This week on The Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly and Listing Party, we welcome The Reseller Information Network gentlemen, Eric OBXPicker, Tim from Over the Years, Leroy from Blood Sweat and Sell, and Chris from Cernoch’s Connection. We also have seller shoutouts, a Trish Tip, and seller news.

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Trish: This week on the Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly and LISTING PARTY, we welcome the Reseller Information Network, Eric, OBX Picker. Tim, from Over the Years. Leroy, from Blood, Sweat Sell, and Chris from Cernoch Connection.

The Reseller Information Network offers advice, on how to sell, and how to resell using different online platforms, such as eBay, and Mercari, they even talk about Amazon, which a lot of people in our industry don’t, they do! Poshmark, Grailed, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, Whatnot, and much more.

They also talk about sourcing, listing, shipping, and navigating the different platforms, as well as many other topics. And I got to be honest, they’re really amusing guys in person and online. They’re very funny and the way they interact is a hoot. Sometimes, one of them will go off on a tangent, and the rest of them all bring them back in.

 Doug tells me this is the first episode with six people all at once. Is that true?

Doug: This is very true. Six people talking over each other all at once. It was fun talking to those guys.

Trish: They’re fun, and they’re funny, and they’re very smart and I’ve actually learned quite a bit from them. At flip con we really got into a discussion about AI photographs and using AI for different reasons. It was really interesting. They were a little bit ahead of the curve, so it was great.

Reseller Information Network

Trish: Welcome to the Seller Community Podcast by List Perfectly. Today we welcome Chris, Eric, Tim, and Leroy, also known as the reseller information network.Reseller Information Network.  Will you guys go around and just each introduce yourself and what you bring to the network, Chris?

Chris: I’ll go first. My name is Chris. I’m Cernoch’s Connection Cernoch’s Connection. I’ve been reselling full-time for about five and a half years, my eBay store goes all the way, back to 2001 because I’ve been always reselling here and there, but I got full-time started, five and a half years ago. II mainly do clothing, shoes, hats, a lot of men’s wear type stuff, vintage, I’m really big into vintage but I dabble in everything, as we learn from each other, picking up tools and glass and this and that it’s a wide bag of stuff that I’m involved with and I probably have the best thrift shop in America. So I’m spoiled rotten just to let y’all know from the get-go.

Eric: He can tell you, but he’d have to kill you just for that. Nah, it’s not that big a secret. If you watch on Tuesdays, you’ll learn real quick.

Trish: You’ll figure it out?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Eric: I’m Eric, The OBX Picker.  Honestly only been reselling about four and a half years and in large part to the guys on this panel.  I’ve grown a ton as a reseller and obviously other people within the community of resellers, but yeah, I pick a little bit of everything.

And there’s not a whole lot that I’ll walk away from, to be honest. Like I’m going to expand my horizons every day. I just had a recent pick-up of a bunch of Dollywood stuff. That’s something new for me.

Tim: My name is Tim from Over the Years.  I am probably the wild card of the bunch, I would say maybe, probably, most likely, I could talk a lot. I’m going to be very brief. I sell on every single platform. I’m on eBay, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, Depop, Grailed, and Whatnot. So I’m all over the place. I actually specialize in vintage and antique glass, porcelain, and ceramics. But I also specialize in sports stuff and vintage clothing, and hats but, like everybody else pretty much on this panel, I will pick and I will sell anything. Picking is what I love to do. I am full-time. This is what I do for a living. I can’t explain to people like I tried to sometimes, but it’s a little bit difficult to explain in words how much these guys mean to me, and what we have done together has been absolutely amazing.

A lot of people make podcasts and make shows and they last some time and it’s not, but we’re like lifers and we are all about helping the community and helping others. That’s one of the biggest things for us. So to be able to do that with these guys and like, when we get together, it’s crazy. You can literally drop us in the middle of anywhere and we will find a way to source. I’m very grateful to have these guys as brothers. And yeah, I’m super excited to be here and super excited for the future of the Reseller Information Network.

Leroy: What’s going on everybody my name is Leroy from Blood, Sweat and Sell. I’m probably the rookie of the crew. I feel like I haven’t been doing this long enough. I live in the south now. I have a New England accent. I specialize in tools. I love tools.

Trish: Did you say you have a New England accent?

Tim: Yeah. Wait till you hear her talk, Leroy. As soon as I heard you like go off for the first time, Trish, I immediately reached over for my phone and told Leroy and I said, wait till you hear this Leroy, like Leroy and Trish, they’re going to get together. Y’all thought y’all couldn’t understand what I said. You’re going to put these two together, ain’t Nobody going to understand, anything that comes out of this podcast.

Leroy: Trish, I did 45 years in Providence.

Trish: Oh, I heard it right there in Providence. 45 years in Providence.

Eric: When we go South to Pick, I have to translate for Leroy. People are just looking at me like, what?

Leroy: Really I really appreciate you guys letting us come on. As you guys see just this little introduction, we’re all a lot of fun. Please check us out on Tuesdays. I’m ready to be here and answer whatever you guys need. Reseller Information Network – YouTube 

Doug: We’ll share the links and all that so people will be able to find you for sure. But for those that don’t know, what is the Reseller Information Network?

Eric: There are a couple of questions in regard to this. I’ll handle both of those and one together because it explains what we got going on. Probably a little over three years ago I actually saw this guy Ken Skeats. I always give him credit. Ken Skeats. He’s from Australia. (LP NOTES: We could not find a channel for him specifically but here he is on a UK resellers channel Selling media on ebay – A chat with Ken Skeats ) He sells nothing but media, or he did back then, and he did a 17-hour listing challenge. And he and a buddy had set and listed for 17 hours and I was checking in throughout the day and I was like, dude, this guy just listed thousands of DVDs over a period of time.

And I was like, what the heck is going on here? I am sitting around Oh, I’m listing 10, 15, 20 a day. Like I’m doing something right. This guy just listed thousands. And so I got fired up about it. I was getting close to my thousand subs on OBX Picker and I was like, you know what, I’m gonna list, I’m gonna do a listing challenge.

So I put it out to the community and I was like, “Hey, I’m going to do an eight-hour listing challenge”. I was like, I’m just going to go and do it. And so I dropped the link all day long and all of these guys showed up. Like they came in. They popped in throughout the day. Now I’ll tell you this before this, I used to do an interview show similar to this with resellers. Another guy named Dapper Tigers is no longer a reseller. But no reflection on me, it was his own choice. But yeah, anyway, we were doing a resale show. Tim was our very first guest. I knew Leroy and Cernoch just from either chat or Cernoch did the hat hazmats and snapbacks with Tim, a big video about it

So, like we all knew each other through the community. These guys popped in and Tim actually sent me a message. He said, Hey man, this was super inspirational. I got so much work done. Could we do this every week? And I was like Yeah, I guess so. We could do this every week if you guys want to come around.

So I used to just drop the link and let pretty much anybody that wanted to come in. That’s a mistake. Do not drop the link and let everybody, anybody, and everybody come to your channel because it does create some hassle for you later on. But what resulted was then I sent out an invite to these guys and I said, Hey, I would love you guys to be a part of this because y’all have come here every week and been supportive. And we became that and so we did what was called LISTING OR LOAFING? for over three years.

Shout out to Kent Daigle who actually coined that phrase for us. We, we’re, already doing Reseller Information Network, we were just doing it live and just going along, and Kevin Commonwealth Picker reached out to me and he’s man, “you guys should put this thing as a show. You should make this a show. Just the four of you guys, you’re already giving out nuggets every Tuesday just handing them out to anybody that comes by.”

Any information that we can help. And we all have that mindset. We want to be a community of resellers. There’s always drama, no matter what you have going on in the world. We don’t want to be in that drama zone. We want to be someone who encourages the newbies that are just coming in, helps them, show them the way, but also tells them, look, there’s a ton of ways to do this thing.

We can show you some ways that’ll help you be successful, but it’s not cookie-cutter. We all live in different parts of the country. We all have different situations in our home and we all have different circumstances and according to how much we can buy. What our budget is, those kinds of things.

So all those things are different for everybody. So why not us? Just try to help people with as much information as we can. And, but not say this is the only way to do it because the four of us do things entirely differently. There are some things that we all do the same, but there’s a lot of stuff that we do completely different.

Trish: Tell me about your YouTube journey for the four of you. How is that going? How is that right now? How does that work?

Leroy: I think it’s amazing. There are things that we’re accomplishing I’m not saying I doubted us, but I never thought that would come this fast. So it’s super exciting for me. I’m shocked every day. These guys message me Hey this is going on. That’s going on. I’m like, Oh. Okay. Wow. I didn’t realize it was going to be like this. So I’m super excited.

Trish: I’m glad it’s going well. That’s great.

Tim: It’s super rewarding. Just even if it’s one or two comments or somebody messages us and they’re like, you guys helped me do this. You guys, I wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for you guys. I’m using an AI background now in PhotoRoom because of you guys. I’m picking up hats because Cernoch showed me the best way to source to clean, prep, and list hats. I literally picked up tools today because of Leroy, I’m shipping glass because of Tim, I’m doing all of these things and Eric is showing 50-pound brass figurines like one day and then the next day it’s, a vitamin-like mixer that I’m posting on our Instagram page that he sold.

I think that’s the most rewarding part. It doesn’t matter if we have a million views or, we make $5, like the most rewarding part. What we do as a collective is obviously just the pure fact that we are actually helping other people and not pushing our own agendas, but just literally just showing people, because Eric said, we literally, there’s I’d say 50 percent of the things that all of us do, we do differently.

And then there’s 50 percent of the stuff that we all agree on. It’s like a good method, but that doesn’t mean that we put our nose up to other people’s methods, that we listen to everything that we possibly can and try and pick pieces of it and put it together and find the best way. And it’s always changing.

One of the biggest things we talk about is adjusting and adapting.

Eric: For us. Like when you get into the reselling portion of it, one of the things we talked about all the time for me, I always say learners are earners! Like the more you learn, the better off you are. It helps you in a lot of ways. When you go sourcing, more about what you’re looking for. I do always warn people about listing just for a number because like we do it a little differently. Like most of us list by dollar or number. or a combination thereof because we all know what happens if I know I got to get to 20, I’m going to pick the 20 easiest items I can find to get to 20. That’s what I want to do. And they may not be good items, especially when you’re first starting. We do encourage people to look at, sell-through, and try to, one of the things you need to learn early is to look for sell-through because you can put up 2000 items, but if they’re garbage! Then you spend 2000 items worth of wasted time, and it requires work. If it’s gonna be a business for you, then you gotta put in, you gotta hit the clock. Even though you don’t have a clock, you gotta still do the work.

Tim: We all have our own individual YouTube channels as well. I will say that I took a step back, like I got on YouTube a long time ago and I took a step back for about nine months to make content and a lot of that, I recently came back, and it’s probably been about three weeks now, maybe. And I dropped a video the first video I put out when I came back basically explaining, what had happened to me,, what I was going through, the burnout, and, all my own struggles in day-to-day life, and I put that video out, and then I was like, I’m gonna do this time. I’m really dedicated, I’m gonna come back, and I’m going to give this a second go. I’m not really the type to give up. I’ve been putting out three videos a week now for the last three weeks. So I’m sticking to it and it’s the same sort of concept, I try to make everything full circle.

So it’s Oh, if you guys like this sort of stuff, you can find us on Reseller Information Network, and then yeah I’m really just trying to build my business, my brand back up. And so it’s a grind, but as long as I’m having fun and it’s not affecting my income, then I’m going to keep attacking it.

Doug: Give us a high-level view of the type of content you guys put out.

Chris: I will say like me because y’all were asking about YouTube channels earlier like separate ones I had one. I just hated doing videos.

So I stopped. So I’m one of those, I always say like I’m the guy like the like your favorite band that doesn’t tour anymore That if they go on tour Y

you’re going to want to go. So if I ever do a video, you’re going to want to check in. You know what I’m saying? Cause I’m actually putting the effort into doing it. 

You’re going to need to check in. It’s, I’m not one of the guys that like, I’m gonna do I’m gonna do a one every day. Like I got so much stuff going on. I’m probably the laziest one out of all the other guys, so I like naps, okay? I like naps. I literally took a three-hour nap today for no reason, but I’ll work late tonight.

But, with our whole, like what we do? Again, like going back to Eric, Leroy, and Tim, we’re all different and I think it’s, we all get to show our lifestyle design that reselling provides to us. A lot of people don’t realize it, as a reseller, as a full-time reseller, you’re not in the nine to five grind. You’re not doing all the stuff, so it’s how you design your lifestyle, how much you’re going to list. Eric said I’m a big proponent of listing dollar-wise because again, I could pick up 20 items and be like, oh here I am, I’ll list 20 CDs done. Okay? No!  I don’t want to do that. But if I list five items that are $150 to $200 a piece I’m good with listing, I like that’s what I did yesterday. Last night I listed five items and out of those five items, it totaled almost a thousand dollars. So it’s “Hey, I just put up a thousand dollars on eBay.” So I’m good with that personally. I can go to bed, going, all right, I did my duty for today.

Tim: It’s interesting because I think sometimes people, it just takes a second to just see it sometimes. And I think that’s what we’re providing for people too. It’s not scripted. We do a pre-recorded show that we put out every Friday on the Resell Information Network. But like a lot of that is, it’s not like we have a pre-production meeting or anything like that. Like we literally, like we, we hop backstage, like we go live Tuesday. As soon as that live ends, Leroy, we’ve got to make sure Leroy gets a snack, some lunch, he has to make a gourmet meal. And then we go and we start recording. And it’s just okay, this is what we’re going to talk about today. And it’s just, it’s no… like bullet points. It’s just very raw and organic. And I think people really appreciate that. And that’s something that we’re happy to provide for the community. And I think a lot of people just, want to see the real side of reselling. And I think that’s what we’ve been working so hard on, as a group of guys, and it’s been fantastic to be able to do that and it’s a journey.

Doug: Nice, nice. Alright, so let’s go around and each of you. Give us, let’s say your top piece of selling advice. Let’s start with Leroy. What’s your top piece of selling advice?

Leroy: Don’t walk by tools. Don’t walk by tools!

Chris: Mine would be buy low, sell high, you know what I’m saying? Negotiate and, and, because I see all these people going out and, they’re going to Goodwill and paying 15 for a shirt. It’s no. I think me and Eric are like “Some of the cheapest cheapskates, it’s like we want to get that down to zero”, you know.

Tim: For me the best piece of selling advice is to take the time, take the time. Because I feel like so many people want to rush through the process. That you’re leaving money on the table and that can be applied to every aspect of reselling, whether it’s sourcing, whether it’s listing, prepping, shipping, all of that stuff, promoting yourself. I think that, if you take your time sourcing, don’t give up, like we have a thing on Reseller Information Network, every nook and cranny. You know what I’m saying?

Take your time, lift up those boxes, lift up those items, and flip them over. You know what I’m saying? Take the time, pull out your phone, comp something. You know what I’m saying? Because a lot of times people think that it’s cool to buy things without comping. Nah, I’m good. I don’t want to do that. Can I for certain things?

Absolutely. Yes. But let me tell you, there are a lot of times where you will get yourself in trouble because what you’ll do is you’ll be like, Oh yeah, this is definitely worth something!  And it’s only five bucks and then you get home and then you want to go to list it. And it’s comping out at like $20 bucks, $25 by time to fees and all the time and everything like that’s profit margin is not in my, that’s not what I do, you know what I’m saying?

So that’s as far as sourcing, as far as prepping your items, like nobody wants to buy a dirty dish, you know what I’m saying? Take the time, to clean your item. Prep your photos, use PhotoRoom. You know what I’m saying? Listen, everybody’s got white backgrounds. I’m going to be pushing AI backgrounds because that’s our job.

As we saw Information Network to help other people, everybody’s doing white photos. Don’t do what everybody’s doing just because everybody else is doing it. And they told you that it’s OK. It’s OK to be different. All right. Take your time to ship. Because you keep rushing those shipments and then you want to know why people are saying, Oh, I got the wrong item.

Or, Ah, my item’s broken. Because you didn’t take the time to do it the right way. So and then you’re like, Oh nobody’s watching my YouTube. Nobody’s coming to my Whatnot. Nobody’s shopping. eBay’s so slow. It’s the summer slowdown. The algorithm. Things are messed up. No!!! Take the time to put in the work and promote all of those things.

It’s, you don’t have to be a superstar to promote things. Leroy would tell you, tell your family members to buy eBay gift cards. You know what I’m saying? So for me, that’s the thing. Take your time.

Eric: I can piggyback off what Tim and all these guys say. For me, my number one tool as a reseller, honestly, is negotiation. And these guys know they’ve seen it firsthand. Like I don’t claim to be an expert at anything as far as a particular category, but I will get you a deal. That’s just what happens but the one thing that as far as the number one for me is, to be organized from the beginning. If you’re brand new, the biggest piece of advice I would give you, and I will tell you the reason I’m giving you this advice is because I did not do that. I jumped in with both feet and I have a mess that I’m trying to straighten out now.

And it’s a lot easier to do it from the jump than it is when you’re 2, 000 listings in. It’s a lot easier to start right out. Like I know for me, I was like, I’ve got a good memory. I can just put stuff wherever and you start losing items. Like you’re looking at stuff that you’re like, what are you having things sitting in piles that you’re like, Oh, this is $200 hanging out under this bench, that’s the kind of stuff.

My one piece of advice to people would be just to get organized from the beginning, and create some kind of storage system. It doesn’t have to be like Ginger Marvin perfect in every way. But you can just put it out there and, and put it in a bin or put it on something to where, Hey, I’ve got all of my shoes in this row right here. And I can look at them all and see what they’re whatever it looks like for you but just in a way where you know where it’s at and to where something lord forbid something happened to you where you can’t pull orders. Like right now, if something happened to me and I couldn’t talk I would be in a mess like I was, to be honest.

Tim: Can you imagine if I couldn’t talk though?

Trish: Give us a piece of advice for content creation. There are a lot of people who think they want to do this, there are a lot of people who think they want to either have a YouTube show, or a podcast, or make content.

Give us an example, give us a little piece of advice or you know how it’s not always so great.

Eric: I would say learn to edit. Honestly, that’s the thing that sucks the most time.

And like it, it is something that people don’t realize the amount of time. I hear people all the time. We have friends who are pretty big content creators. Like I’ve interviewed people with half a million followers. I’ve talked to people with 600,000 followers. Kevin is a good friend to all of us. (Commonwealth Picker)

And we know what he goes through with it. ADHD, Dave, like all these guys that we’ve interviewed, had interaction with. People have no clue the amount of time I’ve spent, a lot of time, with Kevin. I tell you, he is working late into the night. I’ve stayed at places with him. He’s working late into the night to create content.

And you just gotta, you gotta love it. If you don’t love it, it’s not as easy as what it looks on TV. Like it’s like, the nailed-it version, right? I was the nailed-it version myself. It was like, Oh, I can do that. These guys, and then you’re like, Oh yeah. What I just did, doesn’t look anything like what…

Tim: For me and, listen, you got to, it’s just like reselling content. Creation is just like reselling. You have to be consistent. Yep. You have to be consistent. You have to be able to do it all the time. You have to have a good schedule. If you’re doing a listing, I make this sort of comparison where if you’re doing a listing, you need a good title.

You need a good first picture, you need a good description, right? Same thing with a YouTube video. Got to have a good thumbnail, got to have a good title, got to have the right description, and for me, like you, anybody can make content. Listen, there are a million different ways you can make content.

But for me personally, there are two things that you have to be able to do. If you want to be successful at content creation outside of consistency, you have to be able to provide some sort of value and some sort of entertainment. Without that, then you’re just another dude with a camera on the internet.

Chris: I think also being genuine to your audience, being genuine, showing the wins, but also showing the losses too. And everyone has their different flavor but I think you know over time, in the long haul, to be successful you need to be genuine to your audience. Because if you’re not, a lot of people can just see right through them! So that’s my advice and that’s why I always say, I always get to be genuine.

So it’s like it’s showing the bad and the good at the same time, so I think that’s very important because people want to be genuine because again, people have their faults, if they don’t see someone that has a little bit of fault in them. They’re, It’s like everything’s all rainbows and cupcakes every day.

Leroy: We mesh together and we also know, we know how to slow the other person down or change the subject when you have four guys. Sometimes guys don’t want to be together because they want to be the powerhouse, or sometimes all women don’t want to be together because they want to be controlling.

There’s no controlling factor in this group at all. Eric is the boss, but he knows and he knows where to put us. He knows, okay, I got to put him at the end. Tim knows I can go first or, I feel like we mesh well to answer my part of the YouTube thing, I’m not too big on YouTube. I have a channel. I do have a thousand subscribers. I got 18 watch hours. With a thousand subscribers doing great. So I got a lot of subscribers, but content creation is not for me. But I’m trying. Tim got me going. I’m trying. 

Trish: I love it. I love the idea of having real conversations about reselling and, if it’s not amusing, no one’s going to listen. So I think you guys are great.

Doug: This has been great, guys. I love the rapport that you have, and I love that you guys are so humble.

Tim: No. Listen, Cernoch’s not by a computer.

Chris: I don’t have his music drop.

Tim: We record our show, right? At the end of the show, Cernoch will randomly play a song from I have no idea what type of instrumental he’s gonna play. And then I have to give the outro. Based on my energy, off of the type of music that Cernoch has selected. So it might be very smooth, or it might be like, so like it gets, it’s very different every time. So that’s why…

We want to thank everybody for joining us today on List Perfectly the Reseller Information Network guys.

So it all goes like that. It’s a lot of fun.

Trish: We are The Seller Community Podcast having on the Reseller Network podcast…

Eric: information network.

Tim: We don’t put podcast on it because we’re not a podcast. We’re just a group of guys trying to save the world one reseller at a time.

Trish: One reseller at a time. I appreciate it.

Doug: All right, cool. We’ll end on that. Thanks for coming on guys.

Tim: Thank you.

Doug: All right, cool. Thanks guys.

Seller Shoutouts

Doug: All right, now we’ve got Seller Shoutouts.

I’m gonna start with mine, Trish.

Trish: Okay, Doug.

Doug: My friends, or our friends, on the Seller Club podcast, did a LISTING PARTY recently. Anna Packer, Ken Hustle Bee, Glen Hustlerhacks. They talked about different ways to invest in your business other than buying inventory and things like that, talking about promoted listings, and more.

Trish: Yeah.

Doug:  And they’re going to be on again. They’re going to do more LISTING PARTY, this was just their first. Right now, Trish and ladies and gentlemen, they are doing a giveaway with List Perfectly. And they’re giving away a new Apple iPhone 15.

Trish: Wait, wait. Can I enter?

Doug: You’re ineligible to enter.

Trish: Too bad.

Doug: My kids have better iPhones than I do, but I can’t enter either. But simply go to @sellerclubpodcast on Instagram to learn how to enter and again their podcast is new but great. It’s growing. Anna Packer, Ken the Hustlebee, and Glen Hustler Hacks, great resources. Check out the Seller Club Podcast. 

Trish: And if you are not a List Perfectly subscriber, just so you know, LISTING PARTY is something that you get when you subscribe to List Perfectly, and that’s where they’re doing that extra show. I just wanted to make sure everybody understood what LISTING PARTY was if they weren’t involved.

So I just wanna give a shout out to, I’ve been thinking about niche niches and niche niches. Do you say niche or niche? Which one do you say?

Doug: I say niche.

Trish: I say niche also. I say I belong in a niche, but then when I say niche, then I say niching down. So who the hell knows?

Doug: I changed my mind. I say niche.

Trish: Okay. But I wanted to bring up Chris and Julie Brown, they’re from Ohio. They are both resellers. Chris is in auto parts and what I like about them is, this is something I’d like to throw out there. If you are a reseller, think about what you really like in your own life, right?

They really are involved in the tiki community. Tiki mugs, Tiki swizzles, tiki matches, anything that’s tiki. I don’t even really understand Exactly. 

Doug: Tiki man.

Trish: Exactly. I don’t even understand what all the tiki things are…

Doug: I’m singing Trish, don’t interrupt me. In the jungle, I found a tiki man. You could understand my elation. When the natives, they all shook my hand. The head of the village said to destroy it. But I’m no fool, I took it anyway. Now to this day, I’m cursed forever. It’s that Evil Tiki man.

Trish: I’ve never heard that song.

Doug: It’s by a band called Deadbolt.

Trish: Okay, that is very interesting. Thank you for that serenade. I do appreciate it. They are very passionate about tiki. So when I was on a little vacation last week, I took my mother to Austin, Texas, and there was a very big tiki bar there.

So I went and I came home with three mugs that Julie asked me to get. When you have this little, community, you can say, Hey, you’re going near whatever, could you pick that up for me? I’ll Venmo you the money or things like that. So just try to think a little bit outside of your niche right now.

I’m a used clothing seller, but I’m not going to ask my friends to sell me used clothes, to go get them for me, but I love bags. And I love a good pocketbook. Maybe I would ask if they were going to Disney, somebody to pick me up, like in a Disney exclusive or something like that.

So I just want resellers to also be aware of what you really like, because knowledge is power and you’ll be able to know things that other people who are not in that niche know. I wanted to shout them out for that.

I also wanted to shout out Ed Flores – Ed The Reselling Rider. He had his biggest sale ever, like a bundle, over 600 bucks. And he’s, mostly a used shoe seller and 600 in used shoes. Good for you, Ed. Really.

And the last thing I wanted to shout out was most of you probably know my friend Diane Lassonde and she got some bad news this week and is having to start chemotherapy and radiation again. And so anybody that knows her, maybe just reach out to her through social media. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.

Doug: Diane does listen to the show. So we love you, Diane. We’re always thinking about you, and sending thoughts and prayers. She’s amazing. I’ve been friends with Diane and Trish for a long time. And again, we love her. We’re thinking about her. And If you want to help, if you want to help out, she’s got The FearLESS Living Fund. Yeah. And it’s her birthday month. 

Trish: So it is her birthday on the ninth. I saw her yesterday. She could probably use a little extra love.

Doug: And we’ll put the link to The FearLESS Living Fund in the show notes. And it’s Diane’s charity that benefits the Blind Center of Nevada, Trish.

Trish: And that’s all through reselling, that never of that would have happened without BOSS having their thing at the blind seller in Nevada. She never even would have known about the Blind Center in Nevada. So it’s all kind of a full circle about reselling. So it’s all kind of reselling related.

Trish Tip

Doug: Do you have a tip for us this week, Trish?

Trish: Yeah. Do you know what I would like to talk about?

Tips from Trish, what I would like to talk about is pricing and pricing structure. I think as resellers, we look at pricing much differently than other retailers do, right? The gold standard for a retailer is you buy it at the wholesale price and then you either double it or triple it and that’s your retail price usually.

Now, of course, there are exceptions. Loss leaders if anybody knows what that is, it’s something you sell below cost to be able to get people to come into your store.

Doug: Rotisserie chicken at Costco.

Trish: Exactly!! Like a $5 rotisserie chicken at Costco. Exactly right and also they do that a lot on Black Friday. And then supermarkets usually do it during their weekly sales, whatever’s on the front sometimes can be a loss leader and they’ll say you can only buy five or you can only buy 10. They do that because they’re not making any money on those. There is a nuance to that, right? The reseller pricing models are much different.

This morning on mastermind, I do a mastermind class every day, and this morning, Cheryl, and Yaya Rambles. We were talking about pricing structure and she was saying that Resellers can’t use that model or even think about that model. It doesn’t really matter what you bought something for, because she buys very low. She is an old school yard sailer, right? So she’s going out and buying something for a buck or .$25 cents or .$50 cents. So it wouldn’t be worth taking that $.50 cents and selling it for triple the amount wouldn’t be worth it on eBay or wherever. So that kind of got us into talking about how you decide your pricing structure. So for me, I am a value pricing structure.

 When I look up comps, I see what the high end is and the low end, and I tend to go to the middle or a little lower. I want people to buy. I’m more of a volume seller, and so because of that, I want people to buy things easier and faster. I don’t like to sit on them.

Trish: Some people, aka Theresa Cox, will almost put it at what retail was, if not sometimes higher. She sells things from Walmart that may be worth 13, and she’s selling them for 25. That blows my mind, but she has the space, she’ll sit on it, and she can wait.

So when you’re thinking about pricing, you really have to decide what is your sell through rate, how fast you need to go through these items, do you have space to sit on them, are you paying an exorbitant amount of overhead and you need to get your money out.

And also be thinking, When you spend this money, how long is it going to take me to get back out? Do you need it? Is that capital that you need? All of these things have to come into your pricing ideas. So just think about it.

Doug: There you go, very interesting. Buy low, sell high. But we do know, as you talked about, Theresa, and I do know a lot of sellers that hit up like the Walmarts, the Targets for the clearance stuff because across the country, like stuff I can get on clearance in my Target, you might not have out there in the moors of Boston.

Trish: Absolutely. And some things you guys get, we never get, right? Yeah, exactly. Like up here we have like local things that I used to sell before I went to strictly clothing, but like brown bread, that’s a very New England thing that I don’t think anywhere else in the country really eats it. And it’s bread in a can. Have you ever had this?

Doug: I don’t want to have it.

Trish: It’s not gross.

Doug: I’m not interested.

Trish: It’s a can and you pull out, I’ll show you sometime.

Doug: Does it explode like a snake out of the can?

Trish: Nope, just slides right out and then you cut it up and you fry it in the frying pan with butter and most people serve it with hot dogs and baked beans.

But that’s a New England thing, right? That’s a thing people eat up here. That probably they don’t eat where you are. I can’t imagine there are a lot of Californians eating baked beans and a hot dog.

Doug: And bread from a can from the Mayflower.

Trish: Exactly. That’s right. It’s old.

Doug: I imagine so.

Trish: Those are things also to think about, what do you have that nobody else can get.

Doug: That’s a great tip, and thank you so much, Trish.

Trish: Of course. You’re welcome. All right.

Seller News

Doug: And now, Trish, over to the news desk. There’s List Perfectly news this week, Trish.

Trish: There is? I’m so excited. And by the way, you should all be checking your banner messages on LP, in List Perfectly, there are banner messages. Look at them. They’re important. The news section in List Perfectly, and you the news section in List Perfectly for the latest updates.

Doug: In fact, we’re not even going to tell you the news. We’re going to tell you to go to your banners. Just kidding.

Trish: We’re not telling you nothing.

Doug: And all the details are there. So we are going to tell you, go there to get the details, the links and everything. But the big news is. List Perfectly has extended the pro plus promotion for all pro plan members, all through 2024.

Trish: I know. It’s awesome.

Doug: That is awesome.

Trish: It is.

Doug: All the instructions are in those banner messages to take advantage of these features. Trish.

Trish: Auto delist, listing assistant, printable pick list. That’s a big one.

Doug: And also Trish issue finder that new listing catalog, which I did multi-user access, is not for me, I’m the only user. Printable QR code labels, more photo room removals, editing tools, sales information, enhanced mobile interface.

Trish, what’s your favorite ProPlus feature?

Trish: It’s actually one that you didn’t mention and it’s the barcode reader.

Doug: That’s what I was going to say. Oh, I know. And that’s what I’m saying. I love it too.

Trish: I love it too. It is so fun and you don’t have to have a barcode reader. You can use a barcode like I’m using this on my computer right now and just put it up to that.

And it will populate depending on what the product is and how old it is, you’ll get everything, including a photo or two. It’s crazy.

Doug: And you could be out sourcing and listing and do that. And that’s a super cool feature. I really like it.

Trish: Yeah. And one of the things, I think some of the really successful resellers that I know will, they don’t waste time and they’ll stand in line, right? And start listing before them, if you’re in a line somewhere, they’re listing what’s in their cart, even if it’s just getting the basics in, so they can go home and take pictures and stuff. It really, it’s a great feature, it’s great. It really is.

Doug: Here’s a Doug tip. Start your listings in LP. On mobile and then finish them on desktop.

Trish: Exactly. For years and years, that’s how I did everything. Like on eBay, I started on mobile and finished on desktop. I really love that. I do that now on, on List Perfectly too. But I really like that flow. It’s easier for me.

But there are even more features that will be released soon, Pro Plus in 2024. And some of these will also be coming to the other plans at no additional cost. Things get trickled down.

So if you need more info, if you want some help, join ProPlus Insights and customer support 411 live on LISTING PARTY, where you can ask questions directly to our team, Pat is usually there. He is great. He’ll go right on, he’ll tell you what to do. You can screen share with him. If you want, it can help you tremendously. Check the LISTING PARTY events to find a day and a time that fits your schedule.

Doug: All right, there you go.

All right, Trish, in breaking eBay news. eBay now offers cubic pricing for USPS ground advantage and priority mail. So Trish, what’s cubic pricing?

Trish: Okay. What’s interesting about this is there going to be a lot of resellers who are like, what the heck is cubic pricing, but then there’s going to be a whole lot of resellers, especially old school resellers who have been using cubic pricing for years because they went to a third party called Pirate Ship, specifically. And Pirate Ship has been doing cubic pricing forever. So cubic pricing is based on the size of the package rather than the weight, okay? That means that it’s more important to include accurate measurements and dimensions for your package so that eBay buys the labels and will generate it at the lowest cost.

Let me just say this. This morning, my daughter said to me, that our shipping costs have gone down recently because of ground advantage. So really pay attention to this. This may be a big money saver for you in the long run. So think about it. And some of the things that I automatically send in a padded flat rate or in a regular flat rate, I can put anything into a legal flat rate envelope, anything, and send it. And that price keeps going up. But some things that I would have automatically done and thrown in there, she sent much cheaper this morning using cubic pricing. Look at it. Don’t just automatically go with what you’ve always done.

Doug: It’s interesting you brought that up about the ground advantage. So I did see something this morning that UPS is doing some layoffs and there’s a theory that it might have something to do with USPS ground advantage and well?

Trish: Wouldn’t that be an interesting development?

Not good for UPS at all, but interesting. Cubic rates, just so everybody knows, cubic rates will automatically display on eBay labels when the cubic price is lower than the non-cubic rate. It’s going to, it’s going to warn you when you can save some money.

Doug: I use PirateShip, so you think that I would know what cubic…

Trish: You didn’t know that you were using cubic shipping?

Doug: I put the measures in, I just put in what they tell me to do.

Trish: Okay, you’ve been doing it for years and didn’t even know.

Doug: Exactly. But key benefits of eBay cubic pricing include the fact that USPS shipments can be covered up to $1,000 by ship cover insurance when you use eBay labels.

Trish: Which is good.

Doug: You can take advantage of the most comprehensive delivery and pickup network in the United States with the USPS.

Trish: I would hope so.

Doug: Exactly. What else, Trish?

Trish: If you don’t have a printer, no problem. USPS accepts eBay labels QR codes. In reality, if you’re a brand new seller, if you’re new to all this, and you do not have a label printer yet, or even a regular printer, You can just have the QR code on your phone. I would make sure that if you’re doing more than one package at a time, make sure you write down the zip code on the package. But you can go there, they’ll print it out for you, slap it on, and take it away.

Doug: All right. Cool. Cool. And Trish, I love a deal.

Trish: I do know this about you.

Doug: But I’m also very hesitant. I do believe that if something is too good to be true, I’m suspicious. So obviously we’re all familiar with Temu and we know that we know a lot of sellers that source from there because you can get stuff ridiculously cheap.

Trish: Yeah, I know a lot of people.

Doug: And the main reason I haven’t gotten anything on there, is because I’m like, it’s got to be fast fashion. It’s like Shein, blah, blah, blah, which it may be. The other day I saw something there. I got a coupon. I was looking at a pair of Oxford men’s shoes, those would look lovely. And then there was literally a hundred percent off coupon. And I was like, this is too good.

Trish: What does that mean?

Doug: And then I saw, and I think this is going to be huge for Timu. They came on the U S market in 2022 offering cheap apparel, and other goods like $9 sweaters, $5 mugs, and you’d think I’d be in. The Temu app was the most downloaded free application on Apple devices last year surpassing even TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. But the interesting thing is now they are going to add at some point, there’s not a timeline, but they’ve announced that they are going to allow us and European sellers to sell on the platform.

Trish: Yeah. And that’s going to be interesting because can we compete right? Price-wise, or are they going to do it by shipping? It’s going to be interesting to see how that washes out.

Doug: But yeah, that’s an interesting thing to keep an eye on. And again, it’s yeah, we do know sellers that source on there.

Trish: And I was surprised when I came up in mastermind and there must’ve been five people right there. It was like, yeah, I sourced from there. I sourced from there. I sourced that. And I was like, really?

Doug: It’s the same thing right now with TikTok shop is they’re trying to get people to shop there and my kids are like, they buy stuff there all the time. I know you do too, but they’re like, you get 40 percent off coupons regularly.

Trish: Yeah, Doug, I shop there.

Doug: Oh, look at that top ladies and gentlemen.

Alright. So this is interesting, Trish. There’s a rumor that Walmart is going to start purging physical video games soon.

Trish: Yeah, I heard that too.

Doug: I think this is just a natural progression. I think because you know there’s a new new Xbox coming out that’s going to be all cloud-based based and it’s not like now You can get games instantaneously by downloading them. So it’s all cloud-based stuff, you don’t have to have a disc anymore. And more are like we’re not making discs anymore, so I think this is a natural progression. I do think it’s a sourcing opportunity for a bit because there are going to be some people who’ll still want those discs. Maybe if there are some legacy games out there, some bargain games, video games are always a decent seller.

Trish: It’s an interesting thing because it’s like cassettes and VHS tapes and I can’t tell you how many things in my life have gotten huge and then gone away, right? And so this just seems to be a natural progression. I do think you’re right.

Doug: Best Buy has basically really stopped selling movies. Target dramatically reduced their movie options. DVDs are pretty much going away. You can buy streaming stuff now. You basically download it.

All right. Anything else, Trish?

Trish: No, I think that is all the news that fits. Thank you everyone for coming. It’s always a pleasure, Doug. And I appreciate everything you do.

Doug: Thank you, Trish. You too.


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