. How do you balance it all with your business?

Vetta: Yeah the handy dandy thing with cell phones, social media, and all that goes with you. So I’ve literally been at school serving tacos to teachers while sending out offers Or you know I make it work at a doctor’s appointment and i’m like, let me respond to this customer really quick And I just find a way to make a mesh and that’s why I say like I love that There is the platforms do even with List Perfectly have the stuff there.

So I’m able, like if I get pictures I can be someone with my laptop and still get stuff done, I can have the pictures and still edit within List Perfectly on the, through my phone or tablet. So it’s I always have the opportunity to get some work in while trying to, cause when we went to the award ceremony.

They had us in the room waiting till they called our group up. So while they’re waiting in the room I’m like let me send out some offers and so Literally the moment before I cheered I went out to record my daughter on stage. I got a cha ching And I’m like I sold something and my baby got an award yay So we both were celebrating that day and that sale paid for her dinner out when we left the school I was like Mommy’s gonna Mercari just paid for our meal today And but she doesn’t care who paid for it.

She just wants It but yeah, so I do I find a way to balance it And like I said, I still have to I am a person who’s very worky And so I do have to make sure sometimes when it comes to myself that I do take a step back and be like, okay We need to rest for a couple hours. We’ve been doing this The feet are starting to hurt and like I said, I find a way because again, I can put, I tell my doctor I can put my feet up and still send offers and still list and so yeah, so it works and that’s why I said it’s going to be a perfect thing for me to do.

Because whether I’m, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been in the hospital before, like in the hospital bed. I won’t send the offer because I can’t ship it right then. But if my sister can swing by the house and grab it I’ll send these off I’ll these offers. Will you go ship it? 

Amanda: Yeah. Reselling, like being your own boss, you’re not working nine to five, right? Like you’re working any little moment that you have, and it could be 11 PM. It could be from the hospital as you’ve said. But yeah, you answered one of my questions, which was, how do you source? And you answered that with Just tell people what you do and then they will bring you stuff. But do you, and I don’t want you to give away your secrets. We know everybody works really hard for those, but do you have, would you be able to share like any other sourcing methods that you have? 

Vetta: I do a little bit of retail clearance, but the main thing I do is it’s through stores because I found places where I can get things at a very low cost.

And the great thing for me is when I get it at a very low cost, I can give it to them, I can pass it on to someone else at a low cost. And so it’s like I, I know it’s always weird to say because no person in business will ever say I don’t want to be a millionaire, but I truly don’t want to be a millionaire.

And that goes to one of the things that you should actually like to know your goals. I have no problem with people who want to be a millionaire. But I know the work that it takes to become a millionaire. And I feel like it will, I will have to give up time maybe to get to the millionaire spot. And for me, I just want to be comfortable, but also be able to give something to a parent that’s comfortable.

So it’s like sometimes I never felt like kid clothes should be 20 bucks. So if I sell a kid’s shirt on Mercari for three bucks and I make three bucks, I’m okay with that because this mom got that shirt for three bucks and there really could be a mom that really needs that shirt. Okay. For three bucks and somebody else could say oh you could have made 12 off of it Yeah, I coulda but the shirt is gone and maybe I didn’t pay anything or I paid a quarter or a dollar I at the end of the day, I have a pastor one of my old pastors and if he’s watches his video He’s gonna say I told you stop acting like that’s the only thing I ever said But he ended the summer one time with As you have been blessed go out and be a blessing And so that’s one of the things I live by like I want the opportunity to be able to bless other people So I have so many friends and family that bless me with these items And so do I have to get the toppest dollar for it?

No, if I feel like there’s someone As long as my house is still being cared for then anything I am a business And so I will never let my daughters need me Or won’t fall off to the side. But if I can help someone else, then why not? A small thing for me is I lost my dad at a very young age, and my mom was only 29 with two daughters.

But we never felt like we went without, because of my mom, we were thrift store kids. Like I always tell people, I don’t know brands, but I know cute. So when I got into reselling, I had to learn brands. I was always that kid like, oh, that is cute. And so I told people like we didn’t grow up with brands, but we grew up with the cute oh, that’s cute I like that’s cute And so it could be Target. It could be Walmart. It could be a thrift store as long as it was cute I was cute And so I just I want people to have that cute So even if they don’t because I was shocked that people were buying Walmart brands from me on Poshmark And I mean they were paying like 15 bucks for a Walmart I’m like, but it’s what they knew if you know what fits You If you know what you like, who cares, they don’t care about the brand. They want it to fit and they want it cute. And so those are my people. We want it to fit and we want to look cute. 

Doug: So you have strategies, you’re strategic, you balance all these things. You’re adaptable. Can you tell us a little bit about how List Perfectly fits into what you do? 

Vetta: So List Perfectly allows me, like I said, I do all of my listings within List Perfectly, and then I send them out. So for me, I work up that, as we say, the bank. I will build it up. Maybe on a Sunday, I take 60 photos, and then I’ll sit there, and whether it’s at my computer, on my phone, or tablet, or laptop, I’ll work on the listing itself. And that List Perfectly helps with that.

Because I will take my pictures within List Perfectly, and I always wonder so if everybody knows that Poshmark back in the day I used to do it in Poshmark and it had to be that one by one square And I kept thinking how is these pictures gonna fit because I forgot to take it with the one by one And it didn’t matter like I was I kept wondering like how these pictures keep showing up perfectly fine Every time I cross post and then I learned that you guys have some picture integration Again, another awesome thing, but like I said, it does help me to be able to have a place that keeps my inventory It tracks the numbers for me, again, I got to tell people I don’t and I’m paying for it And that’s sometimes people always feel like why do you pay for things you shouldn’t pay for there are some things you should pay for Anything that’s making it easier for You should pay for and because my time is precious And so to me you guys are something List Perfectly is something where i’m paying for And it’s giving me time and I didn’t always know that because sometimes I used to be a diy er and I had a friend Who told me Girl, my time is money. And so I was like, that makes a lot of sense. 

And so yes, paying that fee allows me to have everything work in one place. I can look in now, so for my birthday, which was last month, I upgraded to the Pro Plan because I had Business for the last year and a half. And then you, they kept asking again, why you should go to these Zoom people.

They kept opening people’s screens and I was like, what are all those extra tabs? And so I’m seeing all these different things that they were doing that I wasn’t doing and I’m like That was a lot faster than what I’m doing. And so I was like, okay birthday gift we’re upgrading and so I upgraded to the List Perfectly and they got me with a Pro And they got me to the Pro Plus and now I’m just like, oh, and if you don’t know Everything that sells is a cha-ching with the List Perfectly.

So whatever my computer even if it’s a Poshmark sale It still goes cha-ching

But yeah, so it keeps everything there. The numbers are there, the pictures are there, and the titles are there. I bought one of those little scanning guns And I scanned it and it pulled up the stuff with the What is the feature, help me out. 

Amanda: Listing Assistant. 

Vetta: Yes And so at first I couldn’t figure out how to do it But then the zoom in our Mastermind they told us like hey, you gotta just put the thing in the Put your mouse in there. And when I scanned it, I was like, okay Now I need to start scanning everything in the house like Total game changer and so I love that the merge feature came along So now you guys got me getting stuff that ain’t clothes Because I need to be able to scan and merge things And so like my daughter’s store, which has like the toys and stuff.

I’ve been using that merge tool so much. I’ve been using that scanner and The listing assistant like all of it is just and it makes things go faster. So again, it’s the last time on my desk I’m on my feet more than I’m enjoying relaxing with my daughter. So it’s just been great. Like it’s all the way around.

It’s just working. And then you guys just keep coming out with more stuff. Cause I have not tried, but Jason was talking about that. The newest one, what is it? 

Amanda: The Express Lister. 

Vetta: Yeah. I have not tried it yet, but Jason was talking about it. We were talking about it and that’s mine this morning. So now, I got to try it out. I’m like a kid when it comes to new toys I’m like, wait, what is it doing? I want to try it too. 

Amanda: We got a ton of more stuff coming, but I just wanted to let everybody know, because you mentioned something and it’s meaningful to me, a lot of people, when you’re getting, you’re just getting into reselling, right?

If you’re new or you’re just not sure, how much you want to invest. Software might seem like a big investment and Vetta you nailed it. Anything that saves you time is going to help, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that you all have the opportunity to get like free List Perfectly basically by joining our referral program and just, telling a friend about it because we will pay you in perpetuity, as long as your friend is a referral member, you’re a referral member. So that is a great way to save money or get List Perfectly for free. And then you have this tool that saves you time. So I just wanted to make sure everybody knew that. Vetta has a code. You can too. So yeah it’s, anything that helps your business and makes it helps you to do things faster so you can do what you do best and get out there, source, sell, live your life.

Vetta: So I was just going to say, if I’m telling you to spend money, trust me, you’re it’s a good thing because I do not give up my money. Very easily, like it takes me Time and so anytime I’m investing in something It’s a truly worthy investment because people could tell me all day long.

Oh, you should get this and I’m like, oh, that sounds nice But it doesn’t mean I’m gonna spend my money on it And like I said, which is one of those things that I just said it’s a game changer We said it all the time. It’s a game changer and Again, Jason said it this morning But it’s becoming like a theme for us with List Perfectly. We’re all just this is a game-changer. And so we’re waiting for your guy’s next game-changer. 

Amanda: We’re going to keep the new stuff coming, but I did want to circle back to your reselling for a second, because you mentioned a couple of the platforms you sell on, Poshmark, Mercari. What would you say is your strongest platform and where else do you sell? 

So I sell on eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari. My strongest platform is Poshmark. I think just as much as people say Poshmark is a what do you call it a social thing? I’m a social person. As you see I talk a lot. So I have no problem talking and sharing. I’m the person that the customer leaves a kind comment I’ll comment back saying I’m glad you love it.

Have a great day I don’t mind being that person where you’re just like I will do the social thing and I like feeling like I’m doing something. So when I share it’s to me It’s like I’m being active. I’m doing something and because some people say certain sites You can just leave it and forget it I don’t want to forget it.

I want to share it. I want to send offers. It just makes me feel like I’m doing something. And so I really do like Poshmark, but I will say that When I told the group that ebay started Running up like my ebay people started showing up and I felt like ebay was like no You’re gonna come over here come to this side and so I do they all have their great points and for me mccartney right now It’s I love because of the whole no seller fees So i’m really able to just you know you can pretty much just throw the price out there and they take it like it’s gone You don’t have to think about what is costing you for it And so even with that said a lot of time when I tell people about when people want to resell I try to think about the person Before I tell them the platform that maybe they should start with which is weird because you think like Why are you thinking about their concerns?

But I know some people who can’t buy shipping products and so I’m going to tell you need to go to Poshmark I know the person who really just need you want to you don’t you can’t sell low You need to go to Mercari because if you’re going to sell something for $3, you’re only going to make five cents over at Poshmark.

So I’m very logistical when I think about where it’s going to sell. And that’s why I put my daughter’s items where I’m going to start putting them on Mercari because they will be the kid’s shirt that’s going for three bucks or four bucks. And I know Poshmark, there will be like, I’ll just be putting it on there just to put it. Cause like I said, Five cents won’t get us another piece of item. 

Doug: Great. Yeah. Great personalized tips. So speaking of tips, do you have any returns policy tips, or any customer service policy tips? How do you handle all that? 

Vetta: Customer service be, I don’t let it bother me. And I actually have, so far I have high ratings on everybody’s platforms. When on Mercari, I only had one, negative review. The lady couldn’t fit a shirt. And at first, it bothered me because I had five across the board. And I was like, she’s giving me a four. What is wrong with her? so I just don’t try to see it as something that’s hurting you like if you didn’t like the item It’s okay. Just return it and a lot of times if somebody I’ve never really had that customer who’s really Nasty about something and if they say hey, this is a fit or they’re in a spot. Okay just open the return Because you just send it back because the thing of it is I’ll just donate it or I’ll just turn around and resell it Or if it’s my size, i’m gonna stick it in my closet And so I just I don’t take it personally But I think it’s really helped because like I said, I don’t really deal with a lot of returns But I just try to always make sure that I’m doing great as a seller In a sense that I’m trying to provide that good customer service on the front end And the back end So I don’t have to worry about it later on the back end of the customer.

I’m not gonna, I don’t want to argue with anybody about you should have asked for measurements first because I initially, did not do measurements unless someone asked and now I started doing measurements and that’s where I felt like I have to be willing to learn and adapt because at first I was like, I’m going to spend my time measuring stuff.

And then I realized, you know what, let me just go ahead because I’m having to pull items back out for customers and measure it when it could have just been there. And then that pro has sections on there for measuring. Great. But yeah I just take, don’t take it personally. Because we’re all people who return stuff.

I’ve returned stuff to the store before. So why would I be mad that a customer of mine wants to return something? It’s, we just, it’s just a transaction. I got other things I need to be worried about other than this person. Because I had one on Poshmark, the lady said it was a spot. I don’t remember there being a spot, but I was like I said, I don’t remember there being a spot.

When I photographed it and packed it up, please feel free to submit a return with Poshmark and They’ll process it because I figured either Poshmark is gonna say yes or no And if they say yes, then you know, it’s just gonna come back to me And if they say no, then would you like 20 percent off your next item?

Because again now I’m just gonna make you buy something else So I got to keep the money and you’re gonna purchase something else Because I’m gonna offer you a return then I’m gonna double check to make sure there’s no spots on that one You But yeah, I just want to take care of the customers. I do promote on all my listings that I do excellent customer service.

They do say the customer’s always right. They’re not always right. But I want you to feel like you’re right. 

Doug: Vetta, have you cross-posted anything that sold on a platform that you didn’t think would?

Vetta: I’ve listed clothing before that I was like, It’s not really worth it. So it wasn’t my favorite piece, but someone else liked it. And I had to learn that differently, what did they say? Different strokes for different folks. And so just because it’s not my cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s.

And especially when it comes to like, when people say vintage, Amanda brought up vintage earlier, I am not fascinated by vintage stuff at all. And people, that’s all people talk about. They’re like, that’s where the money is. The vintage. And I’m just like, this is I would say it to someone, but I say some things and I’m just like, but again, they sold it for 120 bucks.

And I’m like somebody thought it was cute. So I try not to, again, just think about it as far as what I like, but what the customer might like. And yes, I have had pieces where it’s just I’m going to photograph it. I’m going to measure it. I’m going to list it. And we’ll send it. So it may sell quickly.

Like I found these boots. They were actually like rain boots, but they looked like cowboy boots. It was like a combination and they sold within less than an hour. And I was just like, now where am I? I’m not gonna find any more of these things. And I found that one pair of Goodwill and I was just like, what?

If you think about it, it’s functional. It gives them the look of a cowboy boot, but it gives them the durability of a rain boot. So I was like, somebody thought about that and did it. Which is how a lot of businesses are created anyway. Things that we would think nobody would think of, somebody thought like this to be, so yes.

Doug: Yeah, that is cool. That is cool. Any other questions before we wrap up, Amanda? 

Amanda: This was amazing. I really learned a lot about you, Vetta. I learned about your reselling journey. And I guess if I were to have one last question, I would ask you, do you have any final parting advice for our viewers?

Vetta: One of the things I will always say is, and because again, it’s, we have all these different topics, so whenever you bring a bunch of people together in a group. Everybody’s always going to have different thoughts about how this should be done and how that should be done. And as I said, I don’t know if I even said I owned a daycare Before I did this if I didn’t say that and I used to always tell our parents You always have to do what’s best for you and your family And so when it comes to a business I always think about you have to I would tell anyone You have to do what’s best for you and your business Do not compare yourself to other businesses.

Just like I said, I don’t want to be a millionaire seller. There are people who want to make a million. And I, kudos to those. If they’re the person and all they want to do is make a thousand dollars a month, we celebrate them. If they’re the person who wants to make a hundred thousand dollars a month, we celebrate them because they’re doing what’s best for them.

Do not compete with others. And that’s how I run my business. I’m not trying to keep up with the other sellers. I’m trying to learn from you because you can learn from different people. So it’s something that Amanda might be doing and I’m like, okay I’m gonna take that idea from Amanda.

I’m gonna take this idea from doug But there could be things that you guys could be doing or saying I’m like I don’t do that And so you have to take what works for you And not try to chase after because I did that one time I bought a bunch of ties Because Don was talking about these times and now all the ties are sitting in the box because I rely on them That’s why I had to figure out better what it what did you Want to sell you got to be buying things that you’re actually going to want to list.

It cannot just be about What’s selling like these bogos, and there’s nothing wrong with chasing bogos But again, at the end of the day, if you’re going to find the BOGO and you’re going to put it on the shelf and never list it, then you just have a BOGO on the shelf. So again, just do what’s best for you in your business.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Don’t worry about what other people are selling. You can listen and learn. But at the end of the day, the decisions you make affect your business. So don’t let someone convince you to spend $10,000 on a palette if you don’t have $10,000 to spend or you’re never going to list that palette because it may be successful for them because they’re actually doing the job but then you just lost $10,000 and you can’t really be mad at them. So with that said, everything I shared today are my opinions. My thoughts, take what you need, toss away what you don’t, and love your journey. 

Doug: Amazing. 

Amanda: Great. 

Doug: So I talked to Vetta earlier this week, I think it was in Mastermind and we talked about her coming on Friday and she said that she was nervous and this is sincere. I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve interviewed hundreds of sellers even when I was at eBay and you are one of the best I’ve ever interviewed. One of my favorites now. You covered everything so well. You basically covered all the questions and had such great advice and so relatable and so fun. And thank you so much. It was a joy talking to you today. 

Amanda: Absolutely. Thank you so much that I agree. Ditto, Doug. 

Vetta: And I thank you guys for giving me the opportunity on your platform. To share my story, my business, and my passion with everyone. And again, this is wonderful. It’s all amazing. And so I’m happy and I look forward to our next. Listing Party. I know there will be talk in our next mastermind. 

Amanda: That’s right. Thank you. 

Vetta: Thank you all. I thank you guys for what you presented here with List Perfectly.

Amanda: And I just thank you and thank you. And I just want everybody to know if you want to hang out with Vetta, just come on over to Listing Party. You, List Perfectly subscription is all you need. You get right over into Listing Party and you too can hang out with Vetta. And every one of our other Listing Party members and get advice, get camaraderie, and whatever you need for your business. So I just want to say thank you again, Vetta. Great session. Really enjoyed having you here and can’t wait to hear more about you and in Listing Party.

Doug: Yeah. Amazing. And Vetta, you’d be great for your own show on Listing Party if you wanted us to help you set that up. The weekly Vetta show. That would be amazing. I know you’re a little busy though. 

Vetta: Maybe during the summer. Summer’s a little slower than the school year. 

Doug: Are you going live anywhere right now, Vetta?

Vetta: I do not Believe it or not. I do not and that it’s crazy because I’ve had the newest people, you guys are this is big that everybody’s seeing me now, but I have had like individual small groups where I’ve spoken Whether it be a church or my daughter’s school or wherever and people have told me like you should do youtube videos Like you I even had a counselor one time.

They told me I should be counseling Because he was like, with everything you’ve gone through in life, you still have this amazing I love life. And, but I’ve always been nervous about putting myself out there for the world to see. So this is like really my first big-time having the, as Trish said, this will be on forever.

I’m just like, oh gosh, but no, I currently do not. It is something I will think about though. Maybe I’ll start with Instagram before we do YouTube. 

Oh yeah. I’d rather start there than Instagram. If I’m going to notice them, if I decide to go live, I will start with listing parties. So if you’re not on Listing Party, you should join the Listing Party cause I’ll be there first. 

Doug: Awesome. That’s good to know. And thank you Vetta. 

Amanda: Thank you again, Vetta. And great selling your way.

Vetta: Thank you. Thank you. 


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