On this episode of The Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly and Listing Party, we revisit our most popular live! Join Patrick and Doug to discuss everything you should NOT be doing with List Perfectly, and maybe what you SHOULD be doing! Learn about new features and more. They will share dos, don’ts, tips, tricks, and more on the latest List Perfectly features and maybe some hacks you weren’t aware of!

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Don’t Do This with List Perfectly 2.0 with Patrick Allman

Doug: What’s up, everybody?

We’re very excited about this show. Patrick, ladies and gentlemen, is warming up, stretching out in the green room. He’s ready to rock and roll, but welcome to Don’t Do This With List Perfectly Revisited 2.0, the sequel to the greatest, most popular List Perfectly Live of all time. Don’t do this with List Perfectly 1. 0. So this is Don’t Do This With List Perfectly Revisited 2. 0 with Patrick and Doug.

Patrick is List Perfectly Senior Director of Innovation and Employee Number One, so he’s been here a long time, and seen a lot of changes.

We’re going to talk about a lot.

Patrick: It’s been a little bit. What has it been? Almost a year? Since you’ve invited me back on,

Doug: I think it’s been a while.

Patrick: We talked about a lot of good stuff. So I’m looking forward to doing it again. It’s been a busy year. We’ve released a lot. We’ve done a lot and yeah, and the marketplaces have changed a lot.

There’s been, there’s been events that have come up, so many new features we’re introducing an entirely new plan level at the Pro Plus level. So yeah, it’s been, it’s been a very productive year, obviously, we thank all the users customers, and community that have provided all the feedback.

So yeah, it’s been a really, good, exciting year and we’re looking forward to, some additional features and growth as we continue through this year, so it’s been great. It’s been good. I’m looking forward to talking about some of the things and, we joke about what not to do, but a lot of it is what to do, or the philosophy behind some stuff.

And it’s fun to shed some light on some of that.

Doug: And so Patrick runs the tech team, works very closely with all the backend and the tech stuff. So can you tell us a little bit about how some of the stuff we’ve put out is a stairway to future stuff that’s coming?

Patrick: The new catalog is probably one of those biggest releases this past year that, was a work in progress for a very long time, and there were so many little things and updates that were just laying the groundwork for that big change. And even the new catalog is just teeing things up for new features that are in the pipeline.

There’s just so much customization that you can do in the new catalog. And, like I said, it was a kind of a long time coming. There were a lot of features, a lot of infrastructure things that were being worked on and put in place. So it was just something that was being built up and, with List Perfectly, we try to really be careful about, not interrupting people’s workflow or making sure that users aren’t getting, thrown into the, to the wolves just because of an update or something like that.

It was a transition that was worked on slowly and now is available. And right now, as of today the old catalog, existing catalog remains available until we make that transition a hundred percent.

Doug: I really like the new catalog.

Will the List Perfectly application ever be able to auto-update instead of having to install new versions?

Patrick: To answer the question. Yes. There are a lot of things that are going on right now, testing to, for the new a new extension version to be an application to be available that is going to allow you to install one time and it will just allow those updates to keep on flowing to really help with that, avoiding any kind of removing and reinstalling to make that a much smoother process for users.

Doug: And that’s one of the things too is you can use List Perfectly on your mobile, don’t not do that. I think that’s one of the things, and I think it’s, there’s a, there are great workflows between the two. I go back and forth. So I have my little station here and I can literally list at my desk, and I have, I’ve got my phone just like this on its little, what is it? Not even, not a tripod, but a little stand. Pod. A pod. Something. So I have the computer open, and I go back and forth, but our site is mobile responsive. It works on your phone as well. You can put it on your home screen, or put it in a folder. A lot of sellers, like I do, is I’ll start drafts on mobile. And then go to the desktop.

Patrick: Oh yeah, no, we see that all the time. And a lot of that is just because the cameras are so good on mobile devices, we’ve all grown accustomed to working with applications and things like that. So we’re familiar with it, we see so many people’s workflows start that way.

So this new catalog really took a mobile-first approach. It is very smooth on mobile and gives you a very nice layout, a grid layout. So yeah, to Doug’s point about, what not to do is don’t avoid the mobile just because you’re using a desktop application.

Anything you can do in the catalog can be done on mobile aside from cross-posting. That’s about it. So it’s important to, to utilize it and take advantage of that. And we did just release the Express Lister available on the Pro Plus plan right now. While it’s in this beta stage of testing. But they’ve, so they’ve got access right now, but the Express Lister is basically exactly what you are talking about and not avoiding the mobile because that flow is so common for people to list on their phone that the Express Lister was basically introduced for that reason so that you could very quickly get listings queued up.

So like when you load it up on a desktop here, it looks limited. Whenever you’re working with it though, on mobile, you’re going through listings very quickly, adding photos and titles, and getting them into your catalog so that you can come back to those drafts and complete them. And really what it does, And why we see that so popular with people’s workflows right now is because of a lot of features that have been released this year the Listing Assistant is so powerful in creating listings that it just works well for people right now to queue up listings, hop over to the desktop and then utilize all those tools there.

To really create that robust listing.

Doug: I love Listing Assistant. I use it on both.

Speaking of all these features and everything, so we’ll get back to the new catalog, but a lot of these features that we’re talking about are part of the Pro Plus plan. So I think that’s a big one, don’t not try The Pro Plus plan.

Patrick: Yeah. Everyone I talked to, I get a not a ton of opportunity to talk to users at different levels and everything, but look, at the Pro Plus plan, whenever the higher-ups made the decision to basically offer the Pro Plus plan. at the pro level for the entire year, so the entire calendar year of 2024, you can utilize the Pro Plus features, try it out, and test things out at the pro level.

You really should take advantage of it. And that goes, if you’re on the pro plan, don’t be afraid about getting into something that, you know, Oh, I’m not going to be able to do, I’m not going to do it later or anything like that. And if you’re on some of the other plans, like simple or Business Plan, List Perfectly is unique in the sense that it you can upgrade at a prorated discount.

So whenever you upgrade, you’re not automatically signing up for the next month at that level. You’re prorating your current plan. Hypothetically, if your billing was on renewing on Tuesday, you can go upgrade from the business plan all the way up to Pro Plus and it might cost you a couple of bucks.

So it’s, there’s a good opportunity there to really get a feel for things. There are just some features that are available at the Pro Plus level that are worth exploring to see if it will improve your workflow, your business and all of that. Is it’s not a perfect fit for everyone necessarily, but there are, like I said, there’s some features there that are powerful.

The Listing Assistant has been a game changer pretty much as soon as people started using it. Becomes one of those features where you go, I don’t know what how we were doing this before. It’s just so good.

The AI is great. It’s creating listings. Getting into auto delist, it’s just powerful stuff. And what’s cool is that you can be on the bleeding edge of this with List Perfectly. You can get your feedback in. And it’s why we decided to do this for this whole year, is that these are features that kind of remain in a beta State. They’re fully functioning. We have tons and tons of users using them, but they’re in this beta state and it’s just a good opportunity just to try it And like I said those plans you can upgrade, and it prorates So it’s you can do it with minimal exposure if you were on the fence about it, you weren’t sure. So yeah, it’s, that’s one that I would say is probably one of the biggest things right now, use Pro Plus. Just try it out and see.

Look at that Listing Assistant and auto delist, they’re all great. They’re all good features, but I’m saying like, if you’re on the fence about even just trying it out just try out the Listing Assistant and see how it goes for you. It’s so smooth and easy to create listings.

Doug: And on both, I know we, we implied that it shines on mobile, but it works great on desktop too.

Patrick: Yeah, for sure. It’s getting better and just cuts down on people’s listing time. Working with some users too, the Pro Plus plan has really allowed them to kind Maybe get out of their comfort zone a little bit on some listings or stuff that they’ll take a chance on maybe, maybe they’re outsourcing and they’re like I don’t know much about this item, but I’ve got some of these tools at my disposal now on the Pro Plus level, that makes it easier. It’s like, why not? If you take a chance on an item that you could, if you’re sourcing through garage sales or something like that, you can take a chance on a couple dollar item. You think it might be worth something. And then you can utilize some of these tools to get that listing out. You don’t, you don’t really have to be a product expert on everything you sell.

Doug: And I’ve been using the barcode scanner a lot. It works on desktop too. Is sometimes it’s easier for me. I am listing a lot of books or I’m doing LP drafts and I’ll get them listed soon. But I’ll just stack them up here beside me, and I just can hold them up to the webcam, and it’ll scan the barcode. Or again, you can put the title in, and it’ll help you generate that listing. And that’s AI right there.

Patrick: Yeah, it’s smooth. It’s fun to do the little scanner up to your camera and everything, but Yeah, it is. It’s nice. It is. It’s a very strong feature and tool to really cut down on some of that listing time and get quality listings out as well. So yeah, it’s been a really good experience. And it’s been something that’s really improved as well. Worked very close with A group of users through some different beta groups and a good core group of users working with that and it’s been nice to see, where that’s gotten to especially because and just ChatGPT and the world today AI is creeping out everywhere so …

Doug: It’s in everything. And it’s coming in fast.

Patrick: Yeah, as soon as you go into that Listing Assistant, and you can hold it up and do it. I think I’ve done some like demo videos of, strong listings off an old video game barcode. And it’s just some of those tools to really cut down on time, cut down on the time being spent to come up with these details, come up with titles and stuff like that.

Doug: And like you said, some of those features don’t work for everybody. There are other features like sub-accounts, I wouldn’t use sub-accounts, but I know a lot of sellers that would.

And Patrick, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, especially in a live situation, but I’m going to go with a controversial don’t do this. And stop me if you think I should stop, if I say too much if I reveal too much. I think you should not believe all the stuff you read out there, especially what List Perfectly can and can’t do. Other options.

Patrick: You have some good examples?

Doug: You know what I call that, Patrick? Don’t believe the voodoo out there.

Patrick: Ooh, the voodoo.

Doug: It’s scary, but once you learn the truth, it’s not so scary, Patrick. For instance, our auto delist is the option that delists from the most supported marketplaces out there.

Patrick: Yeah.

Doug: There are other options that only support a few.

Patrick: Yeah. So auto delist is one of those features at the Pro Plus level right now. And it is one of those things where I don’t know what’s out there, what’s being, said, and everything, but I can tell you that lots of listings are being ended every day automatically with List Perfectly. I will tell you like from a ground-up getting that feature off the ground and everything, it, ‘s not the easiest task in the world, but I’m super happy with where it’s at on the Pro Plus level. And we’re leaving it as we go through the year and continue to make changes in kind of this beta state. But honestly, there’s tons of people using this every day in their business, and you know without issues Or if there are you know, some technical issues being worked on and things like that.

So It’s quickly becoming one of those features and I mean I joke about it that you know People become really accustomed to it and then it’s hard whenever it’s not that it’s not working, but let’s say, for example, you turn off your device and auto dealers couldn’t possibly run or something like that.

And you just get a quick reminder of what you were doing four months ago to manage all those listings and everything. And it’s available on all the marketplaces we support. And when I said that I’m not including Shopify just cause it’s just a little bit different, but it will be, it’s actively being worked on. That’s not like that’s, something that’s far away in the future. It will be available soon.

Doug: And so let me say this too is that, but you do have to realize there’s a little it doesn’t magically just do it. There’s some stuff you must do. It doesn’t take that long. You do have to connect your marketplaces to List Perfectly. You do have to make sure your stuff is listed in the catalog, which we recommend for a ton of reasons beyond this you want to have one spot to track your stuff, to back it all up. We’re working on some stuff coming super soon. That’s going to make all that easier as well.

Patrick: One of the don’t do this is don’t be afraid of List Perfectly’s beta tag. All right. Don’t think that you’re going to get into something that’s just not working at all or anything like that. I’m telling you; I will welcome you with open arms and Doug’s right there is a little bit of setup.

List Perfectly, and I’m going to say we when List Perfectly, we can’t end active listings if we don’t know that it sells. And we can’t know if it sells if we’re not connected to the marketplaces getting those sales detections. If you pack up your computer and close it all, shut it all down, basically. We’re done listening. So there is a little bit of a setup, but it’s easy enough. We got, guides and walkthroughs and tons of resources like customer support 411, or support through our new system. All these things that will get you there.

And it’s really becoming valuable for people, especially those that are making that hurdle into cross-posting, maybe they’re a little unsure, or they’re concerned about it. How they’re going to manage listings in a way.

Doug: Yeah, a couple of quick things. So you talked about the betas and the advantage there is, and I wanted to say too, like sales notifications that we’ve had forever now. That was one of the stepping stones to auto delist that had to get in and had to, has to function as well. And you had to set up all your stuff in there. And that makes sense. Cause this can’t all just magically happen. And then again, the beta stuff is great because we are asking you to help us with stuff and we are asking for your feedback and we put stuff out and it’s okay, what works for you? What’s not fitting? What recommendations do you have? So you’ve got an opportunity to give us the feedback, which we put so much feedback in place and, we’ll try and get to this too, but that’s another advantage of the referral program is they get early access to a lot of stuff to test and see before other users.

Patrick: Yeah, and we welcome it. I can, I swear to you I cannot even begin to count how many features and tweaks and things like that have come directly from users and, or the beta groups and things like that. There’s a few here that I saw that you mentioned and everything.

We want it to work for everyone’s business. Can we make everything happen? No. I joke, like Teresa typically has some very specific requests that I must remind her it’s not Teresa Perfectly, but overall though every request is or is reviewed to see, and you, I’ve said this for years now, you never know what your request might be planting the seed for a different feature. Don’t be afraid of that beta or that kind of that being unsure about getting involved in that way.

Doug: I want to show a couple of other things in the new catalog. These are among my favorite new things too. So a couple of things here and Patrick hop in as you need to. And ladies, and gentlemen, I should have given you a caveat earlier. I have eclectic tastes, so please don’t judge my bizarre listings, but anyway, a couple of things here, obviously this is the new catalog. This is like a very streamlined interface. You’ve got these different options you talked about, and I go back and forth between them.

Notifications. The notifications bar. But basically, what happens here, is these used to be what we call banners, but these are your notifications when there’s something we want to update you with, you come here, and you’ll see a little red dot when there’s something new. You just open it, you can look at it, you can search them, and then you can close them out. And anything to add on that, Patrick.

Patrick: Not really. That pretty much covers it. It’s super, super handy. You guys probably have noticed sales notifications being in there. Announcements, things like that.

Doug: Don’t not check those. And then this is super cool here. Ladies, and gentlemen, this is a lot of things and it’s going to be a lot more things. So you see this little smiley face. Some people call it a widget icon, whatever, click this. It’s help, it’s support, it’s documentation. So tell us about this, Patrick.

Patrick: Yeah, this has been a huge upgrade. For users, for the List Perfectly team, everything. The experience is strong now that, as Doug said, it’s a lot of things you’re seeing, you’re quickly looking at that. You’re looking at news posts, help. You can send messages to get the assistance that you’re getting the snapshot right into that help is a snapshot right into the all-new help documentation with instructional videos, text instructions screenshots, and everything.

So you can search there. Maybe you’re looking for something how to do something or you need clarification on what it’s about. It’s just a lot of giving you kind of the tools that are important to not only getting started but continuing to be successful with List Perfectly.

Just from getting support if you have a technical issue or you have a question or you’re joining the referral program or something like that, it’s just a really nice experience. And it’s always, it’s not far away ever. It’s literally on all the pages. And right here, what you’re seeing right now is just like getting started with these tools that will be coming for all users through this little basically help widget.

Definitely it is different if you’ve been an existing member, it’s different than what you saw on the old catalog for getting help and things like that. It’s been a nice improvement. Really well received, honestly. That just that alone, that task list for new users signing up to really run through and get started with these main topics has been just a nice addition.

Doug: Yeah. And again, just your news stuff is in there. Messages are in there. You’re going to see more and more communications from List Perfectly in there, more news updates, more referral communications, things like that, but it’s a great, super cool, very powerful tool that we’re using and we’re going to start using more and more.

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah. Be sure to interact with it. Interacting with it is going to allow you to get some notifications whenever new features are coming, new opportunities are available, and things like that. We’re making announcements and news posts about the new settings that were released or a new merge feature, whatever feature might be up and coming.

Even if you’ve never clicked on it, click on it when you get a moment and scroll through it a little bit. There might be something that’s really appealing to you.

Doug: Patrick, I’ve worked in tech-oriented stuff for a long time, but I and I know how it works, but I always get a little excited when I see something like this, that mentions my name. Everybody enjoys hearing their own name.

Patrick: I typed that message to you.

Doug: Thank you so much, yourself. And so to note something here, yeah, we want your suggestions. We want your feedback, and it goes straight to the top, like to the top of the pyramid. And then like Patrick said, it’s like some stuff we are like, it hints at other stuff and some stuff doesn’t get rolled out right away. And some stuff is Ooh, that would be cool to do in the future. And a lot of this stuff has building blocks that lead to other things. So feedback is important.

But again, I love this. I love the widget. Support, help, news, messages, all that stuff. But I did see Patrick sent me a message that I haven’t checked yet, so I will have to check that. And then you can just close it up from here.

We talked about Express Lister. You can still go back to the old catalog if you prefer. Templates, Improved Sales, and Analytics. Help and support links. Your community links. Account Info. And then we’ve added a couple of cool new settings that I really like too.

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah. It’s fun. The custom marketplaces have been available, but now Pro and Pro Plus have access to 10 versus five. Whenever you add custom marketplaces, you can control the color and how it displays on your catalog.

So let’s say, for example, you sell at a flea market, and you want to make that very stand out on all your listings and your platform column on the catalog, you can slap a, bright, Pink color on it. And then, you know that, Hey okay, there I’ve got that status, and it just becomes just like we all recognize Etsy orange or eBay’s colors or whatever.

Give you that flexibility and that customization along with the catalog. There’s a lot of customization going into the new catalog, and we introduced it first with just that main view, adjusting widths, adjusting columns, and hiding columns that you don’t want to see, but you can see, where things are continuing to go.

Customization with the marketplaces. So really want List Perfectly to fit into, people’s businesses versus people’s businesses fitting into List Perfectly. Just really helps people to make that transition and whenever they’re managing thousands of listings, everybody’s needs become very different. So it’s important for us. We prioritize it a lot right now to get to that level of, setting people up for success to customize what they need.

Doug: There you go. Whether you have thousands of listings or tens like me.

What’s interesting, Patrick, is we still have a lot to cover. You always want to leave them wanting more, so I think we need to do, we’ll do a little bit more of it, and I think we gotta tease with a 3. 0.

Patrick: yeah, I would love to do it, I thought maybe you were mad at me, you weren’t inviting me back after a year…

Doug: I got a lot of, bring Patrick back, and we love Patrick, and I didn’t mean to. It was difficult now that you brought it up, but thank you for addressing that, Patrick.

Patrick: Yeah no, I’m happy to. I love talking about this stuff, and I don’t know, maybe other people like listening to some of the ideas behind some of the stuff that gets done and everything.

Doug: And it’s great, and just again, clear up some of those some of those misperceptions about some of the things that are out there, like a lot of easy examples, a lot of people not knowing that barcode is available on desktop as well. Can sit here and stack up my stuff unless it’s, like something weird.

Patrick: Yeah. And I would, I would also just, suggest we have a hundred percent money back guarantee lots of things in place, like if you are, and you’re hearing some things and you’re not really sure, I would definitely welcome Anybody to, just give it a try for yourself, see if it fits, we have a lot of resources for new users that or, just availability to hop on calls.

Pat offers support calls daily take advantage of that that would spill into some Listing Party stuff, but yeah, I would just say, find out for yourself. There’s always going to be a lot of stuff out there and hearsay, but it might just fit perfectly for your business. So I think it’s worth a try for most people.

Doug: Yeah, and Patrick mentioned resources, we have a ton the List Perfectly Facebook group is one of the big ones, and we get a lot of people in there, even that aren’t List Perfectly users, we’re starting to see a lot of people come in there and saying things like, I’ve tried some other services, I’ve had issues, one of them was down for three days, and They didn’t try and, they didn’t do anything to help me. I’ve heard about List Perfectly.

So you can come in there and ask questions, learn from other users, things like that. But one of the big things and one of my favorites is Listing Party, which is basically List Perfectly’s community that really ties into a lot of what we do.

The crux right now is what we call the events, and we’ve literally got seven days a week. Events of different types. There’s some that are informational. There’s some that are fun. They’re not all List Perfectly related and it’s basically, just sellers getting together and sometimes people come on and they’re just all working together, and they’ll ask a question or sometimes again, there’s a topic like obviously today we have a topic and a focus.

But we’ve got this stuff, True Crime and List, Friday night sip and list with Jill is great. And that’s basically you’re sitting there and you’re listing on a Friday night. Trish has her daily mastermind calls during the week and just with different topics and she’s got a core audience that is always there. All these different options. And there’s even a 24-hour party hangout where that’s a lot of sellers that are just in there literally listing and working together.

Listingparty.com. We talk about it a lot. It’s cause, cause we love it.

Patrick: Yeah. And squashing some of that voodoo you mentioned and everything. There are always some people who are like, what is Listing Party? I don’t want to go and sit there. And it’s just so funny because it’s most of it isn’t, honestly, this is just a community platform. Yes, you do have to be a List Perfectly member right now to access it. But gosh, the value is huge. Trish’s calls are consistent on a daily basis, talking 40 people, 35 people every morning.

And that’s just, accountability, things like that. Customer Support 411. There’s just a lot of options here and there’s also the fun ones. And, yeah, it’s a, it’s one of those resource. And we’ve heard plenty of people saying this is worth the subscription just to have these resources.

So it’s good. It’s good stuff. You learn a lot. I go in there sometimes in the mastermind calls and just listen and you just learn a lot from some and again, you talk about their sellers in there that thousands of listings and their sellers in there that are brand new.

Doug: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah, we’ve got, and we do have like literal daily support stuff where you can go in and ask a question. We have, listing one on one stuff. If you’re new, you can learn from some experts. So just a lot of stuff across the board. There are other tools in there. You can set and track goals.

And we’re going to do, we’re going to do some stuff around these. We’re, I think, going to do some listing parties around these where we all set goals in here. There are all these different tools out there that allow you to do all these different things. But if you’ve got this here, it’s if you’re in here anyway why not use it?

Patrick: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, one of those things. Don’t avoid Listing Party, I’ll come out and say it for existing members, like early on, where you’re getting a lot of banner messages and things like that about it. Yeah, but it’s such a strong tool. Don’t avoid it.

Doug: Yeah. Yeah. Any plan level of LP gets you unlimited access to Listing Party. That is true. And we are going to be for Camp Virtual LP and coming up, we’re going to be opening some stuff. So people that are outside of List Perfectly can see what Listing Party is. And all you must do is go to listingparty.com and you can easily connect your LP account.

Patrick, this was fun. We’ve still got stuff on our list, but the demand is there for 3. 0.

Patrick: Let’s do it. Anytime.

Doug: The Return of the Jedi, Return of the King the Search for Spock, hopefully not Jaws 3D, though.

Patrick: What if I said I’ve never seen any of those?

Doug: You haven’t seen any of those? You’ve seen Return of the Jedi, stop.

Patrick: No, I don’t even know which one I saw. I’ve seen A Star Wars movie. And I don’t even know which one. Get in line. I’ve been disappointing people for a while. It’s just another thing.

Doug: Wow.

Patrick: Yeah.

Doug: Just, you know what? Yeah. Dropping the knowledge, shocking people. Look at that.

Patrick: Maybe I’ll watch it over this, weekend.

Doug: Yeah, rewatch. And that’s the interesting thing, thanks for thanks for making that point, Patrick. You should listen to Patrick’s podcast episode. Obviously thesellercommunitypodcast.com, obviously your favorite selling podcast out there. Learn Patrick’s story, how he started with LP and just get the Patrick experience for, as we like to say, ladies and gentlemen, your listening, pleasure. Learn all about Patrick, how he met Amanda, how he learned to code, helped to grow List Perfectly from what it was over, what’s it been now, five years?

Patrick: Yeah, just about. Just about five years, that’s crazy.

Doug: So it’s like a talk show. Will you come back, Patrick?

Patrick: Absolutely. You gotta invite me though, man. I don’t want to be the guy just can you put me back on your show? I know that whole thing. I feel weird.

Doug: Every time your phone rings, Doug is, you want me back. Oh, Hey Mark.

Patrick: Oh yeah, no, it’s not Doug. Unfortunately, one day,

Doug: maybe one day, or I don’t know. Maybe we could do some listing parties together, some tech parties. We’ll see the world is our oyster, Patrick.

Patrick: We can do what we want. I don’t have a bedtime.

Doug: All right. Yeah, we will work on that. I’ll make a note, but Ladies, and gentlemen, don’t forget the, we’ll do the plugs quickly. Seller Community Podcast, the seller community blog at the seller community blog.com.

The List Perfectly Facebook group, the YouTube channel. Don’t forget that referral program. We’ll get to that next time. And then some of the other stuff I do each week with TNT and D, Theresa, Trish, and Doug, Coffee Talk on Mondays, Reseller Tips on Wednesdays, and of course the List Perfectly Friday YouTube Live.

Don’t forget to listen in on Patrick’s journey and any parting words for your fans, Patrick.

Patrick: Happy listing.

Doug: There you go. It’s a good way to put it. Happy listing, everybody. Alright, thanks, everybody. Thanks for coming. Thanks for listening.


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