Season 3 Episode 8 Lifetime Passive Income with the List Perfectly Referral Program

Who doesn’t want to make passive income for LIFE? Join Clara and Tiffany as they chat about how the List Perfectly Referral Program allows you to make lifetime commissions with no caps! Clara and Tiffany share the benefits you can receive as a referral member and how ANYONE can make hundreds or thousands of dollars with the List Perfectly Referral Program. There are referral members making $5K monthly…why can’t you?

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Just in case you don’t know me. My name is Clara. I’m the co c e o and co-founder of List Perfectly. And today we’re gonna be talking about a very favorite topic, lifetime passive income, with List Perfectly referral or affiliate or affiliate program in and joined. Tiffany Turner, can you briefly introduce yourself, Tiff?


Yes, I am Tiffany Turner. I’m the marketing manager at List Perfectly, and I also help with the referral program heavily so I know a lot of our referral members. I talk to you guys one-on-one a lot. I am here to help you guys with any questions you may have today, and I’m excited to dive deep into the referral program.


That’s exciting. Thank you so much, Tiff. How long have you been with team List Perfectly?


Three years in April.


There you have it. A lot of experience. This is not about marketing, but you gotta understand that referral income or passive income, does require, marketing, even a little of yourself. So that’s why Tiffany is crucial for this, presentation.

Thank you for joining us today to talk about passive income. The referral program of List Perfectly is generous but requires that you are a List Perfectly member. Any plan, Simple, Business, or Pro, the three of them enjoy the same benefits. There are no priorities. There are no additional features or anything. The referral program is the referral program for everybody and we wanna motivate people that are using the product because we don’t have a sales team, the spirit is to invest in you. That’s why we’re able to give you lifetime perpetuity benefits as long as they stay signed up. You keep making up to 20% a month of their membership, so we choose to invest in you.

So I’m gonna show you an account of someone that literally didn’t work their referral program and signed up for it. And what happens? How does it look for those three different, tiers of members, what do you think about that agenda Tiffany?


I’m excited to show people because this is what I feel like. Okay, so we preach join the referral program all of the time, but people don’t know, they don’t have visuals of what people are actually making. And of course, they’re not gonna share any names or any like, you know, personal info. But just being able to see the numbers, the graphs, the statistics of what people are making monthly, you’ll have, an entirely new perspective on the referral program.


You don’t need to be a content generator. It blows my mind how people get creative, right, Tiffany to share codes and there are different approaches. Okay. We have people that are very technical savvy, they know SEO and they leverage their code all over the internet. We have people that are very dedicated to doing content and then we have members who don’t do social, livestreams, or anything like that.

They don’t do social media channels, but they do a lot of local meetups. And still, you can do it. They go to their thrift store and they drop in all their codes. And so forth. So we’re gonna be talking, especially today. Also, Tiffany, we gotta talk about codes. Or links. What should I do, Tiffany? I dunno.

Why is List Perfectly giving me the capacity of doing those two, right?


I have all of the answers. I like to think so…


So let’s get this started. Okay. So, you’ve been with us for three years. What’s the evolution you have seen in the referral program if you, please?


I think that people who have been in the referral program since day one realized how they can maximize making money, and passive income by just adding their links to just certain areas on social media, even on business cards or stuff like that.

They add their codes to it. So I think that our day ones have definitely, these are the ones who have the big numbers because they understood, Hey, look at the money I’m making over time. Not just a big chunk that I’m like, oh, let me just get $2,000 to just talk about this one company one time.

These people are making now. over two grand a month at this point. So that’s the complete difference from like, you know, I would say our low-level earners to our high-level earners, they saw what the lifetime income of the referral program, just like the benefits of that. We try to push that it’s a lifetime commission, but people really, you know, don’t latch onto that concept, which is why we’re going to talk about that today and inform you guys, and we wanna help you be knowledgeable about the referral program.

We want to help you make more money. I definitely see beginners I would say that they definitely take advantage of having the referral program there as well. And they use it to pay for their subscription.

So that’s a smart move as well. If you’re not looking to pay or to have, you know, a side income and you just want to, hey, like, let me just have seven referrals, sign up for List Perfectly and just pay my subscription for, you know, life. That’s, that’s definitely what I’ve seen, happen over the past three years.


So I’m gonna stop teasing and I’m gonna tell you why the List Perfectly program is superior to anything else. Because one thing that we promote, is that we have no investors, no sales team, and I will not do a sale on holidays or big events. We will never do that to you because we just don’t do it. You know, we want you to make that money because the holidays are when you get the most signups. People are making decisions. And another thing that we did to prevent fights and disputes between referral members, and affiliates, was to assure that once you get someone signed up, even if they upgrade or downgrade with a different code, you will still get that income earning as long as they stay signed up with that account, of course.

And obviously, they have to be using List Perfectly. So those two things where I, just to give you an idea, I put those two measures just to make sure that they plan, it’s scalable for you. I want you to grow. Okay. Your referral portfolio. I call it the portfolio if you please. Okay. And in the List Perfectly part, we’re gonna call them friends and we wanna transfer that friend atmosphere. That’s why we don’t have a sales team. We want you to do this organically. We want you to use the product and share your honest feedback with your audience. People love that. Love the honesty. Whether it works for you, maybe you have to reinstall it. Then maybe you have to call when the customer service team or do an onboarding session, whatever it was.

People love seeing that. Or maybe, you know, you just talk about it in a meet in a meetup, and then you know, you share, um, you know your links and your codes and you explain to people how to get a 30% off. So number one thing to understand is our referral or affiliate members can offer a discount code that is 30% off.

Nobody has more or less, alright? 30% off. And that can be used one time per plan and what is amazing is whether you upgrade or downgrade, as long as you use that code once, okay, it will process the 30% discount. That’s one of my favorite things for your referral or your friends that you’re referring to, Tiffany, what would you say is the main question we get from our referral community?


Yes, I’m definitely behind the scenes a lot. You may see me on social media here and there, you guys definitely don’t see a lot of me. If you go to events this year, you’ll see me. I’m so excited to meet a lot of you. Your question, Clara. Yeah. The biggest question we get is why do I need to sign up for the List Perfectly referral program.

What do I get out of it? They just think of it like, if I go to, pizza Hut and I just share like, here, here’s my referral code. They just seem like that. And that’s why we are trying to help make you all knowledgeable about the referral program. Much more than that it is truly another stream of income for you. Saying it’s a referral program, knocks it down a little, it doesn’t give all the credit to it. So we add lifetime in there in the beginning because you do make money for life. There are no caps and all it is just sharing your referral link. And all you have to do is just make sure that the people that are signing up as referrals to your account with your link. Just stay on, stay active. Make sure that you are keeping your community. So call your referrals, your friends, and your community. Keep them informed about new updates. Keep them educated. Be a resource for them for List Perfectly. If you want to keep them on, you need to let them understand why they need to stay on with List Perfectly.


We cannot apply the referral code or link after they sign up, right, Tiff?


Yes, exactly. We are gonna show you how to test your code to make sure that it works so you’re not having trouble when people are trying to sign up with your code. It’s just kind of like a verification process and it takes literally less than 60 seconds. And it’s just a great way to help you make sure that everything’s working on your end.

I know a referral member who does not use their link anywhere, their code anywhere on the internet. They make around hundred to $200 every single month for the past year and a half just by sharing their code and their link on a business card when they go sourcing every sourcing trip or when they go ship off their packages, they run into other sellers, they hand out their business card. and that’s how they make a hundred to $200 per month. So I know it can work for other people as well because that’s the only way he’s making referral income and it’s passive income for him. He forgets that he gets the little payout every, like the beginning of the month from List Perfectly. He’s like, oh, I forgot that’s coming in. That’s how you want to live.

But that’s how we all want to live just for that. We have money coming in. And that’s what the pro program allows for you to have like that, you know, that extra chunk of money coming in and there is no limit. You can work as hard as you want, to make more money or you can just, hand it out when you go sourcing. You’re literally just handing out your code when you are around other sellers.


The first 50 referrals earn ten percent for their first month, and then 15% for subsequent months. But you can bypass this because if you give 50 referrals your first month, you do 15% the first month and then 20% the subsequent months, right Tiff?


Yes. That’s, that’s how you can make more money. And once you hit that 51st member, you’re now making 20% of the signup every single month after.


The biggest thing we recommend is to build a relationship with these people. What do they need? We have onboarding, we have a listing party, we have video calls, we have customer service 24-7, you name it. Right? But maybe you reach out to them and say, how can I help you today with List Perfectly? That’s, that would be no need to have a social media or be a big influencer we need that person to be signed up for 32 days before we pay you the first month of commission, so then you get the next payout of the referral program of referral payout. You get paid for them. We wanna make sure that you are getting paid for someone that is an active user of List Perfectly, cuz some referrals, may sign on and then leave. 24 hours later, they may leave one week later to have a solid active referral.


They do have to stay on for 30 days to be able to get that payout.

I know a lot of you definitely are probably telling your seller friends, yeah, I use List Perfectly. Or in other Facebook groups, I use List Perfectly. I know that other Facebook groups may have rules, but I’m just saying in general, I know that a lot of you tell other sellers you use List Perfectly.

Why not just make money from actually saying that you can make money from telling people you use List Perfectly? Hey, now they’re gonna go sign up when they get home, but they’re not gonna give you any credit. You could be making money for life. Now that that person has signed on to the Simple Plan, Business Plan, Pro Plan, you can be getting extra money per month.

There’s no minimum and there’s no maximum of what you will get paid out. You can have one referral if you want, if that’s all you want, that’s fine. But yeah, you can definitely make money from sharing, you know, the love of LP.

I tell everybody, honestly, every single human being is an influencer. My boyfriend influenced me to eat toast today. Everyone is an influencer if you think about it. It’s so true. So you don’t get worried. I know that the label may scare people off. I understand that completely. You don’t have to label yourself as that. I understand how you may be steered away, but you’re just sharing what you love. Don’t be afraid of it. You share what you love every single day with everybody that you know, so don’t worry about it. Share your link and make money.


Tiffany, so can you explain the difference between the code and links and why LP is drifting away from the codes?


Whenever you share that link with someone. When they, click on that link and go to LP, it will, stash away in their cookies. So when they revisit List Perfectly, they’re actually going to be revisiting this referral link. They will be revisiting that and they, you’re going to get credit for, it’s gonna be stashed away, I believe, for 30 days. It’s stashed away and then it’s so much easier to kind of hand over to people. I know we touched on the QR code thing, but I know that people can make their own QR codes.

We don’t have any created for you in the List Perfectly referral area. You can make your own and just, copy and paste that link to create your own QR code, externally from the List Perfectly referral area. And that’s an easy way also for people to just scan when you’re out and about and they just, you know, grab their phone, hey, I’m gonna get this QR code, and they just have it in their browser to revisit later.

It’s easy to have that access. And then whenever they’re scrolling through List Perfectly, going through Pricing, going through, About Us, like any page on List Perfectly, they will still be, when they decide to go sign up after spending like 30 minutes on the site, you will get that referral because they’re using your link now with the code. They can spend 30 minutes on the site figuring it out after you’ve told them, here’s my code, and then they go to the List Perfectly the next day and they’re just blah, blah, blah. Look it through.

Okay. I’m understanding what it is, informing myself. And now when they go to the checkout area, they have to manually put in your code. Which they can forget to do.

So the link is much easier and it’s a safer way as well.


When you generate the LP link, you can choose whether you wanna send them to the main page, if you’re sure about it. Maybe you wanna send them to the pricing, right? But maybe you don’t wanna be salesy and you wanna send them to the blog or frequently asked questions, you know what, it’s gonna work best. You choose how to customize.


Yeah, those links are definitely, that’s where referral marketing comes in. That’s where you can have advanced referral members. If someone creates a YouTube video and they’re like, here, this is my List Perfectly YouTube video about demoing the pro plan or something, they can create an actual link for that video so they can link it in their description of their YouTube video. They can link it in there. Now they can track how many referrals they’re gaining from this actual link. What this one video like, um, you know, how this one video benefited them, how many referrals did they gain from making this one video?

So that’s how you can utilize the campaign links and referral marketing. We obviously wanna be able to help you guys with that if you want to be able to, you know, maximize that part and that’s, we will be doing stuff for you guys, on listing parties. So look out for that. That’s gonna be really exciting to help you guys.


You can meet with the team, and schedule a meeting. Okay? We’ll help you, whatever your situation is, we’re here to support you. Top partners are six-figure-year passive income earners. And to think they were able, to build this up in less than four years.

Tiffany, if someone joins and then stops their membership because we don’t force people, they come and go from List Perfectly as needed. So when they stop and rejoin in the future, will you continue to get your referral income again?


Yes, I believe so because that referral will always be attached to your referral area members’ situation. They signed on with you. So that account, that LP account, will always be registered to your referral code or link.


If they register with a different email, that wouldn’t apply. What would you say, Tiff, what’s the main concern sometimes or the biggest misconception you would say about our referral program?


It’s about people thinking that it’s just, okay, here I’m just getting paid one time. It’s really not worth it to put in all the effort to share, my code and my link or whatever. They’re not understanding that it is for life. That one time that you’re putting effort into somebody sharing that, um, link with somebody, now you have passive income for life. Just a five-minute interaction. It’s for life that you are getting paid. For that. So yeah, I think that that’s the biggest misconception.


So it’s recurrent income, and then it’s your investment of time. You’re already reselling, and then all you’re doing is reinvesting that time so you can make that passive income later. What a great exchange of money.


That’s what I think is very smart, is when people do that, they’re just like, oh, I can pay for my subscription by just telling other people about what I already use. So that’s a very smart way to go.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make passive income. And also as an LP user, you get access to exclusives so you know about all of the new features way before they come out and you get to test them. You get access to things that are coming soon. Don’t miss it. Don’t miss the opportunity. Go sign up now. Like after this ends go sign up. It’s free. It takes less than two minutes to sign up for it.