S3 E44 PoshFest 2023 Recap

This week on The Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly, Trish and Doug recap PoshFest 2023, talking about List Perfectly’s sponsorship, the event, the networking, the parties, takeaways, Poshmark announcements, and much more! Get Poshy with Trish and Doug!

This week on The Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly, Trish and Doug recap eBay Open 2023, including the List Perfectly sponsorship, the In-Studio events, the virtual portion, and more! Tune in if you were there, or to see what you missed out on! 

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PoshFest 2023 Features Announcement


Trish: This week on the Seller Community Podcast brought to you by List Perfectly, let’s talk about PoshFest 2023. Doug and I are going to discuss the parties, an overview, the networking, the takeaways, And much, much more. Oh, and the LP sponsorship.

Doug: That’s right. I like that you started with the parties, Trish.

Trish: Hey, we all have our things, Doug, and I love a good party. Don’t you?

Doug: Yeah, I do. I do. And PoshFest was fun. I loved that it was in San Diego.

Trish: San Diego was cool. I’d only been there once only for a day. It was cool. Beautiful resort. It was like mid-century modern. It was pretty big. It had all these different buildings, and it had a couple of pools. The place was pretty cool. Had a really good vibe.

Doug: It was good. We had a lot of good exposure. We saw some friends; we made some new friends. We saw some eBay people.

Trish: Suzie Eads was there. That’s always awesome. So it was a great time. We saw people we knew. Doug and I, we’re a little eBay-centric, so I think it’s great when we get to meet new people especially people from different platforms. It was good.

Doug: Then let’s get into it. Let me just say, Trish, you look lovely today. You’ve got your fancy outfit on for this PoshFest episode.

Trish: You know what is funny is I have a PoshFest 2019 t-shirt that I desperately looked for, but I couldn’t find it.

Doug: I hope you like my little black XL cocktail dress that I’m wearing.

Trish: It’s beautiful. You’re looking great.

Doug: I’ve always thought I look good in sequins.

Trish: You do they’re definitely your thing.

Doug: I want to get one of those Jaworski. Is that the jewels? Saworski or Jaworsky?

Trish: Now I can’t say it right. Swarovski.

Doug: Swarovski. Oh that I’m sorry Jaworsky is a filmmaker.

Trish: I was gonna say we’re both saying it a little wrong. I say most things wrong because of my accent, but you really messed it up.

Doug: For PoshFest next year, I’ll get the Swarovski slims that Kim Kardashian has put out.

Trish: Okay, awesome.

Doug: I will look good but be slimmer as well.

Trish: Doug always looks good in a man girdle.

Doug: Thank you so much.

Trish: You’re welcome.

Doug: Thank you so much. Trish, PoshFest 2023, this was what, your third Posh Fest?

Trish: My third PoshFest.

Doug: All right. How did it compare overall to others?

Trish: Okay. So that’s an interesting thing. So the first PoshFest I went to was pre-pandemic. It was huge. It was at the Phoenix Convention Center. And there was, I asked one of the girls who works for Posh, how many people were there. Cause I was trying to gauge, and she said, she thought about 2,500. It was enormous. And there were lots of different things going on all the time big, huge rooms full of people, and then the last year we went to PoshFest, Doug and I and the List Perfectly team went to PoshFest, and there were only about 250 people there.

So much different, much smaller, and this year. I think she said 800. So it was under a thousand. She’s hoping to be at 1200 next year. It was fun. They had an outside space, like all with like different little vignettes that you could take photos with. That place was really cool. I thought the food was pretty good. We had a booth, and we were mobbed all the time. Of course, we give out swag like it’s our job. People always want to come over and see what we have. But it was great. What did you think, Doug?

Doug: So this is my second PoshFest. I enjoyed last year. So I thought this was definitely a step up. I thought it was bigger in a lot of ways. And understandably last year, everybody was easing back into things, after the. Like you said, the pandemic. Yeah, I thought this was bigger. It’s very interesting to see it from a main sponsor perspective.

We definitely got a lot of exposure and a lot of attention. But what I really like too is obviously it’s a very Poshmark audience. And so people were familiar with List Perfectly. There were a lot of people we knew, we saw a lot of, again, a lot of friends, a lot of eBay people, a lot of crossover people.

I even had some friends that were there that I found out after the fact that they were there. You didn’t see the blue booth.

Trish: There was a lot of diversity this year. There were a lot of different ages. There were a lot of people who wore different outfits. There were people there, in jeans all the way up to sequin dresses. I really felt like this year was a much more inclusive environment than I did before.

Doug: Yeah, I think so too. And that could be because of the numbers. It could be, I don’t know, maybe it’s because of San Diego, but it is interesting what you said.

Trish: I think it’s because of cross posting and I’m not being funny. I think that. Cross-posting is, it was a relatively new thing in 2019 and it is now, through the pandemic up until now, most people are on multiple platforms.

And so the real seller quote unquote, people who do this as a business, not just selling things to buy other clothes, but people who are doing this as a job, I think now all are on Poshmark because it’s easy to do now. And so I think that the landscape of Poshmark is changing because of List Perfectly, because of cross-posting.

And this time I felt completely welcome. I thought it was for everybody. I thought it was just a game changer for me in my perspective anyway.

Doug: A lot of Poshmarkers want to go over to eBay, a lot of eBay users want to go to Poshmark, and I think we’ve really done that. You look at somebody like Suzie Eads, who is eBay queen. Now she’s on Poshmark. She’s attended, two Poshfests in a row. You look at somebody like our friend, Aarika, who works at Poshmark, she’s using LP to cross-post, of course, Tiffy Pie, and Sara Boink. They are obviously very Poshmark-oriented, and they’ve expanded to eBay and multiple platforms. And I think The platforms are realizing, a modern seller is going to sell across multiple platforms.

Trish: I think that’s exactly it in a nutshell. The platforms are really open to this. This is just the way it is now. And if you’re a big seller, you’re going to sell on multiple platforms. And they have welcomed that instead of pushing against it. And I really respect Poshmark for doing that. They were great to us. They were great to work with. Manish, their CEO was very kind to us. He came over and took photos and everything. I thought that we were welcomed and what we did was welcomed.

And so they know what we do. You know what I mean? They know people are cross-posting. They know people are using this service for that. I think that Poshmark is a much more inclusive place now and I’m not saying it wasn’t inclusive before. It was just my feeling like it was what I felt like.

And now I don’t feel like that. And so I was really pleased with that. I thought it was great. And. I also thought that Poshmark did a really great job at, making the days easy. Everything had a really good flow. The place where you were was easy to get to. You could just leave; it was a nice atmosphere.

You didn’t feel like, oh crap, I get to run here. Oh crap, I get to run there. It was an easy flow. Sometimes, conventions can be a little bit daunting and this one I felt, was a pretty good flow.

Doug: Yeah. And it was cool. And it was nice. I always like to have everything there in case you have to run up to the room to get something take a break, or change outfits.

But this was nice too because there were a couple of restaurant options there that were decent. And the setup was really good because it’s a hotel and convention center. And, based on something you said earlier, it’s Poshmark is very into the community, but that was among the things that they emphasized.

And we’ll talk about that in a bit, but I want to get a quick perspective from you because you planned all this logistically, you laid all this out. Give us that perspective planning this and, upping it from a group of us attending to being a main sponsor.

Trish: They were very great to work with. Poshmark was exceedingly easy to work with. They gave us options. We got to decide what we wanted. Clara really wanted to work with Poshmark. And I think that they exceeded her expectations. So that’s always great when you have a partner that really delivers.

And it was very easy. And they went out of their way to be accommodating and do anything that, they could do. And logistically, having everything at the same place does make things easier. You can get things there. So that was great. Logistically, it is an easier thing when you’re all in the same space. Whereas if you’re going to be off site, like BOSS, you have to worry about getting stuff to Las Vegas, but then you have to get it from your hotel. You still have to get it to the place where you’re going to have the setup. So this way, you’re just getting it to the one area. It was great. They made it very easy.

Doug: Anything you learned or anything that stood out from you there during your week?

Trish: I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I honestly felt that Posh is really Embracing the like professional seller, whereas, for a long time, it was really focused on, just selling what you had and, buying new clothes and reposhing and that.

And now I think that they have switched their focus a little and they’re really embracing the bigger seller and I, as a bigger seller myself, appreciate that. I am always trying to find a place for my, used clothes that is easy to work with. There are some things I wish that they would take care of to make it even easier for the larger seller, but I run a mastermind class every morning and everyone in my class, if you’re a used clothing seller, like Poshmark is 30-50 percent of their business right now, and five years ago, that wouldn’t have been possible. So five years ago, you would have been lucky if it was 10 percent of your business. So Poshmark really has embraced the larger seller. And I really appreciate that.

Doug: I like what they’re doing again, in terms of community and pushing posh lives, pushing, posh and sips, all those types of things. And I definitely agree with you again, just looking at it from a List Perfectly perspective. A lot of people we talked to that came up were using List Perfectly or familiar with it. And then again, cross-posting to multiple platforms. And I think Poshmark is really a bigger blip on the radar.

Let’s talk about some of the stuff they announced. So PoshFest 2023, obviously, they want to get everybody together. They want to get everybody together in the community, always part of this is the marketplace making some new announcements, telling you what’s coming, and trying to get you riled up for what’s coming.

So Manish Chandra, the CEO. He always does his state of the posh union. So he talked about some of their new innovations and, he talked a lot about empowering the community, empowering the posh community. That’s the kind of thing they want to do. And I feel they have to do that to compete with some of the other platforms with what’s coming up.

Trish: Agreed. And it’s always been interesting to me about Posh, in 2019, he gave a speech, and this has stuck with me since then, that he wanted it to be a democratic, app, meaning the more time and effort you put in, the higher up you go. So it’s not so much algorithm-based. You do search things and things have parameters, but then the people that get up at the top of the search are the people who are sharing the most being in the app, the most sending the most, offers, and things like that. So that always stuck with me that they try to make it an even playing field. And I appreciate that.

Doug: And they’re, open to hearing from the community. And, again, they talked about that a lot. They had the hackathon, which is like some of the Poshers I talked to were super excited about it. They gave a sneak peek into some of the new features that are coming soon. So basically, last year, we saw that they laid the groundwork. Posh lives had just started. And our buddies, Tiffypie, and Sarah were invited to do the first two. And so now they’re really upping it with Posh Party Live, which is going to be, like a supercharged posh show with parties and just really upping that live experience and connecting, expanding networks, driving traffic to your closet.

And they’re saying the next evolution of posh parties is going to be tested in the U. S. and Canada And These posh parties are going to be going on every week.

Trish: And you just said something that didn’t get announced at PoshFest, but got announced the week after, because you said going to be announced in Canada and us. So those are going to be the only posh marketplaces. They’re getting rid of Australia, Britain, and India.

Doug: Since you brought it up, the elephant in the room and they announced that after and people freaked out.

Trish: Oh, I don’t blame them. What does it matter? I don’t mean that rudely, but what does it matter? it’s not affecting us here and I’m not an isolationist, but what I mean is as a business model. I understand making the U. S. and Canada as good and as robust as it can be before you spread out. Sometimes we spread out too fast and the end isn’t working. And so I appreciate that they’re going to, look at it and try to make that as robust as possible.

Doug: They’re narrowing the focus. And I think they have looked at what’s working, where, and they’re going to focus on U.S. And Canada. And again, if you’re a U S seller that’s probably something to be excited about, probably for some of the other sellers and some of the areas that are shutting down.

Trish: Here’s the thing. If you’re in England. And it’s shutting down. There’s going to be an app or a platform that’s going to take its place.

 And eBay has very robust, international sites, so there’ll always be someplace to sell your wares.

Doug: And like in Australia, eBay’s the number one by far marketplace.

So then they also talked about, which had been rolled out a bit, but in beta, Promoted Closet. So Promoted Closet beta, they really pushed that, and I think There’s still a waiting list…

Trish: again, I had mentioned mastermind. I have a couple of people in Mastermind who do that already, who have opted-in to the beta and Crystal Muse. I think that’s how you say her last name. She is one of them. And Posh is 40 percent of our business. So just the way bigger sellers or just sellers in general use eBay’s promotions, this is a way for you to pay for play a little. And I think if you’re a seller who is full-time and this is your business, these are things that we think about and that we put money into. And so I’m glad that they’re doing it.

Doug: We are eBayers. So we know promoted listings. I think it’s a good idea. If you want to do that extra, get that extra boost. They said that beta sellers using promoted closets have seen an average of 80 percent increase in total listing views.

Trish: I know that’s crazy.

Doug: That is crazy. That is crazy. So they’ve got that waitlist. Actually, there’s a great blog post that they put out that we’ll link in the show notes that goes over all this, but Let’s go over Trish the coming soon list.

Trish: Okay, please tell me.

Doug: Gift cards You can give the gift of Poshmark just in time for the holidays, Trish.

Trish: Doug don’t tell anyone but that’s what I’m getting you for Christmas.

Doug: Thank you so much. See there’s content and there’s marketing And that’s marketing. You can send and receive Poshmark gift cards to make gifting and purchasing your next favorite find even easier. That’s a cool idea. Does eBay do anything like that?

Trish: There are eBay gift cards. There have been eBay gift cards. For a very long time. You can buy them at CVS. I’ve bought multiple ones at CVS.

Doug: When I would see the eBay gift cards, I’d cover all the other gift cards with eBay cards when I worked there.

Trish: And you haven’t worked there for how long?

Doug: It’s been several years at this point.

Trish: So they’ve been out for a long time.

Doug: You’d think, everybody’s we know you used to work at eBay.

So this is interesting. Multi-label shipping. You can split bundled orders by purchasing standard shipping labels.

Trish: I’m very happy about that. One of the things that Posh does very well, in my opinion, is this ability to bundle things and offer people a better price for taking multiple things out of your closet or your store. But, once you hit the five-pound mark, it became difficult to ship it. I am very happy with that. There are a lot of times when you need to buy extra postage and up until then you just had to buy it. I’m very happy with that. That’s going to be great.

Doug: Yeah. That is very interesting. Splitting bundled orders in a more cost-effective way to ship multiple packages. Allowing sellers to purchase additional standard shipping labels. If I need another five-pound sweater.

Trish: Correct.

Doug: For sweater weather.

Trish: Sweater weather.

Doug: No, that is cool, and I think that’s something that sellers have been wanting for a bit.

Trish: Oh yeah, definitely, yep.

Doug: And it just goes, something like that is them, listening to the community and bringing that back around.

And Trish, I’m a big fan of metrics and analytics. Those numbers are there. They’re very interesting if that’s what it is. And then you do more of what’s working and less of what’s not working.

Trish: And that’s another thing about the bigger sellers, the bigger sellers are usually driven by these numbers, and it was hard to pull out information out of posh because they didn’t really offer this stuff. And as for the normal everyday casual seller. Yeah, probably doesn’t matter because you’re reselling things you own. You already own them. You’re going to try it But when you’re buying things directly to resell, this is a good tool to have and I’m very happy about it I think this has been something that people have been wanting for a while.

Doug: So the new thing they’re launching is called the host summary report And it’s when you do a Posh show, you’ll be able to see a summary of your show performance with a list of key metrics, viewership, engagement, and sales. So again, you’re going to see what’s working, who’s watching you, be able to measure your growth.

Trish: So then you’re going to be like, when Doug does a show with Sara Boykan, she can be like, yeah, this is when everyone left.

Doug: I would wear this jumper and I was cooking and dancing while I am cooking. Okay. So this is super interesting. These next two are going to sound interesting. So auto listing, you can take a picture of an item and auto-generate listing details. What?

Trish: What? I’m really interested to see how well this works.

Doug: Because List Perfectly is doing that now. Did you know that?

Trish: I know. And ours is. Fanfreakintastic. I’m really interested to see how Posh does.

Doug: And it’s I’m gonna say it, it’s yeah, we love Poshmark, but we want you to list on List Perfectly. Use ours. But this is cool. This is the way things are going. eBay’s got AI integration now for listing. You’re going to see it across the board.

Trish: I know from using different products that some are really good, and some aren’t, so I’ll be interested to see how good it does.

Doug: See what they’ve got. And then they’re doing a closet redesign and updated look and feel to improve the shopper experience.

Trish: When I first started Posh, people didn’t really do this as much anymore. But you used to want your stuff in a certain order, so you would have to share in a certain order it would be, like, all your skirts, and then you’d have a thing that said skirts, and then you’d share all your tops, and you’d have a thing that said tops.

I am hoping that maybe the closets can be segmented a little bit more than they are now, but, hey, things change. I love change. I know a lot of people are like, Oh my God, what are they going to do? We’ll screw everything up. I don’t feel like that. I want to see what’s going to happen.

Doug: They’re known for clothing. They’re expanding. I think they should. But I think they’re gonna stick with clothing. They know clothing. It’s a closet. You can put other things in a closet, but…

Trish: you know, you can sell lots of things on posh. They’ve opened it up over the last few years. They have home goods. They have electronics, they have different things. Of course, I think their bread and butter is clothes and probably always will be. But we’ll see.

Doug: God knows what’s in my closet.

Trish: Exactly. I have so many jokes and I just didn’t even say it. All I could think of was Alfred Hitchcock.

Doug: Yeah, there you go. Mother. Mother.

Yeah, a lot of big things coming. Very interesting. Obviously, they’re consolidating their marketplaces. And people freaked out about this too. They changed the logo.

Trish: I know. They went from a radiated logo to a solid one and people lost their minds. I didn’t get it.

Doug: What’s it mean?

Trish: It means nothing.

Doug: what are they trying to say here?

Trish: It means it’s easier to have a whole solid one than a graduated one. You have to always worry about everybody’s doing it correctly.

Doug: Yeah, and it’s interesting too because we’ve always been tight with Poshmark. We’ve done stuff with them before. We’ve got a great relationship with them. It’s one of the marketplaces that we, communicate with regularly. We were happy to be sponsors. We’re going to continue to have a great relationship with them. And we always want to stick with compliance, not bots, things like that, but just keeping up that good relationship.

Trish: We are a terms-of-service kind of company. Everything we do with any platform keeps you within terms of service. We respect the terms of service. And as a company, and for me personally, account health on any of the platforms. The worst thing you can do is have your account taken away. Whether it’s Posh, eBay, Depop, or any of them. So for me, I always stress staying within the terms of service.

Doug: Oh, for sure. Yeah, you don’t want to push those limits. You don’t want to lose your account. And also…That’s what I always say. Stop trying to cheat the algorithm. It doesn’t help anybody. Your little workarounds, your little cheats, it’s not helping anybody because an algorithm takes what’s put into it. And if you’re trying to do weird little, Oh, do this and this is it’s gonna screw us all, Trish.

Trish: Exactly.

Doug: All right. So PoshFest 2024. We have no idea where it’s going to be.

Trish: No, they did not announce it.

Doug: I would imagine we’d be there again.

Trish: Yeah. This year was great. I hope we go again.

Doug: And I think it’s going to be like you had said, I think it’s going to be bigger and better. It’s growing each year. They do need to watch out for the displays though. Cause people were tripping over…

Trish: they had a display that was outside of the doors, and it had this bottom lip that was like out further and people would come out of the door and go right to go down the hall to go to the lady’s room or the men’s room. And man, oh man, there were quite a few spills.

Doug: You just hear the thump, and you turn around and look.

Trish: Yeah, that needed to be worked on.

Doug: Safety.

Trish: Yeah, we needed a safety cone or something.

Doug: And then I want to get your perspective too. What’s the Trish view on the horizon for Poshmark?

Trish: I think Poshmark will continue to embrace the larger professional sellers as we go forward. I don’t think they’ll ever going to give up their base and nor should they, but I think they are going to continue to go after and cater to some of the larger sellers. For some of the professionals, I want to use the word professional rather than larger.

I think that they’re starting to implement things that larger sellers need. The analytics, the extra labels, things like that. And I think that will continue., I think that they are going to continue to go after them. And I think it’s smart.

Doug: I agree. There are some friends and some people I know that disagree with me, but I really think that live selling is the future. I think it’s going to continue to grow. Poshmark has really leaned into it. They’re growing posh parties, growing posh lives. You’ve got whatnot. You’ve got TikTok coming along with TikTok shops.

Trish: Yeah, they’re everywhere now. If you look at TikTok, it’s two videos, TikTok shop.

Doug: Yeah, exactly. They’re really pushing it. They do have a little bit of work to do with that, but the idea is great. No offense, TikTok. I think they don’t understand the reselling market right now. I think they need to get some sellers on their teams.

Trish: Agreed.

Doug: And I wonder about that with whatnot too because some sellers are still a little leery of whatnot. And then eBay lives are slowly, but surely coming along. As is typical eBay, rolling it out slowly category by category. I know they’ve got some internal people who really want to see that move faster. And, I always say this, I think that it’s interesting because it’s that combination of selling. Entertainment, community, and a marketplace. And I do think live selling is the future and I think it’s going to continue to get more pervasive, but I also totally agree it’s not for every seller, not every seller is going to want to show their face.

Some of them just show their hands or do voiceovers, but some of them don’t want to do it at all. And it’s a whole different segment. It’s very funny because those of us that know, a lot of people will be like, Whatnot’s QVC. QVC is still around, but some people…

Trish: They’re still around. They’re still around, but I’m sure the demographic is… skewed up.

Doug: Like late at night. I need those pans!

Trish: My dad, I can’t even tell you. When he retired one year, all this food kept showing up, meatballs, steak, whatever. And I was like where did this stuff come from? He liked this guy, his name was David, and it was called In the Kitchen with David or something on QVC, and he would watch, and I was like Dad, stop buying the meatballs! so I do think that there is a certain… Hey, you are right. Now that you say that I suppose QVC and HSN… We’re live selling in the 80s and the 90s and they’re still doing it now to a certain extent, but they were huge because people would call, and they would talk to the people. I guess it is the same thing.

Doug: HSN is Home Shopping Network. We’ve got Trish from Boston on the line. Hey Trish, how are you?

Trish: I love those meatballs!

Doug: But wait, there’s more. We’ll throw in some frozen spaghetti and a nonstick pan.

Trish: Exactly! So yeah, I’ve not embraced the live selling. I don’t know, maybe I will. I just feel like what I sell isn’t really live-selling worthy. But we’ll see.

Doug: And I’ll tell you, again, I think it’s got to be a certain type of person. You have to have a certain type of personality for it. But what’s super interesting is the different ways people do it. You’ll see people that’d be like, all right, I got this pen. I’m going to start. They’re like, I’ve got this pen and there’s music and lights. Or they’ve got split-screen stuff going on. That is, besides the stories, Trish, that is what’s so interesting to me about social media, content, and the seller community you’ll get sellers that will go somewhere, and they will make something their own.

I remember RNZY talking about how they were selling shoes via Facebook Lives before any of this happened. And it all started out, they were doing a live and somebody was like, what’s up with those shoes behind you?

Trish: I would like those.

Doug: I can sell those to you.

Trish: Okay, you can have them. Yeah. I do, I think you’re right about that. And I also think there’s always going to be Different places for different sellers. And I can’t see regular selling ever going away. There’s always going to be search-driven selling. Because you need it right now and I’m not going to wait to see if Doug’s going to show up with what I want in a day or two. I need, I want those blue trousers now for work or whatever it is. So for me, the live selling is an interesting part. So we’ll see how that goes.

Doug: And the other thing too is you look at something like even Instagram, there are still a lot of t-shirt sellers that, that’s where they sell, they do Instagram Live and it’s DM me for…

Trish: I know, and you know what else is big on Instagram is the gem community, like people who do rocks and stuff.

Doug: This crystal will help you sleep better. This is a love crystal. You rub this crystal and you…

Trish: I’m sorry I mentioned it.

Doug: I know what crystals are. All right. But to sum it up, PoshFest 2023, we had fun.

Trish: We did.

Doug: List Perfectly sponsored. We had a great booth. That was crazy the whole time. A lot of great exposure…

Trish: and the party at the end was sponsored by us and we had our own signature drink. And we had a step and repeat with our name on it and Poshmark. It was great. We had a really good time.

Doug: It was nice. It was a little loud for me.

Trish: Cause you’re an old man now.

Doug: It was late at night.

Trish: You’re an old man now.

Doug: But again, PoshFest is always fun. I’m a fan. I’d love to go again next year for anybody that’s listening. I’m a big fan of what Poshmark is doing. Obviously, I love community-oriented stuff. I love the cutting-edge stuff. I love that they’re leaning into this and really leaning into posh lives and just again, leaning into the community, including the community, listening to the community, because it’s cool too, that, a CEO like Manish is hanging out with people, walking around, taking pictures, taking the time to listen. Not all CEOs do that.

Trish: I agree with you completely. He was very approachable. All of them were all of the senior execs. But he in particular was very approachable, very nice, wanted to listen, wanted to help. He was very responsive to the people that were there. I thought he was great. He did a great job.

Doug: Alright Trish, this was fun. Always fun chatting with you. Thank you for sharing your ruminations on PoshFest 2023.

Trish: Least I could do for you, Doug, the least I could do.

Doug: We’ll post all this and when we post this in the Facebook group or on the socials, we’d love for you to weigh in any posh fest memories anything like that.

Trish: Photos up. We’d love to see photos.

Doug: All right, Trish.

Trish: All right, Doug.

Doug: I will talk to you next time.

Trish: Doug. It’s always a pleasure.

Doug: Always a pleasure as well. Trish, Patricia. Thank you.

Trish: See you soon.

Doug: All right. You hang up first.

Trish: Bye everybody.