On this episode of The Seller Community Podcast from List Perfectly and Listing Party, Trish and Doug discuss eBay’s 2024 Winter Seller Update. We also have a Trish Tip and Seller Shoutouts!

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eBay 2024 Winter Seller Update

eBay 2024 Winter Seller Update 

Doug: Trish, it’s that time that happens three or four times a year again.

Trish: Yes, it is, my friend.

Doug: If you are familiar with eBay, it is time for a seller update. They just released the 2024 winter seller update. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Trish: Yes, we are.

Doug: Trish, did you know that I used to work at eBay?

Trish: I am shocked, Doug. I am shocked.

Doug: Shocked you didn’t know that about me, but this is one of my when I used to work at eBay stories. When I used to work at eBay. First of all, Trish, I’ve never understood why they don’t announce the seller updates.

Trish: No, they drop them like a surprise attack.

Doug: Surprise! And when I was up there, they tried it once and people loved it. There’s a seller update coming. It could be coming soon. And everybody, you know when it’s coming, because it gets to be that time of year or that time of the season, and they’re due.

But I’ve never understood why they just don’t announce them beforehand and give a little bit of a hint. And again, they tried it once and then didn’t do it again.

Trish: I don’t get it either. It really doesn’t make any sense to me.

Doug: And so obviously I’ve been through a bunch, but when I worked there, obviously I was remote. I was on the seller engagement team. So I would go up for the week and it would go out. And so what happens is it goes out. Like New Year’s, Australia first, and then Australia, UK, Europe, and then U.S.

Trish: Okay.

Doug: And basically what happens is we had what’s called, at first it was literally the War Room, and then we decided to change the name to in, Wolf voice the Situation Room! Welcome to the Situation Room! And so we would be there all day and we would have calls with Europe and calls. I don’t know that we, I think, just call with UK and Europe and just be, and we’d be tracking sentiment, see what’s said about it out there.

There’d be boards dedicated to it in the community. So we would monitor those. And then as some of our seller friends know, we would monitor what they were saying, what was coming out because.

Trish: Influencers, YouTube, things like that.

Doug: Influencers, yeah, people we know. And they would say it if we’re here, they love to get the drop on the seller update. And they’ll read it and right away comment on it and tell us what they like and don’t like. And they’re rarely fully popular. It’s usually a fee being raised or something like that. But what these guys do, some of the bigger ones, is they have Google Alerts set. So they look for an eBay seller update and then…

Trish: From Australia or wherever.

Doug: From Australia and then it rolls around and then they’re like, okay, It’s not going to be the same, but it’s going to be similar. So let’s get our commentary out on it. So that’s why we’re doing it like, a few days after.

Trish: We are not in a rush. Are we Douglas?

Doug: But we have some commentary on it.

Trish: We do.

Doug: Obviously you’re the seller expert. You’re welcome. And then we’ll get rolling. eBay says they do have a dedicated page. We’ll link to the Seller Center. And they say this winter we’re rolling out new and enhanced features to help you reach more buyers, sell more efficiently, and protect your business.

On the one hand, this is literally based on research and data. And it’s what eBay thinks is best for the platform and for buyers and sellers. And a lot of sellers don’t always agree. A lot of buyers don’t always agree. And sometimes they’re trying new stuff, but I’m going to look, so improve tools to help you grow your business, tools to help you run your business more efficiently, some updates to fees and financials, stronger protections on transactions and accounts, and then tool updates, shipping improvements. Listing management improvements, and mobile feature improvements. Where do you want to start? Trish?

Trish: I have five major updates that I think have come from this. Okay. So I figure I’m just going to go through a little synopsis of the first one and then you and I will talk about it and we’ll move down the list.

Doug: That works.

Trish: Okay. So the first one is the new sell faster with active listings feature. And this is what you need to know, this is from eBay. We’re committed to simplifying how you sell. That’s why we’re bringing more selling tools and tips. To where you spend your time, the Seller Hub, Active Listings page, and the eBay app.

Sellers with a basic or higher store subscription can now seamlessly create markdown sale events directly from the Active Listings tab. Plus, all sellers will start receiving personalized recommendations on the Active Listings tab. with actionable tips to help you sell your items faster. So this is a nice change.

I don’t think there’s any reason for anyone to complain about this. Right now to be able to start a sale, a markdown sale, or to do some vintage off, you have to leave the active listings page in the Seller Hub and go to Performance, I believe, and then go into the Markdown Manager or maybe Advertising then Markdown Manager.

So you have to go away and it’s at least two or three clicks out of where you are to get there. Being able to do this right in the listing process or right when you’re doing lots of stuff, I think is great. I don’t think there’s a downside to this. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this and I don’t really see anything. I think it’s a good improvement.

Doug: And then so real quick, a couple of quick things from me. Super high level is, yeah, I love cutting down the steps. Doing it on that active listings page. I think more people use that and I love doing it in Seller Hub because if you’re not familiar with Seller Hub, you have to get in there.

Trish: Oh you totally should know all about it.

Doug: Yeah. Know all about it. And then look at those personalized recommendations because based on not only your data but similar sellers’ data, similar stuff that’s been sold. So those are legit. And again, we always have to say this. eBay does want you to succeed and they’re trying to help so that is based on what’s worked for you. So you don’t have to do them. They’re just recommendations.

Trish: Here’s the thing. I totally agree with Doug. I just want to put it out there. I know that people who know me probably think I’m a little bit of an optimist when it comes to eBay, but I recognize, and I think some of the seller community tends to believe that it’s like us against eBay.

I would much rather think of eBay as my partner and think of eBay as it’s eBay’s sandbox. And so I need to play within the rules so that I can be really good in the sandbox. And so I try to look at it like, I don’t even try to put a judgment on when they do things because I can’t do anything about it.

There are times when the reseller community has said, we hate this change and they have backpedaled. It happens very rarely, but it does happen. And so because of that, I really think that they are responsive most of the time to what we want. I don’t see any reason to think any of this is bad.

And those personalized things, I agree with you, Doug. They are based on data. They are just not showing you things out of how we think you should be spending. 15 percent here to do this, blah, blah, blah. And I know a lot of times people say I already pay them. And so I don’t want to pay this extra, that’s fine.

That’s perfectly great. You don’t have to, but just be aware of what other people are doing, and what other people in your category are doing, just so you can stay competitive. And so even if you don’t take their suggestions, realize that other people are going to. So that’s what’s happening in the, with the, where you sell and who you’re up against.

And I also would like to say it was the basic store and above. So if you have a starter store, this will not be available to you. And also if you just sell one listing and you don’t have a store, this isn’t available to you. With that being said, everyone should have at least a starter store. If you sell on eBay, even a couple of times a year, have a starter store. It’s worth it.

Doug: Yeah. You get some perks and some things that help.

Trish: You get Seller Hub, you get a lot more tools at your disposal. Okay, so number two is about drafts. Keep your listing drafts longer. We’ve changed the way draft listings are saved. In the past, a draft would be saved for 75 days after its creation, even if you made changes to it, right?

So if you went on day 74 and you added photos and you did all this stuff, on 75 it would be gone. Now when you make a change, you’ll have 75 days from that point forward, so the clock resets.

You can save up to 250 drafts through the quick listing tool on eBay and the eBay mobile app and up to 5, 000 through the single and bulk listings tools in Seller Hub.

So here’s what I would like to say about this. This is going to be a little anti-Bay. I know it’s shocking for Trish.

Doug: Cover your ears, eBay.

Trish: Cover your ears, eBay, and anyone who’s a real cheerleader. I would not suggest that you keep your listings on eBay, in listing drafts. Okay.

Doug: I agree.

Trish: Okay. It is a little problematic. Stuff happens. If you are somebody who uses it now, if you’re not somebody who’s a List Perfectly user, we’re glad you’re here and you’re listening to the podcast. I’m going to tell you what I think you should be doing in a second. If you’re a List Perfectly user, keep them in List Perfectly.

I think they’re safer. If you are not a List Perfectly user and you want to utilize the drafts, what I would do is make a scheduled listing and put it out as far as you can, and then use that as your drafts or your bank or whatever you want to call it, and then make them live as you want to, if that makes sense. Okay. And the reason is they’re more secure there in my opinion.

Doug: I’ve heard that recommendation before, and we’ve all lost photos. We’ve all lost drafts, had drafts disappear, and it’s just something that happens.

Trish: And, when they’re working on it, I guess by saying this, so maybe it’s something they’re trying to fix. So if in six or eight months we’re having really good luck, maybe my opinion will change. But if you’re a List Perfectly user, keep them in List Perfectly. If you are not, we’re glad you’re here. Make them a scheduled listing.

Doug: No, that is a good one. That’s a good idea. That’s a good practically a Trish Tip..

Trish: Practically a Trish Tip. Who would’ve thought?

Doug: And then again, it’s yeah, if you’re using List Perfectly, you can have your drafts in there all have Exactly. Your listing. You’re not gonna lose them.

Trish: Exactly.

Doug: Photopalooza or listapalooza?

Trish: Oh, photopalooza. That was glitchapalooza. What year was that, Doug?

Doug: I think I was there when it happened.

Trish: Was it 2019?

Doug: I think so. Brian and I were at a, I think we’re at a conference. We were at another conference when item-specific palooza launch happened.

Trish: So the next item of the five, so this is number three is to reduce unpaid items when sending offers to buyers. So before I talk about this a little, eBay has been successfully trying to get out of the waiting for people to pay things game, right? For a long time, you could buy things and you could pay within four days.

They’ve been slowly getting rid of that. And now they’re coming in with how to get rid of that with offers to buyers. Okay. In recent months, we’ve made improvements to reduce unpaid item cases for buy it now and best offer sales, which have led to an increase in successful payments. Based on your feedback, we’re extending these improvements to seller-initiated offers over the next coming weeks.

Potential buyers are interested in your offer. They’ll be taken directly to checkout and in order to accept the offer and secure the item, they’ll need to successfully complete payment. So what used to happen is it would say to you, are you, do you want this offer? You would say yes or no. And then you’d go into the four days.

So now it’s going to take you directly before you can say, yes, you have to put in your payment.

Doug: Okay.

Trish: It’s great. Yeah. I don’t know why anyone would have any issues with that one.

Doug: Oh, somebody will.

Trish: I know. Okay. The next one is expanded and increased security features for multi-user account access to protect your business. Improved features to delegate more tasks and protect your business. What you need to know, we’ve enhanced multi-user account access, which are MUAAs. Okay? So when you see MUAs, that’s what it is to enable you to assign more kinds of tasks to your team members and add authenticator apps as a method for two-step verification. This will provide you with a secure login experience across multiple devices and accounts and add an extra layer of protection to your eBay account.

This is not going to be something that’s going to affect most of us, right? Most resellers are single entrepreneurs. in our community anyways. But if you’re somebody who wants to get a VA or if you’re somebody like me, who has like my daughter works for me, maybe I don’t want to let her, she has access to everything.

So this isn’t me, but maybe I wouldn’t, I know exactly. Maybe I don’t want her to have access to everything. I could give her and I could decide what she can see and what she can do. Pretty soon she’ll be doing that to me. If you know her, you may not touch that. But, so this is just an extra layer of protection for you and your business.

Doug: Okay. Yeah, no, I think that’s a good, that’s a good thing. That’s something multi-user account access was something that was popular when it came along. Sellers have been asking for it for years. And then, yeah, it makes sense now in our crazy modern world with all kinds of different devices, all kinds of different computers.

Your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, your phones, just different users, different IP addresses, all that. The whole thing is, yeah, security, safety.

Trish: And so even though it sounds annoying, you got to do another thing, it’s really in your best interest. So I try not to get upset about that stuff.

All right. So the last one that I think is important is their per-order fee is changing. So we’ve kept our per-order fee consistent since we started processing payments in 2020. But due to rising costs, we’re making an adjustment to this fee. The change will enable us to continue to improve our marketplace so you and your buyers can have the best experience. So anything over $10, okay, will increase from 30 cents to 40 cents. Okay. If it’s less than $10, it’s staying at 30 cents. So anyone who remembers PayPal, so anyone who was using eBay pre-2020 when they started doing their payments themselves, right?

We used to do it. Through PayPal, they would have an order fee. I believe it was 30 cents plus so much percentage, just like it is now. So this is a pretty standard thing. I said to somebody, it’s only 10 cents. And then they sent me back about how much money this is going to mean for eBay.

Doug: Technically, 30 cents times a million is 30 million, yes.

Trish: Exactly. I get it. It’s quite a bit of money for eBay, but it’s an extra 10 cents for us, so I’ll take it on the chin at the moment.

Doug: There you go.

Trish: So for me, that’s about it.

Doug: So that’s the main stuff. I do see that there’s other little stuff, other updates you should know. Now using Terapeak, you can access the last three years of sold items.

Trish: Terapeak also took out things because when it used to be, you would do it. You wouldn’t know if it was by best offer or it was an out-of-stock kind of thing. So they have now really shown you the real price. So you can have a real price comparison now with Terapeak. Whereas before it was difficult. So they’re giving us more information, which is great.

Doug: And data is good. You should look at it. Use what you want, but you should definitely at least be familiar with it. Check it every once in a while.

Trish: Especially if you’re selling stuff that is not sold daily. If you’re somebody who comes across something at a flea market or a yard sale and you look it up and there’s only a handful of them, go to TerraPeak immediately.

Doug: And then there’s also some feedback stuff. Most relevant feedback is shown first with the improved default sort. You can add images to feedback on listings that have multiple quantities available. Buyers can now add images. Replies to feedback are now visible on mobile, the eBay app, and desktop.

Trish: This is good. That’s a good one. This is a good one. So now, if you’re somebody I have free returns for any reason, right? So if I send you something, You don’t like, you can send it back to me free of charge for any reason. It automatically goes through. You don’t even have to talk to me. You just say you want to return it. It automatically gives you a label. If I get a negative and it says received, didn’t, and this happened. Somebody got a scarf and they said that it wasn’t the scarf that was pictured that had a metallic thread in it that I didn’t disclose.

First of all, what they got was exactly the photo, right? They got it. And I guess when I look at it really closely, it does have a very small metallic thread. I didn’t list it as a metallic thread, not because I was trying to hide anything because it just wasn’t that big of an issue for the overall look.

And Here’s the thing. I have free returns. Just send it back to me. I’ll give you all your money back. I won’t even, and so they didn’t. So I was like, I have free returns for any reason. I’m very sorry you were not happy with your purchase. You would have sent it back at any time.

And what I like now is you used to have to click into the negative to see if I had something to say about it. And now those two will always pop up together, which I think is brilliant.

Doug: Yeah, so a couple of things there. And first of all, I didn’t want you to find out this way, Trish, but it was me who sent that scarf back. I’m very picky about the scarves that I have to keep.

Trish: They didn’t send it back, Doug. They kept the scarf.

Doug: Then maybe that wasn’t me.

This is interesting, and I don’t want to get too controversial, Trish. I don’t like to get controversial, but the eBay app is great. It’s got a lot of features that desktop doesn’t have desktop has stuff that the app doesn’t have their 2 different environments that is the challenge with an app and so some guys going to come along and be like technically, but no, that’s the deal is oftentimes when you have an app environment and a desktop environment, they’re going to be different.

They’re going to be off. A lot of times updates go to the app before they go to desktop. And in this case is like you were saying, if you had that on a mobile too, that would have helped you out in this situation, but that’s also to not to tie in a List Perfectly plug. We don’t have an app and there’s a reason.

Because it’s two different development environments it’s difficult. It’s a lot of work to keep the two of them synced and we have a mobile responsive site.

Trish: List Perfectly is very mobile-friendly. So you just go into your browser, you pull it up and it’s exactly what you have on the desktop. You do not need to learn two separate things because to be quite honest with you. Before I got my job with List Perfectly, I sold full-time on eBay all the time, right? I knew the app and I knew desktop in and out. And since I started working for List Perfectly about a year and a half ago, I don’t know the app as well as I used to. And every once in a while, I’m like why can’t I find what I need? Because they’re not the same, right? So being able to know where everything is I think it’s more of a positive than a negative, to be honest with you. And I’m not sure why people think they need the app or why they need our app. You know what I mean? I don’t quite get it.

Doug: I think our mobile devices have convinced us that we need an app and why is there no app? How can I use it on my phone? Used to be a different thing, but yeah, you have a mobile browser on your phone and most stuff now is what they call mobile responsive, which means it’s the same experience on your phone as it would be on your desktop.

And again, it didn’t used to be like that, but now it is like you don’t necessarily need an app. A lot of people think they do and they think that they can’t use something on their phone if there’s no app and they think it’s out of date. They say you need an app. They push the app and it’s…

Trish: You can have a List Perfectly-like icon on your home screen that will take you right to it. You can still have that app experience where you just press one button and it brings you somewhere you’re able to do that. I just don’t, I don’t know. I agree with you.

Doug: You do that, once you get in there, pretend you’re in the app. You’re gonna think, I’m in the List Perfectly app. Alright also, anything else on that?

Trish: No, I don’t think so.

Doug: Also, shipping improvements, you’re gonna like this, I think, maybe. eBay standard envelope is expanded into more categories.

Trish: It is a very niche market at the moment. eBay standard envelope really is for envelopey things. And I’m not being wise when I say envelopey. I know it sounded wise, but it’s for stamps. It’s for trading cards. It’s for postcards. Okay. For maybe some small ephemera, some stickers.

It is for very small items at the moment. I’m hoping that maybe those types of things will be a little bit more expanded at some point. It’s a relatively new program. They’re adding some more things. I’ll be interested to see where it goes eventually, but I think that is a very small niche market.

Doug: Okay. They’ve also upgraded shipment tracking for things like eBay, and international shipping, including guidance during shipping expectations so that the next steps are clear when something goes wrong. So you’re kept in the loop along the way.

And they’ve included this update for buyer return shipments as well. For tracking purposes.

Trish: Yeah, so this is a really good thing. This has been a little bit of a sore spot for some people. Especially for eBay International. So eBay international, you send it to a hub. And as long as it gets to that hub, it used to be that it didn’t matter then what happened.

Now it’s changed a little, it can still not get there when it’s supposed to. Even though as Americans, I’m going to go on my little horse for a second, even though as Americans, we think that our postal service is terrible. When you go to other places, you realize what terrible is, right? And so things would take a very long time to arrive, but you would have no idea. It would say. I’m just going to pick our country, Guatemala. It arrived in Guatemala and then you wouldn’t know anything until it arrived at the house or if you ever, so now we’re hoping to get some more information. So that’s great. That’s a great thing.

Doug: And then also, there are improvements to help manage listings. This is an interesting one. They’re making it easier for you to provide free shipping by showing you a free shipping prompt on your main listing draft.

And then, this is interesting too, if you need to change a listing’s category, they’re including the most relevant item specifics for your listing. We could probably do a whole episode on this kind of stuff.

Trish: That’s true. That free shipping thing is interesting.

Doug: All right. So this is a special one for Trish. Okay. Mobile feature updates to run your business on the go Trish. Now you’re going to be able to sort orders by custom SKU. If you use custom SKUs, making it easier to find your stuff. And you can also sort by buyer, allowing you to easily combine items for shipping. That’s a good one.

Trish: That is a good one. So I am a printout-of-the-pick list kind of girl. I’ll have to tell Liz because I wouldn’t, at the moment, I don’t use either one of those.

Doug: Okay. That’s, it’s okay, Trish. It’s just, it’s for people that do.

Trish: If you had an off-site something, and you had to stop you could just pull it up really easily if you had an off-site storage unit or something.

Doug: Okay. There you go. Anything else, Trish, on the seller update?

Trish: No, I think we covered it. In general, I don’t think there’s anything that’s glaringly terrible.

Trish Tips

Doug: This week’s Trish Tips are based on the seller update, right?

Trish: Yeah, I’m going to say that being on eBay’s radar, so to speak, is worth it for you and your business. At certain points, you opt into things and then you opt out of them. I think a lot of us opt out of stuff with eBay because we don’t want to be bothered, opt back in, get these notices, get these things. They also have seller-like meetings that are just big Zoom sessions where they talk about things.

You just sign in with your seller, handle and stuff and you go and they do things and you meet people and you get people who work at eBay and maybe you’ll get a connection.

And this is how I always felt about Brian Burke who is retiring in a couple of weeks, not even and knowing him has allowed me to when I’ve had a problem, I’ve only ever asked him for help once, but when I needed help, he was there to be able to put me in the right direction, right? Knowing somebody at eBay, having a little bit of hey, do you think you can help me look at this? Do you know who I would talk to? Those things help you in business. The networking aspect.

And so eBay Main Street, which is about their arm for the government, being able to write some letters, do some things, stay informed. This stuff will help you down the line. You want to be in the know. And so my Tip for this week is about eBay because of the seller update, read the update, and go to the seller meeting that they’re going to have in March.

Those are my things.

Doug: Those are great. I’ll just add a couple of things there, Trish. A lot of people when they sign up or they look at those notifications, they opt out of the marketing and news updates. So you’re going to miss out on some stuff. And eBay always says that if you want the latest news, community.ebay.com, the announcement section, because that’s where they update stuff, you’ll find seller update updates there. There’s a shipping thing, if there’s a Nor’easter in Boston and they have to accommodate your snow, they’ll post it there.

Trish: They do. And that’s helpful because you can call eBay, you’re in the Northeast, you call eBay and say, I can’t ship today. There’s a storm. The post office is closed. They have a way of tracking it. They’ll fix it for you. These things all count. So be in the know.

Doug: They put that stuff in the community again, community. ebay. com. And when there’s a seller update, they have discussion boards there where you can go and get answers, and ask questions.

And then the eBay website is much more than the marketplace. It’s much more than buying and selling. They have news on there. They have eBay Inc., which is company news. And then they have, as Trish mentioned, a hugely important thing called eBay Main Street at ebaymainstreet.com. And that is a hub for government relations.

There are multiple ways to get involved, but that’s the hub there. You can just go in there for information. You can sign up, they’re pretty picky about who they pick, but then they also have, if you want to be passively involved, they have information like write your Senator a letter about the Shop Safe Act, or there’s information on the Shop Safe Act if you don’t know what it is, but it’s eBay main street. com is a great hub and just definitely, have your eye out on what eBay is putting out informationally. What’s going on? Definitely have them on your radar.

Trish: Absolutely agree. A hundred percent.

Doug: Great Trish Tip.

Trish: Thank you.

Seller Shoutouts

Doug: I have a stellar shout-out this week, Trish.

Trish: You do? What is it, Douglas?

Doug: So I was perusing the TikTok earlier this week, as I like to do.

Trish: Yes.

Doug: Going through, getting my pertinent news and my trending songs. And my wife was driving around with my son the other day, right?

Trish: Yes.

Doug: As soon as he gets in the car, he connects his phone.

Trish: Of course.

Doug: And his playlist. And she’s driving and That girl is poison. Was that Tony, or Bell Biv DeVoe?

Trish: Bell Biv DeVoe, I would think.

Doug: Bell Biv DeVoe. And my wife starts singing it, and my son goes, Bell Biv DeVoe?

Trish: No, he did not.

Doug: Totally.

Trish: Did he think they were new?

Doug: He did the same thing to me with Arctic Monkeys. And he’s You know the Arctic Monkeys? And I’m like, I’m surprised you know the Arctic Monkeys. This is going on with some of the bands I love, like Depeche Mode, and The Smiths.

The kids are finding it on TikTok now. It’s trending sounds and they think it’s new. Bell Biv DeVoe. That girl was poison back in the nineties, Trish.

Trish: She was.

Doug: But anyway, so there I was on TikTok and I’m tikking along and I’ve got some friends, my friends on TikTok. Yeah, there are some yes.

And one of my lady friends, our lady friends, Sara…

Trish: I’m pretty sure she’s our lady friend.

Doug: Sara Boinkin, it’sBoink was on there and she shares snippets from her life as they do and earlier this week she gave us permission to mention this. She filmed a commercial for Visa and Poshmark. It’s after the Super Bowl, so don’t get too excited.

Trish: I’m excited. I don’t care if it’s just for TikTok. It’s awesome.

Doug: It is. She put a TikTok out, and it was thanks to Visa and Poshmark and shout out to List Perfectly because she had her List Perfectly bag in the back, but they had her move it.

Trish: Oh, they did?

Doug: Yeah. No branded stuff in the commercial, but we hoped we’d get it.

Trish: The thought was there. We appreciate it, Sara. We love the fact that somebody that we know and we are friends with is doing a Visa and Poshmark commercial. That is just fantastic. And you guys should follow her on TikTok and all the socials.

I’ll make sure I put them all in the show notes for you guys. She is an amusing woman. She is a therapist by trade. And she’s a part-time reseller and a full-time mom, as we all are, and a regular roller skater. So she is constantly bebopping around on her roller skates. She is a hoot.

Doug: She’s a big posher, a great resource for Poshmark. A good friend of ours. But yeah, she does selling content. She does orange theory content because she’s a trainer there. She has insanely curly hair. She does content.

Trish: I was gonna say she does curl content.

Doug: And roller skating and then family stuff as well. She’s fun to follow. So I don’t know if you know this Trish. Yeah, actually, I think you do because you were there. I’ve done two Poshmark lives, both with Sara Boinkin. She was my first. I helped model clothing for her.

Trish: You did.

Doug: The second one I showed up by mistake because I was on a group text and I thought it was just to me and it was not but I went live at it’s like the ultimate I went live At PoshFest and itsboink, Sara boinkin’s live from PoshFest with, of course, TiffyPie.

Trish: TiffyPie. So here’s the thing.

Doug: The three Poshkateers.

Trish: The three Poshkateers. If there’s a live to be had, Doug wants to be on it. Okay? So if anybody wants to do anything live, just ask Dougie, and he’ll show up.

Doug: Just like that. Trish has literally pulled me out of the audience on stage. I love lights. I love lives. I love stages. There was an eBay VP I used to work with and she said, Doug never met a mic he didn’t like.

Trish: That’s right. I’m going to tell a little Doug story and then we can wrap this up. So we had Camp Listing Party last year. And I had a little fire I had to put out. And I’m on stage with a microphone. I literally walked off the stage, into the audience, I handed him the mic and I said, I gotta go.

And he goes, Oh, okay. And he stands up and he puts his jacket on and he just starts walking to the stage. And my stepmom was there and she’s is that okay? I’m like, yeah, he’ll be fine. Let’s go.

Doug: Yes. As long as the lights are on and people pay attention and laugh. He’s okay. I had to put something down, my fork down. I was eating.

Trish: You were! You were! I literally was like, I’ve got to go. And you’re like, oh, okay.

Doug: I was so excited.

Trish: Hey, thank you, Doug, as usual. I was gonna say, do we have any seller news this week?

Doug: I think we…

Trish: I think we covered it.

Doug: I don’t know. Were there any big news things that came out?

Trish: I think that the big seller news was the eBay seller update.

Doug: Yeah. Usually, we have eBay news and this is pretty big eBay news. We’re not the first to rush it out in a rushed YouTube video from our car, but we want to analyze it a little bit.

Trish: I do think that you and I have a different perspective. Having worked for eBay and me as a seller, I think we give a good perspective.

Doug: I think so. I think so. And it was fun. There’s always something that people don’t like. This probably would go down as not one of the hardest core updates.

Trish: Agreed. I was pretty sure this one was tame compared to some of them like the year they told us we could not have sales for 90 days, which was tough. Didn’t last long either, everybody.

Doug: The item-specific stuff was not popular.

Trish: Yeah, that took a while.

Doug: People get used to it now. Sellers don’t like a lot of change. And this is what we always preach: some of this stuff is based on the fact that there’s a lot of competition. There’s a lot of buyer and seller competition. There’s a lot of marketplace competition now and the marketplace is always changing. And this is what they’re trying to do to help. And you have to be willing, always willing to adapt, always willing to learn. Always willing to change and sometimes change is rough and sometimes people don’t like it.

Trish: It’s exactly true. And it’s also one of those things that you know if you’ve been doing anything for a long time things evolve, right? And so I think like the way we sell is continuing to evolve and I think that the more open you are to changing what you’re doing, the more successful you’ll be in this business because there are always new opportunities.

There are always new ways. And especially now with how far the tech stuff has come. With barcode scanners and AI, you want to be able to be open to this because it’s gonna become faster and better and stronger. And I just think that these things are just gonna continue to get phenomenal.

Doug: I wish we could go back to the first seller updates where they’re like, stop sending checks to headquarters.

Trish: No more money orders.

Doug: Don’t send change in an envelope taped to an index card. We don’t want it. All right. Thanks, everybody. That’s all the eBay news that fits this week.

Trish: We’ll have more news from other platforms next week.

Doug: Yes. Thank you, Trish.

Trish: Thanks, Doug.